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Peter Kraus - Rock & Roll Is Back

German-Austrian Rock'n'Roll musician and actor, born 18 March 1939 in Munich, Germany.One of the first artists to bring American-styled rock & roll to Germany. With both parents interested in music, Kraus began taking singing lessons as a young boy, and in 1954 he made his acting debut in the comedy Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer. More films, generally musically oriented, like Die Freundin Meines Mannes.
When the German music industry discovered that rock 'n' roll was a big seller even with German lyrics, they marketed Kraus as an Elvis Presley copy. He soon became, like his colleague Ted Herold, one of Germany's most popular singers and teen idols, the lanky figure and nonchalant attitude of the young man was a big hit with teens.[3] In the first four years after his debut he recorded 36 hits and sold more than twelve million records.[4]
Kraus's first disc in 1956 was a German version of Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti". In mid-1957 his first hit "Susi Rock“ followed and made it to number 8 in the charts. From then until 1964 Kraus was regularly in the German charts. 1958 he recorded "Wenn Teenager träumen" (A Teenager's Romance), "Hula Baby" and "Sugar Baby", used in the 1985 Percy Adlon film Zuckerbaby. This was followed in 1959 by his version of Fabian's "Tiger". At first Kraus was heavily influenced by Presley, but soon he managed to find his own style. As the "nice boy from next door" he sang with his female counterpart, teen idol Conny Froboess and appeared with her in the 1958 movie "Wenn die Conny mit dem Peter" and (1960) "Conny und Peter machen Musik". They became the most popular film stars of German teenagers in the late fifties. In 1959 Kraus appeared with his father Fred Kraus, playing the role of his father, in "Melodie und Rhythmus".
Kraus also published some songs with Jörg Maria Berg; under the pseudonym The James Brothers; the two played German cover versions "Wenn" (When) in 1958, "Cowboy Billy" ("Don't Take Your Guns to Town") in 1959, "Rote Rosen" (Pretty Blue Eyes) in 1960, "Die jungen Jahre" (Endless Sleep) and "Hätt' ich einen Hammer" (If I Had a Hammer) in 1964, to name a few.[5] He also sang duets with Connie Francis, Lill Babs, Danny Mann, Alice and Ellen Kessler, Gus
In the 1970s Kraus' popularity diminished, but appearances on German television shows and movies -- as well as the release of various greatest-hits compilations and winning of lifetime achievement awards -- found the singer experiencing a kind of resurgence as the new millennium began.

Peter Kraus - Rock & Roll Is Back

01. Peter Kraus - Percolator  (2:23)
 02. Peter Kraus - Roll Over Beethoven  (2:39)
 03. Peter Kraus - Rip It Up  (2:28)
 04. Peter Kraus - Summertime Blues  (2:16)
 05. Peter Kraus - Rhythm Of The Rain  (2:48)
 06. Peter Kraus - All Shook Up  (2:20)
 07. Peter Kraus - Mona Lisa  (3:22)
 08. Peter Kraus - Twist And Shout  (2:23)
 09. Peter Kraus - I'm Walkin  (2:23)
 10. Peter Kraus - Skinny Minny  (3:01)
 11. Peter Kraus - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go  (3:34)
 12. Peter Kraus - Mean Woman Blues  (2:54)
 13. Peter Kraus - Shake, Rattle And Roll  (2:28)
 14. Peter Kraus - Rockin' All Over The World  (2:40)
 15. Peter Kraus - Love Letters In The Sand  (2:33)
 16. Peter Kraus - Rock 'N' Roll Music  (2:32)
 17. Peter Kraus - 50 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll  (2:40)
 18. Peter Kraus - Rock Around The Clock  (2:24)



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