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Racing Cars - The Albums 1976-1978 (@320)


Racing Cars - The Albums 1976-1978

Artist Biography By AllMusic.

Formed in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales in 1975, Racing Cars comprised Graham Headley Williams (guitar), Gareth ‘Monty’ Mortimer (vocals/guitar), Ray ‘Alice’ Ennis (guitar), David Land (bass) and Robert Wilding (drums). Released by Chrysalis Records, their albums also included bit-parts for session pianist Geraint Watkins, American saxophonist Jerry Jumonville, the Bowles Brothers Band (on vocal harmonies). Reaching number 39 in the UK album list, the band’s 1977 debut Downtown Tonight also produced an unexpected UK Top 20 entry with the memorable ballad ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’, named after the movie. No more hits were forthcoming but the band was sufficiently established in the colleges to issue two further albums.

Mortimer worked as a session singer before re-forming Racing Cars in the late 80s. The revived unit toured Europe for several years and completed a new album, Bolt From The Blue, in 2000.


Disc 1:

1.1 Calling the Tune

1.2 Hard Working Man

1.3 Ladee-Lo

1.4 Downtown Tonight

1.5 Pass the Bottle

1.6 Moonshine Fandango

1.7 Four Wheel Drive

1.8 Get Out and Get It

1.9 They Shoot Horses Don't They?

1.10 Four Whel Drive

1.11 Moonshine Fandango

1.12 Hard Working Woman

1.13 Downtown Tonight

1.14 They Shoot Horses Don't They? (Single Version)


Disc 2:


2.1 Down By the River (Swampy)

2.2 Ticking Over

2.3 Didn't I Tell You

2.4 Clever Girl

2.5 Weekend Rendezvous

2.6 Take Me from the City

2.7 Standing in the Rain

2.8 Backwater Road

2.9 High and Dry

2.10 Nobody's Business

2.11 Standing in the Rain

2.12 Weekend Rendezvous

2.13 Clever Girl

2.14 Nobody’s Business


Disc 3:


3.1 Travelling Mood

3.2 Takin' on the World

3.3 Goodbye Yesterday

3.4 Second Best

3.5 Bring on the Night

3.6 When I'm Walkin' Home

3.7 Waiting for Someone

3.8 Dancing Island

3.9 You Can't Take Me

3.10 You Say You Love Me


Disc 4:


4.1 Moonshine Fandango

4.2 Calling the Trune

4.3 Downtown Tonight

4.4 Down By the River (Swampy)

4.5 They Shoot Horses Don't They?

4.6 Get Out and Get It

4.7 Moonshine Fandango

4.8 Down By the River (Swampy)

4.9 Clever Girl

4.10 Weekend Rendezvous

4.11 They Shoot Horses Don't They?

4.12 Pass the Bottle

4.13 Travelling Mood


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