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Dick Dale - Unknown Territory (1994)

Dick Dale (born Richard Anthony Monsour on May 4 1937 y, in Quincy, Massachusetts is "The King of the Surf Guitar": a pioneer of surf rock and one of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s. He experimented with reverberation and made use of custom made Fender amplifiers, including the first ever 100 watt amp. NEXT :
2.F Groove
3.Terra Dicktyl
4.Take It Or Leave It
5.Ghostriders In The Sky
6.Fish Taco
7.California Sun
8.Maria Elena
9.Hava Nagila
10.The Beast
11.Unknown Territory
12.Ring Of Fire

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Merseybeats - The Merseybeats (1964)

Originally called The Mavericks, Tony Crane (born Anthony Crane, 17 April1945, in Anfield, Liverpool) and Billy Kinsley (born William Ellis Kinsley, 28 November 1946, at The Mill Road Hospital, Mill Road, Anfield, Liverpool) formed their first band in late 1960 and became The Pacifics in September 1961. They were re-named The Mersey Beats in February 1962 by Bob Wooler, MC of the famous Cavern Club. Later in April 1962 they became The Merseybeats. By now Crane and Kinsley had joined up with guitarist Aaron Williams (born 23 June 1942, in Liverpool) and drummer John Banks (born 23 September 1943, in Liverpool died 20 April 1988). They were originally signed to the Brian Epstein organisation, but when Epstein failed to supply The Merseybeats with the same classy suits that he had given The Beatles, they parted company with him, much to their later regret. NEXT:
1 Milkman
2 Hello Young Lovers
3 He Will Break Your Heart
4 Funny Face
5 Really Mystified
6 The Girl That I Marry
7 Fools Like Me
8 My Heart And I
9 Bring It On Home To Me
10 Lavender Blue
11 Jumpin' Jonah
12 Don't Turn Around
13 It's Love That Really Counts
14 Fortune Teller
15 I Think Of You
16 Mister Moonlight
17 Wishin' And Hopin'
18 Last Night (I Made A Little Girl Cry)

The Fourmost - First and Fourmost (1965)

Lead guitarist / singer Brian O' Hara and bass guitarist / singer Billy Hatton, friends since grammar school, formed The Blue Jays in 1958. The group changed their name to the Four Jays, and made their debut at the Cavern Club on March 1, 1961, nearly three weeks before The Beatles. Rhythm guitarist/ singer Mike Millward joined the Four Jays in November 1961, followed by the drummer/singer Dave Lovelady in September 1962. In the summer of 1963, the group -- now called The Fourmost -- signed a management contract with Brian Epstein. This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and signed to EMI's Parlophone record label. NEXT:
Official Site of The Fourmost:
1-Something s Got A Hold On Me Mon
2-Till You Say You ll Be Min
3-Yakety Yak
5-My Block
6-So Fine
7-SomeKind Of Wonderful
8-The Girl Can"t Help It
9-Today Im In Love
10-The In Crowd
11-Baby Sittin Boogie- !!!!
12-Heebie Jeebies
13-Sure To Fall In Love With You
14-Bound To Lose My Heart
15-Something`s Got A Hold On Me

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Arcadium - Breathe Awhile (1969)

Country: UK
Years: 1969
Mp3\320 kbs\126 Mb
- Graham Best / bass, vocals
- Allan Ellwood / organ, vocals
- John Albert Parker / drums
- Robert Ellwood / lead guitar, vocals
- Miguel Sergides / 12-string guitar, vocals
ARCADIUM "Breathe Awhile" CD was originally released in the UK in 1969 and perhaps most closely aligned with the heavier side of psychedelia, this obscure album, is a standard fixture on many a collector's 'most wanted' list. The intense 12-minute guitar and organ-driven opening track, 'On My Way', sets the album's slow-burning epic tone. The whole album is high quality, with no stale moments, but highlights include 'Poor Lady', the 7 minute 'Walk On the Bad Side', and the 10-minute 'Birth, Life and Death'. This CD reissue also includes two rare bonus tracks: 'Sing My Song' and 'Riding Alone'
Arcadium was another list of obscure British psychedelic bands. They had their start playing at such clubs as The Middle Earth (where every act you can imagine from well known, like Pink Floyd, to little known acts like Writing on the Wall, Wooden O, and Tam White were seen performing there). A small label called Middle Earth, who released only five albums, (one being a compilation called Earthed, another by Writing on the Wall called The Power of the Picts which I have reviewed here) released Breathe Awhile their one and only LP.
The band consisted of (presumably) brothers Allan Ellwood (organ, vocals) and Robert Ellwood (lead guitar, vocals), as well as John Albert Parker (drums), Graham Best (bass, vocals), and Miguel Sergides (12-string guitar, vocals). The music is late '60s British psychedelia with some early prog leanings, where guitar and Hammond organ dominates. NEXT:
and MORE:
Track Listings

1. I'm on my way (11:51)
2. Poor lady (3:59)
3. Walk on the bad side (7:35)
4. Woman of a thousand years (3:39)
5. Change me (4:47)
6. It takes a woman (3:53)
7. Birth, life and death (10:19)
Bonus tracks
8. Sing my song (4:18)
9. Riding alone (2:48)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Zombies - BIG BEAT (the Decca stereo anthology)

Years: With 1964 - basically singles...
Mp3\320kbs\260 Mb(3 party)
Audio CD (November 11, 2002)
Original Release Date: 1964

Disc 1
01-It's Alright With Me

02-She's Not There

03-You Make Me Feel Good



06-Leave Me Be
07-Kind Of Girl
09-I'm Goin' Home
10-Road Runner
11-Sticks And Stones
12-Walking In the Sun
13-I Don't Want To Know
14-Tell Her No
15-What More Can I Do
16-I Remember When I Loved Her
17-I Want You Back Again (Alternate Take)
18-Can't Nobody Love You
19-The Way I Feel Inside
20-I Got My Mojo Working
21-You Really Got A Hold On Me - Bring It On Home To Me
22-I Can't Make Up My Mind
23-Work N' Play
24-I Want You Back Again (Single Version)

Disc 2

01-She's Coming Home
02-I Must Move
03-Just Out Of Reach
04-Remember You (Soundtrack Version)
05-Nothing's Changed
06-I'll Keep Trying
07-Don't Go Away
08-Whenever You're Ready
09-How We Were Before
10-I Love You
11-If It Don't Work Out
12-I Know She Will
13-Don't Cry For Me
14-Remember You (Single Version)
15-Is This The Dream
17-I'll Call You Mine
18-Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
19-She Does Everything For Me
20-Goin' Out Of My Head
21-Leave Me Be (Backing Track Take 1)
22-Work N' Play (Take 2 False Start - Take 3)
23-Just Out Of Reach (Backing Track - Take 4)
24-Whenever You're Ready (Backing Track - Take 1)
Recommended for Zombies fans and 60s fans.
"The Zombies in True Stereo--what a treat! This album has very clear true stereo the way it was meant to be recorded back in the sixties. I rate this album a must have with a plus 10 rating- The stereo is incredible with all tracks excellent--Zombie fans must all get this album (the Decca recordings) and play it loud!!!!! This beats any other Zombie out as far as stereo sound....Buy it now"(J. R Sategna )
"Although I rarely dip into the musical past, the Zombies music still haunts me after all these years. This brilliant band from the 60's recorded some amazing music that never got the recognition it deserved. Unlike a lot of music from that era, much of what the Zombies did still holds up today. Their originals and covers both offer a unique style even now. This collection offers the best sound quality available that helps make their music sound as good today as I remembered it to be. Although I own a few of their other collections, this one is it. Buy it now! There are 48 cuts on the two CDs, so pick 20 or so of your favorites and create the best Zombies collection one could hope for. The only essential missing link from this collection is "Time of the Season" and you can get that elsewhere and add it to your mix.. " (R. Sousa "usarj" )

The Zombies - Begin Here (1964)

Country: UK
Years: 1964
MP3/320 kbs/87 Mb
Line up:
Rod Argent (14.06.1945) - keyboards
Paul Atkinson (19.03.1946-1.04.2004) - guitar
Hugh Grundy (6.03.1945) - drums
Paul Arnold - bass (1961-1962)
Colin Blunstone (24.06.1945) - vocals
Chris White (7.03.1943) - bass, guitar (1962-1967)
The Zombies, formed in 1961 in St Albans, were an English rock band.
The group was formed whilst the members were at school. Some sources state that Argent, Atkinson and Grundy were at St Albans School, while Blunstone and White were students at St Albans Boys' Grammar School (since renamed Verulam School).[2][3] Other sources claim they were all at St Albans Boys' Grammar School;[4] however, this is not correct. After winning a beat-group competition sponsored by the London Evening News, the Zombies signed to Decca and recorded their first hit, "She's Not There" (Argent's second song, written specifically for this session), which was released in mid-1964 and peaked at number 12 in the UK, where it would be their only UK Top 40 hit. This minor-key, jazz-tinged number, distinguished by its musicianship and Blunstone's breathy vocal, was unlike anything previously heard in British rock and would become a bona fide classic. It was first aired in the United States in early August 1964 on New York City rock station WINS by Stan Z. Burns, who debuted the song on his daily noontime "Hot Spot" segment during which new songs were played. The tune began to catch on in early fall and eventually climbed to #2.

Led by Rod Argent on piano and Colin Blunstone on vocals, the band scored US hits in the mid- and late-1960s with "She's Not There", "Tell Her No," and "Time of the Season." Although they never rose to the prominence of other British invasion bands, The Zombies are a favourite of music critics for their sophisticated, jazz-inspired musical arrangements and vocal harmonies.[citation needed] Their 1967 album Odessey and Oracle, comprising twelve songs by the group's principal songwriters, Argent and Chris White, now considered one of the best of its time, is ranked 80 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.... NEXT:

And The Zombies Fan Page.....



1964 Begin Here

1968 Odessey And Oracle

1991 New World2004 As Far As I Can See

2005 Live At Bloomsbury Theatre, London


01 - Road Runner

02 - Summertime

03 - I Can't Make Up My Mind

04 - The Way I Feel Inside

05 - Work 'n' Play

06 - You've Really Got A Hold on Me

07 - She's Not There

08 - Sticks And Stones

09 - Can't Nobody Love You

10 - Woman

11 - I Don't Want To Know

12 - I Remember When I Loved Her

13 - What More Can I Do

14 - I Got My Mojo Working

15 - It's Alright With Me

16 - Sometimes

17 - Kind Of Girl

18 - Tell Her No


Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock - 1969

Country: Greece
Years: 1969
MP3/320 kbs/82 Mb

Line up:
Vangelis Papathanassiou - keyboards, vocals
Demis Roussos - vocals, bass
Loukas Sideras - drums, vocals
Anargyros Koulouris - guitars (1971-1972)
To support their concerts and appearances in Italy, in January the band releases the songs "Lontano dagli occhi" and "Quando l'amore diventa poesia" as a single. Both songs are sung in Italian and recorded on occasion of the Italian San Remo music festival.
Back in Paris Vangelis prepares the release of another single, "I want to live", an arrangement of the song "Plaisir' d'amour". The release of the single in June is another big success in Europe, especially in France and Holland.
The success of the album "End of the world" calls for the release of another, so Vangelis, Demis and Lucas go back into the studio. What did not seem possible a year before now finally happens, the three Greeks, still astonished with their sudden success travel to London to record their next album "It's five o'clock" in the Trident Studios.
The first single from this album "Let me love, let me live", released in October 1969 rises to a number one position in the French charts, but it is the B-side "Marie Jolie" that is most popular in the rest of Europe. The title track "It's five o'clock" quickly follows the same path, released in December 1969 it does well in the charts of many European countries.
Shortly after the release of the album the band starts touring in Spain and Italy, but this time without Vangelis who prefers to stay in the studio. To replace Vangelis on keyboards fellow Greek Harris Chalkitis enforces the band on stage. In the meantime Vangelis works on his very first solo project, the score to the Henry Chapier film "Sex Power".... NEXT:
1.It's Five O'Clock
2. Wake Up;
3. Take Your Time;
4. Annabella;
5.Let Me Love Let Me Live;
6. Funky Mary;
7. Good Times So Fine;
8. Marie Jolie;
9.Such A Funny Night.

Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World - 1968

Country: Greece
Years: 1968
MP3/320 kbs/83 Mb
Line up:
Vangelis Papathanassiou - keyboards, vocals
Demis Roussos - vocals, bass
Loukas Sideras - drums, vocals
Anargyros Koulouris - guitars (1971-1972)
The story of "Aphrodite's Child" starts in Greece during the early sixties, in the time that the local music scene is quickly developing a new movement, usually referred to as beat or garage music. Many young musicians and groups emerge in search of a new sound, breaking away from tradional Greek bouzouki and taking inspiration from similar movements in Western pop-scenes.
All members of Aphrodite's Child had been playing in different local groups before moving to Paris. Most notably Vangelis Papathanassiou already formed a highly successful band during his high school years, The Forminx (1963 to 1966), while Demis Roussos has been part of bands such as "The Idols" and "We five".
During 1967 Vangelis and Demis form an ensemble together with Lucas Sideras (drums) and Argyris Koulouris (guitars), sometimes referred to as "The Papathanassiou Set". It is during this time that the group plays with local artists as Ricardo Credi and Vilma Ladopoulou. Trying to make a name for themselves, they record a demo with two songs, "Plastics nevermore" and "The other people". Impressed with the demo, Philips Records in Greece proposes to have the group try their luck in England...

Early in 1968 Vangelis, Demis and Lucas travel from Greece to England in search for a better creative environment. Back in Greece a military regime has taken over the government, and just as many other Greek artists they decide to leave their country. The fourth friend, Argyris Koulouris has to stay behind to fulfil his army duty. Although aiming to travel to England, Vangelis, Demis and Lucas first get in trouble as they are not allowed to enter the UK due to their work-permits, and then get stuck in Paris due to a transportation strike. By that time they decide to stay in Paris, and sign up with the Mercury record label as the band "Aphrodite's Child", with the help of Philips producer Pierre Sberro.
Their first single "Rain and tears", based on a Canon by Pachelbel and released in May 1968, immediately strikes gold and becomes a huge hit. The song plays in France during the student riots, and is an instant success in France and other countries in Europe. Due to the success of the single it is time to record their first album "End of the world". The title song of the album, released in October 1968, becomes their second single. A third single "Valley of sadness" is also shortly issued in France, but that is quickly withdrawn .... NEXT

1. End of the World
2. Don't Try to Catch a River
3. Mister Thomas
4. Rain and Tears
5. The Grass is No Green
6. Valley of Sadness
7. You always Stand in My Way
8. The Shepherd and the Moon
9. Day of the Fool


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The Archies - Absolutely the Best of

btr 320\ 90 Mb
The Archies are a band founded by Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, and Jughead Jones, a group of adolescent fictional characters of the Archie universe, in the context of the animated TV series, The Archie Show.
The fictional group
The Archies play a variety of contemporary popular music, consistent with the era in which the comic is drawn. They seem to have a preference for rock and roll, however.
Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge later also joined the group. Every member sings vocals, with Jughead handling the bass voice on a few tracks.
The roles the teens play in the fictional band were:
Archie - Lead Guitar
Reggie - Second Guitar (or Bass Guitar; see below)
Jughead - Drums
Betty - Tambourine/Percussion/Guitar (occasional)
Veronica - Organ/Keyboard
Hot Dog - mascot
The real group
A set of studio musicians were assembled by Don Kirshner in 1968 to perform various songs. The most famous is "Sugar, Sugar", written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, which went to #1 on the pop chart in 1969 and earned the group a gold record (in fact, in Billboard magazine's Hot 100, it was ranked as the number one song of that year, the only time a fictional band has ever claimed Billboard's annual Hot 100 top-spot). Other Top Forty songs recorded by The Archies include "Who's Your Baby?," "Bang-Shang-A-Lang," and "Jingle Jangle."...----> NEXT : and ----> MORE :
Track Listings
1. Eveything's Archie (Archie's Theme)
2. Get On The Line
3. Bicycles, Roller Skates And You
4. Bang-Shang-A-Lang
5. Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O.)
6. Truck Driver
7. Melody Hill
8. Who's Your Baby?
9. Sugar, Sugar
10. Who's Gonna Love Me?
11. Jingle Jangle
12. Inside-Out, Upside-Down
13. Sugar And Spice
14. Sunshine
15. This Is Love
16. Archie's Party

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The Applejacks - TELL ME WHEN

Al Jackson - Vocals
Martin Baggott - Lead Guitar
Phil Cash - Rhythm Guitar
Don Gould - Organ
Megan Davies - Bass Guitar
Gerry Freeman - Drums
In 1964 Solihull Group 'The Applejacks' became big stars overnight with their smash hit 'Tell me when'. With the exception of Al they all belonged to the 1st Olton Scout Group - even Megan! an assistant cub mistress. Various acts were being put together for a miniature gang show to entertain the parents. Five of them got together and their 'skiffle group' as it then was, turned out to be the hit of the show. The next step on the road to fame came when Joe Brannelly, their manager was so impressed by their playing, that he was sure he had a top group.

Tell Me When/Baby Jane Like Dreamers Do/Everybody Fall Down Three Little Words/You're The One For Me Chim Chim Cheree/It's Not A Game AnymoreIt's Not A Game Anymore/Bye Bye GirlI Go To Sleep/Make Up Or Break UpI'm Through/We Gotta Get TogetherYou've Been Cheating/Love Was In My Eyes

At the end of that year Joe invited Mike Smith an A&R man, along to the Civic Hall in Solihull to see them perform. Mike was also impressed and in January the groups first single 'Tell Me When' was released.The disc went right to the top of the charts and caused a number of problems for the group.Gerry, Al, Martin and Don were called before their headmaster and were asked to make a choice, continue with their studies or leave school to embark on a pop career. The boys made a decision to turn professional and the rest followed

This photo was taken after the group were filmed for the 1964 pop film 'Just for You'. The film featured a DJ, Sam Costa who reclining on a bed, called up his favourite pop hits onto a strange type of projection screen. The film was released after the Applejacks had had great success with 'Tell me when'. It included other 60's groups in a compilation, a forerunner to the pop video of today.

They went on to perform on many top line TV spots and had their own Radio Luxembourg show, and appeared in a 1964 film 'Just For You'. The groups second disc 'Like Dreamers Do' was a Lennon and McCartney number. The Applejacks had met John and Paul whilst rehearsing for a TV show, were it was suggested as their follow up release.
The Applejacks became very popular with the many fans of beat music and were booked solidly to appear throughout 1964 at dance halls all over the country. They had a road manager which was a luxury in those days to drive then between gigs, their personal manager Arthur Smith handled all the correspondence from their many live TV appearances and shows. The Applejacks were in heavy demand for TV work, appearing on shows such as 'Ready Steady Go, Top of the Pops, Thank your lucky stars', and many more. Their popularity was greatest in the venues of the major cities of London and Birmingham but they ensured that appearances were given throughout the country to support their recordings.

The Applejacks were the first Brum Beat group to have a top ten hit record and they should not be confused with the late 1950s American recording group of the same name. Despite a promising debut and having a strong Beatles connection, the Applejacks moment in the spotlight was over all too soon.
The group, formed in Solihull in 1961, were originally known as The Crestas and then The Jaguars. At that time the band consisted of Phil Cash (born October 9, 1947), Martin Baggot (born October 20, 1947), Gerald Freeman (born May 24, 1947) and Megan Davies (born March 25, 1944); all members of the 1st Olton Scouts Troop. By the end of 1961, keyboarder Don Gould (born March 23, 1947) was also added to the line-up. As they had no singer, they played instrumental songs by groups like The Shadows and Tornados. Singer Al Jackson (Harry Llewellyn - born April 21, 1945) joined in 1962 and The Applejacks soon became a popular attraction with a regular residency at Solihull Civic Hall. They played a lot of American style rock 'n' roll; Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles etc. and were unusual for the time in having a female bass guitarist.
The Applejacks were signed up by talent scouts from the Decca Record Company in late 1963 and in February of 1964 they released their first single Tell Me When which was composed by songwriters Les Reed and former school teacher Geoff Stephens. The record was a brilliant and catchy composition and fitted the times perfectly, peaking at number 7 and remaining in the charts for 13 weeks. Some of the band members were still going to school at the time! The success of the single brought TV appearances on shows like Ready Steady Go! and Thank Your Lucky Stars where the Applejacks became friends with the Beatles who they met during a rehearsal.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney provided the Applejacks with a song Like Dreamers Do (one of the earliest Lennon/McCartney compositions) and the group recorded this with it being released as the follow up single. The Applejacks provided an excellent interpretation of the song and to their credit, used their own arrangement rather than just "copying" the Beatles demo. Hopes were high as recordings of Beatles compositions by other artists had proven successful but despite this, the Applejacks version of Like Dreamers Do only reached No. 20 in the record charts.
1964 proved to be a very busy year for The Applejacks. The group appeared in the British pop music film "Just For You" which also featured Freddie and The Dreamers and Peter and Gordon. In addition to regular TV apperances, The Applejacks performed live on the coveted New Musical Express annual poll winners concert at Wembley. Perhaps even more memorable was when Megan Davies and drummer Gerry Freeman were married in a highly publicized wedding that was attended by hundreds of screaming local teenagers.
The Applejacks recorded an album for Decca Records under the direction of future Gary Glitter producer Mike Leander. This self-titled album had a simple yet refreshing production style which suited the group well but unfortunately it did not sell enough copies to make the album charts. A new Applejacks single was also released but the awkward Three Little Words stalled at No. 23 and was to be their last showing in the record charts. Other singles were recorded and released but even a very good version of The Kinks I Go To Sleep could not halt the group's chart decline.
By 1966, The Applejacks had accepted a lucrative contract in cabaret to perform on board the luxury Trans-Atlantic ocean liners R.M.S. Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I and II. Although a good move for the band financially, the engagements served to isolate them from their fans and make the promotion of any new records by the group all but impossible.
After being dropped by Decca the Applejacks faded from the scene, but their place in Brumbeat history is assured as they were the first local group to make a big impact on the national record charts.
The Applejacks 1960's Record Releases (highest UK chart position in brackets)
Tell Me When/Baby Jane (Decca F 11916) 1964 (7)
Like Dreamers Do/Everybody Fall Down (Decca F 11916) 1964 (20)
Three Little Words/You're The One (Decca F 11981) 1964 (23)
Chim Chim Chiree/It's Not A Game Anymore (Decca F 12050) 1965 (withdrawn)
It's Not A Game Anymore/Bye Bye Girl (Decca F 12106) 1965
I Go To Sleep/Make Up Or Break Up (Decca F 12216) 1965
I'm Through/We Gotta Get Together (Decca F 12301) 1965
You've Been Cheating/Love Was In My Eyes (CBS 202615) 1967
The Applejacks (Decca LK 4635) 1964

The Applejacks on Wikipedia
Tracks :
01 - Tell Me When
02 - Wishing Will Never Make It S
03 - Over Suzanne
04 - Hello Josephine
05 - As A Matter Of Fact
06 - Too Much Monkey Business
07 - Mem'ries Of You
08 - Ain't That Just Like Me
09 - Kansas City10 - I Wonder
11 - Three Little Words
12 - Baby Jane13 - No Time
14 - See If She Cares
15 - See If She Cares
16 - What'd I Say
17 - Like Dreamers Do
18 - Everybody Fall Down
19 - You're The One
20 - I Go To Sleep

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The Sevens - The Sevens

The Sevens, a Swiss quintet that formed in Basel in 1964 and worked on into 1968, cast themselves firmly in the mold of the then ongoing British Invasion — the Animals, the Kinks, and the Pretty Things all take a bow in their sound, while their eponymous 1965 debut album included covers of the Newcastle band's "I'm Crying" and Ray Davies' "Don't You Fret." There, however, comparisons run into a brick wall, as the Sevens reveal themselves to be several steps removed from even the craziest import beat boomer. In bassist Michael Boway, the band boasted a songwriter who was at least the equal of his Anglo counterparts, and in vocalist Pierre Aeblascher was a frontman of almost breathtaking style. Together, they collide with an electricity that is as eccentric as it is spellbinding — there are moments, most notably "The Love of a Bird," where Aeblascher slurs so heavily and bellows so loudly that you wonder whether he was even in the studio when the record was recorded. He could easily have been singing drunkenly along later. But that is a part of this remarkable album's charm. "Seven," the band's first single, clashes brooding organ with metallic crashes, beneath Aeblascher's foreboding recitation of the things that happened "on the seventh day of the seventh month...." In contrast, "You Should Know" is a brutal R&B stomp, wherein the singer sounds almost completely removed from the band (and some bizarre stereo separation adds to the dislocation), while a brokenhearted drawl through "I'm Gonna Dress in Black" could be a lost Doors demo, as vocals and organ melt together into one slurring liquid blob. This compilation rounds up the Sevens' full 1965 output — their 12-track LP along with seven non-album A- and B-sides, and it's safe to say there's not a clunker in sight. The gatefold packaging, meanwhile, rounds up 11 picture sleeve singles, a crop of band and hysterical fan photographs, and an all-too-brief band history. All told, the whole package explodes with a freakbeat craziness that is irresistible." AllMusic