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Light of Darkness - Light of Darkness (1970)


Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica)
Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle)
John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion)
Manfred Bebert (drums)
The little-known Scottish band Light of Darkness consisted of Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica), Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle), John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion), and German drummer Manfred Bebert. They were based in Hamburg, Germany, and their only record was released by the German label Phillips in 1970. This self-titled debut album is in a kind-of progressive blues-rock style, highlighted by Latimer's odd voice and an energetic cover of Tony Joe White's "Soul Francisco." However, critics at that time dismissed the record as being directionless; the record-buying public ignored the LP and after a couple of concerts, Light of Darkness disbanded. Today, their only recording has become a minor cult classic and a collector's item. Unfortunately, the bandmembers disappeared and never recorded again. Before Light of Darkness, both Reoch and Grant had been in a band called Mike Reoch and the Tremors (together with Dennis Morrison and Don Stuart), and released an album called "Internationale Evergreens" on Elite Special in the 1960s. ~ Chris Genzel, All Music Guide
01. Movin' Along 04:16
02. Love In Your Heart 05:22
03. Ain't No Place Where I Belong 05:03
04. Soul Francisco 09:59
05. Freedom Fight 06:43
06. Time 04:17
07. Down 'N' Out 08:52

Mike Reoch & The Tremors - Complete

THE TREMORS came from Scotland to Hamburg and stayed in Germany from `64 to `72. They were great on stage, but their records - an LP for Elite Special and two singles for Metronome and Fontana - are best forgotten. The Tremors´ best documented work has been spread over three LP- compilations released by Polydor in´64 and ´65. On "Beat City" we´ve found an arrangement of Jimmy Reed´s "Shame, Shame, Shame" that´s remarkably different from the better known, tough R&B-versions by The Rattles and The Shamrocks. Bandleader Mike Reoch managed to keep the group together and changed the name to Light Of Darkness in `70. The group´s eponymous album for Philips (1970) nowadays is regarded as a Krautrock classic.
 Mike Reoch & The Tremors : rare beat lp 
Mike Reoch, along with school friend Byron Grant, journeyed from Brechin to Germany with their band in the 1960's, where they have remained, living in Hamburg since 1964. 
Some locals may recall Mike's father used to own the grocers shop where the Victoria and Albert Bar now stands in Montrose Street, and Byron's mother was the owner of the Savoy in Market Street. 
"We came to Germany as musicians with a band called 'The Original Tremors' which was half Aberdonian and half Brechin," said Mike. 
"We made an LP in Hamburg in 1971 under a different band name and wrote the songs ourselves. Just a little while ago we received notification from a music publishing company that two of our songs have appeared in a German movie which was released recently." 
The film Requiem premiered to great acclaim at the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival, as well as garnering ten nominations for the German Film Awards, or Lola's. 
"We found out the leading lady in the movie, Sandra Muller, won Best Actress at the German Film Festival," added Mike. 
The fact-based story is about an emotionally troubled young women who undergoes an exorcism after seeking help from a Catholic priest. 
After debuting in Berlin, Requiem looks set to generate plenty of theatrical, television and video interest in Europe. 
After 42 years the band is still going strong all be it with some line-up changes. 
"The two Aberdonians left the band in 1966," continued Mike.
"Now the members are Byron on lead guitar, myself on bass guitar, John Law of Bellshill guitar/lead singer and Manfred Bebert, a German national, on drums. 
"We still call our band The Tremors but the addition being John Law thus we're now John Law and the Tremors." 
Due to this recent good fortune Mike has also been making headlines in Germany. 
"Since 1999 I have been driving a taxi in Hamburg as we can't make a living from the band any more, all of us being over 60," he continued. 
"One day, after chatting to someone in the cab, I received a phone call asking for an interview with a German national paper, the article was titled, The comeback of a taxi driver!"

For further information on the band check out their website
Mike Reoch & The Tremors - Die Tremors beaten an Elite 246  

01 - Mockinґ Bird Hill
02 - Deep Purple
03 - I Could Have Danced All Night
04 - You Are My Sunshine
05 - Always
06 - For You
07 - Once In A While
08 - Too Young
09 - Walking My Baby Back Home
10 - When My Dreamboat Comes Home
11 - Sentimental Journey
12 - Summertime
13 - Caravan

V.A. Lp's Polydor
14 - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
15 - Shame Shame
16 - Good Golly Miss Molly
17 - What Would I Do
18 - I Saw Her Standing There
19 - Hello
20 - Sit Right Down And Cry

45' Metronome
21 - Sing La-La
22 - Little Liza Jane

45' Fontana
23 - Ring-A-Ding-Dong
24 - It's So Good

Paul Nero - Tops For Dancing \ Western Hits


Paul Nero - Paul Nero in South America (a.k.a. El Cóndor Pasa) 1970

One of the German jazz musicians best known internationally is Klaus Doldinger (saxes, flute, keyboards). He was born in Berlin on 12 May 1936. He played in diverse amateur jazz bands from 1952 onwards. In l962 he formed his first Klaus Doldinger Quartet with Ingfried Hoffmalln (piano), Helmut Kalldberger (bass) and Klaus Weiss (drums). Doldinger also made pop, jazz and blues in the sixties under the pseudonym Paul Nero, resulting in several albums: Paul Nero's Blue Sounds had the line-up of Klaus Doldinger (winds), Steffan von Dobrcinsky (winds). Sahib Shilab (bass), Atilla Zoller (guitar), Ingfried Hoilmann (organ), Peter Trunk (bass), Klaus Voorman (bass) and Gibson Kemp (drums). They recorded The Big Beat in 1965. The name was aventually shortened down to Paul Nero Sounds for the subsequent releases Nero's Soul Party (1968) and Nero In South-America (1970). Among the participating musicians were: Siegfried Schwab (pre-Embryo, guitar on both), Lothar Meid (pre-Amon Duul II, bass on both), Olaf Kubler (renowned Amon Duul II producer, sax on both) and Florian Schneider-Esleben (pre-Kraftwerk, flute on the 1970 album). For the first Passport album, Doldinger assembled (A) line-up in the studio to record seven of his compositions. This and the subsequent albums established Klaus Doldinger as one of the leading German performers of conventional jazz rock fusion. On Second Passport (1972) Doldinger had acquired an entirely new line-up. The third Passport formation (C) was ready for concerts and a new album Hand Made in 1973. When Roberts was replaced with Kristian Schultze in 1974, Passport were at last a stable unit for a couple of years. Doldinger's Jubilee Concert (1974) was performed with famous guests like Brian Auger, Pete York and Alexis Korner.
Great and seldom LP by Paul Nero a.k.a. Klaus Doldinger. Somer superp european jazzmusicians was in thins formation. For example: Siegfried Schwaab, Dusko Goykovich, Olaf Kübler or Lothar Meid. 
LP contains many nice Brazilian tunes like a version of “MAS QUE NADA“ with strong drums. Or the club friendly an funny version of “GUACHI GUARO”


The Hollies - 60' complete (1969 - ) Part 6

The Hollies - 60' complete part 6 1969 -


01 - The Times They Are A-Changin'

02 - Too Young To Be Married
03 - Gasoline Alley Bread

Lp sing Dylan
Terry Sylvester's first album, and the group's first album after a gap of nearly a year and a half. It's literally just what the title says it is, focusing on Dylan's more romantic tunes ("Just Like A Woman"; "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight") with just a few of his more thought-provoking tracks like "This Wheel's On Fire" and the protest song "My Back Pages." Their contemporary hit "Sorry Suzanne" isn't included
04 - When The Ship Comes In
05 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
06 - I Want You
07 - This Weel's On Fire
08 - I Shall Be Released
09 - Blowin' In The Wind
10 - Quit Your Lowdown Ways
11 - Just Like A Woman
12 - The Times They Are A-Changin'
13 - All I Really Want To Do
14 - My Back Pages
15 - Mighty Quinn

16 - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
17 - Long Cool Woman
18 - Hey Willie
19 - The Baby
20 - Soldiers Song
21 - Purple Rain

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Frank Furt - Kut and Peist Cut N Paste Beatles (1983)

Mp3\92 Mb
What do you get if you team up a British born Beatles influenced guitarist and songwriter with a German drummer and one-time hip hop producer in Frankfurt, Germany? You get “Frank Furt Cut `n`Paste”. Whatґd happen if they got together with two other members of Richard Kerstenґs one time baby (and first Beatles tribute band in the world ):”The Beatles Revival Band” and produced a CD of Beatles influenced songs? Youґd get “Beatles Kut дnd Peiste” Richard Kersten and Marcus Darius have created a unique and strange combination of sixties music adventurism and modern sampling elements. From straight ahead pop songs like “Sipping Lemonade in the Sunshine” and “Picture on my Wall”, which might have appeared on an early sixties album, the music wanders through Indian influences, past psychodelically influenced “ Itґs Been A Long Time” or “Flow Down Stream”, to reflections on leaving home, built into a mini opera on “Time To Go” “Some Day” could have been a Music Hall favourite in another age, while “Song From Your Heart” reminds of sixties calls for peace ”. All of these songs are however obviously coloured by the possibilties of the modern, computer- based studio. Frank Furt Cutґn Paste` continue this magpie approach to songwriting and have a huge catalogue of pop songs which reflect a wide range of music styles from the present and the past.The team now have a new member who grew up on a diet of Nirvana and eighties styles. Come and visit us at (
01 - Sipping Lemonade In The Sunshine
02 - Flow Down Stream
03 - Imagine Angels In The Sky
04 - It All Equals In The End
05 - Don't Care 'cause I Love You
06 - Picture On My Wall
07 - Song From Your Heart
08 - Someday
09 - Just Like Me
10 - Time To Go
11 - It's Been A Long Time

The Hollies - 60' complete (1967 - 1968) Part 5

The Hollies - 60' complete part 5 1967 - 1968


01 - Carrie Anne
02 - Signs That Will Never Change

Lp  Butterfly (1967)
Nash's last album with the group before quitting. After this, the group was in disarray but did get out two solid singles in 1968 ("Jennifer Eccles" and "Listen To Me"). Parlophone bought time by releasing a greatest hits package that consisted of 14 A-sides from 1964 through 1968, excluding only "If I Needed Someone," "After The Fox," and "Listen To Me" (which came out after the album)

03 - Dear Eloise
04 - Away Away Away
05 - Maker
06 - Pegasus
07 - Would You Believe
08 - Wish You A Wish
09 - Postcard
10 - Charlie And Fred
11 - Try It
12 - Elevated Observations
13 - Step Inside
14 - Butterfly

lp va
15 - Wings

16 - Relax

17 - Jennifer Eccles
18 - Open Up Your Eyes
19 - Do The Best You Can
20 - Listen To Me
21 - Sorry Suzanne
22 - Not That Way At All


23 - Man With No Expressions
24 - Tomorrow When It Comes
25 - Try It

The Hollies - 60' complete (1966 - 1967) Patr 4

The Hollies - 60' complete part 4 1966 - 1967


01 - Yes I Will

Lp   For Certain Because (1966)
The group still seems out of touch here, with Clarke often draggging them into rock-free pop with off-the-shelf orchestration. But Nash's contributions are far more interesting, and they finally start to experiment a bit with complex production values. Hicks' "Stop Stop Stop," the only single here and big hit, is a bizarre gimmick tune with a goofy 2/4 country beat and a reverb-heavy banjo lead, vaguely like the Rolling Stones' contemporary joke tunes. "Pay You Back With Interest" was released in the U.S. only as a single. Bassist Calvert's first album (he joined the group for "Bus Stop"). At about the same time the group released an unsuccessful single (Bacharach & David's "After The Fox") that came from a movie soundtrack.
02 - What's Wrong With The Way I Live
03 - Pay You Back With Interest
04 - Tell Me To My Face
05 - Clown
06 - Suspicious Look In Your Eyes
07 - It's You
08 - High Classed
09 - Peculiar Situation
10 - What Went Wrong
11 - Crusader
12 - Don't Even Think About Changing

13 - On A Carousel
14 - All The World Is Love
15 - King Midas In Reverse
16 - Everything Is Sunshine

Lp Evolution (1967)
The group's most important artistic contribution: everything is credited to Hicks-Clarke-Nash, and although they're still working with a two-minute pop song format, the kitschy, frequently orchestrated arrangements are clever, Nash has an agreeably prominent role, and almost every track features a daring bit of experimental instrumentation. It's not like the Hollies had suddenly turned into the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but Hicks slathers blaring, psychedelic riffs onto the entertaining "Then The Heartaches Begin" and "Have You Ever Loved Somebody"; the perky "Ye Olde Toffee Shop" is driven by harpsichord; the gentle "Games We Play" has a bizarre, watery vocal effect; etc. Only the pedestrian "Games We Play" is relatively straightforward. The ecstatic "You Need Love" is the high point, with a rapturous melody. But most of the rest shines: Nash's mid-60s McCartney-like ballad "Stop Right There"; the shuffling, goofy "Rain On The Window"; the lurching, Pet Sounds-influenced "Heading For A Fall." I'd rate this higher if there weren't so many other fantastic records in this period. The U.S. version, reviewed here, omits three tracks and adds in the uplifting, unforgettable, collaboratively written hit "Carrie-Anne," with its traded lead vocals and bizarre steel drum solo. The CD includes five excellent Hicks-Clarke-Nash single sides, two important (the playful sing-along "Jennifer Eccles," with an incongruous Hicks pedal steel part, and "Open Up Your Eyes," one of their most exciting up-tempo songs); there's also the run-of-the-mill "When Your Lights Turned On," the soothing "Signs That Will Never Change," and the wacky, Dylan-influenced "Water On The Brain," complete with tuba solo. They released three major singles this year ("On A Carousel"; "Carrie-Anne"; thee experimental "King Midas In Reverse," mostly by Nash), and none of them were on the U.K. album or the next one. The first two were massive hits, but "King Midas" sold relatively poorly and they temporarily fell off the charts in the U.S

17 - Then The Heartaches Begin
18 - Stop Right There
19 - Water On The Brain
20 - Lullaby To Tim
21 - Have You Ever Loved Somebody
22 - You Need Love
23 - Rain On The Windows
24 - Heading For A Fall
25 - Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe
26 - When Your Light's Turned On
27 - Leave Me
28 - The Games We Play

29 - Sweden Bildjournalen

The Hollies - 60' complete (1965 - 1966) Part 3

The Hollies - 60' complete part 3 1965 - 1966

unreleased / version
01 - So Lonely
02 - A Taste of Honey

03 - I'm Alive
04 - You Know He Did
05 - Look Through Any Window
06 - Honey And Wine
07 - If I Needed Someone

Lp Would You Believe
By now the group had fallen far behind the Beatles, stuffing their latest album with shockingly primitive covers. At least there are four good "Ransford" compositions: "Hard, Hard Year," which sounds like one of Lennon's contemporary down-tempo semi-acoustic ballads; the poppy "Oriental Sadness," with Nash singing the fine chorus; Nash's 3/4 acoustic solo spotlight "Fifi The Flea," an important marker in his artistic development; and the exciting "I've Got A Way Of My Own," complete with wailing harmonica and Dylan-meets-the-Fab-Four influences. They also have enough good taste to cover Stax-Volt (the danceable "Take What I Want"). But they stoop to disintering Chuck Berry ("Sweet Little Sixteen") and Buddy Holly ("Take Your Time"), and they put an anachronistic rock 'n' roll stamp on newer material (6/8 "That's How Strong My Love Is," already a hit for the In Crowd in 1965; Hank Ballad's sappy "Don't You Even Care? (What's Gonna Happen To Me)"). The biggest embarassment, though, is a gratuitous, fairly literal take on Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" (Lonnie Donegan's old skiffle hit "Stewball" also sounds here like an early-period S & G folk song). The record does have some real saving graces: "I've Got A Way Of My Own" and their brilliantly arranged, 12-string fortified, memorable hit single "I Can't Let Go" (by Taylor and Gorgoni) - it sports one of their most thrilling harmony lines. Still, though, this seems like a joke compared to Rubber Soul or Revolver. Although someone had finally figured out that including a hit single was a good idea, the record omits the contemporary "Bus Stop" (by Graham Gouldman), one of their best recordings ever and their first U.S. single to hit the Top 10.

08 - I Take What I Want
09 - Hard Hard Year
10 - That's How Strong My Love Is
11 - Sweet Little Sixteen
12 - Oriental Sadness
13 - I Am A Rock
14 - Take Your Time
15 - Don't You Even Care
16 - Fifi The Flea
17 - Stewball
18 - I've Got A Way Of My Own
19 - I Can't let Go

unreleased / version
20 - Look Through Any Window
21 - Look Through Any Window

22 - Non Prego Per Me
23 - Devi Avere Fiducia In Me
24 - Kill Me Quick
25 - We're Alive
26 - After The Fox

27 - A Taste Of Honey

28 - Running Through The Night
29 - Bus Stop
30 - Don't Run And Hide
31 - Like Everytime Before
32 - Stop Stop Stop

The Hollies - 60' complete (1964 - 1965) Part 2

The Hollies - 60' complete part 2 1964 - 1965

unreleased / version
01 - Bring Back Your Love to Me
02 - Listen Here to Me
03 - She Said Yeah
04 - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
05 - Little Pretty One
06 - Poison Ivy (long)

45' / Ep
07 - Just One Look
08 - Keep Off That Friend Of Mine
09 - Here I Go Again
10 - Baby That's All
11 - We're Through
12 - Come On Back
13 - What Kind Of Love
14 - When I'm Not There

Lp Hollies (1965)
Still chronically short on material and so successful with 45s that LPs hardly mattered, the group knocked off seven covers to complement just five orginals - once again, none of their contemporary singles was included ("Yes I Will"; "I'm Alive," their only British #1 hit until a re-issue of "He Ain't Heavy" topped the charts in 1988; "Look Through Any Window," their first Top 40 hit in the U.S.; and George Harrison's "If I Needed Someone," which sold relatively poorly). It's a shame, because by now the "Ransford" songwriting team truly could out-Beatle the Beatles, or at least the Beatles circa late 1964 ("I've Been Wrong," with Nash soaring on the choruses; the energetic "Put Yourself In My Place"; "When I Come Home To You"). Best of all are the down-tempo ballad "So Lonely," with a glowing, reverby 12-string part, and their remarkable, strongly John Lennon-inspired message tune "Too Many People." But the covers are creaky, ranging from childish twist music ("Mickey's Monkey") to sappy Everlys-style balladry ("That's My Desire") to weak roots rock ("Lawdy Miss Clawdy") and rockabilly (Roy Orbison's "Down The Line," about as lame as the Beatles doing Carl Perkins). They can't even best the Stones' take on the annoying gimmick tune "Fortune Teller." Still, their Merseybeat arrangement of "You Must Believe Me" is fun, and the blaringly harmonized gospel-folk tune "Very Last Day" nicely recalls contemporary Simon & Garfunkel. There's no real musical progression here, but it's a major find for Beatlemaniacs.

15 - Very Last Day
16 - You Must Believe Me
17 - Put Yourself In My Place
18 - Down The Line
19 - That's My Desire
20 - Too Many People
21 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
22 - When I Come Home To You
23 - Fortune Teller
24 - So Lonely
25 - I've Been Wrong
26 - Mickey's Monkey


27 - (Ill Be True To You) Yes I Will
28 - Nobody

unreleased / version

29 - I Can't Get Nowhere With You
30 - She Gives Me Everything I Want
31 - You In My Arms
32 - Schoolgirl
33 - Whole World Over
34 - We're Through

The Hollies - 60' complete (1963 - 1964) Part 1

The new series from JANCY
One of the best and most commercially successful pop/rock acts of the British Invasion, when the Hollies began recording in 1963, they relied heavily upon the R&B/early rock & roll covers that provided the staple diet for countless British bands of the time. They quickly developed a more distinctive style of three-part harmonies (heavily influenced by the Everly Brothers), ringing guitars, and hook-happy material, penned by both outside writers (especially Graham Gouldman) and themselves, eventually composing most of their repertoire on their own. The best early Hollies records evoke an infectious, melodic cheer similar to that of the early Beatles, although the Hollies were neither in their class (not an insult: nobody else was) nor demonstrated a ... Read More...
The Hollies - 60' complete part 1 1963 - 1964

Lp Stay With The Hollies
Their quickly recorded debut LP is uncannily close to Please Please Me: elementary but endlessly rehearsed instrumental backing, primitive production, Hicks' brief and basic guitar solos, incidental harmonica parts ("Candy Man"), clever harmonies, and Clarke's ear-shattering, from-the-gut lead vocals. But at this point Clarke and Nash were far behind Lennon and McCartney in the songwriting department, contributing just one original tune ("Little Lover," a pretty sharp Beatles-style rock song that makes everything else here sound outdated). So the disc is totally dominated by covers from the Beatles' repertoire: Chuck Berry ("I'm Talking Bout You"; "Memphis"); Little Richard ("Lucille"); twist music (the Contours' enthusiastic "Do You Love Me," written by Berry Gordy); rockabilly (Conway Twitty's Everly Brothers-like 12/8 ballad "It's Only Make Believe"; "Candy Man," a hit for Roy Orbison); R & B (Ray Charles' soaring 3/4 testimonial "What Kind Of Girl Are You"); and assorted rock 'n' roll standards ("Rockin' Robin") - they even manage to breathe some life into "Mr. Moonlight," an embarassment for the Fab Four a year later. The group's first two singles are omitted ("(Ain't That) Just Like Me"; "Searchin'"), so there's only one A-side (Maurice Williams' screechy "Stay," later a hit for both the Four Seasons and Jackson Browne). If none of this sounds too inviting, at least there aren't any treacly show tunes, and the vocals are so outrageously over-the-top that the record demands your attention. Produced by Ron Richards.
01 - I'm Talking About You
02 - Mr. Moonlight
03 - You Better Move On
04 - Lucille
05 - Baby Don't Cry
06 - Memphis
07 - Stay
08 - Rockin' Robin
09 - Watcha Gonna Do About It
10 - Do You Love Me
11 - It's Only Make Belive
12 - What Kind Of Girl Are You
13 - Little Lover
14 - Candy Man
LP In The Hollies Style
By now the group was a major commercial factor in England - they had three Top 10 hits in 1964 ("Just One Look"; "Here I Go Again"; "We're Through"), none of which are on this album. And just like the Beatles, their songwriting was rapidly improving: here the Ransford = Clarke-Hicks-Nash team wrote seven of thirteen songs. But the disc is uneven, and Richards' production is still very basic - there's some occasional percussion like cowbells and handclaps, but otherwise it's guitar-bass-drums-harmonica all the way. The major high points are their dreamy, mid-tempo "Time For Love," complete with metronomic, Motown-style rhythm guitar; "You'll Be Mine," with an elaborately descending melody that shows off Clarke's range; and Nash's first recorded solo vocal on "To You My Love," which sounds like one of Paul McCartney's contemporary, Mediterranean-flavored ballads. The rest of the originals are routine two-minute Beatles imitations ("Don't You Know," where they even cop Ringo's drumming style; "Come On Home"; "Set Me Free"), often nicely done and both melodically and harmonically sophisticated ("Please Don't Feel Too Bad"), but hardly memorable. The covers mostly work too, including the sweet, Everly Brothers-ish "I Thought Of You Last Night"; the tension-building R & B tune "What Kind Of Boy"; and the supercharged medley of "Nitty Gritty" and Etta James' 1962 hit "Something's Got A Hold On Me." But the primitive Merseybeat arrangement of Betty Everett's contemporary pop song "It's In Her [= His] Kiss" makes it sound instantly dated, and the energy level is slipping: although their cover of Berry's "Too Much Monkey Business" is as frantic as they get, it's not even as exciting as the Yardbirds' contemporary live version.
15 - Nitty Gritty / Something's Got A Hold On Me
16 - Don't You Know
17 - To You My Love
18 - It's In Her Kiss
19 - Time For Love
20 - What Kind Of Boy
21 - Too Much Monkey Business
22 - I Tought Of My Last Night
23 - Please Don't Feel So Bad
24 - Come On Home
25 - You'll Be Mine
26 - Set Me Free

27 - Aint That Just Like Me
28 - He What's Wrong With Me
29 - Searchin'
30 - Whole World Over

unreleased / version
31 - Now's The Time
32 - I Understand
33 - Poison Ivy (short)

VA - Jukebox Hits of 1955 -1965 - Part 4 (1958)


1. Paul Anka — Crazy Love [02:26]
2. The Platters — Twilight Time [02:48]
3. Danny & The Juniors — Rock'n'Roll Is Here to Stay [02:29]
4. Frankie Avalon — Dede Dinah [02:14]
5. The Chordettes — Lollipop [02:09]
6. Johnny Cash — Ballad of a Teenage Queen [02:12]
7. The Champs — Tequila [02:11]
8. Dion & The Belmonts — I Wonder Why [02:22]
9. Ricky Nelson — Believe What You Say [02:06]
10. Connie Francis — Who's Sorry Now [02:19]
11. Jimmie Rodgers — Secretly [02:38]
12. The Everly Brothers — All I Have to Do Is Dream [02:19]
13. Don Gibson — Oh Lonesome Me [02:34]
14. Buddy Holly — Maybe Baby [02:02]
15. Dean Martin — Return to Me [02:45]
16. Bill Haley & The Comets — Skinny Minnie [02:59]
17. Perez Prado — Patricia [02:07]
18. Perry Como — Magic Moments [02:42]
19. Pat Boone — Sugar Moon [01:55]
20. Jack Scott — My True Love [02:44]
21. The Chantels — I Love You So [02:20]
22. Jimmy Clanton — Just a Dream [02:30]
23. Duane Eddy — Rebel Rouser [02:22]
24. Bobby Darin — Splish Splash [02:10]
25. Kingston Trio — Tom Dooley [03:03]
26. The Crests — Sixteen Candles [02:50]
27. Conway Twitty — It's Only Make Believe [02:15]
28. The Big Bopper — Chantilly Lace [02:22]
29. Eddie Cochran — Summertime Blues [02:00]
30. Neil Sedaka — The Diary [02:18]


1. Buddy Holly — Listen to Me [02:25]
2. The Kalin Twins — When [02:30]
3. Jody Reynolds — Endless Sleep [02:30]
4. The Poni-Tails — Born Too Late [02:21]
5. The Olympics — Western Movies [02:25]
6. Lou Monte — Lazy Mary [02:43]
7. Robin Luke — Susie Darlin' [02:40]
8. Johnny Otis — Willie and the Hand Jive [02:39]
9. The Playmates — Beep Beep [02:33]
10. Jane Morgan — The Day That the Rains Came Down [03:01]
11. Arvee Allens — Fast Freight [02:02]
12. Teresa Brewer — The Hula Hoop Song [02:52]
13. Little Anthony & The Imperials — Tears on My Pillow [02:14]
14. Billie & Lillie — La Dee Da [02:12]
15. Sanford Clarke — Modern Romance [02:06]
16. The Coasters — Yakety Yak [01:51]
17. The McGuire Sisters — Sugartime [02:33]
18. Bobby Freeman — Do You Wanna Dance [02:39]
19. Tommy Edwards — It's All in the Game [02:40]
20. Connie Francis — Fallin' [02:17]
21. The Elegants — Little Star [02:43]
22. Bobby Day — Rockin' Robin [02:38]
23. Jerry Lee Lewis — High School Confidential [02:32]
24. Hank Locklin — Send Me the Pillow [02:34]
25. Bobby Darin — Queen of the Hop [02:14]
26. Perry Como — Catch a Falling Star [02:31]
27. The Everly Brothers — Bird Dog [02:18]
28. Cozy Cole — Topsy Part 2 [03:34]


1. Buddy Holly — Look at Me [02:07]
2. Chuck Berry — Johnny B. Goode [02:39]
3. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps — Say Mama [02:12]
4. Connie Francis — Stupid Cupid [02:15]
5. Slim Williams — Indian Love Call [03:20]
6. Ritchie Valens — Donna [02:24]
7. Doris Day — Everybody Loves a Lover [02:46]
8. Jerry Lee Lewis — Down the Line [02:17]
9. Frankie Avalon — Blue Betty [02:09]
10. Fats Domino — Whole Lotta Lovin' [01:40]
11. Danny and The Juniors — Dottie [01:36]
12. Roy Orbison — I Like Love [02:31]
13. Ricky Nelson — I Got a Feeling [02:07]
14. The Monotones — Tell It to the Judge [02:17]
15. The Teddy Bears — To Know Him Is to Love Him [02:25]
16. Jackie Wilson — Lonely Teardrops [02:38]
17. Jack Scott — Leroy [02:10]
18. Peggy Lee — Fever [03:20]
19. Tommy Edwards — Love Is All We Need [02:40]
20. Jerry Wallace — How the Time Flies [02:29]
21. The Silhouettes — Get a Job [02:48]
22. Duane Eddy — Cannonball [01:56]
23. Paul Anka — You Are My Destiny [02:48]
24. The Everly Brothers — Leave My Woman Alone [02:36]
25. Dion & The Belmonts — Teen Angel [02:14]
26. Johnny Tillotson — Well I'm Your Man [02:20]
27. Johnny Cash — Ways of a Woman in Love [02:28]
28. Louis Prima — Buone Sera [03:00]
29. David Seville — Witch Doctor [02:09]


1. Johnny Tillotson — Dreamy Eyes [02:24]
2. Ritchie Valens — Come On Let's Go [02:05]
3. Art & Dottie Todd — Chanson D'Amour [02:56]
4. Clyde McPhatter — A Lover's Question [02:37]
5. Johnny Mathis — A Certain Smile [02:49]
6. Ricky Nelson — Lonesome Town [02:19]
7. Mitch Miller — March from The River Kwai [02:28]
8. Dean Martin — Volare [03:02]
9. Connie Francis — Carolina Moon [02:34]
10. Don Gibson — I Can't Stop Loving You [02:40]
11. Bobby Freeman — Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes [02:29]
12. The Collins Kids — Mercy [02:03]
13. Perry Como — Kewpie Doll [02:36]
14. Billy Vaughn — Sail Along Silvery Moon [02:09]
15. Brenda Lee — Weep No More My Baby [03:04]
16. Terry Noland — Teenage Teardrops [02:52]
17. Ersel Hickey — Bluebirds Over the Mountain [01:28]
18. Earl Grant — The End [02:21]
19. Bobby Darin — Early in the Morning [02:18]
20. Doris Day — Tunnel of Love [02:14]
21. Paul Anka — That's Love [02:34]
22. Little Anthony & The Imperials — The Diary [02:36]
23. Ray Peterson — Patricia [02:13]
24. Little Richard — Baby Face [02:19]
25. Louis Prima & Keely Smith — That Old Black Magic [02:59]
26. Dion & The Belmonts — Rosalie [02:19]
27. Duane Eddy — I Almost Lost My Mind [02:20]
28. Fats Domino — The Sheik of Araby [01:56]
29. Frankie Avalon — Gingerbread [02:07]
30. Buddy Holly — Take Your Time [01:59]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Dave Clark Five - 5 By 5 (1967)

Thanks for begining....
For a very brief time in 1964, it seemed that the biggest challenger to the Beatles' phenomenon was the Dave Clark Five. From the Tottenham area of London, the quintet had the fortune to knock "I Want to Hold Your Hand" off the top of the British charts with "Glad All Over," and were championed (for about 15 minutes) by the British press as the Beatles' most serious threat. They were the first British Invasion band to break in a big way in the States after the Beatles, though the Rolling Stones and others quickly supplanted the DC5 as the Fab Four's most serious rivals. The Dave Clark Five reached the Top 40 17 times between 1964 and 1967 with memorable hits like "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," "Because," and a remake of ... Read More...
The Dave Clark Five - 5 By 5 
01 - Nineteen Days (Stereo)
02 - Something I've Always Wanted
03 - Little Bit Strong
04 - Bernedette
05 - Sitting Here Baby
06 - You Don't Want My Loving
07 - How Can I Tell You
08 - Picture Of You
09 - Small Talk
10 - Pick Up Your Phone
This album, which never saw a U.S. release, is pretty amazing as a document of where the Dave Clark Five were in the last third of the 1960s. Divided between a fast side ("Go!!") and a ballad side ("Slow!!"), the group's pounding beat was still there, albeit just a bit slower; the rhythm guitar had given way to jagged lead lines, and Mike Smith was singing a few shades blacker than he'd sounded in 1964. And the covers of rock 'n' roll standards were replaced by numbers such as "Please Stay," the old Drifters tune authored by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, which is done in a blue-eyed soul style, with a gospel-like chorus. On numbers like "Devoted To Me," with lots of echo and acoustic guitar, the group sounds a bit like the Mickie Most-era Yardbirds. The singing is more prominent than on the group's classic releases, yet Five By Five is not that far removed from their mid-'60s material -- there's a great beat and chorus on "Just A Little Bit Now" and "Maze Of Love" (which also features some Jimi Hendrix-style guitar), and a good high hat count on "I Still Need You" and "Return My Love," which fit in well with the group's rocking ballads from 1964-65. Most of the music dates originally from 1966 through 1968; its delayed release as an album was the result of EMI's and Epic's general paucity of Dave Clark Five long-players -- had they been able to issue this album intact a year or two sooner, it might even have raised the group's fortunes by updating their image and sound.

VA - Jukebox Hits of 1955 -1965 - Part 3 (1957)


1. Pat Boone — Love Letters in the Sand [02:18]
2. Tab Hunter — Young Love [02:19]
3. Debbie Reynolds — Tammy [03:07]
4. Jimmie Rodgers — Honeycomb [02:12]
5. The Everly Brothers — Wake Up Little Susie [02:06]
6. Sam Cooke — You Send Me [02:46]
7. Perry Como — Round and Round [02:35]
8. Paul Anka — Diana [02:29]
9. Johnny Mathis — Changes [03:04]
10. Buddy Knox — Party Doll [02:15]
11. The Tickets — That'll Be the Day [02:31]
12. The Diamonds — Little Darlin' [02:09]
13. Fats Domino — Blueberry Hill [02:22]
14. Tommy Sands — Teenage Crush [02:24]
15. Marty Robbins — A White Sport Coat [02:29]
16. Bill Justis — Raunchy [02:23]
17. Ricky Nelson — A Teenager's Romance [02:19]
18. Chuck Berry — Schooldays [02:43]
19. Buddy Holly — Peggy Sue [02:30]
20. Jerry Lee Lewis — Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On [02:51]
21. The Coasters — Searchin' [02:42]
22. Patti Page — Old Cape Cod [02:38]
23. Frankie Laine — Moonlight Gambler [02:57]
24. Frank Sinatra — Hey! Jealous Lover [02:21]
25. Ferlin Husky — Gone [02:23]
26. Gale Storm — Dark Moon [02:27]
27. The Ames Brothers — Melody D'Amour [02:38]
28. Jimmy Dorsey — So Rare [02:37]
29. Rusty Draper — Freight Train [02:15]

1. Tony Bennett — In the Middle of an Island [02:10]
2. Johnny Otis — Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me [02:28]
3. The Ames Brothers — Tammy [02:27]
4. The Bobettes — Mr. Lee [02:16]
5. Pat Boone — April Love [02:43]
6. The Monotones — The Book of Love [02:22]
7. Jodie Sands — With All My Heart [02:46]
8. Johnny Ray — Yes Tonight Josephine [02:34]
9. Jim Reeves — Four Walls [02:53]
10. Ricky Nelson — Stood Up [01:54]
11. Brenda Lee — Love You Till I Die [01:58]
12. Mickey & Sylvia — Love Is Strange [02:51]
13. Guy Mitchell — Rock a Billy [02:16]
14. The Del Vikings — Come Go with Me [02:40]
15. Johnny & Joe — Over the Mountains Across the Sea [02:18]
16. The Crew Cuts — Young Love [02:25]
17. Danny & The Juniors — At the Hop [02:34]
18. Teresa Brewer — You Send Me [03:01]
19. Don Cornell — Mama Guitar [02:39]
20. Ruth Brown — Lucky Lips [02:11]
21. Lee Andrews — Long Lonely Nights [02:58]
22. Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones — Black Slacks [02:08]
23. Harry Belafonte — Island in the Sun [03:28]
24. Jerry Lee Lewis — Great Balls of Fire [01:55]
25. Doris Day — Singin' in the Rain [02:40]
26. Fats Domino — I'm Walkin' [02:14]
27. Bobby Helms — My Special Angel [03:01]
28. Lavern Baker — Saved [02:37]
29. The Hollywood Flames — Buzz Buzz Buzz [02:17]

1. Connie Francis — Eighteen [02:20]
2. The Andrews Sisters — Ti Pi Tin [02:49]
3. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers — I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent [02:40]
4. Buddy Holly — Tell Me How [02:04]
5. The Tune Weavers — Happy Happy Birthday Baby [02:19]
6. Dale Hawkins — Susie Q [02:20]
7. Larry Williams — Bony Moronie [03:06]
8. Lee Andrews & The Hearts — Teardrops [02:24]
9. Jackie Wilson — Reet Petite [02:47]
10. Jerry Lee Lewis — It'll Be Me [02:47]
11. The Everly Brothers — Bye Bye Love [02:21]
12. Frank Sinatra — Come Fly with Me [03:21]
13. Pat Boone — Bernadine [02:10]
14. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps — Lotta Lovin' [02:13]
15. Carl Perkins — Glad All Over [01:44]
16. The Chordettes — Just Between You and Me [02:10]
17. Ricky Nelson — I'm Walking [02:00]
18. Frankie Avalon — Ooh La La [02:35]
19. Johnny Ray — Look Homeward Angel [02:47]
20. Jimmie Rodgers — Kisses Sweeter Than Wine [02:23]
21. Fats Domino — Blue Monday [02:19]
22. Eddie Cochran — Sittin' in the Balcony [02:00]
23. Chuck Willis — C.C. Rider [02:36]
24. The Del Vikings — Whispering Bells [02:28]
25. Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones — Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks [01:56]
26. Marty Robbins — The Story of My Life [02:33]
27. Sam Cooke — I'll Come Running Back to You [02:14]
28. The Crickets — Oh Boy! [02:11]
29. The Diamonds — The Stroll [02:34]

1. Ricky Nelson — Honeycomb [02:58]
2. Roy Orbison — Devil Doll [02:12]
3. Terry Noland — Hypnotized [02:23]
4. Fats Domino — Valley of Tears [01:55]
5. The Everly Brothers — I Wonder If I Care as Much [02:15]
6. The Diamonds — Words of Love [02:00]
7. The Platters — I'm Sorry [02:56]
8. Marvin Rainwater — Gonna Find Me a Bluebird [02:33]
9. Carl Perkins — Matchbox [02:11]
10. Bill Haley & The Comets — The Dipsy Doodley [02:28]
11. Charlie Gracie — Ninety-Nine Ways [02:17]
12. Eddie Fontaine — Nothin' Shakin' [02:59]
13. Don Gibson — Blue Blue Day [01:59]
14. Paul Anka — Don't Gamble with Love [02:34]
15. Little Richard — Lucille [02:31]
16. Buddy Holly — Everyday [02:11]
17. Frankie Avalon — Teacher's Pet [02:05]
18. Ray Anthony — Thanks for the Memory [02:21]
19. Gene Vincent — Bi-Bickey-Bi Bo-Bo-Go [02:18]
20. Johnny Horton — I'm Coming Home [02:07]
21. Pat Boone — Don't Forbid Me [02:15]
22. The Chordettes — Echo of Love [02:23]
23. Teresa Brewer — Ricky Ticky Song [01:51]
24. Nick Todd — At the Hop [02:26]
25. Wanda Jackson — Fujiyama Mama [02:15]
26. Brenda Lee — Dynamite [02:04]
27. Buddy Knox — Swingin' Daddy [01:53]
28. Steve Lawrence — Party Doll [02:14]
29. Jimmy Bowen — I'm Stickin' with You [02:12]
30. Johnny Mathis — The Twelfth of Never [02:30]


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The Rebels - Komplet (1968) Československo

Mp3 \139 Mb

Legendary Czech rock band. Started shining brightly in 1967 with the west-coast repertoir almost completely taken from the Mamas & Papas. Two years later a total change in style, playing R&B influenced by The Cream. Ended in early 70's, Jiri Korn moved to Olympic for a while, then definitively changed to an amorphous pop together with Helena Vondrackova and other "artists of merit" of the communist era. Trying to comeback in the late 1990's.
Jiri Korn voc,gt,bg; 
Josef Pliva voc,gt; 
Svatopluk Cech bg,voc; 
Kasa Jahn dr(i), Zdenek Juracka gt(i)
1. Sipkova Ruzenka / Sleeping Beauty (Supraphon 1968, reissue Bonton 1996 w.8 bonuses as "The Rebels komplet")
i. Definitivni konec/Pet havranu (Supraphon 1968)
ii. A zazvonil zvonec/Hrnecku var! (Supraphon 1968)
iii. Mel v kapse diru/Zakopanej pes (Panton 1970)
01.Creeque Alley 02.Words 03.Pмt havranщ 04.Definitivnн konec 05.Љнpkovб Rщћenka 06.Snмhurka 07.Pernнkovб chaloupka 08.Hrneиku vaш 09.Hloupej Honza 10.A zazvonil konec 11.Creeque Alley 12.Dedicated To The One I Love 13.String Man 14.Free Advice 15.Twist Ane Shout 16.California Dreaming 17.Zakopanej pes 

Jimmy & The Rackets - The Complete Elite - Special Recordings (1964-66)

BONUS : Jimmy & his Rackets - the Leeanjeans (1966)
Single (Jugoton) ; EPE-9139 ; 1966. 
A1 - Jimmy and His Rackets - Stick With Me Baby
(Melvin Tillis)
A2 - Jimmy and His Rackets - Continental Twist
(Jimmy Duncombe)
B1 - the Leeanjeans - Listen To My Words
(Hardin - Patty)
B2 - the Leeanjeans - A Hard Days Night
(Lennon - Mc Cartney)

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John O'Hara & His Playboys - Getready !

01 - Funky Broadway
02 - Respect
03 - It's A Wonder
04 - Soul And Inspiration
05 - Harry
06 - You Don't Know Like I Know
07 - Island In The Sun
08 - I Was Made For Love Her
09 - Get Ready
10 - Sweet Soul Music
11 - (i can't get no) Satisfaction

12 - Blue Dog (1968)
13 - Sister Rae (1974)


The Fifth Avenue Band- Fifth Avenue Band (1969)

A lost late 60s gem from Reprise Records -- the only album ever recorded by this young band from the Greenwich Village scene! 
There's a great post-folk feel to the set -- warm harmonies and a bit of acoustic instrumentation to show the influence of the earlier generation -- but a bit more focus on the tunes overall, and a subtle dose of soul that's really nice. Jon Lind is the lead vocalist, and he's totally great -- with almost a Rascals-like approach to his music, especially when harmonizing with Peter Gallway, the other vocalist in the group. Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and even a bit of flute -- and the tracks include the incredible "Eden Rock" -- a sweetly tripping number that easily rivals Kenny Rankin's best work! 
Other tracks include "Good Lady Of Toronto", "Fast Freight", "Country Time Rhymes", "Calamity Jane", "Faithful Be Fair", "Angel", "In Hollywood", and "Cockeyed Shame".


  1. Fast Freight 3:39 
  2. One Way Or The Other 2:27 
  3. Good Lady Of Toronto 4:02 
  4. Eden Rock 2:29 
  5. Country Time Rhymes 3:44 
  6. Calamity Jane 2:48 
  7. Nice Folks 2:26 
  8. Cockeyed Shame 2:46  
  9. Faithful Be Fair 4:08  
  10. In Hollywood 3:27 
  11. Angel 


Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - At Abbey Road 1963-1966

All Music Album Review:

Amazing as it may seem, until the release of this CD, there had never been a proper British or European anthology on Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, apart from one stripped-down budget release (Story) issued by way of Holland. This 28-song CD doesn't have everything that was on that disc, but it does have most of it, and features excellent sound. Much more important, it draws from well beyond Kramer's official British releases -- his chart successes, along with his recording history in America, extended longer than they did in England. The producers of this disc have reached out to encompass the better songs from among his U.S. releases and outtakes, including those unearthed on EMI-America's 1991-vintage Best of Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas; not even everything from that release (deleted as of 2003) is present here, but most of the best rarities and outtakes from it are -- including some superb late-era songs featuring guitarist Mick Green in excellent form -- and the rest is made up of what are arguably the best songs from Kramer's official U.K./U.S. catalog, off of the Listen album and his various singles, B-sides, and EPs. The sheer diversity of sounds and songs may surprise those who only think of Kramer as a second- or third-tier Liverpool act -- he ultimately proved to be a better-than-decent singer despite producer George Martin's initial doubts, and when he and the Dakotas (especially with Green in the lineup) did click, they made very good, if not necessarily very important records. The only flaw is the absence of any of the handful of instrumental tracks recorded by the Dakotas separate from Kramer. The sound is state-of-the-art, early-21st century digital audio, and the annotation is very thorough.
Track List:

01. Do You Want to Know a Secret?
02. I'll Be On My Way
03. Bad To Me
04. I Call Your Name
05. Dance With Me
06. Sugar Babe
07. I Know
08. I'll Keep You Satisfied
09. Little Children
10. They Remind Me Of You
11. Second To None
12. From A Window
13. Every Time You Walk In The Room
14. It's A Mad, Mad World
15. To Take Her Place
16. Under The Boardwalk
17. It's Gotta Last Forever
18. Sneakin' Around
19. Trains And Boats And Planes
20. I Love To Love You
21. Neon City
22. That Ain't Good For Me
23. I'll Be Doggone
24. Down In The Boondocks
25. We're Doing Fine
26. Forgive Me
27. Listen
28. Take My Hand
1998 EMI release featuring 28 tracks digitally transfered at24 bits resolution, processed using Sonic Solutions NoNoise technology and mastered to 16 bit for CD using Prism SNS Noise Shaping. Includes hits, B-sides, rare tracks and the previously unreleased tunes 'Down In The Boondocks' and 'Listen'.

Elektron - Singles and Rarities Russia\USSR

01 Luchshiy gorod Zemli
02 Da
03 Postup' veka
04 Sputnik
05 Rannee utro
06 Chetyre orbity
07 Chernyj kot
08 Pesnya o lyubvi
09 Vsegda vmeste
10 4 + 4
11 Prazdnik ritma
12 Pesenka o veselom vetre
13 Delikado
14 Ty ne pechal'sya
15 Grenada moya
16 Vernis'
17 Vchera
18 P'esa 2
19 P'esa 1
20 Mirza
(privat collection):

Elektron - Chernyj kot.mp3
Elektron - Chetyre orbity.mp3
Elektron - Da.mp3
Elektron - Dom voshodyaschego solntsa.mp3
Elektron - Luchshiy gorod zemli.mp3
Elektron - Melodiya iz k/f "Bum".mp3
Elektron - Novyj tanets.mp3
Elektron - Pesnya o lyubvi.mp3
Elektron - Posmotri.mp3
Elektron - Rannee utro.mp3
Elektron - Sherburgskie zontiki.mp3
Elektron - Solnechnye chasy.mp3
Elektron - Sputnik.mp3
Elektron - Vechernie teni.mp3
Elektron - Vernis' (versiya 1).mp3
Elektron - Veselye turisty.mp3
Elektron - Postup' veka.mp3
Elektron - Vsegda vmeste.mp3
Elektron - 4+4.mp3
Elektron - Prazdnik ritma.mp3
Elektron - Pesenka o veselom vetre.mp3
Elektron - Delikado.mp3
Elektron - Ty ne pechal'sya.mp3
Elektron - Grenada moya.mp3
Elektron - Vernis' (versiya 2).mp3

Valeriy Prikazchikov & Elektron- Surf (1965-1970 ) Russia\USSR

Звук этого уникального коллектива знаком каждому. Старые фильмы, советские мультики – предусмотрительные музыканты никогда не пели и поэтому были нарасхват. Несколько гибких пластинок вышло на Мелодии, но в 1969 году там начались гонения, и куча пленок была размагничена. 
Valeriy Prikazchikov - Surf 1965-1970 [Melodiya]
Kvartet Elektron, Novyj Elektron
Появление пластинки этой культовой фигуры - событие для отечественных меломанов. На диске представлены как оригинальные пьесы Приказчикова, так и обработки мировых шлягеров, таких, как мелодия из "Шербургских зонтиков" или "Тень твоей улыбки". Записи на студии "Мелодия" осуществлены в период 1965-1970 годов. 
В 1963 году радиостанция "Юность" познакомила слушателей с молодым эстрадным коллективом - квартетом "Электрон". "Мы решили назвать так наш ансамбль, - писал руководитель "Электрона" Валерий Приказчиков, - не только потому, что его основу составляют электроинструменты. Само направление работы ансамбля , его звучание, характер исполнения мы стремимся сделать современным. И нам кажется, что название "Электрон" в какой - то мере выражает эти наши стремления". Сегодня "Электрон" - один из популярных эстрадных ансамблей, с успехом выступающий во многих городах страны с сольными программами и с известными артистами эстрады. Правда, состав его за эти годы изменился, отсюда и иное название - "Новый электрон". Его художественный руководитель по - прежнему Валерий Приказчиков (электрогитара), остальные участники - В. Геркуленко (орган), В. Панкратов (ударные), В. Заикин (бас гитара). Главное в репертуаре "Нового электрона" - эстрадно - танцевальная музыка, с ярким и четким ритмом, оригинальной инструментовкой. В концертных программах квартета "Новый электрон" - танцевальные пьесы советских и зарубежных композиторов в обработке Валерия Приказчикова. (С пластинки 1969 года)

Вот он, искренний и светлый, самый натуральный советский серф 60-х годов – в оригинале музыка калифорнийских бездельников и несерьезных роудмуви… В этих песенках столько шаловливого веселья, что во рту появляется привкус леденцов.

Филипп Миронов, "Time Out"

… Звук этого уникального коллектива знаком каждому. Старые фильмы, советские мультики – предусмотрительные музыканты никогда не пели и поэтому были нарасхват. Несколько гибких пластинок вышло на Мелодии, но в 1969 году там начались гонения, и куча пленок была размагничена. Лучшее, что осталось, вышло на этой пластинке – впервые как полноценный альбом.

Олег Нестеров, "Русский Newsweek"

Эта музыка, полная затейливых зарослей серф-гитары, располагает к активному времяпрепровождению. Погибший несколько лет назад в автокатастрофе гитарист Валерий Приказчиков солировал в группах «Электрон», аккомпанировавшей также Муслиму Магомаеву, Майе Кристалинской и другим певцам, «Новый электрон» и ВИА «Коробоейники». В отличие от тлетворной и упаднической развлекательной музыки гнилого Запада, советский «изяк» излучает моральное и душевное здоровье.

Александр Зайцев, Газета «Газета»

1. Vernis' 
2. Melodiya iz k/f "Bum" 
3. Solnechnye chasy 
4. Veselye turisty 
5. Chetyre orbity 
6. Vechernie teni 
7. Melodiya iz k/f "Sherburgskie zontiki" 
8. Posmotri 
9. Dom voshodyaschego solntsa 
10. Novyj tanets 
11. Kolybel'naya Svetlane 
12. Vatussi 
13. Grezy 
14. Shagi v nochi 
15. Bystree zvuka 
16. Ten' tvoey ulybki 
17. Solnechnyj zaychik 
18. Vechnoe dvizhenie 

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Dave Davis - Fractured Mindz (2007)

Although he took a largely subordinate role to his brother Ray in the Kinks, Dave's fierce guitar work and hoarse but effective background (and occasional lead) vocals were key elements of the band's appeal. Dave also occasionally wrote songs for the Kinks that showed him to be a writer of considerable skill and wit, if not up to the same level as Ray. In the late '60s, Dave made some solo singles that met with critical success in Britain, although they were unknown in the U.S. "Death of a Clown" (also included on the Kinks' Something Else LP) made number three on the British charts in 1967, and the follow-up, "Susannah's Still Alive," also did fairly well. 

Dave began to consider making a solo album, but
...
1.This is the time
2.Free me
3.All about me
4.Cme To The River
6.Remember Who You Are
7.The Waiting Hours
8.Rock Siva
9.The Blessing
10.Factured Mindz
11.God In My Brain
Since he was the legendary wildman of the Kinks -- the man responsible for their proto-heavy metal guitars, the battling brother of Ray -- it's been easy to pigeonhole Dave Davies as just a hard rocker but anybody who paid close attention to his solo work would know that he has a spiritual, even mystical, dimension to his music. It should come as little surprise that Fractured Mindz, his first album since his 2004 stroke, emphasizes this spiritual side; brushes with mortality tend to bring that out in an artist. But even if this is filled with references to his stroke -- whether it's in the very title of the album, the determination of "Remember Who You Are" or the meditative "The Blessing" -- Fractured Mindz doesn't exist entirely within the scope of Davies' mind. He has songs that strike out against the state of the world today, such as "Free Me," which help give this album an air of defiance that's kind of inspiring. Also inspiring is the very fact that Davies -- who initially couldn't play and had trouble singing -- made this album through some considerable difficulty and that it isn't an album that's resting on his laurels. He's attempting to carve out new territory through songs like "The Blessing," and he's updating the Kinks bluesy garage rock effectively with "Come to the River," so there's a lot going on here that's worth exploring. Unfortunately, much of this is married to a rigid drum machine and outdated synthesizers that give Fractured Mindz a curious out-of-phase feel, as if it was resurrected from 1986. This may make the album a little bit hard on the ears at times, but it's hard to blame Davies for relying on such out-of-date synthesized instruments -- they were the homemade tools that helped him construct this album, so even if they give the record a bit of a stiffness, it's easy to admire his doggedness and ambition on this worthy, if flawed, album.

The Searchers - Live In Germany '88

From Jancy
The Searchers - Collection part 8 
Jancy privat compiling
The Searchers - Live In Germany '88

01 - Love Potion No. 9
02 - Young Girl
03 - Runaway
04 - Somebody Told Me
05 - Medley
  Sugar And Spice
  Someday Where Gonna Love Again
  Da Doo Run Run
06 - Beach Baby Beach
07 - Sweets For My Sweet
08 - Silver
09 - Love Potion No. 9
10 - What Have They Done To The Rain
11 - Medley
  Twistin' The Night Away
  Let's Twist Again
12 - Farmer John
13 - Bumble Bee
14 - Johnny Be Good
15 - Sugar And Spice
16 - When You Walk In The Room
17 - The Rose
18 - Needles And Pins
19 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
20 - You Never Walk Alone
21 - Medley
  Sweets For My Sweet
  Don't Throw You Love Away
  When You Walk In The Room
  Love Potion No. 9
  Sugar And Spice
  Needles And Pins

The Searchers - Collection part 7

From Jancy
The Searchers - Collection part 7
Jancy privat compiling

01 - It's Too Late (2)
02 - Love's Melody (2)
03 - Silver (2)
04 - Sick ANd Tired
05 - Falling In Love Again
06 - Don't Hang On
07 - I Don't Want To Be The One
08 - HollyWood
09 - In The Heat Of The Night
10 - Innocent Victim
11 - Good Way To Fall
12 - New Heart
13 - I Don't Want To Be The One (2)
14 - Forever In Love
15 - Love Lies Bleeding
16 - Lonely Weekend
17 - Somebody Told Me
18 - No Other Love
19 - Needles And Pins
20 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
21 - Happiest Christmas Of All

The Searchers - Collection part 6

From Jancy
The Searchers - Collection part 6
Jancy privat compiling
01 - Hearts In Her Eyes02 - Switchboard Susan03 - Feeling Fine04 - This Kind Of Love Affair05 - Lost In Your Eyes06 - It's Too late07 - No Dancing08 - Coming From The Heart09 - Don't Hang On10 - Love's Gonna Strong11 - Silver12 - Infatuation13 - She Made A Fool Of You14 - Almost Saturday Night15 - Little Bit Of Heaven16 - You Are The New Day17 - Love's Melody18 - Everything But A Heartbeat19 - Radio Romance20 - Murder In My Heart21 - September Girls22 - Another Night23 - Changing24 - Back To The War