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The Tremeloes - Suddenly You Love Me (67-70)

Mp3 320\ 165 Mb
Alan Blakely — born Alan David Blakely, 1 April 1942, in Bromley, Kent. Died on 10 June 1996 — Rhythm Guitarist / Keyboards / Vocalist.
Ricky West - born Richard Charles Westwood, on 7 May 1943, in Dagenham, Essex — Lead Guitarist / Vocalist.
Alan Howard — born 17 October 1941, in Dagenham, Essex — Bassist / Vocalist (up to 1966).
Chip Hawkes — born Leonard Donald Hawkes, 2 November 1945 in Shepherd's Bush, West London — Bassist / Vocalist (from 1965).
Dave Munden — born David Charles Munden, 2 December 1943, in Dagenham, Essex — Drummer / Vocalist.

by Bruce Eder
It's difficult for anyone who has heard them not to like — or even love — the Tremeloes. They were one of the more prodigiously talented British pop/rock bands of the '60s, and they threw that talent into making amazingly catchy and well-crafted singles that lit up the charts and radio on both sides of the Atlantic for four years running, from 1966 through 1970. Yet, the Tremeloes are also one of the least-known and least-respected of '60s English bands. The precise reason for the lack of respect is difficult to pin down, except perhaps that their timing was off, as far as making the most of their success. They generally didn't write their own material and they cut their best singles long after the British Invasion (and the mystique surrounding the bands that ... Read More...
1. Suddenly You Love Me (Callander/Pace/Panzeri/Pilat) 2.43
2. Happy Song (Pattison/Hawkshaw) 2.59
3. Running Out (Simpson/Ashford) 2.12
4. Negotiations In Soho Square (Colton/Smith) 3.00
5. Suddenly Winter (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.23
6. Sunshine Games (Woolfson) I.S5
?. Silence Is Golden (Gaudio/Crewe) 3.08
8. Norman Stanley James St. Claire (Pattison/Hawkshaw) 2.41
9. Cool Jerk (Storball) 2,45
10. I'm With You All The Way (Colton/Smith) 2.45
11. Sing Sorta Swingle (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.14
12. Too Many Fish In The Sea (Wickfield/Holland) 3.00
13. Come On Home (O'Sullivan) 2.57
14. Show Me (Tex) 3.09
15. I Take What I Want (Porter/Hodses/Hayes) 2.05
16. Reach Out I'll Be There (Holland/Dozier/Holland) 3.05
17. You Don't Know Like I Know (Porter/Hayes) 2.37
Track 14-17 are taken from the American version ol the second album. Epic BN 26363/1967
18. I'm Gonna Try (Del Turco/Bisazzi) 2.38 Single A-side, CBS 3706/1968
19. Be Mine (Ferrari/Moschini/Pallavincini/Sorrenti/Smith) 2.20 Single A-side. CBS 3043/1967
20. Gentleman Of Pleasure (Blakley/Hawkes/Westwood) 2.36 Single B-side. CBS 2519/1967
21. Let Your Hair Hang Down (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.29 Single B-side, CBS 2723/1967
22. As You Are (Murray/Callander) 2.45 Single B-side. CBS 3234/1968
23. All The World To Me (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.40 Single B-side. CBS 3680/1968
24. Jenny's Allright (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.24 Single B-side. CBS 2930/1967
25. No Comprendes (Christie/Gale) 2.35 Single A-side.CBS 5110/1970.Christie's ..Yellow River"sung in Spanish language. released in Spain only as a single
26. Suddenly You Love Me. Stereo-Mix (Callander/Pace/Panzeri/Pilat) 2.43Taken from the American album Epic BN 26365/1967Additional tracks research and compilation by Willried Zinzow

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - The Game Of Love (1965)

Mp3 192\ 41 Mb
Wayne Fontana took his name from the drummer D.J.Fontana and not his record label as is sometimes supposed. He and his group, the Mindbenders, were one of the many talented acts to come out of Manchester during the 1960s 'beat boom'. Wayne was an accomplished R&B singer and soon gained a useful following of female admirers in the north of England.The band had immediate chart success with their first single, but its lowly #46 position and the failure of its follows up were disappointing. However, their fifth and sixth releases made the top 5, though 'Game Of Love' was held back from the top spot by 'I'll Never Find Another You' by the Seekers
Sadly, by the end of 1965, although the hits had continued, Fontana decided to go solo. This appears not to have done him too much harm because he managed to achieve four more hits without the aid of his former backing musicians. However, he faded from the scene rapidly after 1968 and although he continued on the club rounds he fell into obscurity for many years. Fortunately, after putting personal problems behind him, he was persuaded out of his retirement during the late 1980s and can still be found at 1960s nostalgia concerts occasionally


1 - Game Of Love.2 - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby.3 - Too Many Tears.4 - Cops And Robbers.5 - Girl Can't Help It.6 - I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday.7 - She's Got The Power.8 - You Don't Know Me.9 - Git It.10 - Jaguar And The Thunderbird.11 - Certain Girl.12 - One More Time.

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The Five Americans - Western Union (1967)

Mp3 320\ 74 Mb
The members of Five Americans first met in Durant, Oklahoma at South-eastern Oklahoma State University in 1962. Under the leadership of lead guitarist, Mike Rabon, they formed a group called the Mutineers. The band played local beer joints and frat dances until the summer of 1964, when Mike suggested that they go to Dallas to try and make enough money to pay for tuition for the following fall semester. With the onslaught of the "British Invasion" by bands with strange sounding names, the group also took on a new handle. They were not bugs or beasts of any kind, they were simply, Five Americans.
They achieved some local notoriety in a dive called the Pirate's Nook. There, they were discovered by a local record label called Abnak Records. John Abdnor, president of the label, took the group under his wing and provided them the resources to write and practice original songs. In the summer of 1965, they released an original tune entitled "I See The Light". The song went to the top twenty in Billboard Magazine and paved the way for a string of hits by the five. "I See The Light" was followed by "Evol-Not Love" which also charted in the top 40 nationwide.
Then came the biggest hit of all by the band, "Western Union". With Mike Rabon on lead vocal, this song, which was inspired by a Western Union telegram sign, went on to become number 6 on Billboard and number 3 on Cashbox. "Western Union" sold in excess of one million records and paved the way for the group to appear on American Bandstand twice and Where The Action Is 4 times as well as The Steve Allen Show.
"Western Union" was followed by a less gimmicky and more melodic song entitled "Sound Of Love" which charted in the top 40 as well. Then, bowing to pressure from DJ's the world over to write another communication song, they followed "Western Union" with "Zip Code", which also went top 40.
In 1969, after releasing "7:30 Guided Tour", which only made it to 96 on Billboard, the boys simply got tired of touring and of each other, and each went his own way. Mike Rabon signed with UNI records for one album and one single. Despite a good effort on Rabon's part, most of the promotion and attention went to the only other artist that UNI had signed at the time, Elton John. However, Rabon's group, Michael Rabon and Choctaw went on to become a very successful touring band through the mid-seventies in the South-Western states.
Eventually, Mike Rabon went back to college and got his masters degree in education and has been involved with school Administration and eventually became a music teacher in his home town of Hugo Oklahoma. He married and had two sons.
Bassist Jim Grant formed his own successful logo company in Dallas. One of his designs is the Chili's restaurant logo, a huge restaurant chain in the Southwest.
John Durrill was hired as the organ player for the Ventures, the group that strangely enough influenced The Five Americans in their early years. He also became a successful song writer, penning such hits as "Dark Lady" by Cher.
Guitarist Norman Ezell became a school teacher in Northern California and also a preacher.
Drummer, Jimmy Wright continued residing in Durant, Oklahoma where the Five got their start and played on commercial jingles from time to time.
The Five Americans where the first to achieve what no other group in Texas had done in 5 short years...selling millions of singles and albums. "Western Union" still gets airplay on oldies radio on average of 5000 times per month in the U.S. and Canada, and as of January of 1998, Western Union achieved the one million mark in airplay according to BMI, Broadcast Music INC.
01. Wester Union02. Gimme Some Lovin'03. Husbands & Wives04. If I Could05. Sympathy06. Big Cities07. Sound Of Love08. I Put A Spell On You09. Tell Ann I Love Her10. Reality11. Now That It's Over12. See-Saw-Man13. Lovin' Is Livin' (Bonus)

The Renegades - 2 albums (1966\1967)

The Renegades was formed in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s. In the beginning the group's primary influence was The Shadows, but they were soon to change their style into straightforward rock & roll and rhythm & blues. Around 1963, besides hardening their music, they also embraced themselves a harder look, when they started wearing cavalry uniforms of the time of American civil war as their stage outfit.In February 1964, The Renegades' version of Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody' appeared on a compilation titled 'Brum Beat', which introduced Birmingham's rock groups. Excepting that and an acetate single for Morden-based Oak Records and a budget priced album for Fidelio/Summit Records (produced by Delta Record Company of London), The Renegades did most of their 1964-66 recordings for the Finnish Scandia Records and after that for the Italian Ariston and Columbia Records (which leased the material forward to English, American and Middle-European labels). In Holland it was Artone records that released the records. They changed the track listing of 'Cadillac' a little to make it more attractive for the Dutch market.Kim Brown, Denys Gibson, Ian Mallet and Graham Johnson conquered Finland in October 1964, when they did a one-off gig at a model show in Helsinki, and then started a constant seven weeks' tour, playing at multifarious dance floors around the Finnish country side (the originally planned three-week stint was extended because of a massive success and demand). The first visit also included two tv-appearances ('Nuorten Tanssihetki' & 'Uudet Tuulet' shows), and signing the record deal with Scandia Records. Since 1967, The Renegades had visited in Finland altogether seven times. Besides them, they also appeared in late 1965 in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, where they returned in 1966 to took part in song contest with 'Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai' at the San Remo music festival.Although they were treated here as the '2nd Beatles', The Renegades wasn't actually a beat group in the literal sense of the word. Of course they sounded rougher than fifties or early sixties groups, but a notable part of their repertoire was still straight rock & roll, and they were obviously affected by black blues music as well. These influences were heard also in their own compositions, but ironically, their biggest Scandinavian hit 'Cadillac', which was credited to be written by themselves, was actually a simplified remake of rock & roll classic 'Brand New Cadillac', penned and recorded by Vince Taylor. In Sweden, The Renegades version was covered by The Hep Stars, while in Finland, Eero ja Jussi & The Boys remade it as a humorous Finnish translation 'Mosse' (which is a synonym for the popular Russian automobile brand, although the lyrics are talking about a horse of the same name).
The Renegades-Pop(1967)
Mp3 192\ 44 Mb

The Renegades - Take a Heart (1966)
Mp3 192\52 Mb

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The Mindbenders - The Mindbenders (1966)

Mp3 256\ 56Mb

by Dave Thompson
Remaining together following the departure of frontman Wayne Fontana, the Mindbenders got off to one of the most promising starts any band could enjoy, when their debut single "A Groovy Kind of Love" soared to number two in the U.K. and topped the chart in America. And had the group only succeeded in locating a decent follow-up, they might well have developed into one of the finest British bands of the late '60s. Instead, a series of disastrous choices of 45s condemned them to the ranks of rank also-rans, and it is only later that the sheer quality of their other work — material hitherto lost on two Mindbenders LPs — had been re-evaluated sufficiently to let listeners state that here was one of the greatest of all Britain's post-beat bands. A ... Read More...
************The Mindbenders - The Mindbenders (1966)***********

by Bruce Eder
The Mindbenders somehow failed to make an impression on record buyers in America — maybe it was the ubiquitousness of their earlier incarnation as Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders after their hit "The Game of Love" or the fact that other Manchester-based bands, including the Hollies and Herman's Hermits, scored more hits or got better press coverage in America. Whatever the reason, Ric Rothwell, Eric Stewart, and Bob Lang deserved a better fate than that. Their debut album as the Mindbenders sans Fontana shows future 10cc member Stewart in excellent voice as lead singer (in addition to playing guitar) on bracing renditions of repertory ranging from Willie Dixon's "Seventh Son" to Leiber & Stollrs "Tricky Dicky." "A Groovy Kind of Love" has always been an acquired taste that didn't "take" for this reviewer, but the intense, soulful renditions of "Little Nightingale," "The Way You Do the Things You Do," "Don't Cry No More," and Stewart's own "Love Is Good," plus the pounding finale "All Night Worker," are all keepers in any serious British Invasion listener's collection. There's also some filler here, but not much. These guys were interesting players, as well, with all the makings of an excellent power pop trio ten years too early.

The Motions - Introduction to The Motion(1965)

Mp3 320\67 Mb

The Box Tops - The Best of the Box Tops

Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels - Take a Ride (1966)

Mp3 224\58 Mb


The debut album of Ryder and the Wheels, fresh from the teenage ballroom circuit in Detroit, where they held court in earlier days as Billy Lee & the Rivieras. One of the defining moments in the history of Motor City music, Take a Ride is the sound of poor White kids claiming the music as theirs, too, while infusing it with the manic energy of the color-blind dreams of anybody who ever wanted to be somebody. Built entirely around their stage act, this album captures a band in full cry at the peak of their powers. This is what they mean when they say the words "high-energy Motor City rock & roll."(allMusic)


1. Shake A Tail Feather 2. Come See About Me 3. Let Your Lovelight Shine 4. Just A Little Bit 5. I Hope 6. Jenny Take A Ride 7. Please, Please, Please 8. I'll Go Crazy 9. I Got You 10. Sticks And Stones 11. Bring It On Home To Me 12. Baby Jane (Mo-Mo Jane)


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The Primitives - Maladjusted (1964-67 )

Mp3 320\143 Mb
After having done a fantastic job with the Sorrows (fellow Pye signing who eventually found success in Italy), Sequel did a similarly magnificent job with the Primitives, who uncannily enough followed an identical career path. Maladjusted's 28 cuts gather everything the Primitives recorded between 1964-1967, including second singer Mal Ryder's pre-Primitives 45s, a rare French EP, and the entire Italian Blow Up album. The CD succinctly charts the band's progression from Pretty Things-styled R&B through mod-tinged freakbeat and raucous blue-eyed soul. Due to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles wowing the world bands such as the Primitives, who sprang up during the height of the "big two," were unfortunately left by the wayside. Until now, the Primitives have been relocated to the annals of cult freakbeat; hopefully this concise collection should raise the profile of this fabulous mid-'60s act. ( Review)
01. Help Me02. Let Them Tell03. You Said04. How Do You Feel?05. Every Minute Of Every Day06. Pretty Little Face07. Forget It08. Your Friend09. Lonely Room10. Tell Your Friend11. Oh Mary (Demo)12. Oh Mary13. I Don't Feel Myself14. Mr Heartache15. Tears In My Eyes16. Gimme Some Loving17. L'ombra De Nessuno (Standing In The Shadows Of Love)18. No Response19. Johnny No (Thunder & Lightning)20. Cara - Lin21. Yeeeeeeh! (I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore)22. Gira, Gira (Reach Out, I'll Be There)23. Every Minute Of Every Day24. Mister Heartache25. Ma Beata Te26. Sookie, Sookie27. Mohair Sam28. L'incidente (Soul Finger)

The Knickerbockers - The Knickerbockers (1965-1967)

Mp3 320\224 Mb
Though its modern-day connotation means something quite the opposite in terms of flattery, the Knickerbockers in their heyday were the ultimate bar band. With a stripped-down lineup of guitar, bass, drums, and tenor saxophone and all four members singing, their repertoire truly "covered the waterfront." Their harmonies were gorgeous, fuller and sharper than your average self-contained band, and their collective ear for mimicry was unparalleled. When they recorded a deadly accurate Beatle sound-alike original, "Lies," for the tiny Challenge label, it started zooming up the charts, and the band seemed poised for multi-talented stardom. Alas, it was not to be, but certainly not for lack of talent. This definitive 36-track two-disc set documents -- if not the best the group had to offer -- at the very least, the best they were allowed to commit to magnetic tape, and spotlights their many strong points (impeccable harmonies, a solid-as-a-brick rhythm section, and a willingness to adapt to different types of material thrust upon them). We'll never really know what the Knickerbockers were ultimately capable of, but this collection shows that even when their rockin' locomotive was put on a single direction track, they still had much to contribute. A one-hit group, perhaps, but one with more talent than chart success, that much is obvious.
Disk 1 :
01. Lies02. Just One Girl03. I Can Do It Better04. Come On And Let Me05. One Track Mind06. I Must Be Doing Something Right07. Can't You See I'm Tryin'08. Please Don't Fight09. She Said Goodbye10. Give A Little Bit11. We Got A Good Thing Goin'12. Is That What You Want13. The Pad And How To Use It14. Playgirl15. Like Little Children16. Bite Bite Barracuda17. Lies (Backing Track)18. Harlem Nocturnal (Alt Take)
Disk 2 :
01. Stick With Me02. High On Love03. Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue04. Love Is A Bird05. She's Gotten To Me06. I Love07. Chapel In The Fields08. Can You Help Me09. Please Don't Love Him10. You're Bad11. Guaranteed Satisfaction12. Sweet Green Fields13. What Does That Make You14. As A Matter Of Fact15. My Feet Are Off The Ground16. They Ran For Their Lives17. Come And Get It18. High On Love

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The Who - Who's Next

Mp3 320\ 102 Mb
Who's Next is the 6th studio album by The Who. It was released on July 31, 1971 in the United States and August 25, 1971 in the United Kingdom. A deluxe edition was released on March 25, 2003.
Considered by many to be The Who's greatest album, Who's Next has also been named one of the best albums of all time by VH1 and Rolling Stone . Upon its release it was named the best album of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll. It was also ranked #3 in Guitar World's Greatest Classic Rock Albums list. Many of its nine tracks are perennial favourites on classic rock radio, especially "Baba O'Riley", "Bargain", "Behind Blue Eyes", and the closing track "Won't Get Fooled Again".
The album appeared at number 15 on Pitchfork's top 100 albums of the 1970s. The album is also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
In 2006, the album was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best albums of all time.
Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend – guitar, piano on "Baba O'Riley", synthesizer,
backing vocals, lead vocals on "Song Is Over" and "Going Mobile"
John Entwistle – bass guitar, brass, backing vocals, lead vocals,
piano on "My Wife"
Keith Moon – drums, percussion violin production on "Baba O'Riley"

Additional personnel:
Dave Arbus
– violin on "Baba O'Riley"
Nicky Hopkins – piano on "The Song Is Over" and "Getting in Tune"
Original 1971 release :

"Baba O'Riley" – 5:00
"Bargain" – 5:33
"Love Ain't for Keeping" – 2:12
"My Wife" (Entwistle) – 3:41
"The Song Is Over" – 6:16
"Getting In Tune" – 4:50
"Going Mobile" – 3:42
"Behind Blue Eyes" – 3:42
"Won't Get Fooled Again" – 8:32

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Roger Daltrey - One of the Boys (1977)

Mp3 256\92 Mb

One of the Boys is the third solo album by The Who's lead singer, Roger Daltrey. It was first released in 1977. The sessions were recorded at The Who's Ramport Studios during the winter of 1976 (vocals were recorded at Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris, due to tax complications), and Roger allowed students from the local Battersea technical school to film them as an educational project. This also marked the first time that Roger had written or co-written a song since "Here For More" (released as the B-side of The Who's "The Seeker") in 1970. Roger's original choice for producers, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, was denied.
1. Parade
2. Single Man's Dilemma
3. Avenging Annie
4. Prisoner, The
5. Leon
6. One Of The Boys
7. Giddy
8. Written On The Wind
9. Satin And Lace
10. Doing It All Again
11. Say It Ain't So Joe - (UK & US Single A-Side)
12. You Put Something Better In Side Me - (Bonus Track/B-Side)
13. Martyrs And Madmen - (Bonus Track/Outake)
14. Treachery - (Bonus Track/Outake)

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Pete Townshend - Rough Mix (With Ronnie Lane)(1977)

Mp3 256\76 Mb
Pete Townshend (born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend on 19 May 1945 in Chiswick, London), is an award-winning English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and writer.
Townshend made his name as the guitarist and principal songwriter for rock band The Who. MORE
01 - My Baby Gives It Away
02 - Nowhere To Run
03 - Rough Mix
04 - Annie
05 - Keep Me Turning
06 - Catmelody
07 - Misunderstood
08 - April Fool
09 - Street In The City
10 - Heart To Hang Onto
11 - Till The Rivers All Run Dry

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John Entwistle - Mad Dog (1975)

Mp3 320\ 84 Mb
John Alec Entwistle (October 9, 1944 – June 27, 2002) was an English bas guitarist, songwriter, singer and horn player, who was best known as the bass guitarist for the rock band The Who. MORE

1.I Fall To Pieces
2.Cell Number 7
3.You Can Be So Mean
4.Lady Killer
5.Who In The Hell?
6.Mad Dog
7.Jungle Bunny
8.I'm So Scared

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Keith Moon - Two Sides Of the Moon (1975)

Mp 256\54 Mb
Roger Daltrey
Pete Townshend
John Entwistle
Keith Moon
The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. The primary lineup consisted of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The band reached international success, became known for their award-winning live performances, are regarded as one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s and 70s, and recognized as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Keith Moon - Two Sides Of the Moon (1975)
Released and dropped in 1975. This is the one and only solo album of The Who's drummer Keth Moon with a little (understatement) help from his friends; Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Flo & Eddie, David Bowie, Joe Walsh, Ronnie Wood, Ricky Nelson, Steve Cropper, John Sebastan, Dick Dale, Spencer Davis, Jim Keltner, Bobby Keys, Klauss Vorman and various members of Jo Jo Gunne. So should you expect a great album? Well, Keith chose to sing instead using the album as a chance to showcase his legendary drumming skill and I don't think he could win "idols" with that voice but it's a fun album and if you like the Ringo Starr albums you'll probably like this one too.
CRAZY LIKE A FOX (Al Staehely) 2:06
SOLID GOLD (Nickey Barclay) 2:47
DON'T WORRY BABY (Brian Wilson/R. Christian) 3:29
ONE NIGHT STAND (Dennis Larden) 3:36
THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (Peter Townshend) 3:02
MOVE OVER MS. L (John Lennon) 3:11
TEENAGE IDOL (J. Lewis) 2:17
BACK DOOR SALLY (John Marascalco) 2:31
IN MY LIFE (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 2:40
TOGETHER (Harry Nilsson) 3:03

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David Bowie - 1991 Early On (1964-1966)

Mp3 320\109 Mb (full artwork)



This album collects together all the early work by David, including his work with the King Bees, the Manish Boys, and The Lower Third. Essentially everything pre his first solo album David Bowie


All songs written by David Bowie (aka David Jones), except Liza Jane by Leslie Conn, Louie, Louie Go Home by Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay, and I Pity The Fool by Deadric Malone.

Liza Jane (2:18)
Louie, Louie Go Home (2:12)
I Pity The Fool (2:08)
Take My Tip (2:15)
That's Where My Heart Is (2:28)
I Want My Baby Back (2:39)
Bars Of The County Jail (2:06)
You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (2:31)
Baby Loves That Way (3:03)
I'll Follow You (2:02)
Glad I've Got Nobody (2:32)
Can't Help Thinking About Me (2:47)
And I Say To Myself (2:29)
Do Anything You Say (2:31)
Good Morning Gill (2:13)
I Dig Everything (2:44)
I'm Not Losing Sleep (2:52)


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The Beau Brummels - (1965)

I carry out the request

The Beau Brummels was a successful 1960s American rock band, formed in San Francisco in 1963. Their sound was influenced by the Beatles and other British bands of the era, as well as by such American groups as the Kingston Trio and the Everly Brothers.
The band took its name from a 19th Century English dandy, Beau Brummell, as a way of identifying with the British music scene. Additionally, band members figured that since everyone was looking for and at Beatles records, having a name that naturally followed Beatles alphabetically would be a shrewd move. In addition, the band took to wearing British-influenced mod clothes. As a result of their sound and look they were often mistaken for an English band, especially in their first few years. However, as their music progressed they mixed the British sound with American folk and country music and created a distincly American sound.
The Beau Brummels had three Top 40 hit singles: "Laugh Laugh", "Just A Little" and "You Tell Me Why".[1] "Just a Little" was the biggest hit of the three, spending 9 weeks in the Top 40 and reaching #8 on Billboard, while "Laugh, Laugh" hit #15, and "You Tell Me Why" peaked at #38.[3]
The Beau Brummels recorded six studio albums as well, with Triangle and Bradley's Barn receiving significant critical acclaim.
"Laugh, Laugh" is listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the 500 most influential songs that shaped rock and roll, and was also featured in the 1989 John Candy film Uncle Buck. On "The Flintstones", in the episode based on the "Shindig" TV series, there was a version of the "The Beau Brummelstones" singing their hit "Laugh Laugh." They were also featured in the movie Village of the Giants which was later featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Beau Brummels are considered by some to be the first folk rock group (although the Byrds were formed - and recorded - earlier) and they influenced numerous other acts in the genre, particularly later San Francisco groups including Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead.

The Beau Brummels - Introducing The Beau Brummels 1965

(Reissue of the San Francisco-based folk-rock outfit's debut,originally released on the Autumn label in 1965. Contains all 12 of the original tracks, both of the bonus tracks fromSundazed's U.S. reissue ('Just A Little' (Mono Demo) & 'GoodTime Music'), plus 10 more. 24 tracks total, also feturing the hits 'Laugh Laugh' and 'Just A Little'.The full title is 'Introducing The Beau Brummels'. 1998 Repertoire release. )
1. Laugh Laugh 2. Still In Love With You Baby 3. Just A Little 4. Just Wait And See 5. Oh Lonesome Me 6. Ain't That Loving You Baby 7. Stick Like Glue 8. They'll Make You Cry 9. That's If You Want Me To 10. I Want More Loving 11. I Would Be Happy 12. Not Too Long Ago 13. Good Time Music 14. Gentle Wanderin' 15. Fine With Me 16. Just A Little 17. It's So Nice 18. How Many Times 19. She's My Girl 20. News21 - I'll Tell You (Bonus)22 - No Lonelier Man (Bonus)23 - She Loves Me (Bonus)24 - Tomorrow Is Another Day (Bonus)
on Dias de Garage

P.J. Orion & The Magnates

320\60 Mb
So-named because they were sons in affluent Greek shipping families, P.j. Orion & The Magnates put out a self-released garage rock LP while attending prep school in Massachusetts, like quite a few bands at such institutions did in the 1960s. The self-titled album consists entirely of covers, mostly of British Invasion and folk-rock hits, all done rawly but competently in folk-rock-heavy arrangements. Though very rare in its original pressing, the record became fairly well-known among '60s garage rock collectors after getting reissued in the mid-'80s. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
"Local prep-garage LP with a folkrock sound a la Ha'Pennys but slightly more pro-sounding, adds some early 60s and UK R'n'B covers for good measure. Consistent in its $15 jangly Searchers/early Byrds sound, even on Stones and Animals numbers, with a folkrocked "Love Minus Zero" perhaps the most original thing on board. Nice live feel with appealingly loose drummer and amateur vocals. No selfpenned material and kind of short with only nine tracks, even as most of them cross the 3-minute mark. Recorded in New York. The band members belonged to wealthy Greek shipping families (hence "Magnates") and were students at the Groton prep school, which makes their tough greaseball stance on the supercool cover seem a wishful Spring break fantasy. [PL]"
Of the numerous so-called "prep rock" garage albums to be released on small or private labels by prep school students in the mid-1960s, the self-titled one by P.J. Orion & the Magnates is among the better ones. Not that it's great, and it's certainly not very original, as all of the nine tracks are covers of pretty well-known songs by the Rolling Stones, Animals, Barry McGuire, Drifters, Tommy Roe, Bob Dylan, the Searchers, the Byrds, and Them. And all of them are done in a garage-like Byrds style, with the kind of jangly electric guitar arrangements in which the Byrds specialized, though these aren't as sophisticated. For all that, though, these are pretty well executed, and the group must have been a good choice to play at high school dances back in the day, even if no one in their right mind would compare these to the originals. The version of Roe's "Sheila" is pretty cool, actually, adding a little garage oomph not present in the hit version. Cool, too, is the cover, in which they pose with their instruments and sunglasses in the middle of deserted railroad tracks. That cover, and the decision by Eva Records to make this one of the earlier of the albums it reissued in the mid-1980s -- at a time when Eva was one of the very few companies reissuing such rarities -- probably accounts for its relatively high visibility among '60s collectors as such things go. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

1 As Tears Go By
2 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
3 Eve Of Destruction
4 Under The Boardwalk
5 Sheila
6 Love Minus Zero
7 What Have They Done To The Rain
8 Bells Of Rhymney
9 Gloria

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie - The Very Best Of

Full artwork
The Kingsmen are a 1959s garage rock band from Portland, Oregon. They are best known for their 1963 recording of Richard Berry's "Louie, Louie", which held the #2 spot on the Billboard charts for six weeks. The single has become an enduring classic , NEXT
The Kingsmen formed in Portland, Oregon in 1959. As young teenagers, they played high school parties, teen dances, supermarket openings, and fashion shows. Like many fledgling bands of the day, they copied what they heard on the radio: Elvis, The Ventures, Country music, R&B, and the burgeoning Northwest Sound. They became one of the most popular bands in the Portland area,NEXT - The Kingsmen
Rock 'n' roll frightened adults in the early '60s, and "Louie Louie" became especially suspect because The Kingsmen's recording was mumbly (some say because singer Jack Ely didn't know all the words and other because of his position at the mic during the recording), and virtually indecipherable to parents' non-rock ears. Rumors of obscene lyrics and crumpled notes passed between teenagers professing to contain the 'real lyrics' fueled a public controversy around the Richard Berry penned song. This all served, of couse, to make the song more popular than ever!- NEXT
1. Louie, Louie2. Money (That's What I Want)3. Jolly Green Giant, The4. Little Latin Lupe Lu5. Death Of An Angel6. Annie Fanny7. Climb, The8. Killer Joe9. Little Sally Tease10. Don't You Just Know It11. That's Cool, That's Trash12. Long Green13. Shout14. Mashed Potatoes15. Little Green Thing16. Shake A Tail Feather17. Mustang Sally18. I Like It Like That19. Twist And Shout20. Do You Love Me21. New Orleans22. Fever23. Gimme Some Lovin'24. Tall Cool One25. Long Tall Texan26. Night Train

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The Fourmost- The Best Of

Mp3 224\121 Mb
The Fourmost were one of the best Merseyside groups of the early 60s and might have had an even better chart record than they had if they hadn't suffered more than their share of bad luck. This splendid set reminds us just how outstanding they were. There are 33 tracks here and, considering that they had only 6 chart entries (which are all included here, with the respective B sides), one might have expected to have to make allowance for some makeweight items. But this isn't the case at all--virtually everything of every style is of high quality in all departments. Almost all the tracks are the originals but one or two later ones sound like re-recordings. This is a fine memento of the group's varied repertoire and acts as a worthy memorial to two of the group who are no longer with us, Mike Millward and Brian O'Hara.
In the words of the overworked title, all the hits and more.This is the definitive collection, if you like the Fourmost you are bound to enjoy this album.. All the regulars are there,Hello Little girl,Alittle lovin,I'm in love,baby I need your lovin and the rest. Also the slightly bizarre,Aunty Maggies remedy, Girls, girls, girls. But this is the Fourmost, their original stage routine consisted of a number of comedy songs. A Fourmost fan? Then this is for you, and its long overdue
1. Hello Little Girl
2. Just In Case
3. I'm In Love
4. Respectable
5. I Love You Too
6. Little Loving
7. Waiting For You
8. How Can I Tell Her
9. You Got That Way
10. Baby I Need Your Loving
11. That's Only What They Say
12. He Could Never
13. My How The Time Goes By
14. Girls Girls Girls
15. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
16. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
17. Yakety Yak
18. My Block
19. So Fine
20. Some Kind Of Wonderful
21. Girl Can't Help It
22. Today I'm In Love
23. In Crowd
24. Baby Sittin' Boogie
25. Heebie Jeebies
26. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
27. Everything In The Garden
28. Stop
29. Here There And Everywhere
30. You've Changed
31. Dawn
32. Turn The Lights Down
33. Auntie Maggie's Remedy

Beau Brummels - Best Of Golden Archive Series (1990)

Mp3 256\87 Mb

The Remains - Session With Remains

Mp3 256\79 Mb
William Briggs
Rudolph Damiani
Vern Miller Jr.
Barry Tashian
If you're gonna buy a remains cd, make this one it, the band even says, this album captured their live sound to the best degree possible without it actually being a live show. recorded at 10 am after a night playing live in boston, the boys were still pretty cranked up, and rip through the set with a punk rock roar that sounds ridiculously ahead of its time when considering these guys opened for the beatles! i've never really liked hang on sloopy by the mccoys, but barry and co give it a hellraising treatment that'll have you hitting your head on the ceiling with all out insainity... then you get all day and all of the night... a classic run through, but then a great original "why do i cry" which rocks really hard... "johnny b. goode" is the finest version i've heard this side of the original, and "i'm a man" may be the best song on here... 5 minutes of utter punk rock wham bam thank you mam... utterly insane... i can't believe these guys never made it out of boston! what a shame.
1. Hang On Sloppy
2. All Day And All Of The Night
3. Why Do I Cry
4. Like A Rolling Stone
5. Johnny B. Goode
6. Gonna Move
7. I'm A Man
8. Walking' The Dog
9. Ain't That Her
10. When I Want To Know
11. Why Do I Cry
12. Say You're Sorry
13. All Good Things
This disc really gives a vivid, unfaded snapshot of a '60s band at the top of its game, playing as if their lives depended on it even though they were wiped out from the night before. With all the covers mixed in with the originals, it also gives a solid sense of what their nightclub playlists were like. If you love historical context as much you love as great rock'n'roll, you really do get the best of both worlds here
Most of the tracks are covers, including The McCoys' "Hang On Sloopy" (one can only wonder what The McCoys did with this live), The Kinks' "All Day And All of The Night" (with Tashian adding a leering "baaaby" on to the end of several lines, not to mention his own version of Dave Davies' frantic guitar solo), Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone", Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode", Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man", Rufus Thomas' "Walkin the Dog", plus several of Barry Tashian's originals, including two versions of "Why Do I Cry", "Ain't That Her" (with amazing live harmonies) and "Why Do I Cry".
The chatter in between tracks displays an incredible looseness in the band. Considering this was an audition, and they were really hoping to get off Epic, you'd think they'd be a bit more nervous. Also, considering they were in the middle of a club run, playing gigs that lasted until 3 or 4am, and were in the studio at 10 or 11am to record this set, they sound really fresh.

The Blue Things - Listen & See (1966)

Mp3 256\81 Mb
Along with the Remains, the Blue Things are serious contenders for the title of the Great Lost Mid-'60s American Band. The Kansas group was extremely popular in the Midwest and Texas, but remained unknown on a national level, despite a deal with RCA. Piloted by the songwriting of singer and guitarist Val Stecklein, the group often sounded like a cross between the Byrds and the Beau Brummels with their melodic, energetic, guitar-oriented folk-rock and haunting harmonies. The group's sole album (Listen & See, 1966) and several singles chart a rapid growth from British Invasion-like material with a heavy Searchers and Buddy Holly influence to full-blown psychedelic efforts with careening guitars, organ, and backward effects. Quite innovative for the time, these 1966 psychedelic singles met with no more than regional success. The group's impetus was derailed by the departure of Stecklein at the end of 1966, although they struggled on for a bit. Stecklein went to California and recorded a disappointing MOR folk album for Dot in the late '60s that reprised some of his Blue Things songs.(AllMusic)
01 High Life
02 Girl Of The North Country
03 Doll House
04 La Do Da Da
05 Look Homeward Angel
06 It Ain't No Big Thing, Babe
07 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
08 I Can't Have It Yesterday
09 Now's The Time
10 The Man On The Street
11 I Must Be Doing Something Wrong
12 Honor The Hearse
13 Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind
14 One Hour Cleaners
15 You Can Live In Our Tree
16 Twist And Shout
17 Yes My Friend18 Somebody Help Me

THE UNTAMED - Gimme Gimme (singles and unreleased rarities (1965-1966)

Mp3 256\95 Mb
Untamed made just five singles in 1964-1966 and never approached hit status, but those 45s are well respected by aficionados of rare British Invasion music. The group were in the somewhat raw R&B/rock crossover mold favored by many U.K. mod bands in the mid-'60s, but placed equal or greater emphasis upon the organ, as opposed to the more frequently utilized guitar. There was also a cool jazz-blues feel to much of their material, although this was not as pronounced as it was, say, in the recordings of Georgie Fame. In their best singles, they unleashed some unpredictable melodic shifts and key leaps, further helping to distinguish them from the dozens and possibly hundreds of similar struggling British mod groups that managed to cut a disc or three during the era. The Untamed brushed coats with some notable names. Jimmy Page, then a session man, played guitar on their cover of James Brown's "I'll Be Crazy," which is probably their most well-known recording, due to its inclusion on the prime British R&B/mod compilation, Demention of Sound. For a time the band were produced by Shel Talmy, famous for his work with the Who, Kinks, and Creation, and recorded for his Planet label. They also covered a relatively obscure Pete Townshend song, "It's Not True" (which had been on the Who's first LP), for one of their singles. It didn't help them make the charts, and nor did a name alteration, to Lindsay Muir's Untamed, used on their final single in 1966. The group did keep on going throughout the rest of the 1960s, and a collection of previously unreleased demos and BBC tracks, It's All True, appeared at the end of the 1990s. Most of the Untamed's singles, as well as a wealth of unreleased 1965-1966material, are on the 2001 RPM compilation Gimme Gimme. Although that disc is missing their first single, those two songs are on the various artists compilation Untamed & Innocent, which also has three live Untamed tracks from a 1966 TV broadcast, as well as rarities by several other obscure British mid-'60s bands (the Sorrows, the Loot, and the Thoughts).

The Nomadds - Nomadds originals (1965)

Mp3 256\ 60 Mb

"The Nomadds, from Freeport, Illinois—that’s with two D’s, by the way—were the big deal where I grew up. They worked for years as a club band, originally doing Little Richard and Chuck Berry and Everly Brothers kind of stuff. Then when the Beatles hit in ’64, they suddenly became the hottest band in the area because they could do Little Richard songs and harmonize like the Everly Brothers, and it came out sounding like the Beatles. They also did a lot of original stuff, and they were just the best band I’d ever heard. They kicked butt live—I must have seen them 50 or 100 times live, every weekend. It was two guitars, bass and drums played through two amplifiers—one amp for bass and lead, and one amp for vocals and rhythm guitar—and it was the best live sound I ever heard, just like the records." (Rascalin, front man for OC reggae band Rascalin & the Roots Rockers from "Records That Changed My Life")
"...The LP opens most impressively with one of five Nomadd originals, the catchy, sublime and just plain great "You Can Fall In Love"; a simple melody hook baiting the listener into swallowing a sweet minor chord bridge before getting delightfully gutted by a brief tempo shift that these guys probably were alone in their zip code area to pull off. As far as 1964 beat sounds go, this is masterful. A flawless cover of "Shame Shame Shame" follows, done Cavern-style, which means an understated, subtle approach far from any unpleasant Roger Daltrey "rock" postures. I said I wasn't going to bring in the Beatles, but have to point to the Fabs' superb 1963 BBC recording of "Memphis, Tennessee" as a blueprint for this sound. The Nomadds then deliver another flawless original with "In Transit", an uncanny recreation of the best aspects of early Liverpool-mania, carrying the unabashed teen woes of 50s pop into the guitar band era. The vocals are superb, better than almost anything I've heard on a local LP from the era.
Two "rockers" follow, paying tribute to forefathers Little Richard and Chuck Berry respectively, flawlessly done with lots of little details that suggest a backbone of several months of rehearsal and club dates before the Nomadds worked up the nerve to cut their album. Side 1 closes with another band original, and another moody minor chord winner, the title being "There Is No More" and the band displaying their effortless grasp of tempo shifts and advanced verse-bridge-refrain structures like Brian Epstein might walk in the door any minute. Side 2 opens with the always popular "Just Like Me" which works up a bit of a frenzy and even some wild teen screams, suggesting briefly that the 'Madds (a nickname I just invented) were just another top 40 cover band gone haywire on asthma pills. The throbbing bass line and angular vocal harmonies that make up "Don't Cheat On Me" tells you that they weren't, the message being "garage" but the sound being all beat.

A slow, last-dance take on "Tragedy" reminds you that crooner ballads were still a mandatory ingredient on both sides of the Atlantic at this point, unless your last name happened to be Lennon. Speaking of John Winston I'm convinced he would have nodded in approval of the clear-cut 'Madds take on that old Neal Cassady favorite, "Love Potion #9", a song I wish more 60s bands would have done. The drug theme is expanded further on "W.P.L.J" a teen booze-hound favorite extolling the virtues of White Port and Lemon Juice, in case you weren't around at the time. It's a fine rendition, but like the two preceding covers, that unique Nomadds' touch doesn't fully carry over into the non-originals. Realizing the jeopardy they're in, the band slides back into your cortex with the supremely atmospheric original "Enter Into My Life", with a teen vocal so haunting that Gerry Marsden would have gone back to driving a milk truck if he'd ever heard it. A muffled, slightly reverbed guitar solo captures the timeless essence of the teen experience as skillfully as the organ solo on Phil & the Frantics "I Must Run", and when the guy starts humming along with the guitar towards the end you realize that this is the major league company in which the Nomadds belong, whenever they worked up the cojones to write their own songs. All five originals on this LP are truly great...." (REVIEWS #51 - 60)

The Nomads

I regret, but this all that to manage to hear. But listen without fall it is necessary...



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MP3 256\ 81 Mb


As a supplemental income source in the late '60s and even into the '70s, the Pretty Things members would record anonymously for the DeWolfe Music Library, who would file them for future use in (usually low budget) movies whenever a suitably "swinging" or "groovy" scene was called for. Consequently, the Pretty Things' music can be heard in some unlikely places, including some late '60s/early '70s soft porn titles and horror flicks like Michael Armstrong's The Haunted House of Horror. These music library records (usually comprised of one side of vocal and one side of instrumental versions of the same songs) were credited to the fictitious group Electric Banana, and were never intended for official release, so when the records began surfacing credited to the Pretty Things, the group were not pleased. The first Electric Banana LP dates from early '67 and the Emotions period, when the Pretties were collaborating with arranger/orchestrator Reg Tilsley. Three of the five songs on the album are credited to May, Waller and Taylor and though overladen with Tilsley's brass parts they have a cool, how-you-say, 'period charm'. Phil May's expressive vocals are top notch, particularly on the vulnerable love ballad "If I Needed Somebody." The other two tracks, "Free Love" and "Cause I'm a Man" are written by Peter Reno and are much less interesting. (My Generation )

01. Alexander
02. It'll Never Be Me
03. I Love You
04. Grey Skies
05. What's Good For The Goose
06. If I Needed Somebody
07. Street Girl
08. Blow Your mind
09. Eagle's Son
10. I See You
11. Love, Dance And Sing
12. Danger Signs
13. Walking Down The Street
14. A Thousand Ages From The Sun
15. Rave Up

The Pretty Things 'n Mates - A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water (1992)

Mp3 256\ 64 Mb
In December 1992 Phil May and Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things, London's raunchiest 60s R&B band, joined forces with members of The Inmates, one of London's and indeed Europe's finest R&B bands, together with Procol Harum's legendary Matthew Fisher, to pay a unique tribute to America's Garage Rock: the result is the ultimate party album! (From the booklet)
Musicians :
From The Pretty Things : Phil May - lead vocals
Dick Taylor - lead & rhythm guitars
From Procol Harum :Matthew Fisher - keyboards
From The Inmates :Tony Oliver - lead, rhythm & 12-string guitar
Ben Donnelly - bass
Eddie Edwards - drums, percussion
Additional musicians :Barclay MacKay - additional guitar (3,4,12)
Steve Hooker - additional guitar (3)
Garrie Lammin - b.vocals and guitar (9)
Additional musicians on the bonus track (*) :
Eddie Phillips - lead guitar
Don Craine - guitar
Keith Grant - bass
Jim McCarty - drums
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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The Pretty Things - BBC Sessions 1964-1975

Mp3 256\ 290 Mb
This collection of work from the B.B.C. Sessions gives you an overall view of the 'Pretties' career from 1964 to 1976. All the early singles are here. (The Pretty Things had a surge of popularity stateside when David Bowie covered their first two singles 'Rosalyn' and 'Don't Bring Me Down' on his album Pin Ups. To many Americans this was the first time they ever heard of the 'Pretty Things'.)
It all goes a bit pear shaped in their psychedelic era, but then it did for a lot of people (remember the Stones? Or Their Satanic Majesties Request?), but on their return to hard edged rock 'n' roll, like on the Radio One 'In Concert' show to promote 'Freeway Madness', the band is so hot, it is incendiary. Nobody can throw caution to the wind with such abandon and still nail a song down like the 'Pretties' like 'Onion Soup' and especially 'Route 66'. The live sessions for the following two albums are a little more controlled, but equally as exciting.
This album is not only a good overview of the Pretty Things' career, but also a good overview of British rock in this era. If you are not familiar with the Pretty Things, this album would be an excellent way to find out.
01. Big Boss Man
02. Don't Bring Me Down
03. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
04. Roadrunner
05. Big City
06. Midnight to Six Man
07. Sitting All Alone
08. Midnight to Six Man
09. Buzz the Jerk
10. L.S.D.
11. Defecting Grey
12. Turn My Head
13. Walking Through My Dreams
14. Balloon Burning15. S.F. Sorrow Is Born
16. She Says Good Morning
17. Send You With Loving
18. Spring
19. Sickle Clowns
20. She's a Lover
21. Cries from the Midnight Circus
22. Stone-Hearted Mama
23. Cold Stone
24. Summer Time
25. Rosalyn
26. Allnight Sailor
27. Religion's Dead
28. Havana Bound
29. Love Is Good
30. Route 66
31. Onion Soup/Another Bowl
32. Route 66
33. Peter/Rip Off Train
34. Atlanta
35. Bridge of God
36. Singapore Silk Torpedo
37. Come Home Momma
38. Dream/Joey
39. Not Only But Also
40. Big City
41. Belfast Cowboys/Bruise in the Sky

The Troggs - Athens Andover (1992)

Mp3 256\87 Mb
Athens Andover is a collaborative album between The Troggs and what was then three-quarters of R.E.M. Released in March 1992 the name of the album is derived from the hometowns of the two bands: Andover, Hampshire in England and Athens, Georgia in the United Stats.
The joining of forces was sparked by R.E.M.'s covering the Troggs' frontman Reg Presley's hit "Love Is All Around" in live performances during promotion for the former's 1991 album Out of Time. One such performance, on the American radio show Rockline in April 1991, was released as a B-side on R.E.M.'s "Radio Song" single.
"We’d just done a show in a hotel, and as the lift door opened there was this crowd waiting for autographs and someone shouted out, 'What do you think of R.E.M. doing your record?' explained former Troggs manager Larry Page to Record Collector editor Peter Doggett.[1] "Well, I hadn’t heard of R.E.M. But my manager had, so he suggested working with them on our new album. And when I listened to their records, I thought they weren’t far removed from what we were doing when we started. They invited me and Chris over to Athens to work with them for a week. By this time I’d realised quite how big they were, and so we spent the first five minutes walking around one another going, 'Wow'. It was quite different working with them. With the Troggs it had always just been you had a guitar and so you had a sound. With them, you had a roomful of 65 guitars to get exactly the right sound. They were very laid back, very normal. There was no high falutin’ sort of, 'Listen to this 'cos we’re better than you.' After all, their drummer was selling hamburgers until a few weeks before they made it. He was doing quite well with his own business. Having been a roofer when "Wild Thing" hit the charts, I could relate to that."
Recording took place over a one-week period in September 1991 at John Keane's Studio in Athens. Bill Berry, Mike Milis and Peter Buck made up the R.E.M. contingent. Vocalist Michael Stipe was not involved. "Nowhere Road" was composed by the R.E.M. trio along with dB Peter Holsapple, who was R.E.M.'s auxiliary musician for their 1991 tour.
The album was re-released by the Troggs in 1996 as Athens, Georgia & Beyond with seven additional tracks not recorded during the R.E.M. collaboration.
01. Crazy Annie
02. Together
03. Tuned Into Love
04. Deja Vu
05. Nowhere Road
06. Dust Bowl
07. I'm In Control
08. Don't You Know
09. What's Your Game
10. Suspicious
11. Hot Stuff
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

THE PENTHOUSE 5 - The WorlD Is LoVe! (1967)


BONFIRE! The Return Of The Fifth Order (1966-67)

Mp3 320\ 89 Mb
Their 1966 garage classic Goin' Too Far b w Walkin' Away was a tremendous regional success at the time becoming the biggest selling seven-incher from Columbus Ohio. Their second local hit A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me) b w Today I Got A Letter was picked up by Laurie for national release. These two records have long been recognized as sterling examples of Ohio's vibrant mid-60s garage rock scene. Break-A-Way now presents the first ever collection by this famous Ohio 60's teenband incl their two 45's an incredible great third single release collectors were not aware of and a cache of unreleased recordings. While the ten track vinyl LP incl. the band's six single sides plus four unreleased studio recordings of exceptional quality the CD release comes with the same tracks adding three more bonus cuts incl. two organ based demos of Walkin Away and I Was A Fool plus a six minute 1967 TV appearance by the boys presenting a medley of Hit The Road Jack SixteenTons. The vinyl version comes with a fantastic detailed insert incl loads of cool pics and the band's history told by former members Jim Hilditch
BONFIRE! The Return Of The Fifth Order (1966-67)
CD's contains the 10 tracks from the vinyl format + 3 BONUS cuts, including two organ based demos of 'Walkin' Away' and 'I Was A Fool', plus a 6-minute 1967 TV appearance by the boys presenting a medley of 'Hit The Road Jack'/'Sixteen Tons'.
1.Goin Too Far
2.Walkin Away
3.A Thousand Devils Are Chasing Me
4.Today I Got A Letter
5.I Was A Fool
6.The Moment I Saw You
7.Today I Got A Letter (Alternate Version)
8.Bon Fire
9.Follow Like The Wind
10.Little Black Egg
11.Walkin' Away-Demo Version
12.I Was A Fool-Demo Version
13.Medley: Hit The Road Jack/Sixteen Tons

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Paul Revere & The Raiders - The Essential Ride '63-'67

Mp3 320\ 135 Mb
No other rock & roll band has experienced the rollercoaster ups and downs in reputation that Paul Revere & the Raiders have known across 40 years in music. One of the most popular and entertaining groups of the 1960s, they enjoyed 10 years of serious chart action, and during their three biggest years (1966-69) got as much radio play as any group of that decade, sold records in numbers second only to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and received nearly as much coverage in the music press of the period (which included a lot of teen fan magazines) as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Yet when most histories of rock started getting written, Paul Revere & the Raiders were scarcely mentioned -- at best, they were usually a footnote to the boom years of the late '60s NEXT AND MORE : !!!!!!!!!!
1. Louie, Louie
2. Mojo Workout
3. Over You
4. Crisco Party/Walking The Dog
5. Steppin' Out
6. Just Like Me
7. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
8. Kicks
9. Ballad Of A Useless Man
10. Louie, Go Home
11. Take A Look At Yourself
12. Hungy
13. (You're A) Bad Girl
14. Louise
15. The Great Airplane Strike
16. In My Community
17. Good Thing
18. Why Why Why (Is It So Hard)
19. Ups & Downs
20. Him Or Me-What's It Gonna Be
LINK 1 :

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The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy (The Best of the)

Mp3 25\110 Mb


This Indiana group was still in high school when they were tapped by the Strangeloves production team of Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer as a vehicle for their material in 1965. Their first effort, "Hang on Sloopy," was a monster number one smash, built around a riff and chorus that ranks with "Louie Louie" and "La Bamba" as a garage band perennial with its compelling, elemental simplicity. Featuring the lead vocals and lead guitar of a young Rick Derringer, they went on to cut a lot of similar chunky, innocuous pop/rock over the next couple years with fair success. The "Hang on Sloopy" sound-alike "Fever" was their only other Top Ten entry, and the Ritchie Vales cover "C'Mon Let's Go" their only other Top 40 hit. The McCoys recorded very little original material during their early years at Bang Records; most of it was supplied by the Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer production team, much of which consisted of unexceptional derivations of the "Hang on Sloopy" prototype. Notable exceptions were the folky "Sorrow," covered for a Top Ten hit by the Merseys in Great Britain (and covered by David Bowie on Pin Ups a decade later), and the adventurous Middle Eastern-tinged garage psychedelia of "Don't Worry Mother," their best cut besides "Hang on Sloopy." The McCoys proved unusually durable after their career as a teen pop band; in the late '60s, they broke from their Bang producers to record psychedelic and progressive rock for Mercury. Most of the group joined Johnny Winter's backup band in the early '70s, and in 1973 Rick Derringer joined the Edgar Winter group as lead guitarist and vocalist, after which he had a successful hard rock solo career.

01. Meet The Mccoys
02. Hang On Sloopy
03. I Can't Explain It
04. Fever
05. Sorrow
06. Up And Down
07. If You Tell A Lie
08. Come On, Let's Go
09. Little People
10. Smokey Joe's Cafe
11. Mr. Summer
12. Every Day I Have To Cry
13. (You Make Me Feel) So Good
14. Runaway
15. Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs
16. Ko Ko
17. Bald Headed Lena
18. Say Those Magic Words
19. Don't Worry Mother (Your Son's
20. I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance)
21. The Dynamite
22. Beat The Clock