Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Talismens - The Talismens style

01 Monkey Time
02 Doctor Feelgood
03 I'll Be Doggone
04 Mona
05 I Can't Explain
06 Forbidden Fruit
07 What Kind Of Boy
08 Gotta Move
09 Casting My Spell
10 Spanish Harlem
11 Daddy Rolling Stone
12 Parchman Farm

13 Casting My Spell
14 Master Of War
15 You Break My Heart

The Pleasure Fair - The Pleasure Fair

Vocalist Michelle Cochrane, singer/keyboardist Robb Royer, bassist Tim Hallinan, and drummer Steve Cohn formed harmony pop quartet the Pleasure Fair in Los Angeles in 1966. The group signed to Uni Records the following year, and on the recommendation of session ace Leon Russell, pop maestro David Gates was installed to produce their self-titled debut LP, headlined by the single "Morning Glory Days." "(I'm Gonna Have To) Let You Go" followed in 1968, and the Pleasure Fair soon dissolved; Gates then recruited Royer to join his fledgling soft pop group Bread, and the rest is AM radio history -- Hallinan is also among the musicians credited on the first Bread album, and later enjoyed a career as a mystery novelist.

1. The Pleasure Fair - Stay Around For the Good Times
2. The Pleasure Fair - Turnaway
3. The Pleasure Fair - Come to the Sunshine
4. The Pleasure Fair - Nursery Rhyme1
5. The Pleasure Fair - Remember Who I Am
6. The Pleasure Fair - Barefoot in the Park
6. The Pleasure Fair - Morning Glory Days
8. The Pleasure Fair - Fade in Fade Out
9. The Pleasure Fair - East West
10. The Pleasure Fair - The Things We Said Today
11. The Pleasure Fair - Talk
12. The Pleasure Fair - Put it Out of Your Mind
13. The Pleasure Fair - I`m Gonna Have to Let You Go1
14. The Pleasure Fair - Today1

Hank The Knife & The Jets - Crazy Guitar

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