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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Brian Wilson - What I Realy Want For Christmas

Dion-Rock 'n' Roll Christmas

Eagles - Please Come Home For Christmas (Single) 

Emerson &Lake and Palmer - I Believe In Father Christmas EP

Jimi Hendrix - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton  - Once upon a Christmas

Petula Clark - Merry Christmas-Joyeux Noel

Jancy and Dmitrich

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VA - Another Rock'n'Roll Christmas

Merry...Merry .... Merry .... !!!!

Christmas !!!


 Merry Christmas Folk  !!!!!



Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree includes the festive title track and a mix of classic holiday tunes, including "Winter Wonderland," "Silver Bells," "White Christmas," and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." Unique Christmas and winter tunes like "Christy Christmas," "A Marshmallow World," "Strawberry Snow," and "I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus" round out this happy holiday collection.


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Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.10

Indfødte lyde- Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels
vol. 10


01 - Baby
02 - My Money
03 - Down The Road
04 - A Man With A Gun
05 - The End
06 - Let Me Stay
07 - Show Me The Way To Love
08 - Hurting Inside
09 - Any Day You Want It


01 - Toreo Twist
02 - My Lucky Day
03 - Petit Fleur
04 - You're The Reason
05 - Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo Yo
06 - Don't Ask Me What I Say
07 - Keep On Running
08 - Homeward Bound
09 - Daydream
10 - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
11 - Beautiful Brown Eyes
12 - Sunny Girl
13 - You're So Good To Me

Heimatliche Klaenge vol.140

Heimatliche Klaenge - Deutsche Schallplatten-Labels 
Native Sounds - German Record-Labels

vol.140  VA. - Crying People (VIBRATON VB-6021)

01 - Stay
02 - Crying People
03 - Er kommt zurueck
04 - Wer weiss
05 - Baby I Feel Good
06 - Shame And Scandal In The Family
07 - Unchained My Heart
08 - J' Entends Siffler Le Train
09 - Schoene Worte
10 - Saturday Night
11 - Immer dann
12 - Set Me Free

? who is playing what song ?
Don Adams
Rainer Herpichboehm
Linda Uebelherr (from Silver Convention??)
Pop Drive Ltd.
Monika Maik
Karl Kinzer
Surf Boys
The Earls
Gisela Andrй
Angela Huber & The Gentries

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Hickory Wind - Hickory Wind (1969)

The Indiana band Hickory Wind made just one self-titled album in 1969, pressed in a run of 100 copies. The record's a strange, amateurish, yet intermittently tuneful blend of teen pop, garage rock, psychedelia, and country-rock, sung in a fashion that makes it uncertain whether the record was a low-key joke or a naïvely earnest effort to do the best they could. The band later changed its name to B.F. Trike and recorded an unreleased album for RCA in Nashville in the early '70s, though it was eventually issued on a small collector label in the late '80s. This Hickory Wind, by the way, is not the same as the folk group named Hickory Wind that recorded for Flying Fish in the late '70s.

Just 100 copies of this album were pressed originally making it extremely rare.
Like many a late-'60s album pressed in extremely minute quantities, Hickory Wind's self-titled record is a mighty odd bird. It's not so much that any one song is weird. It's more the cumulative effect of the record, in which the band not only don't seem to be seriously pursuing one direction in particular, but don't seem to be particularly serious about pursuing anything. The nonchalant, naive, slightly off-key way they trundle through this mixture of garage rock, country-rock, and melodramatic teen pop almost gives the impression of B-grade session players recruited to record an exploitation album. It's not nearly as bad as that comment might indicate; actually, there's a fair amount of charm that bleeds through, almost in spite of itself. Their vocals and harmonies are engagingly tremulous, the production refreshingly lo-fi. And there are some rather good songs here, particularly the country-rockish "The Loner," which sounds almost like a youthfully naive attempt to emulate early Neil Young (and it's entirely unrelated to the Young tune of the same name); "Country Boy," which comes as close as any song here to being a normal solid late-'60s country/psychedelic rocker; the waltz-like organ swirls of "Father Come with Me"; and "Judy" and "I Don't Believe," which are yearning teen garage pop. This is broken up, though, by the is-this-a-joke-or-what "Mr. Man," a melodramatic recitation that sounds as if the band were trying to make fun of solemn religious devotional records. It's hardly great, but it's worth hearing if you enjoy quirky collisions of garage rock and late-'60s psychedelia.

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Heimatliche Klaenge vol.138

Heimatliche Klaenge - Deutsche Schallplatten-Labels 
Native Sounds - German Record-Labels

vol.138     The Jay Five

vol.7    45'
01 - Ich komm lieber heut als morgen - Joe & Erik (Cornet 3002)
02 - Und der Regen singt ein Lied
03 - Django (Cornet 3011)
04 - New Sheriff In Silver City
05 - Oh bitte tu das noch einmal - Joe & Erik (Cornet 3026)
06 - Es kommt wie's kommen muss
07 - Katanga (Cornet 3056)
08 - Ode To Billy Joe
09 - So schwarz wie Kaffee (Cornet 3082)
10 - Wo ist mein Weg zu Ende
11 - Arizona (Cornet 3151)
12 - High Is High
13 - What A Way To Die
14 - Early Bird (BASF Cornet 408)
15 - Fat Man
16 - Coca Cola (Marsch Version)
17 - Coca Cola (Soul Version)
18 - Coca Cola (Jay Five Version)
19 - Milch Opera a (Flexi)
20 - Milch Opera b (Flexi)

Heimatliche Klaenge vol.137

Heimatliche Klaenge - Deutsche Schallplatten-Labels 
Native Sounds - German Record-Labels

vol.137     The Jay Five

vol.6    Anytime   Cornet 15024
01 - Anytime
02 - My Angel
03 - I Had My Chance With You
04 - Little Green Man
05 - She's So Funny
06 - Tell Me How You Feel
07 - In The Midnight Hour
08 - Platform-Ticket
09 - The Liar
10 - In My Dreams
11 - Vive L'amour
12 - It's Rainin'

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Donny & Marie Osmond - The Best Of

Marie Osmond 

As part of a family act that came to be virtually synonymous with wholesome entertainment, Marie Osmond enjoyed a lengthy career switching between several different areas of show business. Born Olive Marie Osmond in Ogden, UT, in 1959, she was raised in a strict Mormon family along with her eight brothers. She made her first TV appearance at the age of three, when her oldest brothers performed on The Andy Williams Show as the Osmonds.
After spending the '60s as variety-show fixtures, the Osmonds shot to pop stardom in 1970, and before long the group's management encouraged Marie to try her hand at recording as well. She made several concert appearances with her brothers (though she was never officially a member of the Osmonds), and in 1973 she cut her first single, the country tune "Paper Roses." The song was a gold-selling smash, going to number one on the country charts (the first time a female artist's debut single had ever done so) and into the Top Five on the pop charts. Her accompanying album of the same name also topped the country charts, and Osmond followed it with two more albums for MGM and several more singles, none of which matched its success.
In 1976, she and brother Donny began hosting their own weekly variety show, Donny & Marie, which ran until 1979. In the meantime, she also began to pursue acting; she famously turned down the lead role in Grease because she didn't approve of the script's moral content but found limited success in a series of TV movies and later did voice-over work for several children's cartoons. In the mid-'80s, she returned to country music and signed with Curb, scoring a number one hit right out of the box with the Dan Seals duet "Meet Me in Montana." Her solo follow-up, "There's No Stopping Your Heart," also topped the country charts, and she landed two more big hits in 1986 with the Top Five solo track "Read My Lips" and the number one Paul Davis duet "You're Still New to Me." None of her subsequent singles breached the country Top Ten, though 1987's "I Only Wanted You" came close, and she charted for the final time in 1990 with "Like a Hurricane."

Osmond spent much of the '90s in touring musicals and returned to television in 1998 as co-host of the daytime talk show Donny & Marie, which ran for two seasons. In the early 2000s, Osmond made prominent appearances on the reality television shows Celebrity Duets (as a judge) and Dancing with the Stars. In 2007 she released the seasonal Magic Of Christmas, her first studio album in almost 20 years. It was followed in 2010 by I Can Do This, a collection of spirituals and hymns. Osmond has also written several self-help books, including one dealing with her own bout of postpartum depression.

Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond has been in show business from an age when most children are still becoming accustomed to getting on the school bus in the morning, and in a career that's spanned six decades, he's made a name for himself in nearly every field of contemporary entertainment, most notably music, but also theater, film, radio, and television, and shown that it's possible to grow and mature as a performer while holding on to the wholesome, family-friendly reputation that's always been part of his public persona.
Donald Clark Osmond was born on December 9, 1957; he was the seventh of nine children born to George and Olive Osmond, a devout Mormon couple from Ogden, Utah. George Osmond earned his living selling real estate and insurance, but he loved to sing, and when his sons developed an enthusiasm for music, he helped them form a barbershop quartet. The vocal group began performing regularly in Utah, and they landed an audition to appear on The Lawrence Welk Show. Welk turned the Osmond Brothers down, but while they were in California, George took the boys to Disneyland, and they began harmonizing with a strolling barbershop quartet during their visit. the Osmond Brothers were good enough to attract the attention of park management, and later Walt Disney himself, and were chosen to perform on a television special, Disneyland After Dark, in 1962. That appearance led to a regular spot on The Andy Williams Show, beginning later that same year. In 1963, Donny joined his older brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay in the singing group, and they were regulars on the Williams show until 1969; they were also frequent guests on Jerry Lewis' comedy-variety hour, which ran from 1967 to 1969.
As the Osmond Brothers grew older and the face of popular music continued to change, the boys wanted their act to have a more contemporary appeal, and they retooled themselves as a polished pop/rock combo, with the brothers playing instruments as well as singing. Mike Curb signed the group, now called the Osmonds, to MGM Records, and they went to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record with producer Rick Hall, whose credits ran the gamut from Wilson Pickett and Etta James to Tommy Row and Paul Anka. Hall's first single with the Osmonds, 1971's "One Bad Apple," became a number one hit, and it was the first in a long string of chart successes for the group. the Osmonds appeared regularly in teen magazines such as 16 and Tiger Beat, thanks to the appeal of their well-crafted records and dynamic live shows, and Donny was often singled out as teen heart-throb material for his well-scrubbed good looks. MGM wasted no time in capitalizing on this, and Donny's first solo single, "Sweet and Innocent," was released in 1971. It rose to number seven on the Billboard pop charts, and the follow-up, "Go Away, Little Girl," went all the way to number one. Donny continued to enjoy solo hits, as well as performing and recording with the Osmonds, who became more ambitious in the recording studio, dipping their toes into harder rock on 1972's Crazy Horses, and crafting a spiritually oriented concept album with 1973's The Plan. In 1973, the lone Osmond sister, Marie, made her recoding debut, scoring a hit single with a cover of "Paper Roses." By the mid-'70s, the Osmonds' popularity was beginning to fade in the notoriously fickle world of teen pop, but in 1976, Donny and his sister Marie became the hosts of a weekly television variety show, with the other Osmond siblings making frequent appearances over the course of the show's run. Donny & Marie was a hit in the ratings, and in 1978, Donny & Marie even starred in a movie, Goin' Coconuts, but viewership began to decline during the third year, and in 1979, midway through its fourth season, the series went off the air.
In the '80s, Donny's career hit a dry spell, particularly after a Broadway revival of George M. Cohen's Little Johnny Jones, with Osmond in the lead, closed after a single performance in 1982. Osmond set out to once again reshape his image into something sleeker and hipper, and he made cameo appearances in Jeff Beck's 1985 music video for "Ambitious," as well as Luis Cardenas' 1986 clip for "Runaway." In 1989, Donny recorded a new album after Peter Gabriel, who met Osmond at a charity event, offered him use of his Real World recording studio in Bath, England. The new album, simply titled Donny Osmond, was a solid, dance-friendly contemporary pop recording, but Osmond's management and record label feared his bubblegum history might work against the album, and they struck upon a novel promotional gimmick. The album's first single, "Soldier of Love," was released to radio as a new song from a "mystery artist," and it gained airplay as listeners wondered whom the singer might be. The gambit worked -- "Soldier of Love" became a major hit, and the album followed it into the upper reaches of the charts.

Osmond released another contemporary pop album, Eyes Don't Lie, in 1990 which, while not as successful as its immediate predecessor, fared well on the charts. In 1992, Osmond returned to the musical stage, starring as Joseph in the Toronto production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; the show was a critical and popular success, with Osmond racking up over 2,000 performances between 1992 and 1997, and in 1999, when Webber created a film version of the musical for television broadcast and home video release, Osmond once again played Joseph in a cast that also included Richard Attenborough and Joan Collins. In 1998, Osmond provided the singing voice of Shang in the Disney animated feature Mulan, and in the fall of the same year, he and his sister Marie returned to television, starring in a daytime talk show that ran until the spring of 2000. Donny also returned to the recording studio to cut a holiday-themed album, Christmas at Home, and in 1999, published an autobiography, Life Is Just What You Make It, in which he openly discussed the ups and downs of his career, the burden of his public image, and his struggle with panic disorder.

In 2001, Osmond released This Is the Moment, an album dominated by songs from Broadway shows, and followed it in 2002 with Somewhere in Time, a collection of love songs which featured a new version of "Puppy Love" (a hit for Donny in 1972), and "No One Has to Be Alone," which Osmond recorded for the animated feature The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water. In 2002, Osmond became the new host of the long-running television game show Pyramid, and in 2004, he returned to pop music with the album What I Meant to Say, his first collection dominated by original material since Eyes Don't Lie; it included the single "Breeze on By," which rose to the Top Ten of the British pop charts. In 2006, Osmond appeared as Gaston in the Broadway production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, earning enthusiastic reviews, and in 2007, he became a guest commentator on Entertainment Tonight, just in time to cover his sister Marie's stint on the fifth season of Dancing With The Stars, in which she finished in third place. Marie's run on Dancing with the Stars prompted her and Donny to begin performing together again, and in 2008, they launched a revue at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, while Donny made a surprise return to the big screen in the Martin Lawrence comedy College Road Trip. In the fall of 2009, Donny took his own turn on Dancing with the Stars, and won the grand prize; he followed that up with an eclectic new album, 2010's The Entertainer, which included new interpretations of his earlier hits and pop standards, as well as a handful of new tunes. In 2010, Donny became the host of a syndicated radio show, The Donny Osmond Show, described as "a lifestyle-oriented music radio show," which was broadcast in both the United States and the United Kingdom. And in 2011, Donny & Marie reunited in the recording studio for their first album together since 1978, simply titled Donny & Marie.

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Donny & Marie Osmond collects a dozen of the brother and sister duo's best-known and definitive performances, including "Leaving It All Up to You," "It Takes Two," "Deep Purple," and "Paper Roses." Though some of the songs the duo tackles venture into rock and disco influences, for the most part their work stayed in the '70s AM pop style that Donny's teenage solo career began with, and is epitomized by songs like "One of These Days" and their version of "Let It Be." Though their sound never quite hit the transcendent highs of the Carpenters' work, at its best Donny & Marie's output had a smooth, airy agreeable quality that has made it date surprisingly well. Not many Osmond retrospectives focus just on Donny & Marie's work, so 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Donny & Marie Osmond fills that gap competently.

VA - Cover Me.Cover The Hits UK

Some time ago I found these records in the web as "unknown album"  without track titles and tags.
Only Back cover with titles song and name artists...
I think this is a private compilation with a very interesting stuff...

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Ola &The Janglers - Surprise Surprise (1965)

Ola & the Janglers were a garage rock and beat group, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in1962. Its lead member was Ola Håkansson.
Among the hits they scored in their native country are "No, No, No" (1965), "Love Was on Your Mind", "Poetry in Motion", "Alex Is the Man" (1966), "I'm Thinking Of You" (1965), "Strolling Along", and "Runaway" (1968). The group's 1969 hit "Let's Dance", a cover of the Chris Montez song, reached #92 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ola Håkansson, vocal
Christer Idering, guitar. Replaced by Claes af Geijerstam 1965
Johannes Olsson, keyboards (organ)
Lennart Wallin, bass. Replaced by Åke Eldsäter 1966
Leif Johansson, drums

Всё началось в начале 60-х. Малоизвестный молодой исполнитель Ola Håkansson в 1963 году присоединяется к группе The Janglers, как их солист. Ola сразу же занял там лидирующие позиции, так как вскоре название этого коллектива звучало как Ola & The Janglers. Помимо Ola, в группу входили ещё четверо участников, среди которых можно отметить известного шведского музыканта Claes Af Geijerstam (он и являлся автором большинства песен Ola & The Janglers) и Leif Johansson, который впоследствии также попал в группу Secret Service. Творчество Ola & The Janglers было довольно популярным как в самой Швеции, так и за её пределами. Начав репертуар с кавер-версий композиций The Kinks и Rolling Stones, у себя на родине группа записала более 20 синглов. А их песня “Let’s Dance” в мае 1969 года даже удостоилась попасть в American Billboard Top 100. Ola & The Janglers засветились и в роли кинозвёзд: в 1967 году появились два фильма с участием музыкантов: Drra på - Kul grej på väg till Götet и более известный Ola & Julia, где Ola Håkansson даже исполнил главную роль. Саундтрек к Ola & Julia был написан Claes Af Geijerstam, и включал в себя песню Juliet (Julia на шведском), вышедшую также на сингле. Активность Ola & The Janglers стала угасать с началом 70-х. Последние же сингл и альбом группы вышли в 1976-м году с большим отрывом в пять лет от предшествующих релизов. Альбом 1965 года.

01-Surprise, Surprise 
02-Stop Your Sobbing 
03-We Got A Good Thing Going 
04-Land Of 1000 Dances 
05-Love Was On Your Mind 
06-No No No 
07-It`s Allright 
08-Thinkin` Of You 
09-I Remember When I Loved Her 
11-This Sporting Life 
12-Leave Me Be

The Shaggs - Wink (1967)


Although recorded in 1967 at the International Recording Studio in Chicago, this one and only offering by the five-piece preppy outfit from Notre Dame University in Indiana, with its multi-part vocal harmonies and jangly guitar, could easily have appeared in 1965 or '66. 
However, there is no doubting the band's musical proficiency as they canter through a selection of songs by such luminaries as the Stones, Who, Beau Brummels, Byrds and Them, with the high point being an inspired version of 'If I Were A Carpenter'. As was so often the case, the band members, after producing what was to become a massively-collectable rarity, went their separate ways, probably to pursue fascinating careers in the world of orthodontistry or accounting.

Holy Ghost Reception Committee #9 - The Torchbearers (1968)

Dennis Blair Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Rich Esposito Guitar, Vocals
Elmer Gordon Producer
Bob Kearney Guitar, Vocals
Mark Puleo Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Christian psychedelic quintet the Holy Ghost Receptive Committee #9 was the brainchild of Anthony Myers, a teacher at New York City's Regis High School -- assigned circa 1967 to work with students to write and perform contemporary minded songs that could be played at Mass. He assembled guitarists Dennis Blair, Rich Esposito, Bob Kearney and Mark Puleo, along with bassist Larry Johnson. The project proved so successful that Myers landed the group a recording contract with ecumenical publisher Paulist Press, and in 1968 the Holy Ghost Receptive Committee #9 (so named by a fellow student) issued its first LP, Songs for Liturgical Worship. After a 1969 follow-up, The Torchbearers, the group dissolved; Blair later enjoyed a career as a stand-up comic, opening for the legendary George Carlin for over a decade.

"Dennis Blair" (guitar), "Larry Johnson" (bass guitar, organ and rhythm guitar), "Bob Kearney" (guitar),"Rich Esposito" (guitar) and "Mark Puleo" (lead guitar and harmonica) met while attending New York's "Regis Jesuit High School".
Their intentions was to find a way to alleviate the monotony of weekly mass by writing and singing their own songs.
They started writing and playing their own music at daily Catholic masses. 
Somehow convincing Jesuit Anthony Myers and school administrators to support their Rock star visions, they ended up with a recording contract with the Catholic "Paulist Press". 

On The Torchbearers, the band continues in not glossing over life’s difficulties with a “smile, God loves you” kind of approach. In fact the cover photo shows them seated in a vacant trash-filled lot with faceless expressions. The Torchbearers is even heavier than their debut in joining raw garage band enthusiasm with that jangled ‘60s electric Byrds sound. There’s some straightforward Jesus folkrock here such as ‘Walk Across The Waters’ and ‘Rise Up’ (both in a lively classic Byrds style), but they also tackle issues like compassion and poverty (‘Know They’re You’, where clashing garage and fuzz guitars meet up against heavily echoed vocals) and segregation (the garage-rocking ‘Them’s A-Comin’). Nice bass action and fast electric strums on ‘Hey Lord’. Other cuts: ‘You Think Differently’, ‘Magnificat 70’, ‘Jesus H. Clown’ and ‘What Do You Ask Of Me?’. Dedicated to the memory of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King – the title ballad alludes to them with the words “we’ll take up your fallen cross and fool the world; because the killers really think that they have killed you.” Not afraid to ask some probing questions along the way and include a touch of Ecclesiastes in the lyrics (the back describes their statement as “one crying out for a concerned Christianity”).

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1- Piotr Szczepanik,zespol Studio Rytm - Zanim Zasniesz (1965)
2 - Polanie - Nie Tylko Ty(1965)
3 - Tajfuny - Glos Prerii (1965)
4 - Tajfuny-Stalowa Woda (1965)
5 - A. Rusowicz, Niebiesko-Czarni - Nie Badz Na Mnie Taki(1965)
6 - C. Niemen, Niebiesko-Czarni - Kalakolczik (Rok1965)
7 - H. Majdaniec - Niebiesko Czarni - Jestes Niesmialy (1965)
8- M. Burano, Niebiesko-Czarni - Jeden Taniec Dla Mnie (1965)
9 - Niebiesko-Czarni - Blues (1965)
10 - Niebiesko-Czarni - Spacer Z Gwiazdami (1965)
11 - Czerwone Gitary - To Nie Dla Mnie (1965)
12 - C. Niemen,niebiesko - Czarni - Jeszcze Sen (1965)
13 - C. Niemen, Niebiesko-Czarni - Jak Mozna Wierzyc Tylko(1965)
14 - C. Niemen, Niebiesko-Czarni - Zabawa W Ciuciubake(1965)
15 - Czeslaw  Niemen, Niebiesko-Czarni-Stoje W Oknie (1965)
16 - M. Kossowski, Czerwono-Czarn - Augustyna (1965)
17 - M.Kossowski, Czerwono-Czarni - Jak Dobrze Mi Z Tym (1965)
18 - P. Szczepanik, Ricercar 64 - Nigdy Wiecej ( 1965 )
19 - Toni Keczer,czerwono-Czarni - Przyjdzie Kiedys Taki Dz(1965)
20 - Wojciech Korda,niebiesko - Czarni - Podobni Do Mew(1965)
21 - Helena Majdaniec, Ricercar 64 - Juz Raz Bylo Tak (1965)
22 - C. Niemen, Zesp. Studia Rytm - Przyjdz W Taka Noc (1965)
23 - Niebiesko-Czarni -Taka Byla Moja Dziewczyna I (1965)
24 - Czerwone Gitary - Licz Do Stu (1965)
25 - Czerwone Gitary - Pluszowe Niedzwiadki (1965)
26 - Kawalerowie - Malgorzato, Jesli Chcesz (965)
27 - Kawalerowie - Uderzaj W Mig (965)
28- Szwagry - Wesele (1965)
29 - Szwagry-Dobry Rok (1965)
30- A. Rusowicz, Niebiesko-Czarni - Duzy Blad (1965)
31- Ada Rusowicz, Niebiesko-Czarni - Ja Juz Od Tygodnia O(1965)
32- H. Majdaniec, Niebiesko-Czarni - Przyjdz W Taka Noc (1965)
33- K. Sobczyk, Czerwono - Czarni - Nuce Sobie  (1965)
34- Wojciech Korda,niebiesko-Czarni - Hej Tam W Dolinie (1965)
35 - M.Burano  Niebiesko-Czarni - Dom Wschodzacego Slonca (1965)
36 - M. Burano, Niebiesko-Czarni - Nuna (1965)
37 - K. Sobczyk, Czerwono-Czarni - To Nie Grzech (1965)
38 - Katarzyna Sobczyk, Czerwono-Czarni - Nie Wiem Czy To W (1965)
39 - Katarzyna Sobczyk, Czerwono Czarni - Nie Badz Taki Szy (1965)

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Little Antony&The Imperials - 25 Great Hits

25 Greatest Hits album by Little Anthony & The Imperials was released Jan 26, 1999 on the EMI Music Distribution label. Some singers sing from the throat, others from the nose or the heart. 25 Greatest Hits songs Little Anthony sings from his guts. 25 Greatest Hits album On some numbers he sounds as if he's about to upchuck; thus lies the everlasting appeal of the Brooklyn doo wopper who has hung in there since the '50s. 25 Greatest Hits CD music He's a song slugger who doesn't mess around in the studio or on stage being cute. 25 Greatest Hits music CDs He always gives his all, and, like Smokey Robinson, overshadows his guys, The Imperials. This encompassing CD contains all the group's illustrious hits and sides from End, DCP, VEEP, and United Artists Records. A wealth of untiring material is provided including "Tears on My Pillow," "Wishful Thinking," "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop," "Going Out of My Head," "Hurt So Bad," "The Diary," and other top-shelf goodies. ~ Andrew Hamilton

1. Tears On My Pillow
2. Two People In The World
3. So Much
4. The Diary
5. It's Not For Me
6. Wishful Thinking
7. A Prayer And A Juke Box
8. I'm Alright
9. Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bopy
10. My Empty Room
11. I'm Taking A Vacation From Love
12. Please Say You Want Me
13. Travelling Stranger
14. I'm On The Outside Looking In
15. Goin' Out Of My Head
16. Hurt So Bad
17. Take Me Back
18. I Miss You So
19. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
20. Hurt
21. The Ten Commandments Of Love
22. Better Use Your Head
23. Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You're Bad)
24. I'm Hypnotized
25. Yesterday Has Gone

VA - Vocal Groups

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Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.9

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.9


01 - Green Door
02 - Darlin'
03 - The Sound Of The Constrictors
04 - Summertime
05 - I'm Mad Again
06 - Hey Girl
07 - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
08 - Johnny B Goode (demo)
09 - A Hard Days Night (demo)
10 - In The Mood (demo)
11 - I Just Wanna Make Love To You (demo)
12 - She's All Mine (demo)
13 - It's All Over Now (demo)
14 - Love Potion Number 9 (demo)
15 - Greenback Dollar (live)
16 - In The Midnight Hour (live)
17 - Happy Together (live)
18 - Don't Ask Me What I Say (live)
19 - I'm A Believer (live)

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.8

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.8

01 - Irene-Hully Gully
02 - I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
03 - Love Me If You Love Me Do
04 - Your Mama Says
05 - Make Me Happy
06 - Anytime
07 - Tobacco
08 - A Girl In Blue
09 - Tornerose
10 - Ud Paa Flisen Karoline
11 - De'r Altid Velkom'n I Vores Hus
12 - Et Fredeligt, Kedeligt, Dumt Lille Loeg
13 - Miss Sunshine
14 - One-Way Ticket
15 - She Went Away
16 - Lucille
17 - Things We Said Today