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The Deejays - Dimples 65-66

Mp3 192 \92 Mb
Fab beatgroup from the Uk who were very popular in Scandinavia.
1963: Johnny Vallons:vcl/gtr, Pete Clinton (Chapman):gtr, Buzz Nelson (Pano Osman):bs, Derek Skinner:dms
1964: Johnny Vallons:vcl/gtr, Pete Clinton:gtr, Buzz Nelson:bs, Erle Morgan:dms (+ Chris Liddiard:vcl)
1965: John Murray:vcl/gtr/hca, Pete Clinton:ld.gtr, Buzz Nelson:bs, Erle Morgan:dms
1967: Clive Sands (Sarstedt):vcl/gtr, Pete Clinton:ld.gtr, Buzz Nelson:bs, John Watson:dms
Johnny Vallons & The Deejays was a British r'n'b group whose history got started already in the late 1950s. However, after a few years' activity, they haven't got basically anywhere in the UK. The Deejays' recording career began not until in 1963, and that happened as far as in Sweden, as a result of band interchange, which was practiced between England and the Scandinavian countries. The man who made this trade possible was Swe-Disc record company's Roland Ferneborg, whose group the Spotnicks had just finished a tour in England. Besides a bunch of gigs, the Deejays also signed with Swe-Disc, and recorded there five 45s and an album between 1963-1965.
The Sweden trip was planned to last just a couple of months, but it actually took over a year. Johnny Vallons had a wife waiting at home, so it was unavoidable that sooner or later he had to come back in England. After Vallons had left the group, also the other members returned but just to find themselves a new vocalist, who was to be John Murray, who used to sing with Erle Morgan's father's dance-orchestra. In 1965, the re-formulated Deejays landed again to Sweden, and the new record deal with Polydor gave them immediately a hit "Long Tall Shorty". They also did a cover of Don & Dewey's "Farmer John", but it got beaten up by the earlier version of the Hep Stars, which broke the Swedish charts big time (in Finland, "Farmer John" was better known by the frantic interpretation of Andy Einio & the Islanders). During 1965-1968, altogether 21 singles and 2 albums were released in Sweden, and excepting two 45s made in London ("Coming On Strong" and "Surrender"), all of them were also recorded there. 6 of their songs went to the Swedish Top 10.
In 1966 the Deejays got their biggest commercial success "Dum Dum", which was undoubtedly to changing their style from traditional r'n'b towards to pop music. During the time in Sweden, both Erle Morgan and John Murray had got married, and Murray's wife, who was British, longed back to England. In 1967 Murray left the group, and he was replaced by Swedish Clive Sands (Sarstedt). Also Erle Morgan and his Swedish wife had difficulties in being a musician and a husband at the same time, so he decided to quit as well (although he stayed in Sweden, and continued later playing with Jorgen Edman and the Beatmakers). After the central members had resigned, the Deejays eventually broke up in 1968.
01 long tall shorty02 i can tell03 farmer john04 i just can't go to sleep05 blackeyed woman06 i'm a hog for you baby07 you must be joking08 coming on strong09 dimples10 surrender your love11 hooked12 zip-a-dee-doo-dah13 bama-lama-lou14 what'cha tryin' to do15 gloria16 summertime17 strong love18 time and time again19 fever20 hey,baby21 tobacco road22 not that girl23 skinni minni24 incrowd hangout25 please don't criticize
Rocking beat sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Tractors - The Tractors (1994)
The Tractors - Farmers In A Changing World(1998)
The Tractors - Fast Girl (2001)
The Tractors - All American Country (2002)
Mp3 320\Full Art Works
The Tractors were one of the country-rock bands to benefit from the modern country boom of the early '90s. With their good-time boogie and rootsy country-rock, the Tractors were able to send their eponymous debut to platinum status. Although based in Tulsa, all of the members of the Tractors — guitarist Steve Ripley, bassist Ron Getman, vocalist Casey Van Beek, keyboardist Walt Richmond, and drummer Jamie Oldaker — were well-known Nashville session musicians before they came to prominence in the early '90s. The group landed a contract with Arista Records and released their self-titled debut album in the summer of 1994. Supported by the hit single "Baby Likes to Rock It," the record became a Top Ten country hit, ... Read More...

The Tractors - The Tractors

87 Mb


01 - The Tulsa Shuffle.(Listen in 02 - Fallin' Apart.03 - Thirty Days.04 - I've Had Enough.05 - The Little Man.06 - Baby Likes To Rock It.07 - Badly Bent.08 - The Blue Collar Rock.09 - Doreen.10 - Settin' The Woods On Fir11 - Tryin' To Get To New Orlean.12 - The Tulsa Shuffle



The Tractors - Farmers In A Changing World

96 Mb


01 - I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie(Listen in - Linda Lou03 - How Long Will It Take04 - Shortenin' Bread05 - The World's Biggest Fool06 - Poor Boy Shuffle07 - With a Girl Like You08 - The Elvis Thing09 - Way Too Late10 - Foot Stomp Stompin'



The Tractors - Fast Girl

72 Mb


01. Babalou(Listen in Can't Get Nowhere03. Ready to Cry04. Nine Eleven05. It's A Beautiful Thing06. Computer Controlled07. Fast Girl08. Don't Take My Picture Down09. Higher Ground10. A Little Place of Our Own



The Tractors - All American Country

92 Mb


01. Baby Likes Io Rock It(Listen in I Wouldn't Tell You No Lies03. Thirty Days04. Settin' The Wouds On Fire05. Tryin' To Get To New Orleans06. Shortenin' Bread07. I've Had Enough08. The Tulsa Shuffle09. The Elvis Thing (Mystery Train)10. Linda Lou



"...The meteoric success of The Tractors was the Arista label's biggest surprise of the year. The boogie-woogie country-rock band plowed through the slick pop country market to pick up a double platinum album and a Grammy nomination... "

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The Troggs - The Singles (1966 - 75)

Mp3 192\78Mb
Remembered chiefly as proto-punkers who reached the top of the charts with the "caveman rock" of "Wild Thing" (1966), the Troggs were also adept at crafting power pop and ballads. Hearkening back to a somewhat simpler, more basic British Invasion approach as psychedelia began to explode in the late '60s, the group also reached the Top Five with their flower-power ballad "Love Is All Around" in 1968. While more popular in their native England than the U.S., the band also fashioned memorable, insistently riffing hit singles like "With a Girl Like You," "Night of the Long Grass," and the notoriously salacious "I Can't Control Myself" between 1966 and 1968. Paced by Reg Presley's lusting vocals, the group — which composed most of their own material — could crunch with the ... Read More...
1. Lost Girl2. Wild Thing3. From Home4. With A Girl Like You5. I Want You6. I Can't Control Myself7. Anyway That You Want Me8. Give It To Me9. Night Of The Long Grass10. Hi Hi Hazel11. Love Is All Around12. Little Girl13. Surprise Surprise (I Need You)14. You Can Cry If You Want To15. Hip Hip Hooray16. Evil Woman17. Easy Livin' (Easy Lovin')18. Lover19. The Raver20. Lazy Weekend21. Everything's Funny22. Listen To The Man23. Strange Movies24. Good Vibrations25. Summertime26. Satisfaction

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Omnibus - Omnibus (1970)

Mp3 256\68Mb
1970 United Artists release by Boston based band combining moody Westcoast style organ sound with fuzzy psych guitar. This trio hailed from Boston. The album, which was recorded in New York and produced by Steve and Eric Nathanson (who were the producers of Boffalongo).
01 - The Man Song 02 - It?s All In Your Heart 03 - Shake It Off 04 - Understand 05 - Above Me 06 - Den Of Sin 07 - Boogus Black And Blues 08 - Spring 09 - Winding Thru Your Heart 10 - Harmony 11 - Big Daddy Slave 12 - Tired Of Screaming

Fate - Sgt. Death (1968)

Mp3 224\66 Mb
Another vintage previously unreleased Psychedelic wonder from 1967-1968. From the remains of legendary band "Euphoria's". Influenced by Doors and other West coast psychedelic bands. Eerie keyboards led psychedelia with great slashing guitar leads and biting vocals to Yardbirds like rave ups.

1.: Sergeant Death
2.: Simone
3.: Sexual Fantasy #8
4.: Having A Cigarette
5.: I Need A Woman
6.: Hungry Lovin' Blues
7.: Mannequin
8.: Tribute To The Bo
9.: Smoke And Stone

One of the few 1960s-era titles in the Rockadelic catalog, this piece of zeitgeist plays like a completely finalized album that could, and probably should, have come out back then. Archetypal ambitious mainstream psych with a New England slant a la St Steven while extensive use of keyboards recalls the 1st Mandrake Memorial; the all-bases-covered approach could appeal to fans of Food as well. Vocals are a bit too Morrisonesque/operatic, while the production and arrangements are impressive. Not a bad LP but spread a bit too thin for my tastes; the sarcastic anti-Vietnam title track is what makes it stand out. Die-cut sleeve design makes the reissue look like a local heavy metal LP. Band (or main guy) recorded a rare garage 45 as Euphoria's ID prior to this. Here is a description of the original album: "a no info test pressing, other than the words FATE SIDE 1 and FATE Side 2 written on it. Side one dead wax says "6 25 68 a 1", side 2 dead wax "2 1 69 b 1". The reissue rearranges the track order and has a somewhat different (less compressed) sound than the original disc.

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The Standells (Riot On Sunset Strip-Rarities)

Mp3 256\ 101 Mb
The Standells made number 11 in 1966 with "Dirty Water," an archetypal garage rock hit with its Stonesish riff, lecherous vocal, and combination of raunchy guitar and organ. While they never again reached the Top Forty, they cut a number of strong, similar tunes in the 1966-67 era that have belated been recognized as '60s punk classics. "Garage rock" may not have been a really accurate term for them in the first place, as the production on their best material was full and polished, with some imaginative touches of period psychedelia and pop. The Los Angeles band were actually hardly typical of the young suburban outfits across America who took their raw garage sound onto obscure singles recorded in small studios. They'd been playing L.A. ... Read More...
The Standells - Riot On Sunset Strip/Raritiesm
Audio CD (December 27, 2004)
Original Release Date: 1993

More Info
In-Stock: Ships within 24 hoursFor this volume in their series of Standells two-fers, label of reissue Big Beat wisely paired two subsidiary releases, the soundtrack of the 1967 film Riot on Sunset Strip (to which the band contributed two songs) and a brief rarities compilation. The first leads off with the title track, one of the Standells' brightest moments, then proceeds through nine tracks of low-grade yet occasionally intriguing teen-exploitation fare from a cast including the the Chocolate Watchband and the Sidewalk Sounds, plus a band named the Mugwumps that has nothing to do with the Cass Elliot-affiliated conglomeration. The rarities disc has a few interesting moments from the Standells, including the time-signature shifts of "Love Me" and the Dylanesque ambiguities of "Our Candidate," but as expected, doesn't contribute much to their discography. Definitely a collector's release, but general garage fans will want to hear it simply for the period sound and styles. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide
1. Riot On Sunset2. Sunset Sally - The Mugumps3. The Sunset Theme - The Sidewalk Sounds4. Old Country - Debra Travis5. Don't Need Your Lovin' - The Chocolate Watchband6. Children Of The Night - The Mom's Boys7. Make The Music Pretty - The Sidewalk Sounds8. Get Away From Here9. Like My Baby - Drew10. Sitting There Standing - The Chocolate Watchband11. Love Me12. Batman13. Our Candidate14. The Boy Who Is Lost15. It's All In Your Mind16. School Girl17. I Hate To Leave You18. Looking At Tomorrow19. Dont, Say Nothing At All20. Try It21. Rari

The Hollies-Bus Stop

Mp3 192\84 Mb
One of the best and most commercially successful pop/rock acts of the British Invasion, when the Hollies began recording in 1963, they relied heavily upon the R&B/early rock & roll covers that provided the staple diet for countless British bands of the time. They quickly developed a more distinctive style of three-part harmonies (heavily influenced by the Everly Brothers), ringing guitars, and hook-happy material, penned by both outside writers (especially Graham Gouldman) and themselves, eventually composing most of their repertoire on their own. The best early Hollies records evoke an infectious, melodic cheer similar to that of the early Beatles, although the Hollies were neither in their class (not an insult: nobody else was) nor demonstrated a ... Read More...
01. Bus Stop02. Just One Look03. I Can't Let Go04. Here I Go Again05. I'm Alive06. Look Through Any Window07. Stop Stop Stop08. Pay You Back With Interest09. On A Carousel10. Carrie Anne11. Sorry Suzanne12. Jennifer Eccles13. Dear Eloise14. King Midas In Reverse15. Do The Best You Can16. Long Dark Road17. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress18. Another Night19. The Air That I Breathe20. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

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The Mindbenders - Mindbenders\With Woman In Mind (1966-67)

Mp3 192\93 Mb


Remaining together following the departure of frontman Wayne Fontana, the Mindbenders got off to one of the most promising starts any band could enjoy, when their debut single "A Groovy Kind of Love" soared to number two in the U.K. and topped the chart in America. And had the group only succeeded in locating a decent follow-up, they might well have developed into one of the finest British bands of the late '60s.
Instead, a series of disastrous choices of 45s condemned them to the ranks of rank also-rans, and it is only later that the sheer quality of their other work — material hitherto lost on two Mindbenders LPs — had been re-evaluated sufficiently to let listeners state that here was one of the greatest of all Britain's post-beat bands. A ... Read More...


The Mindbenders - Mindbenders

by Bruce Eder
The Mindbenders somehow failed to make an impression on record buyers in America — maybe it was the ubiquitousness of their earlier incarnation as Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders after their hit "The Game of Love" or the fact that other Manchester-based bands, including the Hollies and Herman's Hermits, scored more hits or got better press coverage in America. Whatever the reason, Ric Rothwell, Eric Stewart, and Bob Lang deserved a better fate than that. Their debut album as the Mindbendes sans Fontana shows future 10cc member Stewart in excellent voice as lead singer (in addition to playing guitar) on bracing renditions of repertory ranging from Willie Dixon's "Seventh Son" to Leiber & Stollr's "Tricky Dicky." "A Groovy Kind of Love" has always been an acquired taste that didn't "take" for this reviewer, but the intense, soulful renditions of "Little Nightingale," "The Way You Do the Things You Do," "Don't Cry No More," and Stewart's own "Love Is Good," plus the pounding finale "All Night Worker," are all keepers in any serious British Invasion listener's collection. There's also some filler here, but not much. These guys were interesting players, as


The Mindbenders - With Woman In Mind

by Bruce Eder
You have to sort of pity the Mindbenders — the group, which had seemed destined for success, had fared so poorly since "A Groovy Kind of Love" that their second LP, With Women in Mind, barely got heard, despite its being as strong as anything that the Kinks were putting out on LP in 1967. The album picks up where the group's first, self-titled album left off, comprised of generally bracing rock & roll with a soul edge and a sense of humor, as well as a solid layer of inventiveness. Ric Rothwell's highly ornamented drumming holds everything together, giving Eric Stewart and Bob Lang room to add their elegant flourishes and, in Stewart's case, moments of impressive flash, as well. They turn in a convincing R&B-laced rendition of the Goffin/King-composed "Honey and Wine," which is highlighted by killer vocals and a nicely understated guitar break, while "Schoolgirl," which got them banned by the BBC (over its allegedly lascivious tale of teen pregnancy), is an astonishingly catchy number that ought to have had enough hooks to get heard over here. And their cover of Donnie Elbert's "A Little Piece of Leather" is so beguiling with its jagged, angular, quasi-psychedelic guitar break around the catchy chorus that it's almost worth the price of the album by itself


01 - The Way You Do The Things You Do02 - Just A Little Bit03 - Seventh Son04 - One Fine Day05 - Tricky Dicky06 - A Groovy Kind Of Love07 - Little Nightingale08 - Don't Cry No More09 - You Don't Know About Love10 - Love Is Good11 - Rockin' Jaybee12 - All Night Worker13 - To Be Or Not To Be14 - Honey And Wine15 - Schoolgirl16 - A Little Piece Of Leather17 - Shotgun18 - I Want Her, She Wants Me.mp319 - Mystery Train20 - The Morning After21 - Homework22 - Airport People23 - Cool Jerk24 - Ashes To Ashes


The Groop - The Group (1966)

Mp3 320\70Mb


This is first album talented Australian group - The Group ...Next Text on CD cover.


01 Ol' Hound Dog02 Gloria03 The Sporting Life04 Just Like Me05 Bury My Body06 Endless Sleep07 The Best In Africa08 Natural Born Lover09 Cry Cry Baby10 It Must Be Love11 Ham An' Eggs12 I'm Mad


The Beatnix - The Beatnix: It's Four You (1998)

Mp3 192\70Mb

by Steve Huey
The Beatnix' It's Four You is the work of painstaking archivists who gathered all 19 Lennon/McCartney compositions that were given to other artists (like P.J. Proby, Cilla Black, Billy J. Krame & the Dakotas, Peter & Gordon, etc.) and never recorded for Beatles albums. The Beatnix perform these songs faithfully, in a strongly Beatlesque style that crosses the line from influence into imitation. But that's the point of the album — giving power-pop fans a chance to hear what these songs probably would have sounded like had the Beatles kept them — and in that sense, it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do.

01 - I'm In Love02 - Nobody I Know03 - If You've Got Troubles04 - It's For You.mp305 - Hello Little Girl06 - Like Dreamers Do07 - Step Inside Love08 - Woman09 - That Means A Lot10 - I Don't Want To See You Again11 - One & One Is Two12 - Bad To Me13 - Tip Of My Tongue14 - I'll Be On My Way15 - World Without Love16 - From A Window17 - I'll Keep You Satisfied18 - Love Of The Loved19 - T Goodbye


The Rainbows - My Baby Baby Balla Balla (1965-68)

Mp3 192\ 93 Mb


One of the best groups of Germany of the middle 60x. With the My Baby Baby Balla Balla, Ju Ju Hand and other hits .
Enjoy !!!

1. My Baby Baby Balla Balla 2. Ju Ju Hand 3. Kommando Pimerle 4. Ich Weine Dir Nicht Nach 5. Rotkaierte Petersilie 6. Tuban 7. It Must Be Love 8. Say Won't You Be My Girl 9. Don't Cry 10. Four Boys In Music 11. A Walk To Paris 12. I Hold You Tight 13. Wanted 14. I'm Singing Quietly 15. Beautiful Delilah 16. Too Much Monkey Business 17. Donna 18. Walking The Dog 19. I'll Not Be Without You 20. Sweet Little Sixteen 21. Bald Headed Woman 22. Carol 23. Bad Bad Baby 24. Mr. Milkman 25. You Must've Seen 26. I Sure Know A Lot About Love 27. It's Too Late

The Big Three- Cavern Stomp (1982)

Ьз3 192\45 Mb

by Richie Unterberger
Around the time the Beatles started recording, the Big Three were one of their biggest Liverpool rivals. Their then-novel power trio attack was anchored by drummer Johnny "Hutch" Hutchinson, who actually filled the drum set for the Beatles as an emergency replacement on a few gigs. Managed by Brian Epstein as well, the Big Three were renowned locally as a tough, R&B-inflected outfit, but were made to cover pop material more suited for Gerry & the Pacemakers on most of their singles. The group only managed to cut four singles in 1963 and 1964, as well as a Live at the Cavern EP that was the only official release recorded at one of the most legendary rock clubs of all time. A couple of these singles dented the British Top 40 briefly, but the original lineup broke up in late 1963; bassist Johnny Gustafson went on to join the Merseybeats for a time and played on three albums by Roxy Music in the '70s. While eyewitness accounts affirm that the Big Three were a powerful live outfit, they were

unsuccessful at translating this energy to record, which doomed their status to a footnote of the British Invasion.

by Richie Unterberger
All 13 of the tracks released by The Big Three — their four singles, the Live At The Cavern EP, and a live track from a compilation. "Some Other Guy" (#37) and "By The Way" (#22) were minor British hits in the early days of Merseybeat, although The Beatles recorded much better versions of "Some Other Guy" (an obscure American R&B number by Richie Barrett) on several BBC broadcasts. Passable, energetic Merseybeat, leaning more toward R&B than most of their peers, but not terribly memorable. Comes with a detailed four-page history of the group, much of which is devoted to drummer Johnny Hutchinson griping about the group's bad luck: manager Brian Epstein neglected them and spent most of his time on The Beatles, the Big Three didn't get enough time to record in the studio, other groups covered R&B songs for British hits before they could release their own versions, etc. All of which comes off as so much sour grapes. It's clear enough from the recorded evidence that the group's own limitations as songwriters and performers were the chief reasons that they never approached the success of The Beatles and the other major Liverpool groups.
01 - Big Three - Some Other Guy.mp302 - Big Three - Let True Love Begin.mp303 - Big Three - By The Way.mp304 - Big Three - Cavern Stomp.mp305 - Big Three - I'm With You.mp306 - Big Three - Peanut Butter.mp307 - Big Three - Bring It On Home To Me, Vers. 3.mp308 - Big Three - You Gotta Keep Her Under Hand.mp309 - Big Three - High School Confidential.mp310 - Big Three - What I'd Say [live].mp311 - Big Three - Don't Start Running Away, Live.mp312 - Big Three - Zip-Dee-Doo-Dah, Live.mp313 - Big Three - Reelin' Rockin', Live.mp314 - Big Three - Bring It On Home To Me, Live.mp315 - Big Three - Bring It On Home To Me, Vers. 2 Prev. Unreleased.mp3

Freddie King

Mauro, you asked about it...
Freddie King - Texas Cannonball (Expanded) (1972)
FREDDIE KING - Texas Sensation (1998)
Freddie King - Freddie King Dallas (1971)
Freddie King - Burglar (1974)
Freddie King - Hideaway (1996)
Freddie King - Bonanza Instrumentals (1965)
and from me:
Freddie King - My Feeling For The Blues(1969)

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Dee Jay & The Runaways - Peter Rabbit (1966)

Mp3 192\106Mb
Denny Story, John D. Senn, Gary Lind, Jim Wiener, Bob Godfredsen, Dennis Kintzi, Sam French, and Tom Vallie

When you think of Iowa 60's Rock and Roll, the name of Dee Jay & The Runaways is a constant with that process.This Spirit Lake, Iowa based group is responsible for putting Iowa on the mid 60's rock and roll map with their hit recording of "Peter Rabbit". It charted on Billboard's Top 40 in 1965 and remained on the national charts for fourteen weeks in late 1965 and early 1966... Read more..
DEE JAY AND THE RUNAWAYS were arguably the biggest band to have come out of Iowa during the 1960s. Their 45, "Peter Rabbit," released in 1966 remains the Hawkeye State's single of all time, selling over 400,000 copies worldwide. It reached in Canada and Brazil! The Runaways appeared on national TV shows such as "Where The Action Is," "Upbeat," as well as giving concerts across the United States. They were the featured attraction in the reunion show which took place on September 1, 1996.

Tony Sheridan - Vagabon (2002)

Mp3 320\ 129 Mb


With his 1961 recording of "My Bonnie," Tony Sheridan forever secured rock & roll immortality; while the song was certainly a respectable hit during its heyday, its place in music history is instead assured as the first studio session to feature the Beatles. Anthony Sheridan McGinnity was born in Norwich, England on May 21, 1940; he formed his first band, the Saints, at the age of 15 before relocating to London a few years later. In 1959, he joined Vince Taylor and the Playboys, one of the most popular of the many British groups which rose to fame on the decadent Hamburg, Germany club scene; over time, the band evolved into a new unit called the Beat Brothers, originally featuring Sheridan on vocals and guitar backed by guitarists ... Read More...


Tony Sheridan - Vagabon (2002)

Tony Sheridan`s album "VAGABOND" has been released in July 2002. The compositions range from rock, r`n`b, country, to delightful ballads and critical songs (lyrics & music by TS).А collection largely of his own material, but also including a new cover version of "Skinny Minnie", a song he had years earlier recorded for his first album.


01. : Ev'rybody's Sleeping02. : Sinking03. : Won't Do It Again04. : Indochina05. : Summer Rainbow06. : Maine And Back Again07. : Four Day Working Week 08. : When I Was Young09. : Someone10. : Believe In Love Tonight 11. : Beautiful12. : Fool For A Woman13. : Skinny Minnie (bonus track)


Lord Sutch - Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (1970)

Mp3 320\84 Mb
He couldn't properly be considered part of the British Invasion — he never had a hit in the U.S. or the U.K. — but Screaming Lord Sutch laid some unheralded groundwork for the phenomenon. With a rock & horror act based to a large degree on Screamin' Jay Hawkins, David "Lord" Sutch was one of the first genuine rock & roll longhairs, and his bands employed such sterling instrumentalists as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, Nicky Hopkins, and Mitch Mitchell before they became famous. His early-'60s singles — mostly over-the-top Halloween novelties or covers of early rock and R&B standards — are genuinely energetic and fun performances that rank among the few out-and-out raunchy rock & roll records waxed ... Read More...
Lord Sutch - Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (1970)

Review by Nick Burton
An infamous album by London scene maker Screaming Lord Sutch, who, among other things, claimed to be a genuine Earl and to have started the long hair craze of the '60s, and ran for Parliament on the youth ticket. His infamy bought him some heavy friends indeed for his first LP. Jimmy Page (who produced and played), John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkis and Noel Redding are all on hand to support Sutch's R&B retreads ("Baby Come Back" is a steal of Roy Head's "Treat Her Right"). The album is regarded as a kind of Plan 9 from Outer Space of rock LPs: it's bad, but endearingly so, with Sutch's growling vocals providing the laughs. Many Led Zeppelin fans — who bought this album when it was released on the heels of the first two Zep records — have never forgiven Page for it.
1. Wailing Sounds2. 'Cause I Love You3. Flashing Lights4. Gutty Guitar5. Would You Believe6. Smoke and Fire7. Thumping Beat8. Union Jack Car9. One for You, Baby10. L-O-N-D-O-N11. Brightest Light12. Baby, Come Back
Thanks yelper

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McGuinness Flint - McGuinness Flint (1970)

Mp3 320\79Mb
McGuinness Flint was a rock band formed in 1970 by Tom McGuinness, former guitarist with Manfred Mann, and Hughie Flint, former drummer with John Mayall, plus vocalist and keyboard player Dennis Coulson and multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle. Their first single "When I’m Dead and Gone" reached No. 2 on the UK singles chart at the end of the year (and No. 47 in the U.S.), and the debut album McGuinness Flint also made the UK Top 10 album chart.A follow-up single, "Malt and Barley Blues", was a UK No. 5 hit in 1971, but the group floundered under the pressures of instant success, being required to record a second album before they were ready, and an inability to reproduce their recorded sound adequately on stage, which resulted in disappointing live shows. The second album Happy Birthday Ruthy Baby failed to chart, as did the title track when released as a single.Gallagher and Lyle quit towards the end of 1971 to record as a duo. The group then recruited bassist Dixie Dean, and recorded Lo and Behold, an album of Bob Dylan songs which had not yet been officially recorded and released by the writer himself, credited to Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint, and issued in 1972. A single "Let The People Go" was banned by the BBC as it related to the Ulster crisis, a fate which also befell a contemporary single by Paul McCartney and Wings, "Give Ireland Back to the Irish".Coulson left and was replaced by Lou Stonebridge on keyboards and Jim Evans on guitar. This new line-up recorded two further albums, Rainbow (1973) and C’est La Vie (1974), but interest had evaporated, and they disbanded in 1975. A splinter group, Stonebridge McGuinness, had a minor hit in 1979 with "Oo-Eeh Baby" (No. 54 in the UK) and released the album Corporate Madness on RCA Records the following year. This group proved short-lived, however, and afterwards McGuinness and Flint both joined The Blues Band, fronted by former Manfred Mann vocalist and harmonica player Paul Jones.
01. Lazy Afternoon02. Bodang Buck03. Mister, Mister04. Heritage05. I'm Letting You Know06. Let It Ride07. Dream Darling Dream08. When I'm Dead And Gone09. Brother Pysche10. Who You Got To Love11. International
Thanks yelper

The Doors - Live In Hollywood (1969)

Mp3 192\101 Mb
In July 1969 The Doors played two concerts to packed audiences at the Aquarius Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. In addition, the day after the two concerts, The Doors used the Aquarius Theatre stage, still loaded with their equipment from the night before, to conduct a private rehearsal. Both of these concerts, as well as the private rehearsal, were recorded. Bright Midnight Records will release four titles made from these Aquarius Theatre recordings; this is the first of these titles
Live in Hollywood (The Doors album)
Live in Hollywood: Highlights from the Aquarius Theater Performances (WEA)
Live in Hollywood is a live album, released by The Doors. It was recorded on 21 July 1969 at the Aquarius Theatre in Hollywood, California and released in May 2002. The album consists of excerpts of a live show at the Aquarius Theatre the Doors performed at.
With such a plethora of live releases issued over the years (and quite a few with less than satisfactory sound quality), whenever a vintage Doors performance gets the CD treatment, it's understandable for fans to be skeptical. But 2002's Live in Hollywood is one that gets it right. Although not a complete performance from beginning to end, Live in Hollywood plucks highlights from several performances at the Aquarius Theatre in 1969. According to legend, depending on which night you witnessed a performance by Jim Morrison, you either got the Lizard King in all his glory, or a clearly out-of-it gentleman in danger of inciting a riot or getting arrested. These performances were certainly when Morrison and his bandmates were "on," as the group sounds simply fantastic -- offering more than enough evidence as to why the Doors are often considered one of the most mesmerizing live acts of the '60s. Most of the group's favorites up to 1969 are featured here, including fine readings of such classics as "Break on Through," "Touch Me," "Five to One," and "Light My Fire," as well as an embryonic instrumental version of "Peace Frog." Your chance to witness the real Doors on-stage has expired long ago, but Live in Hollywood does quite nicely. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide
1 Welcome 0:21 2 Back Door Man 4:35 3 Break on Through (To the Other Side) 3:534 When the Music's Over 12:08 5 You Make Me Real 3:10 6 Universal Mind 4:41 7 Touch Me 3:49 8 Soul Kitchen 6:50 9 Jim Introduces Ray 0:54 10 Close to You 4:44 11 What You'd Like to Hear? 0:38 12 Peace Frog (Instrumental) 2:36 13 Blue Sunday 2:38 14 Five to One 5:54 15 Celebration 2:17 16 Light My Fire 13:54
Live in Hollywood" features the absolute best of The Doors' Aquarius Theatre concerts from July 1969. The recording is superb, the performances are great, the set list includes songs from all their albums to that date. A few of these tracks appear on "Absolutely Live" but this is a superior compilation I think. A great addition to the collection of any Doors fan

Very good record of sound for Live Work 69

BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland

Mp3 320\141 Mb

Budka Suflera (English: Prompter's Box) is a Polish rock band which was started in 1969 in Lublin by Romuald Lipko, and, after disbanding soon thereafter, resurrected by Cugowski and Romuald Lipko in 1974 and active to this day.
This is the first record of a Polish band "Budka Suflera" The group which recorded incredible music. The first record appeared in Poland in 1975. It was available in the times of very communist Poland and the band seemed not to care at all. The songs were full of music and freedom. Today the music is still wonderful and you can appreciate it. Listen to those recordings I assure you that the feelings linger on. Questions like what it means to answer the call will always be causing problems to be answered sincerely. It is one of those records which you would like to have.

Krzysztof Cugowski - vocal
Romuald Lipko - bass guitar
Tomasz Zeliszewski - percussion
Andrzej Ziolkowski - guitar
Czeslaw Niemen - moog
Marek Stefankiewicz - organ
Alibabki - back vocal
01 - Cien wielkiej gory02 - Lubie ten stary obraz03 - Samotny noca04 - Jest taki samotny dom05 - Szalony kon06 - Noc nad Norwidem07 - Konie juz czekaja przed domem08 - Najdluzsza droga

Czerwone Gitary-To wlasnie my (1966) Poland

Mp3 192\56 Mb
Czerwone Gitary (The Red Guitars) was one of the most popular rock bands in the history of Polish popular music. The band formed in 1965 and achieved its greatest success from 1965 to 1970. Often considered the Polish equivalent of the Beatles, many of their hits are now classics in Poland. The group toured extensively outside Poland (in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, USA, Germany and Soviet Union) but had mostly disappeared from the Polish scene by the 1980s. The band reformed in the 1990s.
01. To wlasnie my 02. Nie mow nic 03. Nie zadzieraj nosa 04. Pechowy chlopiec 05. Kto winien jest 06. Randka z deszczem 07. Historia jednej znajomosci 08. Czy slyszysz co mowie09. Pieciu nas jest10. Matura11. sledztwo zakochanego12. Mowisz, ze kochasz mnie jak nikt13. Dlaczego pada deszcz14. Bo ty sie boisz myszy
01. To wlasnie my 02. Nie mow nic 03. Nie zadzieraj nosa 04. Pechowy chlopiec 05. Kto winien jest 06. Randka z deszczem 07. Historia jednej znajomosci 08. Czy slyszysz co mowie09. Pieciu nas jest10. Matura11. sledztwo zakochanego12. Mowisz, ze kochasz mnie jak nikt13. Dlaczego pada deszcz14. Bo ty sie boisz myszy

I much love this group...From childhood, friendship with Robek...from polish embassy...This - a best years......
Enjoy of Sixties sound...

Niebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967) Poland

Mp3 192\52 Mb
Niebiesko-Czarni (The Blue-Blacks) were one of the most popular Polish rock groups of the 1960s and early 1970s. Czeslaw Niemen played in the band for several years. Throughout their 14 year history (1962-1976) Niebiesko-Czarni released 8 LPs, 24 singles, sold over 3.5 million records and played more than 3000 shows.
Niebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967)
01-Raz j№ spotkaіem02-Nocny alarm03-Skoсczyіy siк wakacje04-Pod naszym niebem05-Appendix06-Adagio Cantable07-Hej, wracajcie chіopcy na wieњ08-Poїar w Kwaњniewicach10-Nie їegnaj mnie11-Kulawy Wojtek12-Kalendarz o tym wie13-Powiedz, jak mnie kochasz14-Za daleko mieszkasz miіy

Idle Race - Birthday Party (1968) - Bonus

Mp3 256\136Mb
In the history of 1960s British rock, Birmingham was a source of talent virtually in the same league with Liverpool. Although the city never produced a group as big as the Beatles, it was a seething cauldron of musical activity and home to literally hundreds of groups whose activities and memberships were in a constant state of ferment, yielding acts such as Move, the Moody Blues, and Electric Light Orchestra, whose influences extended well into the 1970s and beyond. Perhaps the most important of the Birmingham groups that didn't make it to the front rank was the Idle Race. The group occupies a strange focal point in the history of the city's music and, between 1960s and 1970s rock, as a
link between ...
The core of the group -- Nightriders rhythm guitarist Dave Pritchard, bass guitarist Greg Masters and drummer Roger Spencer -- went relatively unchanged from 1959 until February 1972. The band went through several incarnations, lead guitarists and lead singers -- first Billy King and later, more successfully, with Mike Sheridan, with whom they first rose to prominence and, in 1964, to a record deal with EMI. More...
Idle Race - Birthday Party
Review by Bruce Eder
The debut album by this unjustly overlooked band is a piece of classic British psychedelia that transcends its origins. Most British bands trying to achieve a psychedelic sound in those days simply played softly and sang in a very effete and poetic manner — the Idle Race, by contrast, play hard here and don't sound effete so much as just cheerfully trippy, a lot like the Beatles of "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields Forever"; indeed, "End of the Road" from this album sounds like a rewrite of "Penny Lane." Jeff Lynne is the dominant personality here, as composer, guitarist, and singer, and, as one might expect given his presence, the music all has a Beatles-like quality of playfulness amid the musical invention. The single "Skeleton and the Roundabout" may be a little over-produced, but it is beguilingly innocent in its zaniness, and the softer middle section anticipates the structure of Lynne's later work with ELO. Much more indicative of his future direction are "Morning Sunshine," one of the prettiest songs to come out of the entire Birmingham music scene and displaying a languid guitar flourish that anticipates any number of ELO songs circa A New World Record and "The Lady Who Said She Could Fly," an orchestrated Beatlesque jewel that sounds like a lost ELO track. As demonstrated here, the Idle Race weren't quite as powerful a band as their rivals the Move — who also loved to cover American soul and folk-rock and thus had a wider variety to their sound — but this album is steeped in beautiful melodies and even prettier embellishments in the singing and playing, yet never loses sight of its rock & roll underpinnings. Once in a while, as in "On with the Show," the sound effects are a little more prominent than one would like, and there's a certain music hall ambience to a few songs (such as "Lucky Man") that is somewhat distracting — but those two numbers are followed by the joyous and pounding "Pie in the Sky," so it all balances out and, overall, this album is very solid and a great deal of fun, as well as full of little surprises and signposts pointing toward Lynne's future.
1.The Skeleton and The Roundabout 2. Happy Birthday (Instrumental) 3. The Birthday 4. I Like My Toys 5. Morning Sunshine 6. Follow Me Follow 7. Sitting In My Tree 8. On With The Show 9. Lucky Man 10. Mrs Ward 11. Pie in The Sky 12. Tha Lady who said She Could Fly 13. End of the Road
Bonus Tracks:
14. Lucky Man (alternate version)15. Follow Me Follow (alternate version)16. Days of the Broken Arrows (alternate lyric version)17. It´s Only the Dog (The Nightriders) 18. Your Friend (The Nightriders) 19. Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree 20. My Father´s Son 21. Impostors of Life´s Magazine 22. Knocking Nails into My House 23. Days of the Broken Arrows 24. Worn Red Carpet 25. In The Summertime 26. Told You Twice 27. Neanderthal Man 28. Victim of Circumstance

The Shanes - 1963 - 68 (Sweden)

The Shanes had about a dozen Top Ten hits in their native Sweden between 1964 and 1967, but were absolutely unknown to listeners who spoke English as their first language. Not that the group deserved any better. In the manner of some other Swedish bands of the time, they valued versatility, adaptability, and mimicry far more than individuality or expression. Thus they were able to competently ape an astonishing variety of foreign trends, including Shadows-styled instrumentals with a country twinge,'50s rock oldies, Merseybeat, British R&B, Europop, bloated American pop/rock, and more. They did write much of their own material, but this was often blatantly derivative. Even their best song, "Chris-Craft No. 9" (a number-two hit in Sweden in 1967), lifted a lot of its parts from Herman's Hermits "A Must to Avoid."

01. Gunfight Saloon - 1:5602. Oh, Wow! - 1:5703. Pistoleros - 2:27
04. Gun Rider - 2:0605. Keep A Knockin' - 1:3906. Come On Sally - 2:16
07. Let Me Show You Who I Am - 2:2508. Say You Want Me - 2:0409. The Shanegang - 2:18
10. Georgia's Back In Town - 3:3811. My Lover Baby - 2:0212. I Don't Want Your Love - 2:17
13. Crazy Country Hop - 3:1314. Skinnie Minnie - 2:5815. It's Alright Babe - 2:07
16. Marshall Clayton - 2:2217. Blue Blue Feeling - 2:3518. People Don't Like Me - 2:17
19. Break Down - 2:4720. I Don't Care, Babe - 2:5821. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - 2:45
22. Dreamgirl - 2:1323. Can I Trust You - 2:4724. Like Before - 2:04
25. Let Me Tell Yah' - 2:3226. Nobody Nobody - 2:4227. Chris-Craft No.9 - 2:05
28. Save The Last Dance For Me - 2:0329. Drip-Drop - 1:5730. Cara Mia - 2:22
31. Faces, Faces - 2:4532. Friday Kind Of Monday - 2:16

Metro - Metro (1969)+bonus(Hungary)

Mp3 320\169 Mb
One of the first and the best Hungarian beat groups...
But it is unconditional, Metro is my favourite both it is pleasant also to you
Sztevanovity Zoran - enek, gitarFrenreisz Karoly - enek, basszusgitar, szaxofonSztevanovity Dusan - gitarSchock Otto - billentyus hangszerek Brunner Gyozo - dob Bokany Ferenc -basszusgitar, vokal Zentai Antal - szaxofon, harmonium Deak Tamas - trombita Latzin Norbert - zongora Balint Istvan - dob
1 Ulok egy rozsaszinu kadban 3'08"2 Okos szamar 3'10"3 Szobrok 3'32"4 Felmasztam egy jo nagy fara 3'11"5 Fekete Pal 2'59"6 Hazardjatek 6'45"7 Citromizu banan 3'17"8 Ne szolj ram 3'22"9 Egy szot se szolj 3'48"10 A panz 2'55"11 Maria volt 3'23"12 Elfogyott a so 2'54"
Bonus :
13 Smaragd14 Mit tegyek15 Kozmosz16 Volgai hajosok dala17 Old Man River18 Melody Blue19 Do Wah Diddy, Diddy20 Pretty Woman21 Keep Searchin'22 The Rise And Fall23 Help24 So Mystifying

Hungaria - Beatles Laz-1978(Hungary)

Mp3\64 Mb
1. Ez minden amit adhatok2. I Want To Hold Your Hand3. Tobb, mint 15 eve4. A Hard Day's Night5. Maganyos ejjel6. Csak 16 even felulieknek!7. A Day In The Life - Because8. Tudod-e miert?9. She Loves You - I Should Have Known Better - Please Mr. Postman - Help10. Draga kis baratnonk11. Rock and Roll verseny12. Visszater a nult

Hungaria - Koncert A Marson - 1970(Hungary)

Mp3\58 Mb

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Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino (1969)

Mp3 320\75 Mb
Arguably the greatest and most influential Tex-Mex group ever, the Sir Douglas Quintet epitomized Texas' reputation as a fertile roots music melting pot and established the career of Tex-Mex cult legend Doug Sahm. The Quintet mixed country, blues, jazz, R&B, Mexican conjunto/norteсo music, Cajun dances, British Invasion rock & roll, garage rock, and even psychedelia into a heady stew that could only have come from Texas. Although they went largely underappreciated during their existence (mostly in the '60s), their influence was far-reaching and continues to be felt in Texas (particularly the similarly eclectic Austin scene) and beyond; afterward, Sahm embarked on a frequently fascinating solo career and reunited with the Quintet or its individual members several ... Read More...
Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino
Chart success for the title song led to a hurried release for this band's second album, although perhaps the most famous song, "She's About a Mover, originated a few years prior with another version. Listeners will probably be more familiar with the version heard here, the one with the freaky feedback guitar solo and fake fadeout that oldies disc jockeys like to yabber over. This and "Mendocino" are only two of the many nearly perfect tracks on this record, some of which give off the illusion (perhaps an accurate one) that they were simply tossed off without a whole lot of preperation. "Texas Me" is genius on triple levels: there is the poetry of the lyrics, the soulful delivery from the singer, and finally the haunting recording fat with echoey, multitracked vocal and fiddle. When the listener reaches the end, "Baby It Just Don't Matter" it is as if one has strolled through an old neighborhood searching for a lost sound in the air, only to find a good, friendly rock band is jamming in a garage right down the block. The players are the classic Sir Douglas Quintet line-up including Augie Meyer.
1 Mendocino 2 I Don't Want 3 I Wanna Be Your Mama Again 4 At the Crossroads 5 If You Really Want Me to I'll Go 6 And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down 7 Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy in This Great Big Freaky City 8 She's About a Mover 9 Texas Me 10 Oh, Baby, It Just Don't Matter

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The Blue Effect (Chech ) - Meditace (1969)

Mp3 320 \ 146 Mb
Vladimir Misik - vocal
Radim Hladik - guitar
Jiri Kozel - bass
Vlado Cech - drums
Milos Svoboda - guitar
Premier Czech progressive rock band, The Blue Effect, was founded in November 1968 by Radim Hladik (guitar, ex. The Matadors ->). In came Jiri Kozel (bass), Vladimir Misik (vocals) and Vlado Cech (drums). Originally band was called The Special Blues Effect.
Shortly after the band got together, they won a full list of honors at the 2nd Czechoslovak Beat festival, including ‘The Discovery Of The Year’, ‘The Best Song’ (for ‘Sunny Grave’ penned by Misik and later featured on the debut LP) and ‘The Best Instrumentalist’ (naturally – Hladik). The next year saw Blue Effect opening for The Beach Boys on several European dates.

However, during the sessions for debut album, Misik suddenly left, to be replaced only in 1971 by Lesek Semelka (vocals, organ). Departure of Misik enabled Hladik to take dominant position within the band. His ambition was to find common ground for jazz and rock, fulfilled with next two Blue Effect albums, both recorded with famous Czech jazz musicians, and appearances at Prague Jazz festivals in 1971 and 72.

In forthcoming years more personnel changes followed. Kozel was next to leave in 1974, to be replaced by Josef Kustka (bass, violin), who, in turn, was replaced three years later by Fedor Fresko (bass, mandolin). Oldrich Vesely replaced Semelka in 1977.

The Blue Effect continued to release fairly interesting progressive-jazz-rock albums well into early 80s.
Hladik is still keeping The Blue Effect alive, currently with help from young sidemen: Jan Krizek (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Pavel Bohaty (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Wojttech (bass) and Vaclav Zima (drums).
1. Pamet Lasky 4:04 2. Blue Effect Street 4:06 3. Fenix 4:28 4. Stroj Na Nic 2:27 5. Slunecni Hrob 1:50 6. Little Girl (Devcatko) 3:55 7. Deserted Alley (Osamela Ulice) 3:11 8. Blues About Stone (Kamenne Blues) 8:00 9. Rainy Day (Destivy Den) 3:57 10. Where Is My Star (Kde Je Ma Hvezda) 3:30 11. Sen Neni Vecny 3:28 12. I Like The World (Sun Is So Bright) 3:09 13. Blue Taxi 2:40 14. Snakes 2:27 15. Slunecny Hrob 3:28 16. I've Got My Mojo Working 3:46 17. White Hair 4:19
Thanks barin99

Beginning on The Matadors

The Matadors - The Matadors (Czech) - 1968

Mp3 320\90 Mb
One of the finest R&B bands ever to emerge from Eastern Europe, The Matadors initially were a brainchild of Otto Bezloja, a bass player and veteran of one of the first East European rock’n’roll combos - The Comets. He shared last days of The Comets (1964) with Radim Hladik, a young talented classically trained musician and a future national guitar hero. Together they founded a new venture – The Fontanas. Next one to join was bassist Jan ‘Farmer’ Obermajer, formerly an accountant in ‘Artia’, The Matadors’ future record label. Tony Black, a self-taught drummer and veteran of another early 60s Czech rock’n’roll outfit The Hell’s Devils, completed the line-up in autumn 1965. Shortly before that, the band, still known as The Fontanas, embarked on East German tour. Apart from some radio sessions, the result of the tour was a new set of equipment supplied by ‘Matador’. The band quickly changed it’s name after the trademark - The Matadors.
In December 1966 in came Viktor Sodoma, not only a good singer, but a frontman in full sense of a word, a model for youngsters to follow. He and Hladik (at the time often playing with his teeth!) gave The Matadors a stunning stage act and won residency at the Prague premier venue - ‘Olympic Club’. Tours of Belgium and Switzerland followed.

However, by 1968 days of the band were numbered, as Hladik decided to move on to more complicated music and founded The Blue Effect
1. Farmer John 1:502. Sing A Song Of Sixpence 1:533. Locomotion With You 1:264. Pay, Pay Twist 2:125. Snad jednou ti dam 2:306. Malej zvon, co mam 3:517. Don't Bother Me 2:328. Old Mother Hubbard 2:079. Hate Everything Except Of Hatter 3:2810. Get Down From The Tree 3:2811. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:0912. Indolence 3:5213. Get Down From The Tree 3:2814. I Want To See You 2:2115. My Girl 3:0016. Bad, Bad Bird 2:2917. I'm So Lonesome (Out Of Reach) 4:1518. Extraction 5:5019. Shotgun 2:5520. Hate Everything Except Of Hattered 3: 3021. I Feel So Lonely 4:0322. I Must Hope 3:3223. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:2724. You'll Be Mine 2:26
One of my favorite. Recommend.

Olympic - Jedeme, jedeme (1971)

Mp3 192\86 Mb
On request
01 Pet cestujicich02 Kdyz jsem bejval tramp03 Mr Den a Lady Noc04 Brouk05 Dany06 Elixir07 Blaznivej Kiki08 Bon soir mademoiselle Paris09 Strazce majaku10 Tobogan
11 Kufr12 Andel13 Otazky14 Strejcek Jonatan15 Slunecni pisen16 Carodejka17 Aeroplan18 Inzerat 19 Vanoce20 Dynamit

Olympic - Pták Rosomák (1969)

Mp3 192\56 Mb
On request
Olympic-Czechoslovakia. Remarkable psychodelic fate. 68-th. Behind a window tanks, the Soviet armies have entered Prague, and they write down a surprising, light album " Ptak Rosomak "...
The story of Olympic is long so I'll tell it some other time. In short, they were likely the most important Czech group of the 1960s. Initially they played rock'n'roll and they worked as a backing combo for various pop singers. Two years later, in 1965 they were possibly the first rock band that began to compose, play and record exclusively their own material sung in Czech language instead of the ubiquitous English covers. And of course they were also the first rock group to have a full blown long play album, the legendary Želva (The Tortoise), released by Supraphon in 1968. Well, Želva was okay, but their second album from 1969 was even better: Pták Rosomák (The Wolverine Bird). Fuzz guitars, psychedelic soundscapes, sitars, freakbeats and a couple of timeless songs - an album that still sounds fresh 38 years later. The classic line-up consisted of Pacák on drums, the lyricist Pavel Chrastina on bass, Miroslav Berka on keyboards, the rhythm guitarist Ladislav Klein as well as the band leader, composer and lead singer Petr Janda.... read more...
1. Krasna neznama 2. Ikarus blues 3. Bajeene misto 4. Everybody 5. O pulnoci 6. Ptak Rosomak 7. Tve neklidne svidomi 8. Eekam na zazrak 9. Z bile eernou 10. Pohoeb sve vlastni duse 11. Kamenozrout zeleny 12. Svatojansky happening

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Mallard - In A Different Climate (1976)

Mp3 256\63 Mb
Bill Harkleroad John Thomas Sam Galpin Mark Boston George Draggota John McFee Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Mallard (Ex-Capt. Beefheart Band) - In A Different Climate (1976)

Reviewby Ralph Heibutzki
Despite — or because of — an acrimonious split with their employer-guru, Captain Beefheart, Mallard's core trio of Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo), Mark Boston (Rockette Morton), and Art Tripp III (Ed Marimba) initially seemed to have weathered the experience well. Their self-titled debut album made a strong case for what the trio saw as their unsung contributions to shaping the Beefheartian sound, even if it wasn't a runaway chart-topper. On the surface, everything looks fine; Harkleroad's guitar work remains the obvious drawing card, while the band's interplay is sturdily self-assured. (The biggest change is the absence of Tripp, who'd gone back to working with Beefheart.) Vocalist Sam Galpin also acquits himself well (yet still sounds eerily like Beefheart, although he claimed not to have heard of him). The problem isn't the material, but the execution — in this case, production that leans more firmly than ever toward the country-pop/soft vein explored on the debut album's "South of the Valley," an inclination underlined here by John McFee's guest appearance on pedal steel guitar. Although few rock fans understood the Magic Band's methods, they could respect their single-minded identity. Here, the boys seem less concerned with standing out than garnering some of that radio play (an understandable impulse, given their lack of success with Captain Beefheart). The best tracks uphold the left-field sensibility of yore. "Texas Weather" has some terrific imagery ("Cockroaches so big they bark/Water moccasins that lark in the dark"), while "Big Foot" posits the Sasquatch as one of nature's underdogs — a theme that would have put a smile on Beefheart's face (even if his protйgй's public comments triggered a different response). It's hard to say where Mallard could have gone from here, since the band fizzled after this album's release, but the verdict might well read: "Not bad, but not good enough."
1 Green Coyote 2 Your Face on Someone Else 3 Harvest 4 Mama Squeeze 5 Heartstrings 6 Old Man Grey 7 Texas Weather 8 Big Foot
My recommendation

Mallard - Mallard (1975)

Mp3 256\71 Mb
Mallard was a short-lived '70s experimental rock band featuring several former members of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band: guitarist Bill Harkleroad (aka Zoot Horn Rollo), bassist Mark Boston (aka Rockette Morton), and percussionist/drummer Art Tripp (aka Ed Marimba), the latter of which also played in Frank Zappa's Mothers of Inventio for several albums, as well. Both Harkleroad and Boston had been members of the Magic Band from 1968 through 1974, when a falling out between them and Beefheart (over their unhappiness with the album Unconditionally Guaranteed), led to their exit. The trio of Beefheart... Read More...
Mallard (Ex-Capt. Beefheart Band) - Mallard (1975)

Review by Ralph Heibutzki Fans always had trouble assessing the Magic Band's contributions on Captain Beefheart's albums because his presence was so overweening. When they did break away, guitarist Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo), Mark Boston (Rockette Morton), and drummer Art Tripp (Ed Marimba) maintained that they'd played a significant role in shaping the sound; this album bolstered their case somewhat. Not surprisingly, many of the Beefheartian trademarks — such as the guitar/marimba interplay — are present. So are the off-kilter rhythms, which are more accessible than anything in Beefheart's realm. Harkleroad is the dominant presence, writing or co-writing the material with Boston and drummer/guitarist John (Drumbo) French (who didn't join the band). Vocalist Sam Galpin proves to be another wild card: a former lounge singer who'd reputedly never heard Beefheart, yet sounds eerily like him — especially on the piano ballad "Desperadoes Waiting for a Train." The overall feel might well be called "country progressive," with lots of tempo changes, and a twangy attack — as Harkleroad's slide guitar on "She's Long & She's Lean" shows. The Beefheart connections get more intriguing on the elaborately timed instrumental "Road to Morocco" and "Winged Tuskadero," which sets spoken lyrics over country-rock backing. They're either neatly executed bits of plagiarism, or else the band assimilated Beefheart's methods more than they cared to admit. The biggest surprise is "Peon," from Lick My Decals Off, Baby; its appearance seems curious for a band so bent on asserting its own identity. (The band claimed they'd covered the tune so their former boss could earn some badly needed royalties.) The final impression is one of impeccable musicians' more distinctive production and consisten
1. Back on the Pavement 2. She's Long and She's Lean 3. Road to Morrocco 4. One Day Once 5. Yellow 6. Desperados Waiting for a Train 7. Piece of Me 8. Reign of Pain 9. South of the Valley 10. Winged Tuskadero 11. Peon
Highly recommendation

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The Zoo - Presents Chocolate Moose (1968)

Mp3 192\33 Mb
The Zoo's sole album was released by Bell in 1968 and features an array of styles that cover all bases from garage and psych through to blue eyed soul and R&B. Whereas the heavy bubblegum blues soul tracks may recall a lesser late period Standells the psych orientated songs, particularly 'Try Me' and 'From A Camel's Hump' or the softer paisley moment 'Love Machine' are defining.
Very rare 68 psychedlic rock produced by Ed Cobb in '68. Ed worked with The Chocolate Watchband and this release is an interesting album of rock with The Zoo...
Although California-based Zoo managed to produce only a single album during their short career, it is surprising how fresh and relevant this record still is, some 36 years on.
Formed in 1968 by Murphy ‘Chocolate Moose’ Carfagna, the band also featured Mike Flicker on drums and Howard Leese on lead guitar both of whom went on to join Heart, Leese as guitarist and Flicker as the band’s producer.
Chocolate Moose was released in 1968 on Ed Cobb’s Sunburst label (Sunburst 7500) and is far more than just a rock album. Its strong punk and psychedelic tendencies, coupled with a smattering of R’n’B, propel the album with an energetic vitality that is underpinned by Leese’s searing guitar.
The album, rare at the time, has now become a major collectors item. Give it a listen and it’s easy to understand why.(
1. Chocolate Moose2. Written On The Wind3. I’ve Been Waiting Too Long4. Soul Drippin’s5. Get Some Beads6. Ain’t Nobody7. Try Me8. Love Machine9. Have You Been Sleepin’10. From A Camels Hump