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The Lemon Drops-A Classic Collection:Crystal Pure / The Lemon Drops' Second Album[67-68]

The Lemon Drops were a band from the northwest Chicago suburbs in McHenry County.Formed in the mid-1960s by the Weiss brothers and some other like-minded high school students,they were the recipients of a rather unique gift in that the older brother of two of the band members was a partner in the local label.Jeff Brand (bass), Bobby Lunack (rhythm guitar),Gary Weiss (drums),Eddie Weiss (rhythm guitar) and Danny Smola (vocals),who began rehearsing in the Weiss home when they were between 14 and 17 years old.With lead guitarist Ricky Erickson in tow and later an official member,they cut their first record,"I Live In the Springtime," for Rembrandt,a local label co-owned by one of the Weisses' elder siblings."I Live in the Springtime" got an enthusiastic reception locally and was played as far away as New York.The bandmembers became celebrities among the local kids when they were thrown out of school for their long hair.By that time,they were on their second single,the angry anti-Vietnam rocker "It Happens Everyday," and soon after had a new lead singer,Dick Sidman.The band slipped easily into the psychedelic blossoming of the Summer of Love,adding more overt flower-power references to their mix of sounds.It looked as though RCA was interested in the group,but a mix-up prevented the tapes for their third single,"Sometime Ago"/"Theatre of Your Eyes," from getting to the company in New York on time.A potential contract with Uni Records came to nothing and their third single,as well as a dozen tracks cut live in the Weiss home in January of 1968, went unheard.A few more songs were cut on behalf of Buena Vista Records,but the death of the label head scotched the deal and a potential contract with Alden Records fell apart,along with the group,following an acid party at the owner's Los Angeles mansion in the summer of 1969.

1.I Live In The Springtime
2.It Happens Everyday
3.Sometime Ago
4.The Theatre Of Your Eyes
5.Popsicle Girl
6.Flower Pure
7.Paperplane Flyer
8.Talk To The Animals
9.Fairy Tales
10.Hi,How Are You Today
12.Sleeping On Colours
13.Sometime Ago (Acoustic Version)
15.Learn To Fly
16.Flowers On The Hillside
17.Flower Dream
18.Flower Child Eyes And Arms
19.My Friend
20.To The Tower
21.Death Calls
22.Hi, How Are You Today
23.Love Is A Word
24.I Like You

The Collectables Records being reviewed here contains 24 songs that were to have been two albums by the band.The first twelve constitute sessions done in New York City for RCA that were never produced and released the second twelve are the so-called basement tapes.Most of the music is decidedly psychedelic in nature,replete with "nudge,nudge,wink,wink,then smirk" titles and lyrics about drugs.This includes a song where " Hi! How are you?" transforms into "How high are you?" Looking back on it,one has to wonder just how idiotically naive and simplistic we were at the time.The earlier material is very directly linked to the 1967 timeframe with a spoken intro lifted (in)famous 78 rpm cut on Moby Grape's "Wow." The songs themselves are pretty harmless,lightweight fare some of the material sounds a bit like The Association trying to be overly hip.The standout cut on the first' album is "I Live for the Springtime," written by the band by the older brother/label owner at a time when band-written original material did not exist.Not psychedelic in the least,the above excellent harmonies evoke a Beach Boys feel more than anything else.Of the rest little can be said beyond it's being more-or-less emblematic of the output one would expect from a group of teenagers at the time.The material of the `second' album sounds like demos, workups and frankly, fragments that are performed in a manner that suggests fractured morale and ego.The Hi/High song appears again,as does a cymbal on a couple of tracks.Why someone had a cymbal but not a drum kit is an issue lost to history.

Kings Verses[1966]

Kings Verses[1966]USA

Formed-1966,Fresno,CA,United States
Disbanded-1967,Los Angeles,CA,United States

Bob Melchor (drums)
Jim Baker (guitar,vocals)
Bill Kufis (bass)
Lloyd Bell (guitar,keyboards,1966)
John Hollingsworth (bass,1966-67)
Philip Hollingsworth (keyboards,1966-67)

1 Lights
2 Ballad of Lad Polo
3 It's Not Right
4 She Belonged to Me
5 It's Love
6 E. Sok Baxter
7 A Million Faces
8 Mind Rewind
9 When You Loved Her
10 You Can Be Me
12 She Belonged to Me (Live)
13 Lights (Live)

The Kings Verses hail from Fresno,California.The band was formed when Lloyd Bell and Jim Baker,still in high school,persuaded both Bob Melchor,who was playing drums for a local cover band and Bill Kufis,playing bass,to join them in a band. Bell left the at the end of 1966, to be replaced by bassist John and keyboardist Philip Hollingsworth from Everyday Things,another local group.In the summer of 1967 however,the band relocated to sunny Los Angeles in hopes of making it better there,as they'd had nothing but bad luck back in Fresno. While in LA,they did a semester at LA City College, before coming known by the Oracle newspaper scence,eventually getting them well known enough to be an opening act for The Doors.However,their good fortune proved to be short-lived.After a gig at a venue on the Sunset Strip called The Hullabaloo at which they did not get paid,the band gave the venue affidavits,but the band ended up getting blackballed and their reputation was ruined.So they packed up and the members all went their separate ways.The Kings Verses did not last long enough to put out a record.However they did record some demos.In 1998 these demos,along with two live songs from the 1966 KYNO Battle of the Bands in Fresno,were released into the compilation Kings Verses.

Kensington Market-Avenue Road[1968]

Kensington Market-Avenue Road[1968]Canada

Kensington Market (named after a street market in the city’s west side) was formed initially to promote the song writing talents of English-born Keith McKie (b. 20 November 1947,St Albans).

1.I Would Be The One (Keith McKie)
2.Speaking Of Dreams (Luke Gibson)
3.Colour Her Sunshine (Keith McKie) 
4.Phoebe (Gene Martynec)
5.Aunt Violet's Knee (Keith McKie)
6.Coming Home Soon (Keith McKie)
7.Presenting Myself Lightly (Gene Martynec) 
8.Looking Glass (Keith McKie)
9.Beatrice (Gene Martynec)
10.Girl Is Young  (Keith McKie)

Alex Darou - Bass
Keith McKie - Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Watson - Drums,Sitar
Gene Martynec - Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Luke Gibson - Vocals,Guitar

Frumious Bandersnatch-The Studio Outtakes[1968][w.bonus ep]

Originally from Lafayette/California they moved to San Francisco and picked up the typical sound of the city.

If any one group can legimately qualify as the "great lost psychedelic band',then Frumious Bandersnatch is that group.The few tantalizing glimpses of the combo afforded by their solo release in the 1960s gained them an enormous reputation.The subsequent fortunes of its members in groups like Journey and The Steve Miller Band have only added to the phenomenon.The name,derived from Lewis Carroll's proto-psych 'Jabberwocky',has an air of psychedelic mystery to it.So,after years of wishful thinking on the part of psychedelic music aficionados all over the world we find the earnestness of this their latest achievment all the more extraordinary.

1.Hearts To Cry [Alternate Version]
2.Chain Reaction
3.Pulpit Hough
4.Cheshire [Full-Length Version]
5.Woodrose Syrup
6.Can-A-Bliss  [Full-Length Version]

Bonus EP (Muggles Gramophone Works FB-A/B) 1968

7.Hearts To Cry
8.Misty Cloudy
9 Cheshire

The Lemon Fog-The Psychedelic Sound Of Summer[67-68]

[Pure Texas Garage Psych]

1.Summer (Previously Unreleased Complete Version)
2.Lemon Fog (Original Single Master)
3.Echoes Of Time (Original Single Master)
4.The Prisoner (Previously Unreleased Complete Version)
5.Day By Day (Previously Unreleased Complete Version)
6.Yes I Cry (Previously Unreleased Mix)
7.Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town (Previously Unreleased Version)
8.Summer (Original Single Master)
9.Echoes Of Time (Previously Unreleased Outtake)
10.Echoes Of Time (Previously Unreleased Outtake)
11.Echoes Of Time (Previously Unreleased Complete Version)
12.Lemon Fog (Previously Unreleased Complete Version)
13.Day By Day -
14.The Prisoner
15.Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town (Original Single Masters)
16.Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town (Previously Unreleased,Discarded Outro)

Ted Eubanks - Keyboards,12 String Guitar
Bill Simmons - Lead Vocals
Terry Horde - Lead Guitar
Chris Lyons - Drums
Danny Ogg - Bass
Keith Manlove - Guitar (Left the band before the recordings)

In 1967,Jimmy Duncan sent a tape of demos by The Lemon Fog to Ray McGinnis of Orbit Records.Duncan was a producer and songwriter,out of Houston.He also owned a local club called "The Living Eye" (featuring an immense,pulsing eye in the middle of the ceiling).Ted Eubanks,keyboardist and songwriter for The Lemon Fog,recalls "we named the band Lemon Fog at the request of Duncan.He wanted us to help him remain relevant and to make the progression into the rock world so we became the house band at "The Living Eye". "Our live act consisted of original songs and many covers of popular hits.We opened for The Electric Prunes,The Moving Sidewalks,The 13th Floor Elevators, Question Mark and the Mysterians and Fever Tree.Mike Knust,Fever Tree's guitar player, went to the same high school that we did and most of the band lived in the neighborhood.Scott Holtzman wrote their hit "San Francisco Girls" and managed them.He eventually managed us as well." The first Lemon Fog recording session was at Doyle Jones studio in Houston,during the summer of 1967.Five songs were completed,"Lemon Fog", "Summer", "Yes I Cry", "Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town" and "Echoes Of Time".The songs were sophisticated psychedelic numbers written by Duncan and Eubanks.The oldest member of The Lemon Fog was seventeen year Chris Lyons,a senior in high school,the rest of The Fog were juniors.The first single from the sessions was "Lemon Fog" b/w "Echoes Of Time" released in November,1967. "Lemon Fog" was alternately titled "The Living Eye Theme" to tie in with Duncan's club (he also wrote the lyrics).For "Echoes Of Time" Eubanks wrote the music and played the keyboards,which sounded like a Mellotron.In reality it was the Farfisa and phasing.The engineer would manipulate the tape as it moved across the heads to get that phasing sound.The master tape reveals that "Echoes Of Time" was taped for ten times,before the right band track was found on which to overdub Simmon's lead vocals.As first singles go for a band,The Lemon Fog were mi les ahead of the other bands with their unique sound and style of mixing spacey lyrics with even spacier psychedelic music.The second Lemon Fog single, "Summer" b/w "Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town" was released right before school let out,in May,1968.Eubanks wrote "Summer" when he was sixteen and this was no typically written upbeat teen summer song,it was about alienation and boredom.The single mixed version was edited by almost two minutes,with the verse that includes "My bird has flown" omitted (the unedited complete version is track one on this album).The second Fog single was another winner,but according to Eubanks didn't make the charts! II the Fog weren't hitting the charts with their singles,they did get on The Larry Kane TV show.The first time on,they performed "Lemon Fog" with a yellow tinted see-through sheet layered over the video and a foggy mist on stage.Their next and final appearance on Larry King was to perform "Summer".The next Lemon Fog session was for the recording of "Day By Day", and The Prisoner". By now Eubanks was writing all the band's material and he recalls,"we recorded "Day by Day" and "The Prisoner" at Huey Meaux's studio".The single is a existential example of the far out sound of The Lemon Fog,with obscure,philosophical lyrics and observances of life.Unfortunately this was to become.The Lemon Fog's third and final single.The band members graduated high school in June 1968 and went onto divergent paths. Eubanks says that "when I left The Lemon Fog I joined Duncan at his new Soundville recording studio where we recorded as "Wichita" in 1970".Wichita cut one single and an unreleased album before breaking up in 1971.

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Cuby & Blizzards–Desolation[1966]Netherlands

Cuby & Blizzards–Desolation[1966]Netherlands

Cuby & The Blizzards record their first album Desolation.The title comes from the book ‘Desolation Angels’ by Jack Kerouac,one of the leaders of the beat generation,who is very influential on the artistic Dutch youth as well.It is the first Dutch blues album and draws the attention of Willem de Ridder, editor-in-chief of Hitweek.Harry’s farm in Grolloo becomes a place of pilgrimage.Ton Sybrands,Simon Vinkenoog,Boudewijn de Groot,Johnny the Selfkicker,John Mayall,Eddie Boyd and Alexis Korner all sleep at Harry’s farm.A ‘road to fame’ in Grolloo reminds us of the many, often eccentric,visitors.Single ‘Just for Fun’ is a tribute to the village and its inhabitants.a small village called Grollo (population: 500) situated in one of the most isolated parts of Holland.
A young piano player called Herman Brood (ex-Moan)joins the band.Moan regularly performs for American soldiers in Germany,always an exhausting experience.To keep it up they swallow pep pills given to them by the Americans, and Brood turns it into a lifestyle.

Bass-Willy Middel
Drums-Hans Waterman
Guitar[Rhythm]-Hans Kinds
Guitar[Solo]-Eelco Gelling
Piano-Henk Hilbrandie
Vocals,Harmonica-Harry Muskee

1.Things I Remember  
2.Hobo Blues  
3.Just for Fun  
4.I’m in Love  
5.Gin House Blues  
6.Desolation Blues  
7.Five Long Years  
8.Let’s Make It

Mayfield's Mule - Mayfield's Mule (1969-70)

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter CHRIS MAYFIELD began to play at the beginning of the Sixties in local Kent band The MORAL SET, then went on to the usual plethora of bands and sessions, playing with the earliest NIRVANA, JOHN GUSTAFSON, GENE LATTER and IAN HUNTER among the others.

In 1968 after a few disappointing musical adventures, Chris joined AMEN CORNER as a roadie/driver, but his girlfriend passed some of his demos to Amen's sax player, MIKE SMITH, who immediately got them to various labels, EMI approved and immediately signed Chris to a recording deal.


Three Parlophone singles were recorded in a few months and the band also began to work on an album at Abbey Road studios. But something went wrong and the LP was apparently shelved, gaining instead an incredible Uruguayan release on local Emi-Odeon label, without any involvement and knowledge from the band.

Mayfield's Mule went on for a while longer, recruiting brothers MIKE and ANDY SCOTT, and then called it a day.

While Sean Jenkins played a few months with HENRY COW and Andy Scott resurfaced in THE SWEET, Chris Mayfield joined forces with JOHN KONGOS to record some demos of his new material.

He then met up with an old friend from Kent NOEL REDDING (late of Jimi Hendrix Band and Fat Mattress) and they formed the shortlived BRAIN POLICE, which became (without Chris) ROAD and finally The NOEL REDDING BAND.

Chris moved to Holland for a while and then on to the USA, where he stayed playing music for the next 20 years, before coming back to England where he gave life to the brilliant BLUZE The BAND in 1998.

After 7 years on the road this band is no longer working, but Chris is still gigging and right now is recording tunes for his new solo album!

This CD contains all the best Mayfield's Mule recordings, drawing from both the singles and the album.

The music is basically rock but with hints of prog, blues, rural and even a bit of soul thrown in. All tracks have been digitally remastered from the original tapes.

Tracks 2 and 6 recorded at Trident Studios, all the other tracks recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 6 from the Parlophone singles R5817, R5843, R5858, all the other tracks from the 'Mayfields Mule' album, originally issued only in Uruguay by EMI Odeon (SURL 20739 - 1970)

The 12 page booklet features the band's detailed story, with never-seen-before photos and Mayfield's own anecdotes.

Pepper Tree-You're My People[1971][with bonus]

 Also Known As: The Pepper Tree [1967-70]
Formed: 1967,NS,Canada
Disbanded: 1974
Related Artists:-Central Nervous System,Chilliwack,Headpins,Molly Oliver,Wrabit

Comprised of Chris Brockway,Jim White,Bob Quinn and Tim Garagon,Pepper Tree was signed by Capitol in 1970.You're My People (1971) featured the Canadian hit "Mr. Pride." Several singles followed in the early '70s,but Pepper Tree never duplicated their early success.Pepper Tree hailed from Nova Scotia and was formed in 1967.After a few years of saturating the club scene in Canada,the band finally landed a contract with Capitol Records in 1969.Producer,Jack Richardson,was drafted to produce a single which saw the band charting in their native country.Lineup changes ensued over the next year,until "You're My People" hit store shelves in 1971.The album was a solid mix of folk,pop,prog and organ driven hard rock.By 1973,the band was belly up and members went on to such bands as Rhinegold, Molly Oliver,Hanover Fist,Wrabit,Lee Aaron,Chilliwack and Headpins.Many of them are still active in both performing and producing music.

1.You're My People
2.Carry On
3.How Many Times
6.Oh Yeah
7.Yellow Man
8.Turn Around
9.I Could Not Control It
10.From A Candle


13.Love Is A Railroad
14.Love Is A Railroad (vinyl)
15.Mr Pride
16.Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Tim Garagan (drums,vocals,1967-73)
Ritchie Richmond (bass,1967-69)
Lenny Brennan (guitar,1967-69)
Tony Argent (guitar,1967)
Bonnie Oulton (vocals,1967-68)
Bob Quinn (keyboards,1967-73)
Doug Billard (vocals,1968-69)
Jim White (guitar,1969-71)
Chris Brockway (bass,1969-74)
Joel Zemel (guitar,1971)
Matt Minglewood (guitar,vocals,1971)
Terry Hatty (vocals,1971)
Rick Edgett (guitar,1971)
Paul Butler (guitar,1971)
Brian "Too Loud" Macleod (drums,1973-74)
Ralph Parker (keyboards,1973-74)

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Poor Things & Karl Heinz-Poor Things & Soul five[64-68]

Out of the ashes from the band Die DOMINOS (1963-65) in Opel (GM) City Ruesselsheim arose The POOR THINGS,whichworked from 1966 to 1967 releasing 1 LP and 2 singles.The band was a main attraction in US-Army Clubs.Biggest event:Touring with Bill Haley.After the split Bender and Schuppank formed new band The SOUL FIVE.Their style was a mix from Rock & Roll,Beat and Soul.

At least 30 installments are planned,and each CD will contain between 20 and 30 titles,all re-mastered for the best possible sound quality.The featured artists run the gamut from popular groups to great unknowns.Despite the CD revolution,many of these songs are making their first appearance on CD,and some are making their very first appearance anywhere!There's a book,Shakin' All Over (published by High Castle),designed to accompany this series.The author,Hans Jurgen Klitsch,has written the hugely informative booklets for our CDs.It has been thirty-five years since the dawn of the Beat Boom in Germany.Relive that era in words and music!Three different German 'beat' groups from the mid-1960s are featured here,with most songs appearing on CD for the first time,inc.Mustang Sally,She's Mine,Soul Dance Party,Oh Jenny & many others.

Karl-Heinz Bender-vocals,guitar,bass
Norbert Henss-organ
Walter Braun-bass,sax,vocals
Otto Sedlatschek-sax
Wilfried Schleppy-drums
Bill Hofman (65-66)-lead guitar 
Mike Warner (1966)
Falk Schuppank (1967)-organ

1.Mustang Sally
2.She's Mine
3.It's A Vow
4.Club A Go Go
5.Don't You See
6.We Trust In A Better Way Of Life
7.Kansas City
8.Move On Now
9.I'm So Lonesome
10.Don't Leave Me Alone
11.Send Me Some Lovin'
12.Well, My Milmo
13.Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
14.Don't Say I'm Sorry
15.We Trust In A Better Way Of Life
16.Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
17.I'm So Lonesome[45 version]
18.Don't Say I'm Sorry[45 version]
19.Soul Dance Party[Single 1968]
20.It's All Over
21.Oh Jenny[KARL-HEINZ BENDER & The BLACK PANTHERS  Single 1965]
22.Oh,Oh Du
23.Hey Angelina[KARL-HEINZ BENDER  Single 1964]

Love Sculpture-Blues Helping[1968][w.bonus]

1. The Stumble (Freddy King,Sonny Thompson)
2. Three O' Clock Blues (B.B. King,Jules Taub)
3. I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles)
4. So Unkind (Elmore James,Marshall Sehorn)
5. Summertime (DuBose Heyward,George Gershwin)
6. On The Road Again (Floyd Jones, Will Shade)
7. Don't Answer The Door (Jimmy Johnson)
8. Wang Dang Doodle (Willie Dixon)
9. Come Back Baby (Ray Charles)
10.Shake Your Hips (James Moore)
11.Blues Helping: Instrumental (Bob Jones,Dave Edmunds,John Williams)


12.Morning Dew: Take Me For A Walk (Bonnie Dobson,Tim Rose,1967 Single Release as Human Beans)
13.It's A Wonder (Isaac Hayes, David Porter,1967 Single Release as Human Beans)
14.River To Another Day (Charles & Kingsley Ward,1968 Single Release)
15.Brand New Woman (Crick Feather,1968 Single Release)

Dave Edmunds - Guitar, Organ,Piano,Lead Vocals
John Williams - Bass, Piano,Vocals
Bob 'Congo' Jones - Drums,Vocals

The Glass Family-Electric Band[1969][with bonus]

The Glass Family were a California based band during the 1967 to 1969 period.Uncertain if they were based in the Bay Area but they played at various San Francisco venue during this period. A superb mix of trippy pop-rock songs and ballads,it sold poorly but has earned a major cult reputation since,and makes its long-awaited CD debut here complete with three rare bonus tracks.

Ralph Parrett–Vocals,Guitar
David Capilouto–Keyboards Bass
Gary Green–Drums Percussion

1. House of Glass
2. Born In the U.S.A.
3. Once Again
4. Sometimes You Wander
5. The Means
6. Do You Remember?
7. I Want To See My Baby
8. Lady Blue
9. Passage #17
10. Mr. Happy Glee
11. Guess I'll Let You Go
12. Agorn


13. Teenage Rebellion
14. David's Rap
15. Guess I'll Let You Go (45 Mix)

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The Electric Flag ‎– A Long Time Comin' 1968

Writer Jeff Tamarkin says "ex Butterfield Band guitarist Mike Bloomfield, drummer Buddy Miles, and others put this soul-rock band together in 1967. This debut is a testament to their ability to catch fire and keep on burnin'." That The Electric Flag do so well -- they appeared at the Monterey International Pop Festival with the Blues Project, Paul Butterfield, and Janis Joplin, and all these groups had some musical connection to each other beyond that pivotal festival. A Long Time Comin' is the "new soul" described appropriately enough by the late critic Lillian Roxon, and tunes like "She Should Have Just" and "Over-Lovin' You" lean more towards the soul side than the pop so many radio listeners were attuned to back then.

Nick Gravenites was too much of a purist to ride his blues on the Top 40 the way Felix Cavaliere gave us "Groovin'," so Janis Joplin's eventual replacement in Big Brother & the Holding Company, Gravenites, and this crew pour out "Groovin' Is Easy" on this disc. It's a classy production, intellectual ideas with lots of musical changes, a subdued version of what Joplin herself would give us on I Got Dem Ole Kozmic Blues Again, Mama two years later, with some of that album written by vocalist Gravenites. Though launched after Al Kooper's the Blues Project, A Long Time Comin' itself influenced bands who would go on to sell more records. In the traditional "Wine," it is proclaimed "you know Janis Joplin, she'll tell you all about that wine, baby." As good as the album is, though, the material is pretty much composed by Mike Bloomfield and Barry Goldberg, when they're not covering Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" and adding spoken-word news broadcasts to the mix. More contributions by Buddy Miles and Gravenites in the songwriting department would have been welcome here.


01 Killing Floor
02 Groovin' Is Easy
03 Over Lovin' You
04 She Shoul Have just
05 Wine
06 Texas
07 Sittin' in Circles
08 You Don't Realize
09 Another Country
10 Easy Rider
11 Sunny
12 Mistery
13 Look into my Eyes
14 Going down Slow

TEA & SYMPHONY - 1969 - An Asylum For The Musically Insane

Tea and Symphony
An Asylum for the Musically Insane is the debut album by the psyched-out progressive/folk weirdo ensemble Tea and Symphony. Released on Harvest in 1969.
This is a fine example of English musical eccentricity that's very much in the style of Forest, Dr Strangely Strange and later period Incredible String Band. In turns experimental, progressive and theatrically challenging this is an unusual example of early '70s esoteric progressive/psych music from a bunch of hippy heads.

Dave Clempson ('Clem') - guitar
Jeff Daw - flute, guitar, vocals
Gus Dudgeon - drums
James Langston - guitar, vocals, woodwinds
Nigel Phillips - keyboards, vocals, percussion
Bob Lamb - drums

1. Armchair Theatre
2. Feel How So Cool The Wind
3. Sometime
4. Maybe My Mind
5. Come On
6. Terror In My Soul
7. Travelling Shoes
8. Winter
9. Nothing Will Come To Noth

NICK DRAKE - 1969 - Five Leaves Left

All songs written by Nick Drake.
01. Time Has Told Me – 4:24
02. River Man – 4:18
03. Three Hours – 6:12
04. Way To Blue – 3:07
05. Day Is Done – 2:25
06. 'Cello Song – 4:44
07. The Thoughts Of Mary Jane – 3:17
08. Man In A Shed – 3:50
09. Fruit Tree – 4:45
10. Saturday Sun – 4:02

- Nick Drake - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano (10)
- Paul Harris - piano (01,08)
- Richard Thompson - electric guitar (01)
- Danny Thompson - bass (01,03,06,08,10)
- Harry Robinson - arranger (02)
- Rocky Dzidzornu - congas (03,06)
- Robert Kirby - arranger (04,05,07,09)
- Clare Lowther - cello (06)
- Tristan Fry - drums & vibraphone (10)
- Joe Boyd – producer

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE - 1968 - Presenting

They were the first band to use synthesiser's on tour.

They were possibly being checked out by Chas Chandler when he was caught in traffic and missed their first show. He promised he would stay for their second show that evening but left after signing up Jimi Hendrix and being blown away by his show that evening.

At that point the world gained a Mind Blowing guitar player but lost an experimental group that would eventually give up after 2 albums.

These 2 albums are available as a single release these days but that is not what I have. I have 2 seperate rips for these.

So - Who is Lothar? Well Lothar is an IT. An instrument called a Theremin (An early electronic music instrument, invented, in the early decades of the 20th Century, by Russian engineer Leon Termen ("Theremin" was a French transliteration of the Cyrillic, IIRC). You play it by moving your hands around it - the spatial location of one hand controls pitch, while the other controls volume. It was used to create weird sound effects in radio dramas and sci-fi films. Some play it as a proper instrument - e.g. Clara Rockmore, when she was alive. Still sounds weird.) PHEW.

All tracks written by John Emelin, Kim King, Paul Conly, Rusty Ford, Tom Flye except where noted.
01. Machines (Mort Shuman) - 2:38
02. This Is It - 2:49
03. This May Be Goodbye - 2:36
04. That's Another Story - 2:09
05. Kids Are Little People - 2:23
06. Ha (Ho) - 3:33
07. Sex And Violence (Paul Conly/John Emelin) - 2:51
08. Bye Bye, Love (Felice Bryant/Boudleaux Bryant) - 2:27
09. Milkweed Love - 2:56
10. You Won't Be Lonely - 2:34
11. Woody Woodpecker (George Tibbles, Ramez Idriss) - 0:48
12. It Comes On Anyhow (Paul Conly/Kim King/John Emelin) - 3:19
13. Paul, In Love (Paul Conly) - 2:57
14. Have Mercy (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy) (D.Covay/R.Miller) - 1:52
15. Let The Boy Pretend (Paul Conly/Antonia) - 2:10
16. L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name) - 2:18
17. Rose Colored Glasses - 2:28
18. Every Single Word (Paul Conly/John Emelin/Weissman) - 2:07
19. Comic Strip - 2:36

- Rusty Ford - bass
- Kim King - Moog synthesizer, guitar, Ampex tape decks
- Paul Conly - keyboards, audio generator, Moog synthesizer
- John Emelin - lead vocals, Theremin (Lothar)
- Tom Flye - percussion
- Robert Marguleff - producer

JULIE FELIX - 1967 - Flowers

Julie Felix has come a long way since her unheralded first public appearance in Britain at a Royal Festival Hall folk-song concert about two and a half years ago. She has widened her range and her following without ever losing close contact with the folk clubs from which she draws both inspiration and strength She has been subject to the pressures inevitable when a natural singer, who sings primarily for the love of her songs and her listeners, has to sing through a screen of production techniques, to unseen millions.

She has seen, outside the clubs, the distorting mirrors of the image-makers reflecting something different from her own true self. And yet with all this she has, in fact, remained unchanged - except in a deepening of experience since Tony Geraghty wrote in the Guardian after her Croydon concert last November: "Her songs match her own integrity" What, then is this quality that has emerged unscathed from the gloss-imparting abrasives of promotion ? Directness, natural warmth, simplicity, courage, faith in her own generation. gaiety . . these are part of it.

Since that first Festival Hall appearance I have listened to her in concert halls and in dubs, on records and in private, informal sessions, and I am more than ever convinced that in this dark-haired girl from California, with her Mexican - United States heritage, the young folk revival has found one of its best, least doctrinaire, and truest representatives The implications of the continuing folk revival are clear. Industrial and technological developments have shown how fatally easy it is for the mass of people - either because they are too comfortable or too desperate to ask awkward questions - to acquiesce in the concentration of power and influence in a few controlling hands, so that culture is in danger of becoming a kind of conditioning.

The reaction to this among young people has taken many forms - beatnikry, marches, sit-downs, skiffle. Skiffle came in time to give a new dimension to the kind qf folk singing that had already long replaced the somewhat precious posturings of the evening-dress ballad-singers and was firmly established in pubs and clubs; to the revival of down-to-earth traditional songs was added the creation of songs of our time.

Youngsters, disillusioned by the acceptance world of their elders, uninspired by the in ward looking preoccupations of literary coteries. began to find a new outlet for the expression of their undirected idealism Songs began again to express the realities of the time – realities of personal relationships as well as the realities of politics - and the quality of singers to be measured by their creative involvement with the people for whom they sing ' That is one aspect of the reasons why Julie Felix has such a following A voice naturally dark and rich, containing both harsh flamenco haunting Celtic elements, with a quality of chiaroscuro that I can only describe as Goyasque,. is made directly communicative by its clarity, and beautiful by its meaningful humanity - "the ability to match vocal colour to the sense of the words", as a writer in The Times said.

She sings what she means, and means what she sings, as far removed from the folk-pedant as from the latest pop rider on the folk band-wagon. Moreover her direct approach, her profound involvement in people and her gift for expressing this as a singer have given her a special role in the current tendency towards a fusion of the folk tradition with the true "chanson populaire" a medium which the English-speaking people have hitherto left largely undeveloped as a means of voicing the quests and concerns of the day.

So much by way of introductions. Now play these "Changes" and let Julie sing for herself. and you. and all of us Listen to the way she lets the song speak for itself, the way she sings the songs of Gordon Lightfoot. Bob Dylan and Shel Silverstein, instead of turning them into production numbers; listen to the songs she herself has written, or shared in. and listen to the lovely folk-quality of "Geordie" - and. above all, listen for the sheer pleasure and fun of listening.
by Maurice Rosenbaum, July 1966

1. The Flower Lady (P. Ochs) - 4:33
2. Mexico (Sand And Foam) (Donovan) - 2:10
3. Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone) (Jackson C. Frank) - 3:15
4. Soldat (Wolf Bierman) - 1:53
5. Somewhere There’s Gotta Be Me (Clint Ballard Jr) - 2:11
6. The Gates Of Eden (B. Dylan) - 5:07
7. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) (J. Phillips) - 3:02
8. The Great Brain Robbery (Julie Felix, J. Melon) - 1:48
9. Saturday Night (Donovan) - 2:34
10.Don’t Make Promises (T. Hardin) - 2:34
11.Berlin (Julie Felix) - 2:09
12.Chimes of Freedom (B. Dylan) - 6:03

Julie Felix - Vocals, Guitar

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Kenny Wayne & The Kamotions-In Motion[1970]

Reissue on “Acid Sound” from this US band from Shreveport,Louisianna who played a cool garage kind of music drenched in Hammond organ & Wah Wah guitars,also a nice bluesy soul feel to it (originaly released in 1970 and very hard to find).Kenny’s Gruff vocals are outstanding.

1 Vehicle
2 How Should I Feel
3 I Got You:Out Of Sight
4 Stormy Monday Blues
5 Child Bride
6 They
7 A Better Days A Comin'
8 Are You Ready
9 The Day When The Sun Goes Down
10 All Right Now
11 Green Eyed Lady
12 Time Seems To Fly

Kenny Wayne (vocals,rhythm guitar)
John Bruton (drums)
David Moye (organ,rhythm guitar)
Chuck Beck (lead guitar)
Steve Murrell (bass)

Fuse[1969][with bonus]

Fuse is the debut rock album by Fuse,recorded in 1969,released in 1970.This is the only album the band released before they broke up,with members going on to form Cheap Trick and Silver Fox.

1.Across The Skies (Rick Nielsen/Joe Sundberg)
2.Permanent Resident (Joe Sundberg/Craig Myers)
3.Show Me (Rick Nielsen)
4.To Your Health (Rick Nielsen)
5.In A Window (Rick Nielsen/Joe Sundberg)
6.4/4 3/4 (Joe Sundberg/Craig Myers)
7.Mystery Ship (Rick Nielsen)
8.Sad Day (Rick Nielsen)


9.Hound Dog (single A-side) (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
10.Cruisin' For Burgers(single B-side)(Joe Sundberg/Craig Myers)

Rick Nielsen - rhythm guitar,keyboards
Tom Peterson - bass
Craig Myers - lead guitar
Chip Greenman - drums
Joe Sundberg - vocals

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The Damnation Of Adam Blessing-First Damnation[1969] & 2nd Damnation[1970]

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing (1969)

1 Cookbook
2 Morning Dew
3 Le' Voyage
4 You Don't Love You
5 Strings And Things
6 Last Train To Clarksville
7 Dreams
8 Hold On
9 Lonely

The Second Damnation (1971)

10 No Way
11 Death Of A Virgin
12 Driver
13 Everyone
14 Back To The River
15 Money Tree
16 Ba-Dup
17 New York City Woman
18 In The Morning
19 Smile

Cleveland acid rock combo the Damnation of Adam Blessing was formed in 1968 from the ashes of a pair of local garage bands,the Society and Dust led by frontman Adam Blessing (Bill Constable),the group also included guitarists Jim Quinn and Bob Kalamasz,bassist Ray Benich, and drummer Bill Schwark.After months of relentless local gigging-often as the opener for hometown heroes the James Gang-the Damnation of Adam Blessing signed to United Artists and issued their self-titled debut LP in 1969,followed by a tour in support of the Faces.Second Damnation followed a year later,generating the minor hit "Back to the River" with their third album,1971's Which Is Justice,Which Is the Thief,Schwark was replaced by Blessing's drummer brother Ken Constable.In 1973,the group renamed itself Glory,releasing a self-titled LP on the UA subsidiary Avalanche before disbanding.The Italian reissue imprint Akarma re-released all of the Damnation of Adam Blessing's albums in the early to mid-2000s as either straight-up re-releases or with additional bonus tracks.The label even released a reissue of the obscure Glory album and offered deluxe vinyl pressings of most of the CDs as well.

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The Mark Four - Complete + Mark Five & Live Mark Four

01 - Rock Around The Clock (Mercury MF 815) 1964
02 - Slow Down
03 - Try It Baby (Mercury MF 825) 1964
04 - Crazy Country Hop
05 - Hurt Me If You Will (Decca F 12204) 1965
06 - I'm Leaving
07 - Work All Day (Fontana H 664) 1966
08 - Going Down Fast

The Mark Five
09 - Tango (Fontana TF 513) 1964
10 - Baby What's Wrong

The Dave Clark Five - Glad all over (1964)

pass: ma

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THE OTHER HALF - 1968 - The Other Half

01. Introduction (Jeff Nowlen/Geoff Westen) - 1:53
02. Feathered Fish (Country Joe McDonald) - 2:29
03. Flight Of The Dragon Lady (Randy Holden/Westen/Nowlen/Larry Brown/Danny Woody) - 2:25
04. Wonderful Day (Holden) - 2:13
05. I Need You (Mike Port/Holden) - 2:39
06. Oz Lee Eaves Drops (Nowlen/Westen) - 2:23
07. Bad Day (Holden/Nowlen) - 2:12
08. Morning Fire (Nowlen) - 2:29
09. What Can I Do For You, First Half (Nowlen/Westen) - 2:42
10. What Can I Do For You, The Other Half (Nowlen/Westen) - 6:45

- Jeff Nowlen - vocals, harmonica
- Randy Holden - lead guitar, vocals
- Geoff Westen - rhythm guitar, vocals
- Larry Brown - bass
- Danny Woody - drums
- Larry Goldberg, Leo De Gar Kulka, Hank Levine - producers

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THE-RIVETS(1966)Yes It's Time

01. Temptation - 2:14
02. Thommy - 1:37
03. The Girl I Love - 1:43
04. Only You - 2:56
05. Time For Love - 2:02
06. The Loving Game - 2:13
07. I Got A Feeling - 2:20
08. Um Um Um Um Um - 2:01
09. Secret Love - 2:32
10. Moonlight Talk - 2:02
11. The Land Of Make Believe - 2:01
12. Kinky Boots And Leather Clothes - 1:57
13. Now Decide - 1:54
14. Lucille - 2:14
15. Die Welt Ist Voll Musik - 1:59
16. Komm - 1:53
17. Barbara Ann - 2:19
18. L-O-V-E - 2:35
19. Yum Yum - 2:37
20. Wade In The Water - 2:22
21. She Hardly Ever Calls Me Honey - 2:35
22. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - 2:42
23. Make Up My Mind - 2:36
24. It's A Long Way To Tipperary - 2:40
25. Watch The World - 2:15
26. Right Girl (Live) - 3:00
27. Watch The World (Live) - 2:22

- Henner Hoier
- Michael (Kuno) Dreysse
- Raimund (Raimi) Seidl
- Jens Engelhardt (P.H.Jackson)
- Henry Buttgereit

THE APPLEJACKS(1964)Tell Me When

01. Tell Me When (Reed, Stephens) - 2:15
02. Wishing Will Never Make It So (Powers, Miller) - 2:12
03. Over Suzanne (Dello, Cane) - 2:22
04. Hello Josephine (Domino, Bartholomew) - 2:15
05. As A Matter Of Fact (Avon, Adams, Adams) - 2:03
06. Too Much Monkey Business (Berry) - 2:49
07. Mem'ries Of You (Chevin) - 2:18
08. Ain't That Just Like Me (Carroll, Guy) - 2:08
09. Kansas City (Leiber, Stoller) - 3:04
10. I Wonder (Richard, Marvin) - 2:59
11. Three Little Words (I Love You) (Mills) - 2:13
12. Baby Jane (Dello, Cane) - 1:56
13. No Time (Dello, Tracy) - 2:29
14. See If She Cares (Wilkinson, Slater) - 2:13
15. What's The Matter Little Girl (Potter, Dee) - 2:42
16. What'd I Say (Charles) - 3:25
17. Like Dreamers Do (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:30
18. (Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom) Everybody Fall Down (Dello, Cane) - 1:56
19. You're The One For Me (Freeman, Gould) - 2:20
20. I Go To Sleep (Davies) - 2:38

- Al Jackson - vocals
- Martin Baggott - lead guitar
- Phil Cash - rhythm guitar
- Don Gould - keyboards
- Megan Davies - bass (female)
- Gerry Freeman - drums

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Terry Knight And The Pack-Terry Knight And The Pack / Reflections[66-67]

[Great detroit hard garage beat psych,pre Grand Funk,2010 issue]

This two-fer compiles the only two albums by Michigan's Terry Knight & the Pack; its self-titled 1966 debut and 1967's Reflections.Rock 'n' roll collector's and Michigan rock aficionados have given these albums semi-legendary status simply because the lineup included the roots of Grand Funk Railroad-Knight was the band's manager and producer until 1972 and both guitarist Mark Farner and drummer Don Brewer came from its ranks.These two recordings were originally issued on the Lucky Eleven imprint and were distributed by Cameo/Parkway who had scored a number one hit with "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians, another Michigan act. Knight's gift wasn't so much as a singer, but as a songwriter capable of aping the hitmakers of the day and he knew how to arrange.This is born out on the first album's covers of Sonny Bono's "Where Do You Go," "You're a Better Man Than I" (a hit for the Yardbirds), and a particularly strange reading of the Rolling Stones' "Lady Jane." The single from the album was a reading of the Lieber & Stoller nugget "I (Who Have Nothing)."

Knight's own tunes include the fuzz guitar-drenched album-opener "Numbers" was reminiscent of the Seeds,while "What's on Your Mind" walked a line between Georgie Fame and the Zombies.The band's second album, Reflections, opens with the whitest cover of Joe Tex's "One Monkey (Don't Stop No Show)" ever.There are some real rockers here,too,in "Love,Love,Love,Love,Love," that's reminiscent of the Standells,the soul-inflected-cum-Association-influenced "This Train," and a unique garage psych cover of the Stones' "(I Can't No) Satisfaction." This is an integral part of Michigan Rock history.

2.What's on Your Mind
3.Where Do You Go (Sont Bono)
4.You're a Better Man Than I (B. Hugg,M. Hugg)
5.Lovin' Kind
6.The Shut-In
7.Got Love
8.A Change On The Way
9.Lady Jane (Jagger,Richards)
10.Sleep Talkin'
11.I've Been Told
12.I (Who Have Nothing) (Leiber, Stoller,Mogol)
13.One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Joe Tex)
15.Come with Me
16.Got to Find My Baby
17.This Precious Time (P. Sloan,S. Barri)
18.Anybody's Apple Tree
19.The Train
20.Dimestore Debutante
21.Dirty Lady
22.Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip
23.Forever and a Day
24.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Jagger,Richards)

All songs by Terry Knight except where indicated.

Don Brewer-Drums,Vocals
Bob Caldwell-Bells,Vocals
Mark Farner-Bass,Vocals
Herm Jackson-Bass
Curt Johnson-Guitar,Vocals
Terry Knight-Harmonica,Harpsichord,Piano,Vocals

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The Racket Squad - The Racket Squad / Corners Of Your Mind (1968-1969)

Country: USA
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Format: 320 kbps
Archive: 175 Mb

1. The Loser
2. Let's Dance To The Beat Of My Heart
3. (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
4. We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin'
5. Higher Than High
6. Hung Up
7. Ode To Billie Joe
8. Sunshine Man
9. No Fair At All
10. Little Read Wagon
11. Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
12. Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You
13. Sweet Little Smoke
14. Get Out Of My Life Woman
15. Suburban Life
16. Get Out Of My Life Woman (Reprise)
17. Corners Of Your Mind
18. You Turn Me On
19. Little Wing
20. The Minstrel
21. That's How Much I Love My Baby
22. Movin' In
23. Maybe Tomorrow
24. I'll Never Forget Your Love

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The Primitives-Maladjusted[64-67]

The group started life as the Rising Sons,before taking the unpromising name of the Cornflakes,under which they won a local band competition in Northampton,the first prize of which was a contract with Pye Records.They'd already developed a strong following with their strong (if somewhat heavy-handed) R&B-based sound in the clubs around Oxford,but coming off of the competition,they also got professional management in the guise of the owners of the Plaza Theatre,where the contest was held and they changed the Cornflakes moniker in favor of the more definitive and appropriate name the Primitives.

The Pye Singles

1. Help Me
2. Let Them Tell
3. You Said
4. How Do You Feel?
5. Every Minute Of Every Day
6. Pretty Little Face
7. Forget It
8. Your Friend
9. Lonely Room
10. Tell Your Friend

Previously unissued track

11. Oh Mary (Demo)

Oh Mary: The French EP

12. Oh Mary
13. I Don't Feel Myself
14. Mr. Heartache
15. Tears In My Eyes

Blow Up: The Italian LP:

16. Gimme Some Loving
17. L'Ombra De Nessuno (Standing In The Shadows Of Love)
18. No Response – 3:09
19. Johnny No (Thunder & Lightning)
20. Cara-Lin
21. Yeeeeeeh! (I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore)
22. Gira, Gira (Reach Out, I'll Be There)
23. Every Minute Of Every Day
24. Mister Heartache
25. Ma Beata Te
26. Sookie,Sookie
27. Mohair Sam –
28. L'Incidente (Soul Finger)

Jay Robert [Geoffrey Robert Farthing] - vocals,bass,organ (1965-70)
Geoff Eaton [aka Geoff Tindall] - lead guitar (1964-65)
John E. Soul - rhythm guitar,harmonica (1964-65)
Roger James – bass (1964-65)
Mal Ryder [Paul Bradley Couling] – vocals (1965-70)
Mike Wilding – drums (1964-65)
Mick Charleton – drums (1965)
Stuart Linnell - lead guitar (1965)
Dave Sumner - lead guitar (1965-70)
David "Pick" Withers – drums (1965-69)
Robbie McIntosh – drums (1969-70)

Dave Mason - Alone Together (1970)

The Album

After being a key musician and songwriter for the band Traffic, Dave Mason struck out on his own in 1970 and began recording solo. “Alone Together” is his first solo release which also hosted a number of guest and session musicians:

• Delaney Bramlett - guitar, vocals (Delaney & Bonnie )
• Bonnie Bramlett – vocals
• Leon Russell - keyboards
• Carl Radle – bass (Delaney & Bonnie , Derek & The Dominoes, Eric Clapton)
• Chris Ethridge – bass (International Submarine Band, Flying Burrito Brothers)
• Larry Knechtel – bass (Bread)
• Jim Capaldi – drums (Traffic)
• Jim Gordon – drums (Delaney & Bonnie, Derek & The Dominoes, Little Richard)
• Jim Keltner – drums (George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Plastic Ono Band)
• Michael DeTemple – guitar (Rick Danko Band)
• Don Preston – keyboards
• John Simon – keyboards (The Band)
• John Barbata – drums (The Turtles, Jefferson Airplane, CSN& Y)
• Rita Coolidge - vocals
• Mike Coolidge - vocals
• Claudia Lennear - vocals
• Lou Cooper - vocals
• Bob Norwood - vocals
• Jack Storti – vocals

The original album is a piece of artwork. The album cover folds out into an almost 4 foot poster which held a very uniquely marbled vinyl album with a psychedelic colored blue thumb print on the label.

The Music

Dave had quite a bit of written songs left over from his time with Traffic and used some of this material on “Alone Together”. The songs are simple with smooth melodies. Dave has a great voice which is only enhanced by the guest vocalists creating some fabulous harmonies. You will hear awesome acoustic guitars embellished with electric guitars, along with some excellent wah-wah action. There is an un-credited jaw dropping solo from Eric Clapton at the end of “Look at You, Look at Me”. You will find a boogie woogie treat (Waitin’ On You) tucked neatly into the album, that is guaranteed to make you smile and tap your foot. The lyrics on “Alone Together” are well written and heartfelt, although, the song titles are lack luster. The piano and keyboard work is outstanding. Your ears will definitely take notice of the keyboard solo on “World in Changes” and the piano on “Sad and Deep As You”. There are also some cool fill-ins with the banjo on “Just a Song”. For me, the highlight of the album is the closing song, but the entire album is so smooth and flawless it is hard to pick an absolute favorite song.

This album is Dave Mason at his peak. The album is put together flawlessly and flows effortlessly from song to song. Excellent to listen to when you are in the mood to relax. Anyone who is a fan of Traffic will definitely love this album.

Clifford T. Ward - Path Through the Forest: The Secret World of Clifford T Ward 1964-71

Path Through the Forest: The Secret World of Clifford T Ward 1964-71
When 'singing schoolteacher' Clifford T. Ward finally made a commercial breakthrough in the early 1970s, it brought to an end nearly a decade of toil within the soft white underbelly of the British pop scene. Path Through The Forest: The Secret World of Clifford T. Ward 1964-71 assembles his early work for the first time, featuring his scarce 1960s singles as leader of the Secrets and a breathtaking treasure trove of locally-recorded demos and works-in-progress recordings, including two versions of a song that is now revered as a genuine British psychedelic pop classic, 'Path Through The Forest'. A prodigious collection of beguiling ballads and melodic, hook-laden pop songs, Path Through The Forest (featuring 57 tracks, most of which come from the master tapes and are being released for the first time) reveals that, some years before the winsome singer-songwriter glories of 'Gaye' and Home Thoughts, aspiring pop star Cliff Ward was already a highly significant talent.

 Disc One
1 What A Nice Surprise
2. I Think I Need The Cash (THE SECRETS)
3. The Same Applies To You
4. I Know What Her Name Is (demo version) (SIMON’S SECRETS)
5. Terribly Unkind
6. Attraction
7. Coathanger (demo version) (THE SECRETS)
8. She’s Dangerous (THE SECRETS)
9. Sylvie
10. Consideration
11. The Session Singer (demo version)
14. All That Glitters Is Not Gold
15. I Suppose (THE SECRETS)
16. It’s Better To Believe
17. Discernible
18. Path Through The Forest
19. Misfit On Your Stair
20. Keeping My Head Above Water (single version) (SIMON’S SECRETS)
21. Complicated
22. I’ve Got To Get You Off My Mind
23. Realisation
24. Such A Pity (THE SECRETS)
25. You’re A Wonderful One (MARTIN RAYNOR & THE SECRETS)
26. My My What A Day
27. Cartagena
28. Don’t You Ever Take Yourself Away
29. Trousers

Disc Two

2. Naughty Boy (SIMON’S SECRETS)
3. I’ve Got Love In My Song
4. I’ll Keep On Closing My Eyes
5. The Gloria Bosom Show
6. Infatuation (THE SECRETS)
7. Don’t You Know She’s Mine
8. Teacher
9. Sympathy (SIMON’S SECRETS)
10. My Goddess
11. I’d Like To Take You Out Tonight
12. Jenny
14. Wait A Minute You Fool
15. I Know What Her Name Is (single version) (SIMON’S SECRETS)
16. Think About You
17. Thinking About You
18. Always Think About You
19. The Mule
20. I Intend To Please (THE SECRETS)
21. Lady With The Book In Her Hand
22. My Heart Cries Out To You
23. Maybe You Know
24. Today Is Taking Too Long
25. Keeping My Head Above Water (demo version) (SIMON’S SECRETS)
26. Learning My Part
27. Baby There’s No Such
 28. Path Through The Forest (demo version) - LOST   


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Golden Earring - Sgs 1965 - 1971

 Golden Earrings Singles 1965 - 1971 plus

01 Please Go / Chunk Of Steal
02 Lonely Everyday / Not To Find
03 That Day / The Words I Need
04 If You Leave Me / Waiting For You
05 Daddy Buy Me A Girl / What You Gonna Tell
06 Things go better / Rum and Coca Cola
07 Don’t Run Too Far / Wings
08 In My House / Smoking Cigarettes
09 Sound Of The Screaming Day / She Won't Come To Me
10 Together We Live, Together We Love / I Wonder - Together We Live And Love
11 Dong-Dong-Diki Digi-Dong / Wake Up - Break Fast!
12 I’ve Just Lost Somebody / The Thruth About Arthur
13 Just a Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart / Remember My Friend
14 Where Will I Be / It's Alright But I Admit It Could Be Better
15 Another 45 Miles / I Can't Get A Hold On Her
16 Back Home / This Is The Time Of The Year
17 Holy Holy Life / Jessica
18 She Flies On Strange Wings p.1 / She Flies On Strange Wings p.2

19 Buddy Joe
20 Radar Love
21Twilight Zone