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Suprise ! Suprise ! Suprise !

Now something special year-end

" ... The following document, I have recorded in 1966 or 67 with my Grundig
taperecorder from german radio.
Over the years well and safely removed.
The recording is unique and there are only 2 copies of them.
But now for the first time for our blog (and all our readers) - Brian
Jones speaks in German..."



Original German Text:

Hier ist Brian Jones, von den Rolling Stones.
Gruesse an alle unsere Freunde in Deutschland.
Wir wuenschen Ihnen eine frohliches Weihnachtsfest und neues Jahr.
Vielen, vielen Dank

English text:

Here is Brian Jones, from the Rolling Stones.
Greetings to all our friends in Germany.
We wish you a merry Christmas and New Year.
Many, many thanks

The Rattles - 16 Tons (1992)


1. Rattles - 16 Tons (3:54)
2. Rattles - That´ll Be The Day (3:23)
3. Rattles - Running Bear (3:54)
4. Rattles - American Woman (3:32)
5. Rattles - Singing The Blues (3:45)
6. Rattles - She´s So Fine (4:18)
7. Rattles - Stagger Lee (3:24)
8. Rattles - Young Love (4:29)
9. Rattles - Runaway (4:16)
10. Rattles - The Great Pretender (3:57)
11. Rattles - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (3:58)
12. Rattles - Wake Up Little Susie (3:32)
13. Rattles - 96 Tears (3:00)

The Rattles - Live 1997


1. Rattles - Intro A Dore (1:29)
2. Rattles - Shimmy Shimmy (3:09)
3. Rattles - La La La (3:26)
4. Rattles - Lucille (2:53)
5. Rattles - Hippy Hippy Shake (1:50)
6. Rattles - Send Me Some Loving (1:52)
7. Rattles - Dicky's Theme (6:35)
8. Rattles - Las Vegas (1:17)
9. Rattles - Come On And Sing (3:21)
10. Rattles - Bye bye Johnny Be Good (3:29)
11. Rattles - The Witch (6:52)
12. Rattles - Love Of My Life (2:32)
13. Rattles - Twist And Shout (1:55)
14. Rattles - Mashed Potatoes (1:43)
15. Rattles - Hey Mona (2:00)
16. Rattles - Hot Wheels (3:45)
17. Rattles - Cauliflower (2:11)
18. Rattles - Sha La La La Lee (3:48)
19. Rattles - Hoochie Coochie Man (4:23)

The Rattles - Rattles'91

Continuation of theme of The Rattles

(use search for a first posts of topic)
1. The Rattles - Love Of My Life,LaLaLa (5:42)
2. The Rattles - Hippy Hippy Shake,Hey Mona,Twist And Shout (5:37)
3. The Rattles - Mashed Potaoes (3:02)
4. The Rattles - Come On And Sing, Zip-A Dee Doo Dah (4:21)
5. The Rattles - Hello (4:23)
6. The Rattles - Is It Love (2:57)
7. The Rattles - Always Stay Your Friend (3:08)
8. The Rattles - After Tea (3:14)
9. The Rattles - Fought The Law (2:42)
10. The Rattles - You Can't Have Sunshine Everyday (2:39)
11. The Rattles - Cauliflower (3:01)
12. The Rattles - Mister (3:16)
13. The Rattles - (Stopping In) Las Vegas (2:44)
14. The Rattles - Devil's On The Loose (3:03)
15. The Rattles - Hot Wheels (4:02)
16. The Rattles - The Witch (2:28)

Samson - Are You Samson? (1969)

Samson was one of the more obscure outfits signed to Andrew Oldham's Immediate label, considering that they got to cut an entire concept album, Are You Samson?, which was released by the label in 1969. They played the Marquee Club, and were known around London, but never caught on. Keyboard man and singer Ian Kewley later worked with Strider and Limey, before hooking up with Paul Young. This Samson had no relationship to an early '70s English band of the same name.
Are You Samson? [UK Bonus Track]

Originally released in November 1969 on Andrew Loog Oldham's subsidiary to his failing Immediate, Samson sank without trace, which was about as much as could be expected. Oldham's seemingly careless attitude of not even releasing a single to wet the record buyer's appetite however is now easier understood: Immediate was at its end; within weeks of Samson's debut release Oldham's empire went bankrupt! As the band were eagerly recording their carefully calculated work, Oldham had a lot more to worry about than whether the next album released on his subsidiary would be a big seller. With little assistance from the label, and practically no promotion, it's not surprising that the album had such low sales figures. But the poor turnover of this admittedly tackily sleeved album is by no means an indicator of the music contained within. Samson brought into their music a successful blend of harmonies which sound akin to the Gregorian psych-era choral vocal parts of the Pretty Things and the Zombies, a touch of Deep Purple circa Shades of Purple, and a hint of the increasingly popular concept album. For sake of classification, their blending of Kinks-ish psych-pop with more progressive elements is befitting of the title progressive pop -- a contemporary handle used to describe everything from the Fox's For Fox Sake, Caravan's early work, and fellow north country lads the Koobas' 1969 album. If the later songs compiled on the superb Rubbles series appeal to you, Samson are well worth investigating. [The 2002 British re-release includes one bonus track, "Wool and Water."]
1. Samson - 1. Traffic (3:26)
2. Samson - 2. Sleep (2:20)
3. Samson - 3. Journey (3:10)
4. Samson - 4. Fair (8:44)
5. Samson - 5. The End Song (4:44)
6. Samson - 6. Mars (4:46)
7. Samson - 7. Venus (2:56)
8. Samson - 8. Saturn (3:49)
9. Samson - 9. Poet For Sam (4:23)
10. Samson - 10.Wool & Water (Bonus) (4:24)

Ora - Ora (1969)


Mark Barakan: guitar
Julian Diggle: drums
James Rubenstein: vocals, acoustic guitar
Robin Sylvester: bass, keyboards, guitar
Chloe Walters: guitar
Jon Weiss: lead guitar

It is an album of incredible beauty, recorded by some talented young artists, Here is an extract from the original 1969 press release:

Jamie Rubinstein, 18, leader, lead vocalist and guitarist with the group called ORA, wrote all the songs on their new LP. He arranged most of them. While making the album Jamie was studing for his GCE A Levels. This is the group's first release, a single is being planned.

Jamie and Robin Sylvester, 18, who plays bass guitar, piano, organ, and is co-arranger, are the main-stays of the four-piece group. The others, lead guitarist Jon Weiss and drummer Julian Diggle, are "floating" members. Jamie, Robin, and Julian had met at UCS (University College School) in Hampstead.

The Wah Wah edition will be housed in a gatefold sleeve that will respect the original artwork concept, graphically adapted to this new issue following the directions of Ora leader James Rubinstein. James himself signs the inner notes so you get an accurate first person told history of the band who would later become the legendary progressive rock group Byzantium.

This sensational band performed a most unique mixture of folk, jazz and pop sounds and recorded one of the most beautiful LPs coming from the UK in 1969. The original Tangerine issue was valued with four circles on Hans Pokora's "1001 Record Collector Dreams" book and an R3 "extremely rare" qualification on Vernon Joyston's "The Tapestry Of Delights", which means the Wah Wah 2LP set is definetely a very good chance to get the great recordings of this fab band into your vinyl collection and yet save some money for the university of your children! But you'll have to hurry for your copy since only 900 numbered copies are on sale and we do believe these should sell like hot bread! Otherwise expect To pay 500 sterling for an original UK Mint copy without the pressing defect (some original copies have a pressing defect on one song)
02.About You
05.Venetia II
09.Are You Seeing
10.Emma's Saga
11.The Morning After The Night Before
12.The Seagull And The Sailor
14.No More Love
17.It Was An Easy Legend
19.Thank God

Fapardokly - Fapardokly (1966)

Though they were considered an enigma in the world of '60s rock collectibles, there was never a group called Fapardokly; the 12 songs on their self-titled album were recorded by Merrell & the Exiles, a Southern California group headed by legendary cult folk-rocker Merrell Fankhauser. That group cut several singles for the tiny Glenn label before heading off in a psychedelic direction and mutating into H.M.S. Bounty. The equally tiny UIP label decided to gather a few of the Glenn singles, add a few more psychedelically oriented tracks that Merrill and his group had recorded, and release the package as the work of a group called Fapardokly. Although it was not recorded or intended as a unified work, it stands as one of the great lost folk-rock classics of the '60s. Fankhauser went on to make more excellent obscure recordings with H.M.S. Bounty in the late '60s and Mu in the early '70s.

Merrell Fankhauser (guitar, vocals)
Bill Dood (guitar)
Dick Lee (drums)
Dan Parrish (bass)
John Oliver (bass)
One of the most sought-after rock rarities of the '60s, this album was stylistically uneven, as can be expected from an LP cobbled together from recordings spanning a few years. About half, however, is sparkling psychedelic folk-rock, recalling Fifth Dimension Byrds with its shimmering twelve-string guitars, multipart harmonies, and occasional trippy lyrics. Although the early material is more pop-oriented and doesn't fit in as well, it's pretty solid, recalling the Zombies and (in the very earliest tracks) Ricky Nelson. "Lila," "Tomorrow's Girl," and "Super Market" are genuine lost '60s treasures, and much of the rest of the album isn't far behind.
1 Lila
2 The Music Scene
3 Sorry For Yourself
4 Glass Chandelier
5 Tomorrow's Girl
6 Suzie Cryin'
7 Mr Clock
8 Gone To Pot
9 No Retreat
10 Too Many Heartbreaks
11 When I Get Home
12 Super Market
bonus cd tracks
13 The War
14 Yes, I Love You
15 Run Baby Run


Fapardokly were Merrell Fankhauser guitar, Bill Dodd lead guitar, John Oliver bass, and Dick Lee drums. The odd name being a combination of their surnames - or rather three of them plus that of Don Parrish, the original bass player.


The Baronets — The complete 1966-68


1. 01 Hold On I`M Comin (2:54)
2. 02 Please Do Something (3:11)
3. 03 Treat Me Right (2:50)
4. 04 Jeg Vil Bygge En Verden (3:16)
5. 05 Min Amande Var Fra Kerteminde (3:04)
6. 06 I Can Make It With You (2:03)
7. 07 Treat Me Right (2:30)
8. 08 Superstitious Guy (3:07)
9. 09 You Won`t Believe Me (2:49)
10. 10 Little Boy (3:08)
11. 11 I`ve Got To Get Away (2:36)
12. 12 Wonderful Day (2:46)
13. 13 Here Comes The Sun (3:25)
14. 14 Wonderful Day (3:39)
15. 15 Goodbye Baby Bye Bye (2:33)
16. 16 I Can`t Tel (2:39)
17. 17 She Didn`t Know (3:08)
18. 18 Try To Live Your Life (2:33)
19. 19 Gone For Good (2:01)
20. 20 Who Are You (2:16)
21. 21 Can You Hear The Music Play- (2:48)
22. 22 What Would People Say (1:47)
23. 23 Down The Road Apiece (2:23)
24. 24 Treat Me Right (3:38)
25. 25 A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
26. 26 Show Mw
27. 27 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
THANKS kubinec63  (NNM.RU)

Spirit - Son of Spirit (1975)



"..Other than "Holy Man" , I'd say Son Of Spirit is a perfect Randy California/Ed Cassidy album to follow Spirit of 76 with... Personally , I loved "Farther Along" , ....there's not a flawed piece in there with many songwriting highlights and very clean production. Definitely a first rate comeback...why oh why couldn't it have lasted ??? Even without Ferguson , Matt Andes was a great addition , as he is on the posthumous Randy California/Spirit CD's Matt , where are you hiding ? You're a fantastic guitar player in your own right !Submitted by starman (Time Coast , USA) "...Son of Spirit and Spirit of 76 are my two favorite post-Jay Ferguson Spirit albums, but they are very different. Spirit of 76 is totally overdone while Son of Spirit pleasure lies in its simplicity. Some might say that it's slight, and some of Randy's lyrics are really quite horrible. But Son of Spirit is definitely the most emotional album that Randy ever put out. His sweet multitracked guitar is all over the place. Highlights are Don't go Away and Magic Fairy Princess (the steel drums make the sSpirit - Son of Spirit (1975)ong). Family is a low point. I give SOS 4 stars I absolutely hated Farther Along when it first came out, but it has improved a bit with time. Many of the songs are half-written and the horns seem out of place. This was a reunion with most of the original Spirit (excepting Jay) but it sounds nothing like the old stuff. Colossus and Pineapple are high points. Mega Star is good too. Don't Lock up Your Door is wretched, as are some of the instrumentals. It ends with a muzak version of Nature's Way. Uh-huh. I give it two stars Average the albums and you get 3 stars.Submitted by gershbec (Skokie, IL)
Spirit - Son of Spirit (1975)
01-Holy Man
02-Looking Into Darkness
03-Maybe You'll Find
04-Don't Go Away
06-Magic Fairy Princess
08-The Other Song
09-Yesterday10-It's Time Now


The Lords - The Lords 50

The Lords - The Lords 50 (2009)

1. The Lords - Raindreams (2:51)
2. The Lords - Fire (3:11)
3. The Lords - Shakin all over (3:12)
4. The Lords - Spitfire Lace (3:17)
5. The Lords - Grennsleeves (3:44)
6. The Lords - Cut my hair (3:16)
7. The Lords - Seven Daffodils (4:13)
8. The Lords - Late last sunday evening (2:18)
9. The Lords - Have a drink on me (4:01)
10. The Lords - Que sera (3:11)
11. The Lords - Peter Gunn (15:21)
12. The Lords - Michael (5:09)
13. The Lords - Gloryland (6:06)
14. The Lords - Poor Boy (3:02)
15. The Lords - You really got me (2:24)
16. The Lords - Rock'n Roll Medley (7:49)
17. The Lords - Dance with the Devil (3:30)

The Lords - Spitfire Lace (2002)

Spitfire Lace
CD Release 2006

01. Spitfire Lace (3:15)
02. Poor Boy (2:50)
03. And at Night (3:04)
04. Shakin all over (2:38)
05. Greensleeves (2:52)
06. Michael (3:47)
07. Gloryland (3:03)
08. Poison Ivy (1:59)
09. Fire (3:05)
10. Seven Daffodils (4:08)
11. Cut my Hair (3:20)
12. Don't mince matters (4:03)
13. Boom Boom (3:49)
14. Have a drink on me (3:18)
15. Que Sera (2:23)
16. Peter Gunn live (10:45)
17.Rock'n'Roll Medley(6:55)
18.Hey,Baby,las den andren(2:35)
19.Shakin All Over(No Guitar Mix)(2:28)

The Lords - The Very Best Of The Lords (2001)


1. The Lords - poor boy (2:47)
2. The Lords - poison ivy (1:55)
3. The Lords - have a drink on me (3:28)
4. The Lords - que sera, sera (2:32)
5. The Lords - boom boom (out goes the light) (3:48)
6. The Lords - michael (3:52)
7. The Lords - gloryland / john brown's body (5:23)
8. The Lords - let's get together (3:20)
9. The Lords - greensleeves (3:08)
10. The Lords - shakin' all over (2:45)
11. The Lords - fire (2:55)
12. The Lords - don't mince matter (3:48)
13. The Lords - and at night (3:20)
14. The Lords - stormy (3:30)

The Lords - Live 1986

from Jancy !
Ulli Günther * 24. Juli 1942, † 13. Oktober 1999

Ulli Günther said 1986 , to stop the show - never, because you must take me already died from the stage.

13 years later:
On 9 October 1999 broke together for years suddenly of heart failure suffering Ulli Günther at an anniversary concert in Potsdam because of cardiac arrhythmias. He struck on the back and pulled out a skull fracture with cerebral hemorrhage in. On 13 October 1999 death of the founders of Lords, in a Potsdam hospital.

 Live 1986

01 - Route 66
02 - Shakin All Over
03 - Be Bop A Lu La
04 - Greensleeves
05 - One Fine Day
06 - Rolling Back To Paradise
07 - Walkin The Dog
08 - And At Night
09 - Poison Ivy
10 - Wishin And Hopin
11 - Fire
12 - Boom Boom
13 - Poor Boy
14 - break
15 - Summertime Blues
16 - Late Last Sunday Evening
17 - Peter Gun
18 - Que Sera
19 - Have A Drink On Me
20 - Gloryland / John Brown's Body
21 - encore
22 - You Really Got Me

01 - Michael
02 - Poison Ivy
03 - Shakin All Over
04 - Poor Boy
05 - encore with guest Derv Gordon (The Equals)
06 - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
07 - Bye Bye Johnny

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The Lords - Stormy (1984)


01 - Stormy
02 - 1992 - Let's Get Together
03 - Come On Move
04 - Live Your Life
05 - Dark And Windy Night
06 - Easy Way Out
07 - Walking To The Moon
08 - Train Of Emotion
09 - Linda
10 - Tobacco Road
11 - Shakin All Over
12 - Poor Boy

2002 - without Ulli Günther

13 - Spitfire Lace
14 - Poor Boy
15 - Hey Baby lass doch den andern
16 - Greensleeves
17 - Rock And Roll Medley

The Lords - Back To The Roots ' 88



01 - Shakin All Over
02 - Route 66
03 - Greensleeves
04 - Sady
05 - Poor Boy
06 - Michael
07 - And At Night
08 - Que Sera
09 - Bad bad Boy
10 - Have A Drink On Me
11 - Gloryland - John Brown's Body

12 - Poison Ivy
13 - Boom Boom
14 - 1992 - Let's Get Together
15 - Fire
16 - Don't Mince Matter

The Lords - 15 Years - Birthday Album (1979)



01 - Now I Feel Good
02 - Rolling Back To Paradise
03 - I Wish You Well
04 - One Fine Day
05 - Dr. Gun
06 - Rock And Roll Monster
07 - Let's Live It Up
08 - I Hear Music
09 - Call Me Up
10 - I'm Coming
11 - It's Not Over
12 - Alamo

The Lords - Singls 1974 - 1980



01 - Die schwarze Lady (orig. Uriah Heep)
02 - Sweet Memories (orig. Hot Chocolate)
03 - Ruf doch die Jungs mal an
04 - Do You Remember
05 - Naked Man
06 - Teenage Love
07 - Baby You're Mean
08 - Poor Boy 79'
09 - People World
10 - Jezebel
11 - Jezebel Return
12 - Calaba
13 - Walk On

The Lords - New Lords (1971)

by Jancy

01 - Twilight
02 - We Go Out In The Sunshine
03 - Power
04 - Rooster
05 - Fly Little Jeannie
06 - Country Fever
07 - World Of Emotions
08 - Timerage
09 - Linda
10 - Goodby Groupie Girl

11 - Look Up In The Sky
12 - Radio
13 - T.V.

The Lords - Inside Out (1971)

from Jancy


01 - Walk On By
02 - My Dream
03 - So Long
04 - Country Dancing
05 - Hello Ma'm
06 - I'm Gonna Get You
07 - Frisco Annie
08 - That Day Will Come
09 - Question
10 - Suspicious
11 - Big Boss Man
12 - Inside Out

The Lords - Ulleogamaxbe (1969)


from Jancy !!!

Pepsi Cola commercials
01 - Five Or Six


02 - No One knows
03 - Gipsy Boy
04 - Coca-Cat-Love
05 - John Browns Body
06 - Something Else


07 - And At Night
08 - Perkinson's Ride
09 - Feeling Chicago
10 - Thank You
11 - Tomorrow
12 - The World Is Falling Down
13 - Fire
14 - Philadelphia
15 - Poor Chin-Lee
16 - Good Time Music
17 - Lilacs In May
18 - Cut My Hair

The Lords - In Black And White In Beat And Sweet (1965)


Although Germany had its place in rock & roll's evolution in the 1960s, it was primarily as an incubator for British bands playing grueling stints in Hamburg, not for homegrown talent.

Ulli Gunther - vocals
Leo Lietz - guitars
Bernd Zamulo - bass
Rainer Petry - guitars
Max Donath - drums
Although Germany had its place in rock & roll's evolution in the 1960s, it was primarily as an incubator for British bands playing grueling stints in Hamburg, not for homegrown talent. The Lords were about the best of a weak scene, populated by bands that could never seem to shake themselves free of stodgy Central European oom-pah folk traditions. Quite popular in their own country, the Lords made no impression in the English-speaking world until a couple of decades later, when reappreciation of '60s beat and garage music became so intense that collectors began to investigate the strange and wonderful world of Continental '60s rock.

The Lords are one of those groups that have to be heard to be believed. Although they had the requisite moptop haircuts, their repertoire was surprisingly anachronistic at times, drawing heavily from not only German drinking songs, but American folk tunes, Lonnie Donegan's skiffle, and the pre-Beatle British rock of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates. Whatever they covered -- "Greensleeves," "Shakin' All Over," "Poison Ivy," "Tobacco Road," "Que Sera," "Sing Hallelujah" -- they made their own with frantically fast tempos, heavily accented Teutonic vocals (virtually all of their material was in English), and heavy overuse of tremelo guitar lines with mucho reverb, whammy bar, and Lesley organ-like effects. They also wrote some interesting material of their own that drew from the more contemporary influences of Merseybeat and English mod pop. The Lords were not brilliant musicians or composers, but they were fun, and they had the hearts of true rockers, although some modern listeners will find their approach too hammy and sloppy.

Between 1964 and 1968, the Lords were very prolific, issuing five albums and over a dozen singles. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a Lords compilation that truly focuses upon their best material, although a couple of their later albums have been reissued in Germany. As the group was pretty erratic (nobody wants to hear their singalong drinking tunes these days), a well-chosen anthology is necessary to appreciate their virtues; the North American listeners lucky enough to hear the group's best stuff have usually done so via tapes made by other collectors.
In Black And White In Beat And Sweet

The Lords' first album laid out the essentials of both what made them one of Germany's most distinctive '60s bands, and what made them seem antiquated in some respects. Unlike almost any other group from around the Western world, much of their repertoire was devoted to folk songs that had been popularized by Lonnie Donegan, with some rock & roll oldies covers thrown in. That's what you get almost without exception on this debut LP, though these covers are so eccentric, done as they are with heavy German accents and a hepped-up Merseybeat-like rhythm, that it's a lot better and more interesting than most such cover-dominated albums of the time. Straying a little more afield, they also throw in a cover of Bacharach/David's "Wishin' and Hopin'," as well as a pretty good early British Invasion-styled original, "Hey Baby, Lass Den Andern," which had been their first single in 1964 (and is the only track sung in their native German).

01 - Shakin' All Over
02 - Ain't She Sweet
03 - Midnight Special - great song - great guitar works
04 - Seven Daffodils
05 - Lost John
06 - Tobacco Road
07 - Lonesome Traveller
08 - Kevin Berry
09 - Memphis Tennessee
10 - Wedding Bells
11 - Wishin' And Hopin'
12 - Hey baby Lass den andern

Live Beat-Club
13 - I'm A Hog For Your Baby
14 - Greensleeves
15 - Que Sera
16 - Poor Boy
17 - Boom Boom

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The Moody Blues - The Singles plus (2000)

Although they're best known today for their lush, lyrically and musically profound (some would say bombastic) psychedelic-era albums, the Moody Blues started out as one of the better R&B-based combos of the British Invasion. The group's history began in Birmingham, England with Ray Thomas (harmonica, vocals) and Mike Pinder (keyboards, vocals), who had played together in El Riot & the Rebels and the Krew Cats. They began recruiting members of some of the best rival groups working in Birmingham, including Denny Laine (vocals, guitar), Graeme Edge (drums), and Clint Warwick (bass, vocals). The Moody Blues, as they came to be known, made their debut in Birmingham in May of 1964, ... Read More...


 SP Moody Blues:
1964 Steal Your Heart Away
1964 Go Now!
1965 I Don't Want To Go On Without You
1965 From The Bottom Of My Heart
1965 Everyday
1966 Stop!
1966 Boulevard De La Madeleine
1967 Life's Not Life
1967 Fly Me High
1967 Love And Beauty
1967 Nights In White Satin/Cities
1967 Tuesday Afternoon/Another Morning
1968 Voices In The Sky/Ride My See-Saw

01. Steal Your Heart Away
02. Go Now!
03. I Don't Want to Go on Without You
04. From the Bottom of My Heart (I Love You)
05. Everyday
06. Stop!
07. Bye Bye Bird
08. Boulevard de la Madeleine
09. This Is My House (But Nobody Calls)
10. Life's Not Life
11. Fly Me High
12. Love and Beauty
13. Nights in White Satin
14. Cities
15. Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
16. Voices in the Sky
17. Ride My See-Saw
18. Lovely to See You
19. Dear Diary
20. Never Comes the Day
21. Eyes of a Child
22. Watching and Waiting
23. Question
24. Candle of Life

01. Melancholy Man
02. Story in Your Eyes
03. Isn't Life Strange
04. I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock & Roll Band)
05. For My Lady
06. Remember Me, My Friend
07. Blue Guitar
08. Forever Autumn
09. Had to Fall in Love
10. Steppin' in a Slide Zone
11. Driftwood
12. Gemini Dream
13. Voice
14. Talking Out of Turn
15. Sitting at the Wheel
16. Blue World
17. Your Wildest Dreams
18. Other Side of Life
19. I Know You're Out There Somewhere

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - The Best Of.. (1994)


Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders first emerged out of apprentice telephone engineer Glyn Geoffrey Ellis' daydreams of becoming a successful pop performer. Rechristening himself Wayne Fontana after Elvis Presley's drummer, DJ Fontana, Fontana's first band was the Jets, a staple on the Manchester circuit through 1961-1962, but one which was doomed to failure.

According to legend, the original Jets broke up when Fontana and bassist Bob Lang alone turned up for the most important audition of their young career, at the famed Oasis club. Hurriedly, Fontana press-ganged a couple of other local musicians, bystanders in the bar, into service -- drummer Ric Rothwell... Read More...
Well-chosen 20-track anthology, covering the hits and the best of their rare 1964-1968 singles, as well as a couple rare cuts from U.K. LPs and EPs. It's actually a distinct improvement upon its U.K. counterpart Hit Single Anthology, as it includes the fine "It's Getting Harder All of the Time"/"Off and Running" single from the To Sir With Love soundtrack, and eliminates some of the weak covers and Wayne Fontana solo singles.

1. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Game Of Love (2:07)
2. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Stop Look And Listen (2:03)
3. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (2:32)
4. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Since You've Been Gone (1:59)
5. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Where Have You Been? (2:45)
6. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Just A Little Bit Too Late (2:22)
7. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Remind My Baby Of Me (2:19)
8. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - She Needs Love (2:29)
9. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Groovy Kind Of Love (2:02)
10. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Can't Live Without You (Can't Live Without You) (2:37)
11. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Ashes To Ashes (2:30)
12. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Pamela, Pamela (2:13)
13. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - I Want Her, She Wants Me (2:30)
14. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Off And Running (2:01)
15. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - It;s Getting Harder All Of The Time (2:15)
16. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - We'll Talk About It Tomorrow (2:19)
17. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Far Across Town (2:30)
18. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - My New Day And Age (3:14)
19. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Schoolgirl (2:12)
20. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man (2:22)

The Smoke - My Friend Jack (1967)



Mick Rowley (vocals)
Mal Luker (guitar)
Zeke Lund (bass)
Geoff Gill (drums)

More than any other band, the Smoke epitomized the groove of Swinging London -- which was especially ironic when one considers that, at the height of their success, they sold more records in Europe than England. Their sound fell somewhere between mod and the Beatles -- their instrumental attack was somewhat Who/Small Faces-like, yet they delighted in cheerful vocals and infectious harmonies and melodies. Only slightly popular on their home turf, and unknown in the U.S., their biggest success was in Germany (oddly enough, for such a British-sounding group). The band hailed from York, where bassist Zeke Lund and lead guitarist Mal Luker began playing together in a band called Tony Adams & the Viceroys, whose lineup eventually ... Read More...


01. My Friend Jack
02. I Wanna Make It With You
03. High In A Room
04. Keep A Hold Of What You've Got
05. She's A Liar
06. It's Getting Closer
07. You Won't Catch Me
08. It's Just Your Way Of loving
09. Don't Lead On Me
10. She Put The Hurt On Me
11. Wake Up Cherylina
12. Magic
13. Have Some More Tea
14. Victor Henry's Cool Book
15. I'm Only Dreaming
16. Universal Vagrant
17. Sydney Gill
18. It Could Be Wonderful
19. That's What I want
20. Like A Good Man Should

VA - Born On The Road : Easy Rider


01 - Born To Be Wild
02 - I'll Try
03 - Lay Down
04 - Hey Little Girl
05 - Your Whole Life Through
06 - Lana
07 - Up Around The Bend
08 - Tavern
09 The House Of The Rising Sun
10 - Mockinbird
11 - My Little Heart
12 - Get It

1, 2, 7, 8 - Electric Food aka German Bonds / Lucifer's Friend
3 - Black Kids aka The Tonics
4, 10 - Ten O'clock Bubble Gum Train aka The Tonics
5 - John Deen And The Trakk
6, 14 - The Automatic Blues Inc. aka The Tonics
9 - (missprint) Electric Food aka The Tonics
11 - The Petards

VA - Music For Wild Angels


01 - See See Rider
02 - A Deeper Blue
03 - 900 Miles From My Home
04 - Baa-Ba-Ba-Baa
05 - She Doesn't Love Me
06 - Sun Came Out At Seven
07 - Lovin' You
08 - John Brwon's Body
09 - Firetree
10 - Gonna Get Me A New Girl
11 - When The Saints
12 - The House Of The Rising Sun
13 - I Wonna Spend My Life
14 - Confusion All Day

1 - Tony Tornado aka Herbert Hildebrandt (The Rattles)
2, 7, 9, 14 - The Petards, from Lp A Deeper Blue
3, 4, 6 - The Lippsticks
5, 8, 10, 11, 12 - The Spots / Herb Ellen aka The Tonics
13 - The Peers

Trogg People - Troggs Rarities



1. Chris Britton - Sit Down Beside Me (3:24)
2. Chris Britton - Will It Last (3:05)
3. Chris Britton - That Was The Time (2:55)
4. Chris Britton - No Sense In Fighting (3:59)
5. Chris Britton - Maybe Time Will Change You (2:58)
6. Chris Britton - Fly With Me (3:31)
7. Chris Britton - If You Really Care (3:20)
8. Chris Britton - Run And Hide (3:54)
9. Chris Britton - How Do You Say Goodbye (2:52)
10. Chris Britton - Sleep My Love (2:50)
11. Chris Britton - Why Did I Let You Go (3:45)
12. Chris Britton - Evil Woman (3:16)
13. Chris Britton - Learn To Love Life (2:52)
14. Ten Feet Five - Baby's Back In Town (2:53)
15. Ten Feet Five - Send Me No More Lovin' (2:43)
16. Ronnie Bond - Carolyn (2:31)
17. Ronnie Bond - Anything For You (2:35)
18. Reg Presley - Lucinda Lee (3:05)
19. Reg Presley - Wichita Lineman (3:03)
20. Reg Presley - Let's Pull Together (2:56)
21. Reg Presley - Young And Beautiful (2:54)
22. Reg Presley - 'S Down To You Marianne (3:10)
23. Reg Presley - Hey Little Girl (2:49)
24. The Troggs - Just A Little Too Much (2:41)


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Blues Company - Same&Down On The Corner 2LP


 Blues Company - one of more group 60s years maked  record under pseudonyms 
like German Bonds/Luzifer's Friend's = Electric Food or people from The
Rattles and German Bonds = Seven Soldiers, .... and same Ken Hensley= Weed/Ken Leslie... -
a big amateur of the disguise
Blues Company this is also unknown studio members from Hamburg.
But they had very know producer  -  Herbert Hildebrandt.
And  this already other history ------>

01 - Down On The Corner
02 - Green River
03 - Everybody Is Doing Something
04 - Suzie Q
05 - Proud Mary
06 - Bad Moon Rising
07 - Fortunate Son
08 - Born On The Bayou
09 - 1-2-3 Count On Me
10 - Bootleg

11 - Bad Moon Rising - version
12 - Banana Nana
13 - Face Three
14 - Hanging Tree
15 - Remember
16 - Proud Mary - version
17 - Get Your Bag Packed
18 - Company Blues
19 - The Wind, The Rain
20 - I've Tried Susan


The Move - Omnibus: The 60s Singles As and Bs

The Move were the best and most important British group of the late '60s that never made a significant dent in the American market. Through the band's several phases (which were sometimes dictated more by image than musical direction), their chief asset was guitarist and songwriter Roy Wood, who combined a knack for Beatlesque pop with a peculiarly British, and occasionally morbid, sense of humor. On their final albums (with considerable input from Jeff Lynne), the band became artier and more ambitious, hinting at the orchestral rock that Wood and Lynne would devise for the Electric Light Orchestra. The Move, however, always placed more emphasis on the pop than the art, and never lost sight of their hardcore rock & ... Read More..

Ace Kefford vocal, bass guitar (left 1968)
Carl Wayne lead vocal (left 1970)
Roy Wood vocal, lead guitar, bass, cello, oboe
Trevor Burton vocal, guitar/bass (left 1969)
Bev Bevan drums and vocal
Rick Price vocal, bass guitar (joined 1969 - left 1971)
Jeff Lynne vocal, piano, guitar (joined 1970)
Subtitled "The 60s Singles As and Bs," here's almost all the Move you'll ever need. If you're a fan of '60s British pop with alternating heavy dashes of pyschedelia and '50s retro-rock thrown in, the Move were the perfect embodiment of that odd blend. For newcomers, this is the group that Jeff Lynne later joined which permutated into the Electric Light Orchestra after scoring one last hit as the Move with the two-sided killer "Do Ya" b/w "California Man," both outside the timeline of this package, thus making it sadly incomplete. But the 20 tracks aboard are the original group with Carl Wayne and deliver all the other hits, B-sides, and even include two bonus tracks, an Italian version of "Something" and the withdrawn B-side "Vote for Me." Fans of the early Who will go bonkers for this one, solid Brit-pop all the way.

1. Night of Fear
2. Disturbance
3. I Can Hear the Grass Grow
4. Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train
5. Flowers in the Rain
6. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
7. Fire Brigade
8. Walk Upon the Water
9. Wild Tiger Woman
10. Omnibus
11. Blackberry Way
12. Something
13. Curly
14. This Time Tomorrow
15. Brontosaurus
16. Lightning Never Strikes Twice
17. When Alice Comes Back to the Farm
18. What?
19. Something [Italian Version]
20. Vote for Me [Withdrawn Single B-Side]

Not so well known as The Beatles, The Stones, Small Faces, Pretty Things, Led Zep or even Black Sabbath, The Move was a great British rock band at the late sixties. OMNIBUS is a good example of their musical force. Not only rock and roll, not only rhythm and blues, not quite hard rock, The Move is the natural link between the flower power age and the hard and heavy decade of the seveties. As other good bands which didn't really reach the "Hall Of Fame" (I can mention Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, even the Moody Blues) The Move hepled a lot the developpment of rock music whithout getting the proper recognicion. OMNIBUS proves all the above. This album suffer from a miss of coherent vision, but some tracks are really nice: I Can Hear The Grass Grow, Lemon Tree, Fire Brigade, Wild Tiger Woman. Being a collection of A's and B's singles (as it was fasionable to edit in the sixties) Omnibus is a good example of what The Move's music was at that time. However, if you wanna buy it, better check out with other titles, as some collection may include many of those tracks. If you really are a Move fan or you love very much the sound of the sixties (as is my case) you should get this album. If you enjoy the Electric Light Orchestra, is good to know how everything has started.

The Troggs - Live At The Whisky A Go Go



As long as there has been a Los Angeles rock scene, there has been the Whisky A Go-Go.
An anchor on the Sunset Strip since it's opening in 1964, the Whisky A Go-Go has played host to rock 'n' roll's most important bands, from the Doors,The Troggs, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin to today's up and coming new artists

The Troggs Live At "The Whisky A Go Go" Los Angeles  
Label:  Bootleg British release     1980

01 - Got Love If You Want It
02 - Satisfaction
03 - Love Is All Around
04 - Give It To Me
05 - Feels Like A Woman
06 - Strange Movie
07 - Summertime
08 - Walking The Dog
09 - Memphis
10 - No Particular Place To Go
11 - Wild Thing
12 - Gonna Make You

Amen Corner - The Best of

Amen Corner was a Welsh R&B-tinged pop band of the '60s featuring singer Andy Fairweather Low, organist Blue Weaver, guitarist Neil Jones, bassist Clive Taylor, saxophonists Allen Jones and Mike Smith, and drummer Dennis Bryon. They scored the first of their six British chart hits with "Gin House" in the summer of 1967. "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice" went to number one in early 1969. By then, Fairweather Low had become a teenage heartthrob and the band had switched management and record companies, but they split up by the end of the year.


Andy Fairweather-Low - vocals, guitars
Neil Jones - lead guitars
Blue (Derek) Weaver - organ (позднее - в The Strawbs, Mott The Hoople и Bee Gees)
Allen Jones - sax
Mike Smith - sax
Clive Taylor - bass (later Bee Gees)
Dennis Byron - drums (later Bee Gees)

Английская группа из Южного Уэльса была сформирована гитаристом и певцом Энди Фейрвезер-Лоу (Andy Fairweather-Low) из музыкантов нескольких рок-коллективов города Кардифф. Первое публичное выступление группы состоялось во время рождественских праздников 1966 года. Вскоре группа переехала в Лондон, где в 1967 привлекла внимание компании Decca, главными звездами которой были Rolling Stones (и которая, кстати говоря, не рассмотрела в 1962 году ничего интересного в музыкантах группы Beatles), и подписала с ней контракт. Первый сингл группы Gin House Blues/I Know добрался до 12-го места в национальном хит-параде. Второй сингл World Of Broken Hearts занял 24-е место. Популярность группы росла очень быстро: музыканта давали множество концертов (в том числе в Альберт Холле), а вокалист Фейрвезер-Лоу стал кумиром английской молодежи. Дебютный альбом группы появился на прилавках британских музыкальных магазинов в 1968 году, назывался он Round Amen Corner и занял 26-е место в хит-параде.

В том же 1968 году, пока группа находилась в турне, в результате весьма темной сделки права на записи группы перешли от компании Decca (вернее - от ее филиала Deram) к компании Immediate. Компания Immediate, под патронажем которой находились такие исполнители, как Small Faces и Крис Фарлоу (Chris Farlowe), в этот самый момент испытывала серьезные финансовые затруднения, о чем участники Amen Corner и не догадывались. Несмотря на все это, был выпущен очередной сингл - (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice - один из лучших в дискографии группы. Он занял первое место в национальном хит-параде. Следом появился второй, концертный, альбом - Explosive Company. Он не имел такого же успеха, как дебютный альбом.

В сентябре 1969 года группа объявила о своем распаде. Однако в октябре компания Immediate без ведома самих музыкантов, выпустила еще один сингл - Get Back/Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven, который даже не попал в хит-парады.

Группа Amen Corner стала первой в истории группой из Уэльса, которой удалось занять первое место в национальном британском хит-параде.

Синглы (SP) Amen Corner:
1967 Gin House Blues/ I Know
1967 The World Of Broken Hearts/ Nema
1968 Bend Me Shape Me/ Satisnek The Job's Worth
1968 High In The Sky/ Run Run Run
1969 (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice/ Hey Hey Girl
1969 Hello Suzie/ Evil Man's Gonna Win
1969 Get Back/ Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven

Альбомы (LP) Amen Corner:
1968 Round Amen Corner
1969 Explosive Company

Альбомы (LP) Andy Fairweather-Low:
1971 Beginning From an End
1974 Spider Jiving
1975 La Booga Rooga
1976 Andy Fairweather Low
1976 Be Bop & Holla
1980 Mega Shebang
2006 Sweet Soulful Music
Thanks Grom

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Gestures - The Gestures (1964)


Flac \ 156Mb

One of the first American garage bands to write and perform British Invasion-derived material, the Gestures only recorded two singles in the mid-'60s. But one of those, "Run, Run, Run," was an excellent effort indeed, with its blend of surf-styled guitar, terrific pummeling drums, and Beatlesque harmonies. It made #44 nationally in late 1964, and made the Top Ten in several cities, but the Minnesota group only made one follow-up before disbanding. Recording for a tiny regional label, there wasn't enough of a support network to build the Gestures into a bigger act, although some strong original songs — which employed pleasing harmonies and unusual, almost jazzy chord structures — indicated that the group had considerable potential. As it was, they're just another in a line of young groups whose prospects were short-circuited by limited opportunities, although "Run, Run, Run" is now acknowledged as one of the earliest and best garage 45s, especially after it was reissued on Pebbles, Vol. 9.
01 - Hi-Heel Sneakers
02 - I'm Not Mad
03 - Don't Mess Around
04 - Run Run Run
05 - Things We Said Today
06 - Can I Get a Witness
07 - Long Tall Texan
08 - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
09 - It Seems to Me
10 - She Cried
11 - When Does Linda Cry
12 - Savage World [instrumental]
13 - Candlelight
14 - Things We Said Today [Alternate Backing Track]
15 - I'm Not Mad [Alternate Version]
16 - Stand by
The Gestures never released an album during their brief existence. This 16-track disc was patched together by combining all four songs from their two singles with 12 previously unreleased cuts that were recorded for a projected (but unreleased album). "Run, Run, Run" is a stone classic, from its opening rush of ascending chords to its final chorus. Gestures songwriter Dale Menten penned a couple of other neat, more subdued tunes that bridged surf-frat rock with British Invasion styles. Most of the unreleased stuff, though, is competent, but not overly stunning, covers of mid-'60s hits from both the U.K. and the U.S. As such, it's more a testament to what might have been than a notable document, although garageheads will find it entertaining.

От себя...
Не очень-то она и гаражная эта группа. На мой взгляд в основном музыка без  острых "гаражных"углов, без "...растерянности и злобы..", как говорит психоделический Медведев ,но с характерным ритмом и подпевочками больше похожа на хороший бит.И хотя определённая жёсткость уже присутствует в некоторых композициях,определить конкретный стиль в данном случае не легко,во всяком случае для меня. Скорее всего,это где-то на стыке  - раннее утро в гараже... Да и так ли это важно ?.Главное,что музыка The Gestures потрясающе передаёт неповторимые оттенки саунда 60х.
Я надеюсь,что альбом понравится не только моим сверстникам, музыкальные пристрастия которых  формировались в 60е-70е/в этом я уверен/,но и всем ,кто интересуется истоками современной рок музыки и кому нравится музыка того времени

ENJOY !!! как говорят у нас  в Митино...

Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - It Should've Been Me (1965)

Zoot Money was one of British rock 'n' roll's homebound heroes -- admired, respected and sought after by his colleagues, and able to fill halls nightly in England, he never managed to sell lots of records, even in England. Born in Bournemouth in 1942 with the name George Bruno Money, he grew up in an Italian-immigrant (but, on his father's side, English-descended) family. He was musically inclined from an early age and his first instrument, taken up at school, was the French horn -- he also sang in the choir as a boy. During the mid-1950's, he discovered rhythm-and-blues and its younger offshoot, rock 'n' roll, which quickly consumed his interest in music -- he switched to the keyboard under the inspiration of Jerry Lee Lewis and ... Read More...
Zoot Money's debut LP, released on EMI's Columbia label in 1965, represents a side of the British Invasion that never quite took hold on U.S. shores -- steeped in American R&B but offering a sextet's attack on saxes and organ, theirs wasn't enough of a guitar-oriented sound to get a fair hearing in the U.S., though the guitarist here is Andy Somers (aka Andy Summers, who takes a hot solo on "Along Came John"). That doesn't mean it's not worth hearing, even 40 years later -- the renditions of numbers written by or associated with James Brown ("I'll Go Crazy"), Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson ("Back Door Blues"), et al., knocked off in a single day's recording, is superb R&B regardless of its point of origin, and might even (and might still) turn a head or two. The big surprise, however, may be the gently swinging reinterpretation of Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Rock and Roller," which manages to successfully straddle a couple of major music stylistic eras. And the Paul Williams-sung "Rags and Old Iron" is a dark, brilliant blues showcase for saxman Clive Burrows and Money's organ, as well as Williams' pipes.

1. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - I'll Go Crazy (3:44)
2. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Jump Back (2:18)
3. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Alone Came John (4:56)
4. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Back Door Blues (6:13)
5. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - It Should've Been Me (2:56)
6. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller (2:59)
7. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - My Wife Can't Cook (4:52)
8. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Rags And Old Iron (3:34)
9. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Cat (3:34)
10. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Feelin' Sad (6:22)
11. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Bright Lights Big City (4:59)
12. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Fina (2:50)
13. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Uncle Willie (2:54)
14. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Good (2:25)
15. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Bring It Home To Me (3:42)
16. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Please Stay (3:40)
17. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - You Know You'll Cry (3:13)
18. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Something Is Worrying Me (2:56)
19. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (2:19)
20. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Big Time Operator (2:42)
21. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Zoot's Sermon (3:52)
22. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - It Should've Been Me (alternate take) (2:48)

The Rocking Ghosts - 16 HITS Denmark


The Rocking Ghosts as far as i can tell were a fairly popular Danish group that actually charted in Denmark with the A side to this single Belinda. They released records in a lot of countries, Germany , Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, etc. Originally started as a school band early 1962 witha trumpet as leading instrument! But changed style and instruments in the middle of the same year. They were heavily inspired by Cliff Richards & The Shadows, so naturally the first recordings were instrumentals.
In 1967 they tried to chance their image to the new flower powerstyle. But the change didn't give them any new fans and they lost a lot of the older fans and the group decided to split up.

1. Rocking Ghosts - Shaking All Over (2:14)
2. Rocking Ghosts - In The Mood (1:59)
3. Rocking Ghosts - Belinda (2:47)
4. Rocking Ghosts - Vilja, Oh Vilja (2:28)
5. Rocking Ghosts - Oh, Oh What A Kiss (3:23)
6. Rocking Ghosts - Annie Is Back (2:00)
7. Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk (2:01)
8. Rocking Ghosts - Jambalaya (2:18)
9. Rocking Ghosts - Lady Of Spain (2:05)
10. Rocking Ghosts - Djengis Kahn (2:47)
11. Rocking Ghosts - Scotland The Brave (2:55)
12. Rocking Ghosts - Whole Lotta Shaking Going On (2:47)
13. Rocking Ghosts - Under The Bridges Of Paris (3:00)
14. Rocking Ghosts - Maria Elena (2:48)
15. Rocking Ghosts - Ya Ya Twist (2:33)
16. Rocking Ghosts - Dance On (2:14)