Tuesday, September 28, 2021

VA- Frantic Early Rock Instrumentals

The Searchers - Hearts in Their Eyes: Celebrating 50 Years of Harmony & Jangle (4XCD)

Shane Fenton & The Fentones - Moody Guys... (The Collectors Shane Fenton & The Fentones)

VA - Bad Bad Woman, Gems From Philips Records USA

VA - Polydor Lp's (Jancy privat collection)

The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus, 1968

If you have a distant memory of once seeing John Lennon perform with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy or having a stroke – that actually happened. Known as The Dirty Mac, this seemingly unlikely supergroup made their television debut on December 11, 1968 in honor of the Rolling Stones’ TV special, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus; Lennon, in his first ever performance away from The Beatles, enlisted the help of Clapton, Richards, and Mitchell for the project, bringing The Beatles’ “Yer Blues” to center stage and as an added bonus, John’s wife Yoko is blessedly nowhere to be found for this particular Dirty Mac performance.
While it’s strange seeing this particular configuration of rock legends together one stage with John appearing with a band that wasn’t The Beatles, it also gets our brains a-turnin’ as we think about what The Dirty Mac could have become with just a few more years and even more interesting than that, where life would have taken John, Eric, Mitch, and Keith. We’ll never know, but this video gives us a pretty fantastic idea. Check it out below!

V.A. History Of Eastern Iowa Rock Vol.1, The Daybreakers (1967-77) The Daybreakers + Rox + Crusin'


R.I.P Charles Robert Watts (2 June 1941 – 24 August 2021)

The Rolling Stones Release New Video Dedicated For Charlie Watts

“This is our first tour in 59 years that we’ve done without our lovely Charlie Watts,” Mick Jagger told the crowd. “We all miss Charlie so much. We miss him as a band. We miss him as friends, on and off the stage. We’ve got so many memories of Charlie. I’m sure some of you that have seen us before have got memories of Charlie as well. I hope you’ll remember him like we do. We’d like to dedicate this show to Charlie.” 

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Herd - Paradise Lost. The Complete UK Fontana Recordings

Celly Compello Estúpido Cupido BOX set 6 CD

Rika Zaraï 1969 - Alors Je Chante

Righteous Brothers -The Complete Singles

Sound Incorporated / Tarzan / Rigsby Records – RIGCD 7753 / UK Compilation 2007


The Shadow knows Vol 1-2


The Flee-Rekkers - Green Jeans

V.A. Pippermint Twist (Rockin' Twist - Instrumentals - Exotica And Other Sound From Spain 1958-1966)

Hi folks:

For many years I have had this album in my collection as one of my favorites, since it is a look at the first Spanish bands in the early sixties, bands that with some exceptions later had no repercussion on the Spanish music scene.
There are bands that would later achieve fame in Spain, such as "Los Pekenikes" or "Los Relámpagos", being the best instrumental bands in the country, but that originally had a really raw sound, in contrast to their later elegant sound. .
I would also like to comment on "Espacial" from "Los Continentales", which has always been compared to "Telstar", although "Los Continentales" released it before "The Tornados", I suppose that if it had been behind them as in "Tornados" "The great Joe Meek would have been a worldwide hit.

Enjoy this vision of the birth of Spanish music.

Side 1

Los Pekenikes - Twist De Los Elefantes

Dúo Rúbam - Hiedra Venenosa

Los Giovanes - El Vendedor De Melones

Maleni Castro - Juventud Twist

Rudy Ventura Y Su Conjunto - Twist, Twist, Twist

Los Continentales - Espacial

Side 2

Baby - Pippermint Twist

Los Extraños - Marabunta

The Finder's - Shu Bi Du Do Slop

Edward Y Los Windys - No Sabes Bailar

Kuldip - El Salvaje

Sylvia - Con Los Caminantes - Mi Andaluz

Side 3

Los Sirex - Nobody But You

Los Relámpagos - Minnesota Fats

The Rocking Boys - Una Rubia De Miedo

Jorge Miranda - Kana Kapila

Latin Quartet - Ali Baba Twist

Cuarteto Maranatha - Shadrack

Side 4

Los Kramer's - Panorama

Os Duques - Haz El Mono

Los Delta - Pronto... Pronto!

Els 4 Gats - El Miner

Los Pantalones Azules - Johnny, Sé Bueno

Marietta - Rock Night

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Hola. Soy Jose Kortozirkuito, y algunos de vosotros ya me conocéis por mis dos blogs en acivo, y esto es para deciros que realmente estoy muy emocionado y lleno de miedo, después de recibir el E-Mail de Dmitrich invitándome a ser parte de este blog. Para mi es como un sueño, pues lo sigo desde el principo y a él le debo gran parte de mis conocimientos musicales. 
La respuesta ha sido afirmativa, aunque me asusta la responsabilidad de estar al nivel de este gran blog, sin duda uno de los mejores blogs musicales del mundo.
Lo que seguro aportaré será mi ilusión y entusiasmo, y con ello creo que todos podemos ser buenos amigos y disfrutar de nuestra pasión por la música.
Un gran problema para mi será mi desconocimiento de la lengua inglesa, así que tendré que usar el "Google Translate", así que perdón por los errores.
Deseadme suerte...¡Me va a hacer falta!
Saludos desde España

* * * * *

Hi friends. I'm Jose Kortozirkuito, and some of you already know me from my two active blogs, and this is to tell you that I am really excited and full of fear, after receiving the E-Mail from Dmitrich inviting me to be part of this blog. For me it is like a dream, because I have followed him from the beginning and to him I owe a large part of my musical knowledge. 
The answer has been affirmative, although the responsibility of being at the level of this great blog scares me, without a doubt one of the best music blogs in the world.
What I will surely contribute will be my illusion and enthusiasm, and with that I believe that we can all be good friends and enjoy our passion for music.
A big problem for me will be my ignorance of the English language, so I will have to use "Google Translate", so sorry for the mistakes.
Wish me luck ... I'm going to need it
Greetings from Spain