Sunday, April 28, 2019

Kathy Kirby ‎– Hits And Rarities And Lipgloss

The Enfields & Friends Of The Family - The songs of Ted Munda

Class of 66' 18 Mid 60's Bands

Johnny Reimar - The Complete 1963 - 1965

Erick Saint-Laurent - Le temps d'y penser

Nöel Deschamps - Sixties français

First Summer of Love (Classic 60's) Vol 2

First Summer Of Love (Classic 60's) Vol 1

The Merced Blue Notes - Get Your Kicks On Route 99

The Jones ‎– Music To Watch Girls Dance

John Lamers with Cees and his Skyliners - The Story Of...

Jørgen Ingmann - Drina-Marsch Und Andere Gitarren-Hits Mit (1966)

Nat King Cole (Love is the Thing) EP Part 2 (1957)

Nat King Cole (love is the Thing) EP (1957) Part 1

The Jay Five - Singles 66-68 (VEAC) + The Jay Five ‎– Music To Watch Girls By (1968)

B. Bumble And The Stingers (Instrumental) EP (1962)

The Sundae Times - Us Coloured Kids (1969)

Brian Hyland (Warmed over Kisses) EP (1963)