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The Beavers-viva beavers!(japan)


Akira Ken Narita - vocals
Masao Hayase - vocals
Hideki Ishima  lead guitar
Masayuki Hirai  rhythm guitar
Hiroshi Arakawa - bass
Yukio Awamura - drums

In 1964,future Flower Travellin Band guitarist Hideki Ishima arrived in Tokyo from his hometown Sapporo.He got together with guitarist Masayuiki Hirai,bassist Hiroshi Arakawa and drummer Yukio Awamura to form an eleki band which took the name The Outlaws. However, the clubs in which The Outlaws played also demanded that they employ a singer.Inspired by The Spiders twin lead vocalists,The Outlaws decided to recruit Akira Narita and Masao Hayase.Invited to support their heroes The Spiders,the band then changed their name to The Beavers just prior to making their stage debut.Their first single Hatsukoi No Oka (The Hill Of The First Love) b/w Hello,Coffee Girl was released in July 1967 was not a big hit,but was considered something special by fans of the Group Sounds scene.The second single ?Kimimaki Sekai (The World Without You) fared better but still failed to chart,as did their third 45 Itoshi No Santa Maria (Saint Maria,My Love).The bands sole LP VIVA BEAVERS was released thereafter but,at the end of 1968,after the release of their fifth failed single ?Nakanaide Nakamaide (Please Don?t Cry),Ishima recognised that the GS boom was faltering.Ishima split the band when he was invited to join The Flowers by Yuya Uchida.

VA - The Hucklebuck & Other Good Songs [2014]

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VA - Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop & Other Good Songs [2014]

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VA - Ali Baba & Other Good Songs [2014]

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VA - Chicken Talk & Other Good Songs [2014]

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VA - Little Sister & Other Good Songs [2014]

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VA - Your Baby's Gone Surfin' & Other Good Songs [2014]

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The Shaggs- 1969 - Philosophy Of The World

The Shaggs were three teenage sisters in New Hampshire: Dot (Jamey Hood), Betty (Sarah Sokolovic) and Helen (Emily Walton) Wiggin. Their millworker father, Austin (Peter Friedman), believed, thanks to a prophecy, that his girls were born rock stars - and his way to a bigger and better life.
He removed them from school, had wife Annie (Annie Golden) teach them at home and forced them to form a rock band.
Very Mama Rose, very "Gypsy."
No matter that the trio had no interest. Or talent. They were God-awful musicians.
The Shaggs cut an album in 1969: "Philosophy of the World." It cost the family its life savings and reaped untold emotional wreckage.
Eleven years later, the LP became a cult hit, embraced for raw, unvarnished vocals and instrumentals.

01. Philosophy Of The World – 2:54
02. That Little Sports Car – 2:05
03. Who Are Parents? – 2:56
04. My Pal Foot Foot – 2:29
05. My Companion – 2:02
06. I'm So Happy When You're Near – 2:12
07. Things I Wonder – 1:46
08. Sweet Thing – 2:56
09. It's Halloween – 2:20
10. Why Do I Feel? – 3:55
11. What Should I Do? – 2:16
12. We Have A Savior – 3:04

* Betty Wiggin Porter - rhythm guitar, vocals
* Helen Wiggin Semprini - drums
* Dorothy Wiggin (aka Dot Wiggin) - lead guitar, vocals, arrangements
* Rachel Wiggin - bass guitar on That Little Sports Car

FARON'S FLAMINGOS - 1963 - See If She Cares

"Faron's Flamingos" were one of the most promising groups of Liverpool, never imevsih of one-hit, EVEN at a local levels, and This despite the fact that her What musicians came from some much more famous and uspesnyh kollektivov. Original in 1959 year poavilis? the Name "The Ravens" (or "Robin & The Ravens"); staff in bands vhodili Nicky Crouch (guitar, vocals), Billy Jones (guitar, vocals), Eric London (bass) and Trevor Morais (drums). Bill Ruffley (or Faron Ruffley), who previously vystupal with "The Tempest Tornados" prisel soloist in two years lowered. In 1961 legendary Bob Wooler proposed a new name, "Faron's Flamingos." Ih-up is continuous condition depending Cut Is not From the beginning complexion, Eric London and Billy Jones pokinuli "Faron's Flamingos" in 1962, Dave "Mushy" Cooper move in a year earlier, prisoedinivsis? k "Undertakers". London and guitarist / singer Paddy Chambers Shortly thereafter vernulis. Group spent long reputation mistletoe wild, with breathtaking attention sceniceskim action thanks komedijnoj acrobatics Faron and Morais. In 1962 the term were enough uspesnye gastroli to France, yarn than proizosel bum bits. They received kratkovremennyj Contract with "Oriole Records", the largest independent label in England, and in August 1963 years leaves them first single "Do You Love Me / See If She Cares". Cerezo several days, "Brian Poole & The Tremeloes" write svou Versie "See If She Cares" for "Decca Records", and namely it stopped hit (EVEN in this reckless, CTO of both bills zatmilo Performance "Dave Clark Five"). In October 1963 leaves the second single, "Shake Sherry / Give Me Time", but he also does not smog Correct the situation and to end sleduusego months they decided collectively, "packed suitcases." Faron and Paddy Chambers prisoedinilis? to "The Big Three", Nicky Crouch Became member group "The Mojos" and Trevor Morais dobilsa success with "The Peddlers".

Format: MP3 CBR 320
01. Do You Love Me - 3:15
02. Give Me Time - 1:59
03. Let's Stomp - 1:48
04. Let's Stomp (live) - 3:12
05. Secret Love - 2:23
06. See If She Cares - 2:10
07. Shake Sherry - 2:19
08. So Fine - 2:18
09. Talk About You - 1:51

- William "Faron" Ruffley - bass, lead Vocals
- Paddy Chambers - guitar
- Nick Crouch - guitar, vocals
- Trevor Morais - drums

THE PETE BEST COMBO - 1964 - 66 - Beyond The Beatles

01. All Aboard (Lamont) - 1:37
02. Why Did You Leave Me Baby? (Bickerton, Waddington) - 1:46
03. Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (Piron, Sutton) - 2:11
04. I Need Your Lovin' (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:43
05. I Can Do Without You (Bickerton, Waddington) - 3:15
06. Castin' My Spell (Johnson, Johnson) - 1:54
07. I'm Blue (Turner) -    2:39
08. She's Alright (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:32
09. Keys to My Heart (Bickerton, Waddington) - 3:14
10. I'm Checkin' Out Now Baby (Bickerton, Waddington) - 3:02
11. I'll Try Anyway (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:38
12. I Don't Know Why I Do (Bickerton, Waddington) -2:37
13. How Do You Get to Know Her Name? (Bickerton, Waddington) - 3:00
14. She's Not the Only Girl in Town (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:39
15. If You Can't Get Her (Bickerton, Waddington) - 3:27
16. More Than I Need Myself (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:34
17. I'll Have Everything Too (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:31
18. The Way I Feel About You (Bickerton, Waddington) - 1:46
19. Don't Play With Me (Bickerton, Waddington) - 1:59
20. Rock 'n' Roll Music (Berry) - 3:07
21. I Wanna Be There (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:09
22. Everybody -    3:03
23. Pete's Theme (Bickerton, Waddington) - 2:18
24. Off the Hook (Jagger, Richardson) -    2:32
25. Last Night - 1:54
26. Nobody But You - 2:01
27. Wait And See - 1:56
28. Some Other Guy - 1:52

- Pete Best - drums
- Tony Waddington - lead guitar, vocals
- Wayne Bickerton - bass guitar, vocals
- Trevor Browne - brass
- Bill Burton - brass

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Aces Combo Introducing (US, 1967)

A schoolboy quintet, all 14 or 15 according to the reproduced liner notes, trot through some favourite covers - surf/instrumental (Wipe Out, Apache), ballads (Under The Boardwalk, My Girl), frat/dance (Shake A Tail Feather, The Monkey Time) and pop/beat (Pied Piper, This Boy). Kudos to Collectables for reissuing these extremely rare and expensive albums. Curiosity is satisfied without selling the family china, though the general sound of these lesser known Justice LPs is the pre-fuzz 1964/1965 period and of more interest to fans of beat/pop/frat than the "class of '66" clan.

1.         The Pied Piper
2.         Apache
3.         Laugh It Off
4.         No Matter What Shape
5.         Come Home
6.         Secret Agent Man
7.         This Boy
8.         The Monkey Time
9.         Wipe Out
10.         Shake A Tail Feather
11.         My Girl
12.         Under The Boardwalk

Aces Combo: Johnny Yarbrough (vocals, guitar); Tim Ervin, Johnny Nance (guitar); Michael Earnhardt (bass); Howard Caywood (drums).

Pussycats-The Pussycats Story[65-67]Norway

The Pussycats were a Norwegian rock band from Tromso/Norway.They started as The Arctic in spring 1964.They headed to Stockholm/Sweden to pursue a professional career and it was there where they met the businessman Sten Ekroth,who became their manager.Ekroth's idea was to make the band as big as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and it was him who came out with the name "Pussycats".Their first single "Ebb Tide/Cadillac" sold nearly 25,000 copies.Their follow-up "Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/Donna" did not sell nearly as much,but at least it was not a week without the Pussycats was featured in the press.Their career was marked by scandal stories,often arranged by their manager.Their debut-album Pssst! Pssst! was hailed as a masterpiece in the press,and from a historical perspective,the LP is considered to be a milestone.No other Norwegian artists had until 1966 been able to make a rock LP of such convincing quality,both in terms of sound, performance and song material.The album was also one of the '60s greatest successes in Norway and stayed ten weeks on top of the charts,which was a Norwegian record.During a publicity tour in the summer of 1966,the Pussycats' second LP was recorded in Hamburg.Was a bold mix of catchy pop songs and more experimental tunes and received ovations in the press and sold well again."Vanya Maria/Death Is Coming" was their last release as The Pussycats and perhaps their only record with hints of Psychedelia.Another 45 "Sjoreisa/Mors Minner" came out under the pseudonym Sailors but didn't make much impression.Soon after the band quit but in 1971 Trond Graff and Sverre Kjelsberg reformed the group with new members.Their only output was the album "Touch Wood" in 1973 which moves towards Progressive and Jazz.

The Pussycats Story (PolyGram 847502-2/1990) includes all their singles and the best tracks of their two albums.

1.Ebb Tide
4.Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
5.Boom Boom
8.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
9.The Last Time
10.Just A Little Teardrop
11.Let Me Stay With You
12.Purdy Patsy
13.Baby Baby
14.Don't Love Me
15.Love Me Tonight
16.Why Have We To Wait
18.They Say...
20.I'm Going Home
21.The Craftsman
22.True True Lovin'
24.A Night Of Life
26.Call Me
27.Vanja Maria
28.Death Is Coming

Tracks 5 to 6,8 to 9,26 and 27 are in mono.
Tracks 1 to 4 are released in stereo for the first time.
Tracks 7 to 9 and 26 are previously unreleased.

The Pleasure Seekers-What A Way To Die[64-68]

The Pleasure Seekers was a 1960s-era, all-female garage rock band from Detroit,Michigan.The band morphed into Cradle,changing direction musically.They are known due in large part to the later prominence of bandmember Suzi Quatro.

Following an entertaining intro (by DJ The Lord,of,the Quatro sisters original composition "Gotta Get Away" comes on heavy with a wall of organ and guitar likes a snarly Detroit version of an Avalon ballroom mainstay!This is the first taste of seven previously unreleased '60s recordings by Michigan's Pleasure Seekers.It was long rumored the girls had laid down more in the studio than the three singles well known to serious rock & roll fanatics,but now the wait is over.

The Pleasure seekers were an all girl garage band from Detroit,Michigan.In 1964,Patti Quatro started The Pleasure Seekers with friends Nancy Ball (drums), Arlene Quatro (keyboards), and a 16-year-old Suzi Quatro. They only released two singles: "What A Way To Die" / "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" (Hideout) 1966 "Light Of Love" / "Shame" (Mercury) 1967 "What a Way To Die" is an ode to teenage drinking and has been on many many garage compilation.

1.The Lord Intro
2.Gotta Get Away
3.Never Thought You'd Leave Me
4.Light Of Love
5.Good Kind Of Hurt
6.What A Way To Die
7.Elevator Express
8.Locked In Your Love
9.White Pig Blues
10.Brain Confusion
11.Where Have You Gone
12.Mr Power

Lewis & Clarke - Expedition

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Mike Hart–Mike Hart Bleeds[1969]

[CD Japan 24-Bit Remaster]

1.  Yawny Morning Song
2.  Shelter Song
3.  The Ring Song
4.  Please Bring Back the Birch for the Milkman
5.  Arty's Wife
6.  Disbelief Blues
7.  Aberfan
8.  Dance Mr. Morning Man
9.  Almost Liverpool 8

Hart was a talented frontman,singer and poet who had long battles with alcohol.In 1962,Hart founded Liverpool band The Roadrunners,which he left in July 1965 and later joined Liverpool Scene which featured Adrian Henri,Andy Roberts and Mike Evans.He stayed with them only for one album,leaving to pursue a solo career including an album called ‘Mike Hart Bleeds’ produced by the late John Peel.John Cornelius,author of Liverpool 8 thinks that Hart deserves a place alongside other great musical talents: "I would place Mike Hart on the same pedastal as Bob Dylan and John Lennon: he was that good.He let himself down but he was the genuine article, a Woody Guthrie who led a rolling stone lifestyle."

"Mike Hart Bleeds" was one of the first discs issued on John Peel's Dandelion label (and recorded in 1969).The album is a totally underrated and overlooked classic,which at times bears worthy comparison to some of Bob Dylan's and John Lennon's work.There is much variety in the songs and every track is a gem in its own right.Hart's lyrics combine bitterness,irony and humour and are ruthlessly honest. His voice is deeply emotive and affecting. The most outstanding track "Almost Liverpool 8" sounds a bit like Lennon on his first solo album backed by Procol Harum."Arty's Wife" is another similarly moving tale of failed relationships, while "Disbelief Blues" sounds uncannily similar to the sound of "Bob Dylan's 113th Dream".There are shades of "Mr Tambourine Man" in "Dance Mr. Morning Man" while "Shelter Song" is a tragi-comic tale of working-class life in Liverpool (similar in melody to "Universal Soldier").Hart delivers a classic protest song of his own with "Aberfan" which details the horrors of the landslide a few years earlier in a Welsh mining village. He also combines protest with humour and mentions Harold Wilson in "Please Bring Back the Birch for the Milkman".


Phoenix consisted of Chuck McCabe (guitar,vocals),Tiran Porter (bass,vocals),Homer Swain (drums,vocals),Mike Walch (percussion,vocals,piano).The group has connections to the Doobie Brothers,Tiran Porter would replace Dave Shogren on bass for the Doobies’ second album Toulous Street in 1972.

1.Julia’s Face
2.Music On My Mind
3.I Can’t Lose You Now
4.Hello Nashville
5.Thanks For Nothing
6.Too Many Words
7.Do Something To Make Somebody Happy
8.I’m Leaving, You Arrived
9.Postmark N.Y.C.
10.Words I Have To Say
11.Baby I’m Sorry (What Else Can I Say)

Paul Martin[66-67]

New York singer-songwriter Paul Martin (born Paul Myerberg) released a couple of way-obscure singles in 1966-67 and recorded a lot of unreleased demos at the same time many of these were collected for a 1996 release on Distortions.Martin wasn't an exceptionally talented performer or composer, churning out low-fi folk-rock with garage and psychedelic influences.His work has some scruffy appeal for obsessive '60s collectors,though,simply because there were few other garage artists of the time that employed such liberal,eclectic folk and pop influences.A Blonde on Blonde organ here violins and cellos there occasional New York pop-soul female backup vocals--many of his tunes were dressed up with the unexpected, as if he couldn't decide whether to be underground,Top 40, singer-songwriter,or adolescent punk.

1.It Happened
2.It's A Long Time 'Til The End
4.I Have Got That Feelin'
5.You Don't Seem To Understand
6.Without Your Love
7.More Than Me
8.What Good Is Your Love
9.This Is The End
10.The Last Remains Of Our Love
11.You Were There
12.All That's Left
13.Yours Is The Life
14.How Many Tears Must I Cry
15.I Want You
16.The Girl Tomorrow Killed
17.The Fairy Princess

The Rattles–Twist Im Star–Club Hamburg[1963][w.bonus]

The Rattles–Twist Im Star–Club Hamburg[1963]Germany

(Live Recording)

One of the most successful and certainly one of the most prolific,German rock groups of the '60s,the Rattles enjoyed reasonable success in their native land without making much of an impression elsewhere (though some of their material was released in other countries).Starting out in the same Star Club-based Hamburg scene as the Liverpool groups of the early '60s,their early repertoire was built upon a similar base of '50s rock and soul/R&B.They released about 30 singles during the '60s (some on the Star-Club label itself),as well as almost ten albums,eventually making the transition to original material and marching on well into the 1970s.

1. Baby That Is Rock And Roll (Leiber/Stoller)
2. The Stomp (Smith/Goldsmith)
3. Go To Him (Reichel)
4. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Wrubel/Gilbert)
5. Mashed Potatoes (Otis/Lee)
6. Hello (Ortwein/Sondhol)
7. Cryin’, Waitin’, Hopin’ (Buddy Holly)
8. Sticks And Stones (Turner)
9. Hippy Hippy Shake (Chan Romero)
10. Ain’t She Sweet (Ager/Yellen)
11. Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry)
12. Twist And Shout (B.Russel/Phil Medley)
13. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (C.Walker)
14. P.S. I Love You (J.Lennon/P.McCartney)


15. Shimmy Shimmy
16. Hippy Hippy Shake (Without Audience)
17. Geh Zu Ihm
18. Bye,Bye,Baby

PH Phactor-Merryjuana[67-68]

A group who mixed up elements of jug band,folk-rock,blues and psychedelia,PH Phactor was based at various points in both Portland,OR and San Francisco.During their lifetime they recorded just one single,"Minglewood Blues"/"Barefoot John," released in 1967 on the Piccadilly label.The A-side,an update of a blues song from the 1920s,was one of the best of the relatively few jug band/blues/folk-rock combinations to be released in the 1960s, while the B-side was raw, bluesy folk-rock.An entire album of material recorded by the band,Merryjuana was released in 1980 on Piccadilly.This LP (now very hard to find) showed more range than the single had,with excursions into good-time jug band music,Country Joe and the Fish-like psychedelia and blues-rock.On the evidence of this rare LP,PH Phactor were a band that,like the Lovin' Spoonful,Country Joe & the Fish,the Charlatans and Kaleidoscope,linked jug band folk to psychedelic rock in their versatile repertoire.PH Phactor,alas,weren't as notable as any of those prior acts.But their music on this 1980 release (recorded during the 1960s,although only two tracks,the single "Minglewood Blues"/"Barefoot John," came out at the time) was respectably enjoyable.As was the case with all of those like-minded groups,they sounded worst when they were trying to do comic jug band material.At other pointsthough (as on "Suzy"), they had an engaging,ragged blues-rock-psychedelic looseness and quizzical humor reminiscent of San Francisco bands like Country Joe & the Fish and,less closely,the Charlatans. Strange as it might seem, one of the singers-the guy who takes the lead on "Jelly Roll" and "Barefoot John" - sounds a heck of a lot like Jonathan Richman,though there seems no way Richman could have been influenced by such an obscure group.They do a surprisingly good blues-rock cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Three Hundred Pounds of Joy" (here retitled "200 Pounds of Heavenly Joy") and get into eastern-influenced jazzy psychedelic improvisations on the seven-minute "Rain Island."

1.Love love love
3.Eyes of love
5.Jerry roll
6.Minglewood blues[1968]
7.Barefoot John[1968]
8.200 pounds of heavenly joy
9.38 gun
11.Rain island

Paul Bassett – drums,washboard
John Browne - guitar,harmonica
Davy Coffin - guitar,mandolin
John Hendricks - mandolin,mandola,banjo,guitar,kazoo,jug,vocals
Dennis Long – drums
Steve Mork – bass,jug
Nick Ogilvie - guitar,banjo,harp,vocals
Chris Robinson - guitar
Mike Rush – drums

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The Attack_Complete recordings (1967-68)

"Mod-psych extraordinaire, the Attack had a phenomenal string of great but overlooked singles."
An anthology of all the 45s and early unissued rarities from this fantastic 60s mod/psyche outfit; their unique brand of guitar-heavy, mod-rock qualifies them as one of the finest examples of (the over-used term) freakbeat.

01. Magic In The Air
02. Try It
03. Colour Of My Mind
04. Feel Like Flying
05. Lady Orange Peel
06. Freedom For You
07. Mr. Pinnodmy's Dilemma
08. Strange House
09. Anymore Than I Do
10. Created By Clive
11. We Don't Know
12. Hi-Ho Silver Lining
13. Neville Thumbcatch
14. Too Old
15. Go Your Way

The Attack (originally the Soul System) strikes full force with a British Invasion of freakbeat psychedelic mod-rock straight outta London, England circa 1966. Immensely talented, yet sorely underrated, the Attack was an emulative R&B spin-off with assertive pop predispositions. Verging on the Yardbirds, the Kinks, and the Who, yet bearing closer resemblance to the Birds, Small Faces, the Pretty Things, and the Creation, this audio gem features the Attack’s rare early recordings on Don Arden’s ( the ‘Al Capone of Pop? and the ‘Godfather of Rock? ) Decca record label, flaunting melodic pop guitars layered over bass heavy rhythms, and Richard Shirman’s pleasing vocals. Several selections on this devastatingly concise collection include sparkling Hammond organ vibrations. They released a mere 4 singles, often times with the B-Sides packing a fiercer wallop. Radiant free-wheelin’ fun gloriously seeps through, the kind that induces positive euphoric well-being without sluggish addiction. Their solid rock vein stays consistent throughout this collection, perhaps the only stability ever attributed to the Attack, given their multiple line-up changes and failed attempts at expanding their influence outside Britain.
Guy Montag

Making up the four great bands of the 1966 pop-apocalypse were The Who, The Action, The Creation and finally The Attack. Four names that in their brevity summed up the instant flash of mod-pop appeal. They had more energy than an H-bomb after flash, and they hit the senses and the soul with a long awaited wake up call. A definitive collection, which includes such stand outs as - Try It "bugged out insanity,with sexual overtones blowing the Standells version into oblivion"; We Don't Know "a tight explosion of mod-soul" ; Anymore Than I Do "a freak beat classic" - plus of course their pre-Jeff Beck version of Hi Ho Silver lining. A Must for all Mod Collectors.

My first reaction to this CD was being captivated by the infectious bass lines, far more than any of the rest of the instrumentation. In much the same way that Keith Moon's drumming stood out to me when I first heard the Who (the "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" 45). The material is very strong here, witness the fact that the lead track, "Any More Than I Do," was a B-SIDE when originally released. I had originally heard "Created by Clive" as performed by The Syn, but The Attack's version is far stronger, peppier and enlivened by the mallett percussion. Well, it says it's a mod collection but, at the risk of alienating purists, I would surely suggest that the psych and freakbeat minded would all find much to enjoy.

This band should have been as Big as The Who! For sheer originality within the English rock of the late 60's these guys are second to none. This music's right up there with Piper at the Gates of Dawn, The Who sings My Generation and The Move. Now's your chance to hear how "The Attack" pay homage to"The Standells" with this excellent version of the first rock record to get banned in the U.S because of it's "filthy" lyrics which amounts to "Try it". How times have changed! The worst fears expressed by 'Lou Reed's Berlin' have been realized. Let this excellent group take you back to a much simpler time when Rock n Roll was new, and thousands of super, creative bands roamed the US and London. And people still believed that "Rock Music" could save your soul.

Biography by Jon 'Mojo' Mills

The Attack (thanks to an ever growing legion of collectors dedicated to the vibrant sound of mid- to late-'60s Swinging London) have a far larger fan base now than they ever did during their existence. Indeed their unique brand of guitar-heavy, mod-rock qualifies them as one of the finest examples of (the over used term) freakbeat. Hence over the last 15 years there has been an abundance of vinyl bootlegs and inclusions on such psychedelic/freakbeat compilations as Rubble! The founders Richard Shirman (the only original member to stay with the group throughout all of the lineup changes) and Gerry Henderson were originally in a group called the Soul System, whom, for the best part of a year, had a very unstable lineup. In early 1966, the remnants of the crumbling group were joined by Bob Hodges on organ, David John (not David John of David John & the Mood, but Davy O'List under alter ego) on guitar, and Alan Whitehead (on loan from Marmalade) on drums. They soon came to the attention of entrepreneur (gangster?) Don Arden, who then signed them to Decca and changed their name to the Attack. Their debut single released in January 1967 was an extremely anglicized cover of "Try It," an American hit for both the Standells and Ohio Express, whose versions were exemplar of the sneering garage sound. However, the Attack's powerful vocals, pop art guitar, and the underbelly of a warm Hammond created a similar atmosphere to the Small Faces (also managed by Don Arden), the Birds, and the Creation. Shortly after the single was released, Davy O'List was handpicked by Andrew Loog Oldham to join the Nice (who were to act as the backup group for newly acquired American Soul singer P.P. Arnold) and quit the group in late February. Meanwhile, Shirman, a regular visitor to the London clubs had been keeping a watchful eye on a young guitarist he had seen jamming with Jimmy Page. Shortly thereafter John Du Cann (mainstay, and songwriter) was introduced into the group. As a follow-up to "Try It," a version of "Hi-Ho Silver Lining" was then released, but Jeff Beck got the hit first in Britain in 1967. The third 45, "Created By Clive"/"Colour of My Mind," backed a foppish sub-Kinks-style number with a fairly groovy mod-psych tune penned by DuCann. Kenny Harold (bass) and Geoff Richardson (guitar) left shortly after the disappointment of "Created By Clive," leaving John as the only guitarist. Jim Avery (who later went on to the revolutionary Third World War) was drafted in on bass, with Plug (whom later went on to Welsh acid rock outfit Man) still on drums. After yet even more disappointment surrounding the "Magic in the Air" single (Decca refused its release on the grounds of it being too heavy), Plug and Jim Avery left the ranks to be replaced by Roger Deane (bass) and Keith Hodge (drums). The final single, released in early 1968, was "Neville Thumbcatch," a fruity mod-pop tune with spoken narration, like a lesser counterpart to Cream's "Pressed Rat and Warthog." Decca's deal with the Attack expired after that single, with a projected fifth 45, "Freedom for You"/"Feel Like Flying," remaining unreleased. Both sides of that single, as well as seven Attack demos recorded around that time, are included on Angel Air's CD reissue of the rare 1968 album by the Five Day Week Straw People, a studio-only outfit that was led by DuCann. There is also a compilation of the Attack's post-Decca sides entitled Final Dayze, featuring these tracks and more unreleased material (also on Angel Air). Before Decca (who wanted to keep the Attack as a pop act) parted with the group over the continued heavy nature of their newer material, the group had already entered the studio and begun work on the Roman Gods of War album. Both the artwork and a number of songs were completed, but unfortunately the label recorded over the tapes and lost the photos after they dropped the group. DuCann became the dominant creative force in the group prior to their 1968 breakup, and the likes of the unreleased "Mr. Pinnodmy's Dilemma" and "Strange House" showed the group developing a heavier rock sound, although still maintaining a sense of British mod-psych whimsy. DuCann would continue to explore a heavier direction with his subsequent group Andromeda, and joined Atomic Rooster in the '70s.

Giant Crab - A Giant Crab Comes Forth (1968)

Country: USA
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Format: 320 kbps
Archive: 103 Mb

1.A Giant Crab Comes Forth 2:18
2.It Started With A Little Kiss 2:30
3.Directions 3:03
4.Watch Your Step 2:37
5.Intensify Your Soul 2:30
6.Enjoy It 2:04
7.Hot Line Conversation 3:00
8.I Enjoy Being The Boy 2:45
9.Lydia Purple 2:42
10.Groovy Towne 2:37
11.Thru The Fields 2:39
12.The Chance You Take 2:44
13.Believe It Or Not 2:54
14.The Answer Is No 2:59
15.Hi Ho Silver Lining 2:30
16.Why Am I So Proud? 4:07

Giant Crab are :
Ernie Orosco - lead singer, lead guitar, rhythm & 12 string guitars
Raymond Orosco - 12 string, dry box & bass guitars, clavinet
Ruben Orosco - bass guitar , drums , sax
Dennis Fricia - drums, horns
Kenny Fricia - organ, piano, clavinet, horns