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V.A. - Beach Classics: All Original Recordings

The vast number of available surf collections makes it hard to settle on one solid introductory disc: From obscure albums on Del-Fi to the many current-day offerings peppered with updated classics, the fare is often more a connoisseur's paradise or some producer's askew marketing project than a proper mix for neophytes. Save for a cover photo that screams disaster, the 20-track Beach Classics has the right mix of classics and relative rarities to ensure a smooth first ride for those a bit wave shy. Besides some essential fare from both Dick Dale and the Beach Boys, this title also covers the garage end of things (the Trashmen), a bit of space-probe pysch (the Pyramids), and the aforementioned obscurities (the Hustlers, the Blazers). Certainly not the ultimate surf document, Beach Classics still will provide an ideal start to your surf music exploration. ~ Review by Stephen Cook

1. Bruce & Terry - Summer Means Fun

2. The Rivieras - California Sun

3. Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Miserlou

4. The Hondells - Little Honda

5. The Hustlers - Inertia!

6. The Sunrays - I Live For The Sun

7. The Marketts - Balboa Blue

8. The Rip Chords - Hey, Little Cobra

9. The Blazers - Bangalore

10. Beach Boys - Surfin Safari (Candix version)

11. The Rumblers - Surf Rat

12. The Tradewinds - New York's A Lonely Town

13. The Chevell's - Riptide

14. The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird

15. The Frogmen - Underwater

16. Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - King Of The Surf Guitar

17. The Pyramids - Penetration

18. Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O.

19. Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin'

20. Beach Boys - Surfer Girl (Candix version)

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The Mindbenders - With Woman In Mind (1967) + 11 bonus tracks

Remaining together following the departure of frontman Wayne Fontana, the Mindbenders got off to one of the most promising starts any band could enjoy, when their debut single "A Groovy Kind of Love" soared to number two in the U.K. and topped the chart in America. And had the group only succeeded in locating a decent follow-up, they might well have developed into one of the finest British bands of the late '60s.

Instead, a series of disastrous choices of 45s condemned them to the ranks of rank also-rans, and it is only later that the sheer quality of their other work — material hitherto lost on two Mindbenders LPs — had been re-evaluated sufficiently to let listeners state that here was one of the greatest of all Britain's post-beat bands. A Groovy Kind of Love album totally failed to capitalize on the success of its title track, floundering to a lowly number 92, while a second song by "Groovy" composers Carole Bayer and Toni Wine, "Ashes to Ashes," scarcely improved on that in the singles' listings. It made number 55, although Fontana did still try to capitalize on it, repressing the Groovy Kind of Love album with "Ashes to Ashes" replacing "Don't Cry No More." (Later in the year, "Ashes to Ashes" hit number 14 in Britain, but only after the vaguely Spector-ish "Can't Live With You (Can't Live Without You)" had struggled to break the Top 30. ~ READ MORE

В конце 1965 года Уэйн разругался с тремя своими друзьями, заявив, что начинает сольную карьеру. Случилось это так: посредине концерта Уэйн подошел к гитаристу Стюарту и сказал ему, указывая на зал: "Они все твои", после чего покинул сцену. The Mindbenders не растерялись и тут же выпустили сингл Groovy Kind Of Love, занявший второе место в хит-параде, а в 1966 сингл Ashes To Ashes, попавший в TOP-20. Как Уэйн ни старался, мгновенно повторить их успеха ему не удалось; впрочем, ему не удалось этого и потом (только сингл 1966 года Pamela, Pamela достиг 11-го места в хит-параде). В 1968 году группа The Mindbenders объявила о своем роспуске.

1. Mindbenders - To Be Or Not To Be (1:56)

2. Mindbenders - Honey And Wine (2:25)

3. Mindbenders - Schoolgirl (2:20)

4. Mindbenders - A Little Piece Of Leathers (3:00)

5. Mindbenders - Shotgun (3:06)

6. Mindbenders - I Want Her She Wants Me (2:19)

7. Mindbenders - Mystery Train (2:59)

8. Mindbenders - The Morning After (2:13)

9. Mindbenders - Homework (2:52)

10. Mindbenders - Airport People (3:07)

11. Mindbenders - Cool Jerk (3:11)

12. Mindbenders - Ashes To Ashes (2:26)


13. Mindbenders - School Girl (Single ersion) (2:06)

14. Mindbenders - Comming Back (2:51)

15. Mindbenders - Blessed Are The Lonely (2:59)

16. Mindbenders - Yellow Brick Road (3:00)

17. Mindbenders - Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man (2:21)

18. Mindbenders - The Man Who Loved Trees (2:31)


19. Mindbenders - Don't Cry No More (2:39)

20. Mindbenders - Land Of 1000 Dances (1:43)

21. Mindbenders - In The Midnight Hour (1:17)

22. Mindbenders - See See Rider / Jenny Jenny (1:34)

23. Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind Of Love (1:57)
You have to sort of pity the Mindbenders — the group, which had seemed destined for success, had fared so poorly since "A Groovy Kind of Love" that their second LP, With Women in Mind, barely got heard, despite its being as strong as anything that the Kinks were putting out on LP in 1967. The album picks up where the group's first, self-titled album left off, comprised of generally bracing rock & roll with a soul edge and a sense of humor, as well as a solid layer of inventiveness. Ric Rothwell's highly ornamented drumming holds everything together, giving Eric Stewart and Bob Lang room to add their elegant flourishes and, in Stewart's case, moments of impressive flash, as well. They turn in a convincing R&B-laced rendition of the Goffin/King-composed "Honey and Wine," which is highlighted by killer vocals and a nicely understated guitar break, while "Schoolgirl," which got them banned by the BBC (over its allegedly lascivious tale of teen pregnancy), is an astonishingly catchy number that ought to have had enough hooks to get heard over here. And their cover of Donnie Elbert's "A Little Piece of Leather" is so beguiling with its jagged, angular, quasi-psychedelic guitar break around the catchy chorus that it's almost worth the price of the album by itself.

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Johnny and His Cellar Rockers - The Complete Collection (1961-68) Holland

This double CD released by Dutch Rock & Pop Institute
 is actually a complete historic document on the early musical career of Jan Akkerman!

Ян Аккерман - выдающийся гитарист, композитор и аранжировщик, в 70-е - член крупной
голландской арт-группы FOCUS, автор великолепных сольных работ, участник ряда
интересных музыкальных проектов, концертирующий гитарист.
Ян Аккерман родился 24 декабря 1946 года в Амстердаме. Его отец неплохо играл на
гитаре, однако по-настоящему Ян пристрастился к музыке благодаря матери, которая
поощряла его желание освоить аккордеон. В возрасте 8 лет Ян все-таки решил отдать
предпочтение гитаре, уроки игры на которой он начал брать. При обучении в
амстердамском Музыкальном лицее Аккерман получал именную стипендию. В 12 лет со своей первой группой JOHNNY AND THE CELLAR ROCKERS (в которую одно время входил барабанщик Пьер Ван Дер Линден (Pierre Van Der Linden), будущий соратник Яна по другим группам).
Аккерман записал свой первый "сингл" – собственную версию джазового стандарта
"Exodus", а также некую "Melody In F Rock" (впоследствии ансамблем было сделано еще
несколько записей). Большое влияние на Яна оказал джаз и этническая музыка (включая
латино), а также английский рок (THE SHADOWS, THE BEATLES и др.) и творчество Фрэнка

The Complete Collection 1961-68

Johnny & his Cellar Rockers

Melody in F Rock
Hits in rock medley 1
Hits in rock medley 2
Blue tango
Una Aventura Mas
Close your eyes
Be-Bop A-Lula
I love you yes I do

Mr Tambourine man
It ain't me babe
You were on my mind
Bury me beneath the willow
The Russian spy and I
When I see Babette
I'm the king
The Consul of Sidney
Strange things appear
Blues in G
Lost money
Shovel man

Jan Akkerman
Bags groove
Revival of the cat
Mercy mercy mercy
On the green light
What'd I say
Slim Jenkin's place
Green onions
Ode to Billy Joe
Comin' home baby

Trea Dobbs met Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
Hi-Lilly, Hi-Lo
Altijd zal het zomer zijn

Karin Kent met Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
Als ik een jongen was
Loop nou niet weg

Aart Brouwer met Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
He pssst...!

The Blue Diamonds met Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
Show me the way to go home
Banana boat song

Wanda met Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
Shall we twist
Let's twist again

Peggy March met the Hunters
Too long away

The Hunters
Loving a woman is a waste of time

В конце 50-х юный гитарист участвовал также в THE FRIENDSHIP SEXTET, а в 60-е проявил
себя как лидер THE HUNTERS – группы, исполнявшей в основном кавер-версии, но
также прославившейся и собственной темой под забавным названием "Russian Spy And I"
(1966). Своего друга Пьера Ван Дер Линдена Аккерман в конце 60-х пригласил в
сформированный им хард-роковый BRAINBOX (а позже коллеги воссоединились в
"классическом" составе FOCUS). Соратником Аккермана по BRAINBOX был также
вокалист/автор текстов Каз Лукс (Kaz Lux). BRAINBOX в 1969 году выпустил одноименный
альбом на Parlophone Records. В том же году на голландском отделении "EMI" в 1969-м
Аккерман записал свой первый сольник "Talent For Sale", который, однако, прошел
малозамеченным (переиздан в 1973 под названием "Guitar For Sale" фирмой "Electrola").


Jan Burger
Cor Engelsma
Hans Kuyt
Pierre van der Linden
Jan Akkerman
Paul Hubert
Wilfred Arends
Sydney Wachtel
Ron Bijtelaar
Frank Smit

(Info,single covers taken from 

Thanks Bernardo

1961 SP Exodus/Melody in F Rock (NL Decca FM 264.399) (GE Fontana 266.273 FE)
1961 SP Hits In Rock Medley 1/Hits In Rock Medley 2 (NL Decca FM 264.400)*
[Non Je Ne Regrette Rien-Surrender-Tommy Uit Tennessee/Wheels-Pepe-Are You Sure]
1962 SP Blue Tango/Una Aventura Mas (NL Decca FM 264.478)*
1962 SP Namrekka/Bonzo (NL Decca 264.479)*
1962 EP Blue Tango (NL Decca FM V 63119)
1963 SP Close Your Eyes/Be-Bop-A-Lula (NL Decca AT 10049)
1964 SP I Love You Yes I Do/Why (NL Decca AT 10106)

"...In 1961 -- the year 15-year-old Jan Akkerman founded Johnny & his Cellar Rockers -- I was 14 years old. As a member of one of the many youth clubs Amsterdam counted, I was aloud to fix the stage every saturday night for the local bands who came to play. One of that early rock groups was Johnny & his Cellar Rockers. As a 'thank you' Jan gave me a copy of their first single witch I considered as one of my personal jewels for a long time. Besides Jan Akkerman and his 8-year-old brother Cocky, the band consisted of Pierre van der Linden on drums, later joined by Cor Engelsma (bass) and Jan Burgers (second guitarist).

The band started some months earlier. And because of their unbridled and loud enthusiasm during music practice, they were regularly banned to the cellar of the Akkerman family. The Cellar Rockers first played without a singer. They did not need one, for they played instrumental rock, a musical style that was very popular at the time. It was introduced in 1960 by the world-famous band The Shadows. The genre was eagerly picked up by young Dutch people and many Dutch musicians started copying it. With the talented Jan Akkerman as front man, the band soon became very popular in Amsterdam and its surroundings. They managed to get a record deal with Philips and released their first instrumental single "Exodus"/"Melody in F Rock" on Decca -- the one Akkerman gave me. "Blue Tango"/"Una Aventura Mas" were the first productions in 1962. Jan also started to play his own material with Johnny & his Cellar Rockers and two of his compositions, "Namrekka" (Akkerman in reverse) and "Bonzo", were released on vinyl. Both singles also appeared on an EP called "Blue Tango". Read on +/-

Pierre van der Linden was replaced in 1962 by Sydney Wachtel. The members of the band figured it was time for something new. Instrumental music decreased in popularity, so they decided to try out a new musical genre. The Beatles, who conquered the whole world with their music, were a great source of inspiration for many bands, including Jan and his crew. The song "All My Loving", written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, provided the basis for their next single, which finally got the title "Close your eyes". The B-side of that single was the rock classic "Be-Bop-A-Lula". These two songs proved that Johnny & his Cellar Rockers could handle vocal repertoire just as well. Many artists heard of the band's musical growth and as a result they were frequently asked to accompany various solo artists during studio recordings. In between collaborations, the band also recorded the single "I love you, yes I do"/"Why"..."

1965 SP Mr.Tambourine Man/It Ain't Me Babe (NL RCA Victor 47-9597)
1965 SP You Were On My Mind/Bury Me Beneath The Willow
            (NL RCA Victor 47-9599)
1966 SP Peggy March - Too Long Away (Jan Akkerman guitar)/Kilindini Docks
            (NL RCA Victor 47-9655)
1966 SP Russian Spy And I/Spring (NL RCA Victor 47-9656)
1966 SP Janosh/When I See Babette (NL RCA Victor 47-9657)
1967 SP I'm The King/The Consul Of Sidney (NL RCA Victor 47-9751)
1968 SP Lost Money/Shovel Man (NL Imperial IH 818)
1968 SP Strange Things Appear/Blues In G (NL Imperial IH 791)

"..In 1965 Jan Akkerman and his band decided to change their name to "Johnny and the Hunters", wich became simply "The Hunters" soon after. Paul Hubert replaced Jan Burgers on guitar, while Wilfred Arens was the new bassplayer. Wilfred on his turn was replaced by Ron Bijtelaar in 1966. Their first singles featured Rita Severijnse and Floor Klomp on vocals, but since "The Russian Spy and I", released in June 1966, they shared the vocals themselves. That single became a Top 40 hit in The Netherlands, as it reached #10. The next single "Janosh" wasn't very successful (#40) and not very good aether. But it was a logical follow-up to its predecessor, who became one of the milestones in Dutch pop history. After that single, Ron Bijtelaar was replaced by Frank Smit, before Ron finally returned to The Hunters, to play on their last single "Lost Money" in November 1968. The Hunters were, just like the "Cellar Rockers", also a backing group for several lead singers. For instance, they recorded a single with vocaliste Peggy March in 1966. Recently this photo from the recording session turned up. For more info about Jan Akkerman -- Holland's best guitar player ever:"

CD 1

1. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Melody In F Rock (2:46)

2. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Exodus (2:09)

3. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Hits In Rock Medley 1; Non Je Ne Regrette Rien-Surrender-Tommy Uit Tennessee (2:52)

4. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Hits In Rock Medley 2; Wheels-Pepe-Are You Sure (3:03)

5. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Blue Tango (2:36)

6. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Una Aventura Mas (2:35)

7. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Namrekka (2:44)

8. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Bonzo (2:51)

9. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Close Your Eyes (2:12)

10. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Be Bop A Lula (2:25)

11. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - I Love You Yes I Do (3:11)

12. Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Why (2:17)

13. Hunters - Mr. Tambourine Man (2:03)

14. Hunters - It Ain't Me Babe (3:28)

15. Hunters - You Were On My Mind (2:40)

16. Hunters - Bury Me Beneath The Willow (2:31)

17. Hunters - Russian Spy And I (2:39)

18. Hunters - Spring (2:01)

19. Hunters - Janosh (2:50)

20. Hunters - When I See Babette (3:01)

21. Hunters - I'm The King (2:49)

22. Hunters - The Consul Of Sidney (2:13)

23. Hunters - Strange Things Appear (3:44)

24. Hunters - Blues In G (3:38)

25. Hunters - Lost Money (2:07)

26. Hunters - Shovel Man (2:56)

СD 2
1. Jan Akkerman - Bags Groove (2:43)

2. Jan Akkerman - Revival Of The Cats (2:55)

3. Jan Akkerman - Moonbeam (3:07)

4. Jan Akkerman - Mercy Mercy Mercy (3:26)

5. Jan Akkerman - On The Green Light (2:56)

6. Jan Akkerman - What'd I Say (2:38)

7. Jan Akkerman - Slim Jenkin's Place (3:23)

8. Jan Akkerman - Hineimatov (3:21)

9. Jan Akkerman - Green Onions (3:17)

10. Jan Akkerman - Ode To Billy Joe (5:32)

11. Jan Akkerman - Comin' Home Baby (2:24)

12. Trea Dobbs & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Hi Lilly, Hi-Lo (3:15)

13. Trea Dobbs & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Altijd Zal Het Zomer Zijn (2:40)

14. Karin Kent & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Als Ik Een Jongen Was (1:52)

15. Karin Kent & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Loop Nou Niet Weg (2:32)

16. Aart Brouwer & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Vies (2:13)

17. Aart Brouwer & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - He Psst... (2:30)

18. Blue Diamonds & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Show Me The Way To Go Home (2:50)

19. Blue Diamonds & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Banana Boat Song (2:50)

20. Wanda & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Shall We Twist (1:53)

21. Wanda & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Let's Twist Again (2:30)

22. Peggy March & Johnny & his Cellar Rockers - Too Long Away (2:19)

23. Hunters - Loving A Woman Is A Waste Of Time [Previously Unreleased] (1:58)

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The Trashmen - Bird Call! The Twin City Stomp Of The Trashmen (1961-1967)

A Minneapolis rock & roll band, they evolved from Jim Thaxter & the Travelers, recording one single under that name ("Sally Jo"/"Cyclone"). The group comprises Tony Andreason (lead guitar), Dan Winslow (guitar/ vocals), Bob Reed (bass), and Steve Wahrer (drums/vocals). Unfairly depicted as a novelty act, the Trashmen were in actuality a top-notch rock & roll combo, enormously popular on the teen club circuit, playing primarily surf music to a landlocked Minnesota audience. Drummer Steve Wahrer combined two songs by the Rivingtons ("The Bird's the Word" and "Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow"), added freakish vocal effects and a pounding rhythm to the mix, and, by early 1964, the group was in the Top Ten nationwide with "Surfin' Bird." Though the group continued to release great follow-up singles and an excellent album, their moment in the sun had come and gone; they disbanded by late 1967/early 1968. They re-formed in the mid-'80s and continued to play locally until Wahrer's death. The Trashmen are revered by '60s collectors as one of the great American teen band combos of all time, their lone hit exemplifying wild, unabashed rock & roll at its most demented, bare-bones-basic, lone-E-chord finest. 
The Trashmen - Bird Call! The Twin City Stomp Of The Trashmen
 1961-1967 4CD Box-Set

CD 1

1. Trashmen - Cyclon (2:36)
2. Trashmen - Sally Jo (2:32)
3. Trashmen - Johnny B. Goode (2:45)
4. Trashmen - Malaguena (#1) (2:56)
5. Trashmen - Suzie Q (2:10)
6. Trashmen - Sweet Little Sixteen (3:01)
7. Trashmen - A Million Reasons (3:15)
8. Trashmen - Malaguena (#2) (2:31)
9. Trashmen - Guitar Boogie (1:38)
10. Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (2:24)
11. Trashmen - King of the Surf (2:31)
12. Trashmen - This Should Go on Forever (1:59)
13. Trashmen - Yellow Jacket (2:31)
14. Trashmen - Rumble (2:23)
15. Trashmen - Let's Go Trippin' (3:35)
16. Trashmen - My Woodie (1:56)
17. Trashmen - Bird Bath (2:38)
18. Trashmen - Tube City (3:23)
19. Trashmen - Farmer Louie (3:52)
20. Trashmen - Goofy Foot

CD 2

1. Trashmen2 - Church Key (2:45)
2. Trashmen2 - Raw-Hide (2:11)
3. Trashmen2 - Bird Dance Beat (2:11)
4. Trashmen2 - A-Bone (2:09)
5. Trashmen2 - Stick Shift (2:53)
6. Trashmen2 - Ghost Riders in the Sky (2:47)
7. Trashmen2 - Think It Over (2:06)
8. Trashmen2 - Be True to Your School (2:12)
9. Trashmen2 - Too Young (2:07)
10. Trashmen2 - Greensleeves (1:49)
11. Trashmen2 - Wild Cat Loose in Town (2:00)
12. Trashmen2 - Green Onions (2:25)
13. Trashmen2 - Walk, Don't Run (1:59)
14. Trashmen2 - We Belong Together (2:09)
15. Trashmen2 - True True Lovin' (2:02)
16. Trashmen2 - Roll Over Beethoven (2:23)
17. Trashmen2 - Congratulations (To Me) (3:20)
18. Trashmen2 - Hava Nagila (2:06)
19. Trashmen2 - Drive-In (1:51)
20. Trashmen2 - Walkin' the Dog (5:52)

CD 3 

1. Trashmen3 - Break Up (3:23)
2. Trashmen3 - Bad News (2:18)
3. Trashmen3 - On the Move (2:36)
4. Trashmen3 - New Generation (2:02)
5. Trashmen3 - Whoa Dad (2:48)
6. Trashmen3 - Peppermint Man (2:43)
7. Trashmen3 - Baja (2:12)
8. Trashmen3 - Long Tall Texan (2:39)
9. Trashmen3 - Blue Feeling (4:15)
10. Trashmen3 - Great Balls of Fire (3:00)
11. Trashmen3 - Lost Angel (2:52)
12. Trashmen3 - Bye Bye Johnny (4:25)
13. Trashmen3 - Slow Down (3:16)
14. Trashmen3 - Walkin' My Baby (2:29)
15. Trashmen3 - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (2:32)
16. Trashmen3 - Hi-Heel Sneakers (4:42)
17. Trashmen3 - Summertime (4:19)
18. Trashmen3 - Long Tall Sally (4:29)
19. Trashmen3 - Real Live Doll (2:37)
20. Trashmen3 - Dancin' With Santa (2:31)

CD 4

2. Trashmen4 - Ubangi Stomp (2:28)
3. Trashmen4 - That I Love You (2:36)
4. Trashmen4 - Love's Made a Fool of You (2:10)
5. Trashmen4 - Same Lines (2:11)
6. Trashmen4 - Hanging on Me (2:32)
7. Trashmen4 - Pretty Country Girl (3:05)
8. Trashmen4 - Mind Your Own Business (2:17)
9. Trashmen4 - Talk About Love (2:03)
10. Trashmen4 - Gloria (3:42)
11. Trashmen4 - Tell Me How (2:23)
12. Trashmen4 - Bird Diddley Beat (2:09)
13. Trashmen4 - It Takes Two (2:22)
14. Trashmen4 - Heartbeat (1:46)
15. Trashmen4 - Well, All Right (2:15)
16. Trashmen4 - Talk About Love (#2) (2:07)
17. Trashmen4 - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (2:39)
18. Trashmen4 - Breathless (2:58)
19. Trashmen4 - What'd I Say (4:34)
20. Trashmen4 - Money (6:03)

Over half of this collector's four-CD box set is previously unissued studio, demo, rehearsal, or live recordings. Nothing is duplicated in this material originally recorded from 1961-1967. The Trashmen are an amazing summary of contradictions when looked at from afar. In pictures, even live ones, they are four clean-cut chaps in suits. Their nationwide 1963 hit "Bird," the 1965 version of which is included here, is a deliriously silly, primitively noisy, and utterly infectious gem. It's like playing a Black Sabbath album and showing pictures of the Bee Gees and trying to get someone to believe they are one and the same. The Trashmen's arrangements are two guitars of clarion twang and garage crunch with harmony with lead vocals often moving from one member to another. While some of their covers are saccharine (for example, Buddy Holly's "Tell Me How"), they offer such glorious trash rock as the cartoonish analysis of Bo Diddley's signature sound in "Bird Diddley Beat." The Trashmen tap straight into a democratic and transforming American spirit that celebrates the Universal Goof, a sort of holy fool spreading pure joy through music. There you have the entertainment recipe of the Trashmen: surf, doo-wop, blues, and rock & roll motifs swirled together for either devastating hilarity or smooth, slow dancing ballads.

Reparata and the Delrons - Best Of (2005)


For a group that never made the Top 40, and came along almost too late to exploit the sound they produced, Reparata & the Delrons have proved amazingly durable. Their album haunted used record bins for years, and 18 of their songs cut for World Artists (a label most closely associated with Chad & Jeremy) are available on CD.

Reparata & the Delrons were one of hundreds of girl groups that flourished in the early '60s, and actually had a higher profile than many of their rivals, achieved in their own time by their participation in a pair of Dick Clark national tours and, for years after, from the fact that they actually released a complete LP to accompany their one widely recognized hit, "Whenever a Teenager Cries." That album, Whenever a Teenager Cries, was a low-level collectable piece that was easily found in record store used bins (especially in the northeast) well into the '80s and, in contrast to most other original girl group LPs, only cost $15 to $20. Thus, for 20 years after that album's release, Reparata & the Delrons' music, easier to find and less expensive than, say, originals by the Crystals or Darlene Love, was frequently a first-purchase by lots of people getting into the girl group sound.

The group started out as a quartet in 1962 at St. Brendan's Catholic School in Brooklyn, NY, led by lead singer Mary Aiesen -- the other originals were Regina Gallagher, Anne Fitzgerald, and Nanette Licari. By 1964, Mary Aiese, working under the name Reparata Aiese (the name came from a nun at the school, Sister Mary Reparata), had a new group consisting of Sheila Reillie, Kathy Romeo, and Carol Drobnicki. The quartet was singing at a high school dance when they were spotted by Bill and Steve Jerome, brothers and producers looking for new talent to record.
The Jerome brothers got the group -- reduced to a trio when Kathy Romeo exited -- a record deal with Laurie Records for one single. "Your Big Mistake" passed without notice in the summer of 1964. This was already rather late in the girl group era, and the trio found themselves competing with a tidal wave of British Invasion sounds for attention from DJs. The Jeromes next brought them to the World Artists label in Pittsburgh, PA in late 1964, and they cut a group of songs at their first session that included "Whenever a Teenager Cries."
That song, released in early 1965, became a local success, although it never ascended as high as the Top 50 on the national charts. It was an attractive song in a sort of sub-Angels manner, and got the trio a spot on Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars national tour. Meanwhile, World Artists tried a string of Reparata & the Delrons singles, of which "Tommy" was a modest hit, although their subsequent efforts, including "The Boy I Love," were failures. A complete LP, containing "Whenever a Teenager Cries" and covers of such British Invasion fare as "If I Fell" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," was also released in 1965.
By the second half of the year, the Jerome brothers were label-shopping again, and this time the trio ended up at RCA. By the time their debut single on that label was recorded, the group was down to a duo of Mary Aiese and Nanette Licari, Carol Drobnicki having exited rather than embark on another national tour with Dick Clark. Lorraine Mazzola came in to fill the third slot and the trio ultimately cut five singles for RCA over a two-year period, none of which charted, and in early 1967, the group jumped to Mala Records, a division of Bell Records.
The Dick Clark tours ensured that Reparata & the Delrons got seen and heard nationally, even when their records didn't chart. At the same time, the fact that they were based in New York gave the group reason to hope that they might recapture some of their early success and build on it.
Their fortunes picked up a bit late that year with the release of "Captain of Your Ship," the first single to feature Lorraine Mazzola singing lead. It just missed charting in America, but made number 15 in England in early 1968. After three hitless years in America, Reparata & the Delrons found themselves touring England. It was to be a momentary uptick in their success, however, for the group never had a follow-up hit in England. A year later, they were on the Kapp Records label, where they also went hitless for three single releases.
Mary Aiese elected to leave the group she'd founded after five years in the business, turning it and the name "Reparata" over to Lorraine Mazzola. She put together a new group of Delrons and began performing on the oldies circuit, which was becoming a major draw by the dawn of the '70s. In 1973, Mazzola did an album of oldies tunes in a classic girl group style that failed to sell, and Reparata & the Delrons were retired as a name late that year. In 1974, Mazzola re-emerged as a member of Lady Flash, the backup group behind Barry Manilow, and scored a hit a year later with "Street Singin.' Strangely enough, it was Mary Aiese who had the last word as Reparata, reassuming the name and scoring a minor hit in 1975 with her single "Shoes." ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

1. Boys And Girls

2. Captain Of Your Ship

3. Whenever A Teenager Cries

4. Tommy

5. The Kind Of Trouble That I Love

6. It's Waiting There For You

7. Panic

8. Look In My Diary

9. Do Wah Diddy

10. I Have A Boyfriend

11. I'm Nobody's Baby Now

12. Take A Look Around You

13. Mama's Little Girl

14. I Can Hear The Rain

15. The Boy I Love (Reparata)

16. In My Diary

17. He's My Guy (And I Love Him So)

18. Bye Bye Baby

19. I Found My Place (Reparata)

20. Loneliest Girl In Town

21. I Can Tell

22. (Do You) Remember When

23. Leave Us Alone (The Del-Rons)

24. He's The Greatest

25. He Don't Want You

26. Weather Forecast

27. (We're Gonna) Hold The Night

28. Saturday Night Didn't Happen

29. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart? (Reparata)

30. Shoes (Reparata)
here have been Reparata & the Delrons compilations before this 2005 release with the bootleg Magical Musical History Tour being the most thorough. This 30-track anthology, however, has the considerable advantage of being an authorized production with correspondingly superior fidelity, as well as a 16-page booklet of historical liner notes with rare photos and comments from Reparata herself. As with every artist where you can't fit everything onto a single CD, there's room for argument on the track selection; one of their better cuts ("Summer Laughter") is missing, and there are a few unimaginative covers of girl group tunes that were hits for other acts. Still, it does include the songs everyone would agree need to be on a best-of ("Whenever a Teenager Cries," "Captain of Your Ship," "I'm Nobody's Baby Now"), as well as a few rarities credited to Reparata alone (and one to the Delrons alone). It still doesn't make an argument for them being among the best girl groups; the material's not always that strong, and the style's often derivative, whether of the Dixie Cups, the Shangri-Las, or other artists and trends. If nothing else, however, it's an impressive feat of cross-licensing, drawing from more than a half-dozen labels. And it does include some tracks that are definitely above average girl group goodies, like the Phil Spector-esque production of Jeff Barry's "I'm Nobody's Baby Now" and the moody, slightly psychedelic-influenced late-'60s obscurities "Saturday Night Didn't Happen" and "Weather Forecast." ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

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45' rarities: Hey Mr. Holy Man - The Shiver, Kiss Inc

45' rarities  Hey Mr. Holy Man - The Shiver, Kiss Inc.

The Shiver 1969 (Swiss), composer from Hey Mr. Holy Man is Stephan Sulke.

Kiss Inc. 1972 (Germany), singer is Stephan Sulke

The Shiver
01 - Hey Mr. Holy Man 
02 - The Peddle (diffr.45' version)

Kiss Inc. 
04 - Hey Mr. Holy Man
05 - Kids Are Cryin

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45' rarities - The Cats Meow ; The Beeds; Pussy Cat (France) 1966

Almost certainly a studio group who had just two vinyl outings. Their first 45 'La La Lu' is a melodic bubblegum pop song with a very catchy chorus and '66 period Beatlesesque guitar runs. Unfortunately, not much information exists online about The Cats Meow but it has been suggested that they hailed from Staten Island, New York.

Cats Meow 45s:

1 La La Lu / Confusion (Decca 31940) 1966

2 House Of Kicks / True True Lovin' (Decca 32037) 1966
The flip 'Confusion' is a beaty, guitar instrumental, but their finest moment is usually considered to have been "House of Kicks", an appealing combination of surf-harmony falsettos and driving punk guitars..
The Cats Meow have been somewhat short changed when it comes to compilations. Their second 45 top side 'House Of Kicks" did make an appearance on Pebbles -Volume 13 in the early 80s.
Band members Norman Marzano and Jim Calvert would change the band name from The Cats Meow to The Beeds and sign to Buddah off shoot label Team.

The Beeds 45s:

1 Run To Her/You Don't Have To (Team 519) 1968

2 Love Hurts/You're Wrong (Buddah 210) 1971

Almost certainly a studio project for the Team label, a sub-division of Buddah. "Run To Her" is a classic of its genre - an uptempo melodic rock song, with Merseybeat harmonies, chiming guitars and reedy organ.

Produced by Norman Marzano and Jim Calvert, the later 45 on Buddah in 1971 was written by Buddy Vidal, Steve Couto and Ritchie Mann and may of course be by an entirely different outfit.

The Cats Meow

01 - La La Lu /
02 - Confusion
03 - House Of Kicks

The Beeds
04 - Run To Her /
05 - You Don't Have To

Pussy Cat (France) 1966

06 - La La Lu -

Sandy Coast - Singles A's & B's (1961-1988) Holland

Incl. Bonustracks and Rarities

CD 1

1 Being In Love
2 Subject Of My Thoughts (H. Vermeulen) p-1966 Delta
3 That Girl Was Mine (H. Vermeulen) p-1966 Delta
4 We'll Meet Again (Parker/Charles) p-1966 Delta
5 Sorry She's Mine (Marriott/Lane) p-1966 Delta
6 A Girl Like You (Ford) p- 1967 Delta
7 Milk And Tranquilizers (Samson/Roamer) p-1967 Delta
8 And Her Name Is.....Amy (H. Vermeulen) p-1967 Relax
9 I See Your Face Again (H. Vermeulen/J. Vermeulen) p-1968 Relax
10 Innocent Girl (H. Vermeulen) p-1968 Relax
11 Capital Punishment (H. Vermeulen) p-1969 Relax
12 North Canadian Paradise (H. Vermeulen) p-1969 Page One Records
13 Deep Down Down (R. Westerbeek/O. Bevoort) -p 1969 Page One Records
14 Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) p-1969 Page One Records
15 Pretty Clothes (M. de Garriga) p-1970
16 True Love That A Wonder (H. Vermeulen) p-1971 Polydor
17 Just A Friend (H. Vermeulen) p-1971 Polydor
18 Just Two Little Creatures (R. Westerbeek) p-1972 Polydor
19 Summertrain (R. Westerbeek) p-1972 Polydor
20 Blackboard Jungle Lady (R. Westerbeek) p-1973 Polydor
21 The Eyes Of Jenny (H. Vermeulen) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.
22 Hollywood (H. Vermeulen/H. Vermeulen/R. Westerbeek) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.
23 Rainydays (H. Vermeulen/R. Westerbeek) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.


24 Ophelia (with the Stylus Horns) (J.R. Robertson)p-1988 Qualitel
25 Medley:Subject Of My Thoughts/Summertrain/Just A Friend (H. Vermeulen/ R. Westerbeek/H. Vermeulen) p-1980 CNR Records

CD 2

1 I Want You For My Own
2 I'm A Fool (H. Vermeulen) p-1966 Delta
3 I Lost A Dream (H. Vermeulen) p-1966 Delta
4 Coming Home (H. Vermeulen) p-1966 Delta
5 Make Me Belong To You (V. Taylor) p-1966 Delta
6 Sing Before Breakfast
7 I'm Working My Way Back To You (S. Linzer/D. Randell) p- 1967 Delta
8 Anyway You Want Me
9 Goodbye Don't Cry (H. Vermeulen) p-1969 Relax
10 My Empty World
11 My Friend Abdullah (H. Vermeulen/J. Vermeulen) p-1969 Relax
12 Advice (H. Vermeulen/J. Vermeulen) p-1969 Page One Records
13 Back To The City (H. Vermeulen) p-1969 Page One Records
14 In My Opinion (H. Vermeulen) p-1969 Page One Records
15 The Way I Feel About You (M. de Garriga) p-1970
16 If p-1971 Polydor
17 Sorry p-1971 Polydor
18 What Kind Of Freedom p-1972 Polydor
19 A Place Near The Sun p-1972 Polydor
20 Don't Get Me Worry p-1973 Polydor
21 It's My Time Now (H. Vermeulen) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.
22 Yosemite Park (R. Westerbeek/H. Vermeulen/R. Westerbeek) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.
23 Giles (H. Vermeulen/E.M. Snijders) p-1981 Eddy Ouwens Prod.


24 Blackboard Jungle Lady '88 (R. Westerbeek) p-1988 Qualitel

Sandy Coast - True Love That's A Wonder (1971-1973) Holland

Sandy Coast - The Original Hit Recordings and More (1966-68) Holland

Formed in 1961 in Voorburg as the Sandy Coast Skiffle Group, they had the following names: the Sandy Coast Five, Sandy Coast Rockers and, finally, Sandy Coast. Thanks to the Hitwezen magazine-organised talent search, they were awarded a record contract with Negram in 1965. Featured members: Hans Vermeulen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), his brother Jan (bass and guitar), Jos de Jager (bass, 1964-67), Henk Smitskamp (bass, ex-Livin' Blues, from 1970 till 1971, to Shocking Blue), Onno Bevoort (drums, in 1970 temporarily replaced by Will Morkus, in 1974 to Water), Ron Westerbeek (vocals, guitar, keyboards, ex-Daddy's Act, to Water), Charles Kersbergen (guitar, until 1965) and Marianne Nobles (vocals, ex-solo, 1972). In 1974, Sandy Coast disbanded; Hans formed Rainbow Train together with his brother Jan.

1. Sandy Coast - Capital Punishment (5:27)

2. Sandy Coast - I see your face again (1:59)

3. Sandy Coast - Don't let me be misunderstood (4:05)

4. Sandy Coast - Innocent girl (3:12)

5. Sandy Coast - Depression (3:17)

6. Sandy Coast - Turning round the pedals of our tandem (3:19)

7. Sandy Coast - And her name is Amy (2:09)

8. Sandy Coast - My friend Abdullah (4:39)

9. Sandy Coast - My empty world (2:33)

10. Sandy Coast - Anyway you want me (2:14)

11. Sandy Coast - From the workshop (3:40)

12. Sandy Coast - A letter from the one I love (3:25)

13. Sandy Coast - Nights of the jungle community (3:15)

14. Sandy Coast - Comin' home (2:18)

15. Sandy Coast - A girl like you (1:58)

16. Sandy Coast - Sorry she is mine (2:47)

17. Sandy Coast - Sing before breakfast (2:06)

18. Sandy Coast - We'll meet again (2:29)

The Lords - The Original Singles Collection (remastered) Germany

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The Summer Sounds - Up Down (1969)

" ...  Up-Down is a beat-garage concept album detailing the highs and lows of a summer vocation romance, with, as you would expect, loads of moody teenage angst and lashings of self pity. The songs are all catchy, and there are a couple of good ballads.Summer Sounds was one of the best groups of its genre and consequently a number of the band’s tunes have been comp’d, although this is the first time that this album, with it’s ultra cool cover, has been reissued  ... "
 Mega rare album from the Dartmouth, Massachusetts fivepiece outfit which was released originally on the Laurel label (Laurel 331098) in 1969. Up-Down is an album of largely self-penned material (only 2 covers, one of which is a strong version of The Spencer Davis Group's hit, 'Gimme Some Lovin') with The Leaves Are Turning Brown, complete with cheesy psych organ and wonderful earnest vocals, is the stand out track. Up-Down is a beat-garage concept album detailing the highs and lows of a summer vacation romance, with, as you would expect, loads of moody teenage angst and lashings of self pity.

01. Small World - 2:49
02. Hard To Please - 3:55
03. Lonely Beach - 3:23
04. Gimme Some Lovin' - 2:58
05. One Last Kiss - 2:22
06. The Leaves Are Turning Brown - 4:20
07. Summer - 4:22
08. I Love You - 3:42
09. First Date - 2:21
10. You Told Me - 2:42


The Fortunes - The Singles (1999)

A fairly typical British Invasion quintet inspired by the bouncy, harmony-driven sound of Merseybeat, the Fortunes are probably best-known in the U.S. for their oldies-radio staple "You've Got Your Troubles." Formed in Birmingham, England, in 1963 as the Cliftones, the group was originally a vocal trio consisting of Rod Allen (bass, lead vocals), Glen Dale (guitar, vocals), and Barry Pritchard (guitar, vocals) (born April 3, 1944). However, with the explosion of the Beatles and the Merseybeat sound, the group quickly rethought its direction, adding keyboardist David Carr and drummer Andy Brown, and changing their name to the Fortunes (though their first single, "Summertime, Summertime," was oddly credited to both groups).

 The group found its niche crafting melancholy, orchestrated ballads similar to Peter & Gordon, the Moody Blues, or the Zombies (and in fact toured with the former two). Their second single for Decca, "Caroline," was adopted as theme music by the famed U.K. pirate station Radio Caroline upon its release in early 1964, yet never charted despite all the heavy airplay. Two more non-charting singles followed, but the group hit its stride in 1965 with "You've Got Your Troubles," which hit the U.S. Top Ten and went all the way to number two in the U.K. Their self-titled debut album was released that year, and the follow-up single "Here It Comes Again" duplicated its predecessor's success in Britain, though not in the States. "This Golden Ring," the follow-up to "Here It Comes Again," was a decent-sized hit in the U.K. (though it didn't reach the Top Ten), but problems set in after that. Glen Dale left the band in the summer of 1966 seeking a solo career, and was replaced by Scottish guitaristShel McCrae. Unfortunately for the reconstituted band, psychedelia was becoming the dominant sound of British pop music and the squeaky-clean Fortunes were unable to make the transition. A pair of 1966 singles flopped, and the group lost their contract with Decca the following year. They switched over to United Artists and continued recording singles, paying the bills by singing an American Coca-Cola jingle. David Carr elected to leave the band in summer 1968, which continued undeterred as a four-piece. Surprisingly, the group's 1970 single "That Same Old Feeling" (a cover of aPickettywitch number) hit the lower reaches of the charts in America. The Fortunes switched labels again, this time to Capitol, where they hooked up with producers/songwriters Roger Greenawayand Roger Cook. The Fortunes staged an unexpected comeback in 1971 with the single "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again," which hit the U.S. Top 20. The follow-up "Freedom Come, Freedom Go" flopped stateside, but returned the group to the British Top Ten, a feat repeated by its follow-up, "Storm in a Teacup." George McAllister made the Fortunes a quintet once again, but no further singles-chart success was upcoming, and the group eventually contented themselves with simply playing the British club circuit. Rod Allen continues to lead a nostalgia-oriented version of the Fortunes featuring guitarist Michael Smitham, drummer Paul Hooper, and ex-Badfinger keyboardist Bob Jackson. Barry Pritchard passed away on January 11, 1999.

1. The Fortunes - Caroline (2:03)
2. The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles (3:23)
3. The Fortunes - Here It Comes Again (3:05)
4. The Fortunes - This Golden Ring (2:17)
5. The Fortunes - You Gave Me Somebody To Love (2:53)
6. The Fortunes - Silent Street (2:44)
7. The Fortunes - Is It Really Worth Your While (2:36)
8. The Fortunes - Our Love Has Gone (3:01)
9. The Fortunes - The Idol (2:56)
10. The Fortunes - Loving Cup (3:40)
11. The Fortunes - Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond) (3:43)
12. The Fortunes - Celebration Of The Year (2:33)
13. The Fortunes - Ballad Of The Alamo (4:05)
14. The Fortunes - Books And Films (2:52)
15. The Fortunes - That Same Old Feeling (2:55)
16. The Fortunes - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again (2:51)
17. The Fortunes - I Gotta Dream (3:16)
18. The Fortunes - Freedom Come Freedom Go (3:19)
19. The Fortunes - Storm In A Teacup (3:14)
20. The Fortunes - Baby By The Way (2:54)
21. The Fortunes - Everything Is Out Of Season (3:16)
22. The Fortunes - Wait Until September (3:12)
23. The Fortunes - Secret Love (4:23)
24. The Fortunes - Whenever It's A Sunday (2:44)