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Natal'ja Markova i Dvurech'e - Svjatozar (1995) RUSSIA


Основной состав: Наталья Маркова - вокалАлексей Заев - подпевки, гитары, бас, клавишиВладимир Карабас - подпевки, клавиши, звук Борис Марков - ударные Александр Соколов - фотртепианоАлексей Калябин - флейта Павел Хоменко - скрипка Эдгар Герман - губная гармошкаАнатолий Погодаев - гитара
ДВУРЕЧЬЕ представляет собой яркий образец российской этнической музыки. Лидером группы стала молодая интересная певица Наталья Маркова. Наталья Маркова начала свой творческий путь в составе полумифической группы КУХНЯ КЛАУСА. Дав множество квартирных концертов, и записав в 93-ем году акустический магнитоальбом "В сентябре" (который до сих пор так и не был издан), Наталья решила, что называется, раздвинуть границы творчества, и создала группу, а точнее, музыкальный проект ДВУРЕЧЬЕ. Проект ДВУРЕЧЬЕ представляет собой аккомпанирующий состав, в который вошли опытные музыканты. В 1995-м году ДВУРЕЧЬЕ записали альбом "Святозар", в который вошли композиции Натальи Марковой, написанные в период с 1992-го по 1995-й год. На сегодняшний день это единственный альбом в дискографии коллектива.


The Chocolate Watch Band - The Best Of


by Bruce Eder
Back in the mid-'80s, the Chocolate Watchband were trapped in an odd paradox (which actually wasn't that bad a place to be for a band that didn't exist anymore). They hadn't played a note together in almost 15 years, but their original albums were changing hands for $100 apiece or more, and a series of vinyl reissues, first as bootlegs from France and later legit ones from Australia, were selling around the world, and in numbers that only increased as more people had a chance to hear them. What's more, the group's sound was starting to be emulated in the work of then-current bands, playing obscure clubs in places like New York's Chelsea district and other locales as far east as the District of Columbia, made up of teenagers who were too young ever to have seen or heard the Watchband play, ... Read More...
1 Let's Talk About Girls Freiser 2:30 2 Sweet Young Thing Cobb 2:41 3 No Way Out Cobb 2:25 4 Baby Blue Dylan 3:10 5 Expo 2000 Podolor 2:33 6 In the Past Proctor 3:06 7 I'm Not Like Everybody Else Davies 3:44 8 Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) Bennett, McElroy 2:24 9 Don't Need Your Lovin' Aguilar 2:36 10 Misty Lane Siegel 3:05 11 She Weaves a Tender Trap Cobb 2:33 12 Sitting There Standing Aguilar, Andrijasevich ... 3:01 13 Milk Cow Blues Arnold 2:55 14 I Ain't No Miracle Worker Mantz, Tucker 2:49 15 Gone and Passes By Aguilar 3:09 16 Dark Side of the Mushroom Cooper, Podolor 2:26 17 Uncle Morris Andrijasevich, Loomis 3:00 18 Voyage of the Trieste
Review by Bruce Eder
The first official Chocolate Watchband anthology was a triumph of sorts, although it also has some flaws that are unusual for a Rhino Records release — the most obvious of which to real fans of the band is that it over-reaches. Purists may not care for the way the producers have freely mixed the recordings (mostly singles) featuring only the actual Watchband (i.e., David Aguilar, Mark Loomis, Sean Tolby, Bill Flores, Gary Andrijasevich), album sides with extra, overdubbed instruments and redubbed vocals (by sessionman Don Bennett), and sides that (good though they are) were not the Watchband at all, regardless of how they were labeled — and all without full explanation. On the other hand, as a collection encompassing the totality of recordings issued by (or as being by) "the Chocolate Watchband," this is unquestionably the best one going. "Let's Talk About Girls," which also opened their original debut album, opens this CD, and it's a loud, defiant garage-punk masterpiece — "Sweet Young Thing," "No Way Out," and "Baby Blue" represent some peak moments for the official, classic Watchband; and then we jump to "Expo 2000" and "In the Past," good tracks (especially the latter) that aren't the Watchband at all, but the work of studio musicians. After that, it's back to the "real" Watchband for "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" and "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)," which arguably mark the group's high point as a recording act. "Don't Need Your Lovin'" and "Sitting There Standing" from the soundtrack Riot on Sunset Strip are also here, along with "I Ain't No Miracle Worker" off of Inner Mystique and the solid B-side "Gone and Passes By," plus the then-previously unissued "Milk Cow Blues," all tying up some loose-ends on the original band's history — the trippy, gently orchestrated "She Weaves a Tender Trap" captures their experiment in a softer vein at the outset of the psychedelic era, and "Uncle Morris" represents the final official incarnation of the group and the album One Step Beyond, with its more folk-y slant. All of that would have been enough, and a good place to end this disc, but the makers have also included some more non-Watchband material off of No Way Out and Inner Mystique, which is filler here just as much as it was on those albums. Insofar as it brought out many lost tracks and rarities, and also its sound quality, this CD was welcomed at the time, but has been supplanted by the three early-'90s Sundazed Records' expanded reissues of the group's three original albums. As a single-CD compendium, however, that represents almost all that was best about the Watchband (along with some unfortunate filler). And while the notes are a bit sketchy and unfocused, as well as containing one plainly wrong (and uncorrected editorially) fact in the interview with the group's former manager, Ed Cobb, at least there are notes — at least one extant anthology offers no information at all. Out of print as of 2000, and well-worth tracking down.

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V.A. - Rare 60's Beat Treasures vol.3

01-The Eagle Flies On Friday-Exceptions.02-A Little Bit Hurt-Julien Covay & The Machines03-Walk Walk Walk-Tony Jackson04-Can't Chance A Breakup-John Bull Breed05-Hurt Me If You Will-Mark Fou06-A Man With Money-A Wild Uncertainty07-Daytime-Darwin's Theory08-The People Away-Loose Ends09-Dr. Feelgood-Gerry Levene & The Avengers10-The Spider And The Fly-Dakotas11-How-Jynx12-It's A Crime-Kirkbys13-Piece By Piece-Nerve14-Forget It-Mal Rydel & The Spirits15-Follow Me-Tony Jackson16-I Wanna Be Free-V.I.P.'s17-Poor Boy-Nashville Teens18-Big Bad Wolf-Brian Diamond & The Cutters19-For Your Love-Ace Kefford Stand20-Move It Baby-Simon Scot21-I Still Want You-Mickey Finn22-All The Time Clementine-Darwin's Theor23-Shake Shake Shake-Tony Rivers & The Castaways24-Feelin' And26-Need Your Loving-Muleskinners25- Rockin'-Mickey Finn
"...damage song 25 don't work ..."
Yes. To my great regret....Sorry...

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V.A. - Rare 60's Beat Treasures vol.2

01. Craig - I Must Be Mad (2:47)
02. Moody Blues - People Gotta Go (2:33)
03. Beat Merchants - Pretty Face (1:54)
04. Marauders - That's What I Want (2:19)
05. Stylos - Bye Bye Baby, Bye Bye (2:52)
06. Mike Cotton Sound - I Don't Wanna Know (2:11)
07. Craig - Suspense (2:53)
08. Johnny Dean & The Deacons - It's Alright (2:40)
09. Beat Merchants - Messin' With The Man (2:16)
10. Thyrds - Hide 'N' Seek (2:25)
11. Stlyos - Head Over Heels (2:23)
12. Valkyries - What's Your Name (1:47)
13. Bo Street Runners - Drive My Car (2:28)
14. Four Just Men - Things Will Never Be The Same (1:48)
15. Johnny Dean & The Deacons - Shotgun (2;57)
16. Marauders - Hey What Wha' D'ya Say (1:36)
17. Blackwells - All I Want Is Your Love (2:25)
18. Bo Street Runners - So Every Woman (2:45)
19. Craig - Dancing Down In New Orleans (2:24)
20. Barry St. John - Bread & Butter 92:060
21. Wayne Gibson - Under My Thumb (3:36)
22. Federals - Twilight Time (2:27)
23. Valkyries - Rip It Up (1:44)
24. Four Just Men - That's My Baby (2:39)
25. Thyrds - No Time Like The Present (3:06)
26. Danny Rivers & The River Men - Movin' in (2:00)
Part 1
Part 2

V.A. - Rare 60's Beat Treasures - vol.1



The Remarkable collection of a little-known,unknows
undiscovered groups...The Music from this does not become worse. Full sensation - sixties...sound !!!


many thanks daddy and vital's psychedelic (


Editorial Reviews (amazon)
Product DescriptionIsraeli CD. Tracks: Bring It to Jerome (David John & the Mood), Money Honey (Mickie Most), Dig a Little Deeper (Cherokees), I Love to See You Strut (David John & the Mood), Love to You (Bo Street Runners), I'l Give You Love (Miki Dallon), Revived 45 Time (Nashville Teens), Lonely Avenue (Bo Street Runners), That's Alright (Mickie Most), Bullmoose (Firing Squad), Crawdaddy Simone (Syndicats), Garden of My Mind (Mickey Finn), Bo Street Runner (Bo Street Runners), Little Bit More (Firing Squad), Forbidden Fruit (Nashville Teens), I Saw Her Standing There (Duffy Power), Time to Start Loving You (Mickey Finn), Shame Shame Shame (Bo Street Runners), Train Keeps Rollin' (Arizona Swamp Company), Wrong Yo Yo (Moquettes), Farewell Baby (Duffy Power), This Sporting Life (Mickey Finn), Party Line (Attraction), Tennessee Woman (Arizona Swamp Company), Night Comes Down (Mickey Finn), She's a Girl (Attraction).



1 David John & The Mood-Bring It To Jerome (2:10) 2 Mickie Most-Money Honey (2:19) 3 Cherokees-The Dig A Little Deeper (2:32) 4 David John & The Mood-I Love To See You Strut (2:06) 5 Bo Street Runners-The* Love To You (2:41) 6 Miki Dallon-I'll Give You Love (2:13) 7 Nashville Teens-The Revived 45 Time (1:45) 8 Bo Street Runners-The* Lonely Avenue (3:25) 9 Mickie Most-That's Alright (2:06) 10 Firing Squad-he Bullmoose (2:26) 11 Syndicats-The Crawdaddy Simone (3:07) 12 Mickey Finn-The Garden Of My Mind (2:29) 13 Bo Street Runners-The* Bo Street Runner (2:04) 14 Firing Squad-The Little Bit More (1:58) 15 Nashville Teens-The Forbidden Fruit (3:00) 16 Duffy Power-I Saw Her Standing There (2:27) 17 Mickey Finn-The Time To Start Loving You (2:40) 18 Bo Street Runners-The* Shame, Shame, Shame (3:06) 19 Arizona Swamp Comp.-Train Keeps Rollin' (3:00) 20 Moquettes-The The Wrong Yo Yo (1:55) 21 Duffy Power-Farewell Baby (1:55) 22 Mickey Finn-The This Sporting Life (2:30) 23 Attraction, The-Party Line (2:18) 24 Arizona Swamp Comp.*-Tennessee Woman (2:59) 25 Mickey Finn-Night Comes Down (2:09) 26 Attraction, The-She's A Girl (2:14)

(LINK there was update )
the continuation (vol.1;vol.2) the other day.

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V.A. - Beat Beat Beat Vol.4 : 1 2 3 4

Mp3\ 130Mb



1. Journey Into Dreams - The Wolves 2. What Do You Mean - The Wolves 3. Boys & Girls - The Migil 5 4. Saw Your Picture - The Migil 5 5. Don't It Make You Feel Good - The Overlanders 6. Sing A Song Of Sadness - The Overlanders 7. Kelly - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Six 8. See You Later Alligator - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Six 9. When You Say I Love You - Joe Dolan & The Drifters Showband 10. Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey - Tammy St. John 11. Boys - Tammy St. John 12. Tell Me Why - Me & Them 13. Getaway - Me & Them 14. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind - Julie Grant 15. Can't Help Forgiving You - Mark Wynter 16. Love Or Money - The Wackers 17. Hooka Tooka - The Wackers 18. Try A Little Love My Friend - Peter's Faces 19. I Don't Care - Peter's Faces 20. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You - The Rockin' Berries 21. You'd Better Come Home - The Rockin' Berries 22. Where Did Our Love Go - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers 23. Caroline - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers 24. Bye Bye Baby - Tony Jackson & The Vibrations 25. Watch Your Step - Tony Jackson & The Vibrations 26. If You Don't Come Back - The Takers 27. Think - The Takers 28. Sweet Was The Wine - The Chants 29. One Star - The Chants 30. Chapel Of Love - Eileen Reid & The Cadets


1. When You Walk In The Room - The Searchers 2. I'll Be Missing You - The Searchers 3. I've Seen Such Things - Tony Dangerfield 4. She's Too Way Out - Tony Dangerfield 5. Weaver, The - The Pendulums 6. What's The Matter Baby - Carl Wayne & Vikings 7. Your Loving Ways - Carl Wayne & Vikings 8. Leave My Kitten Alone - The First Gear 9. Certain Girl, A - The First Gear 10. Love Is Where You Are - Rod & Carolyn 11. I Got You On My Mind - Rod & Carolyn 12. Seventh Son, The - The Soul Agents 13. Let's Make It Pretty Baby - The Soul Agents 14. Wild Side Of Life, The - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 15. Forget The Other Guy - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 16. Wait A Minute - The Ivy League 17. What More Do You Want - The Ivy League 18. There He Goes (The Boy I Love) - Antoinette 19. Little Things Mean A Lot - Antoinette 20. He's In Town - The Rockin' Berries 21. Flashback - The Rockin' Berries 22. I Keep Forgettin' - The Hi-Fi's 23. Why Can't I Stop Loving You - The Hi-Fi's 24. I Will Be Wishing - Shelley 25. I Wonder Why - The Overlanders 26. If I Gave You - The Overlanders 27. I Beat You To It - The Blue Aces 28. I Just Can't Help Lovin' You - The Blue Aces 29. All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks 30. I Gotta Move - The Kinks

V.A. - Beat Beat Beat Vol.3 :Mop Top Pop



1. Don't Throw Your Love Away - The Searchers2. I Pretend I'm With You - The Searchers3. Talk To Me - Rod & Carolyn4. Show You Mean It Too - Me & Them5. Everything I Do Is Wrong - Me & Them6. Don't Bother Me - Gregory Phillips7. Make Sure That You're Mine - Gregory Phillips8. Baby Don't Cry - The Puppets9. Will You Or Won't You - The Hi-Fi's10. She's The One - The Hi-Fi's11. You Still Want Me - The Kinks12. You Do Something To Me - The Kinks13. It's Great - The Monotones14. Anymore - The Monotones15. Never Again - Brett Young & The Ghost Squad16. You Can't Fool Me - Brett Young & The Ghost Squad17. Doin' The Mod - Vandyke & The Bambis18. All I Want Is You - Vandyke & The Bambis19. I Missed You - Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband20. You Might As Well Forget Him - Tommy Quickly21. It's As Simple As That - Tommy Quickly22. September In The Rain - The Wedgewoods23. Gone, Gone Away - The Wedgewoods24. Then I'll Be Home - The Chants25. She's Mine - The Chants26. You're A Beautiful One - The Trends27. Way You Do The Things You Do, The - The Trends28. Near You - The Mugil 529. Don't Wanna Go On Shaking - The Mugil 530. He's Telling You Lies - Lance Harvey & The Kingpins

1. How Do You Fix A Broken Heart? - Lance Harvey & The Kingpins2. Please Don't Tell - The Greenbeats3. Just You Wait And See - The Greenbeats4. Write Me A Letter - The Eagles5. Wishin' And Hopin' - The Eagles6. I Only Care About You - Julie Grant7. Blue Star - Donna Douglas8. When She Comes To You - Daryl Quist9. You Can't Sit Down - The Beatmen10. Come On Pretty Baby - The Beatmen11. Sally Go Round The Roses - The Beatmen12. I Know A Girl - The Remo Four13. I Just Wanna Make Love To You - The Soul Agents14. Mean Woman Blues - The Soul Agents15. Whistle Stop - Shane & The Shane Gang16. Who Wrote This Song? - Shane & The Shane Gang17. That's Allright - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions18. I'm Looking For A Woman - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions19. Donna Means Heartbreak - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four20. Some Kinda Wonderful - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four21. Husky - Jimmy Nicol22. Don't Come Back - Jimmy Nicol23. Someday We're Gonna Love Again - The Searchers24. No One Else Could Love You - The Searchers25. Land Of Love - The Blue Aces26. Nobody Knows - Jason Ford & The Bulldogs27. Am I The One - Jason Ford & The Bulldogs28. Don't - Joe Brown & The Bruvvers29. You Really Got Me - The Kinks30. It's Alright - The Kinks

V.A. - Beat Beat Beat Vol.2 : Fab Gear

1. Everybody Knows - Gregory Phillips & The Remo Four2. Closer To Me - Gregory Phillips & The Remo Four3. I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself - Me & Them4. Feels So Good - Me & Them5. Did You - Mike Goodman6. To Know Her Is To Love Her - Robb Storme & The Whispers7. Bu-Bop-A-Lu-Bop-A-Lie - Robb Storme & The Whispers8. Mockin' Bird Hill - Mugil 59. Long Ago & Far Away - Mugil 510. Sometimes - Johnny Devlin & The Detours11. If You Want Someone - Johnny Devlin & The Detours12. It Must Be Love - The Sheffields13. Say Girl - The Sheffields14. Sixteen Tons - Johnny Sandon15. Blizzard, The - Johnny Sandon16. Just A Little Bit - The Undertakers17. Stupidity - The Undertakers18. Come On In - The Sundowners19. Shot Of Rhythm And Blues, A - The Sundowners20. What Would I Do - The Monotones21. Is It Right? - The Monotones22. Tomorrow - The Commanches23. Missed Your Lovin' - The Commanches24. Tell The Truth - Andy Cavell25. Long Tall Sally - The Kinks26. I Took My Baby Home - The Kinks27. I Want You - Jeannie & The Big Guys28. Sticks & Stones - Jeannie & The Big Guys29. He Don't Want Your Love Anymore - Linda Doll & The Sundowners30. Bonie Moronie - Linda Doll & The Sundowners
1. Prove It - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 2. Haven't You Noticed - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 3. Is It True - Tony D. & The Shakeouts 4. Never Let Her Go - Tony D. & The Shakeouts 5. All My Loving - The Trends 6. Sweet Little Miss Love - The Trends 7. Every Day I Have To Cry - Julie Grant 8. He Doesn't Love Me - The Breakaways9. Yesterday's Gone - The Overlanders 10. Gone The Rainbow - The Overlanders 11. Mary Mary (Marry Marry Me) - Dane Rogers & The Nu-Beats 12. Jeanette - Dane Rogers & The Nu-Beats 13. Take Your Time - Gerry Dorsey14. Baby I Do - Gerry Dorsey15. Humpty Dumpty - Jimmy Nicol & The Shubdubs16. Night Train - Jimmy Nicol & The Shubdubs17. Three Boys Looking For Love - The Puppets18. Shake With Me - The Puppets19. It's Love You Want - Mark Wynter20. Got My Mojo Working - The Sheffields21. Hey, Hey Lover Boy - The Sheffields22. Give Me Your Hand - Teddy Green23. Please Don't Cry - Brad Newman 24. Every Hour Of Living - Brad Newman 25. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - The Remo Four 26. Peter Gunn - The Remo Four 27. Little Child - Jackie Lynton 28. Never A Mention - Jackie Lynton 29. Why Did You Bring Him To The Dance? - Peter's Faces 30. She's In Love - Peter's Faces


V.A. - Beat Beat Beat - Vol.1: The Mersey Sound & Other Mop Top Rarities (1962-1963)

By R. E. Sheehan (
" ... This is a fantastic series of albums, which, I came across by accident. I bought vol 4 and was so impressed that I bought the other 3 as soon as I could. The albums follow all the single releases on the Pye label through the 60s. There are a number of very well known Groups (Searchers,Kinks Rockin Berries, Overlanders etc)and a few No 1s and top 10 hits on the discs, but, for me, the real gems are tracks by those Artistes who never quite hit the big time, the best known probably being Tommy Quickly, who was part of the Brian Epstein Stable and toured with best group of all time: The Beatles.
I am amazed that some of the tracks on these cds weren't bigger hits, or even made it into the charts, but then , when you consider the talent around at the time and therefore the competition, it is maybe not too surprising.
The discs are very well produced and presented and, if like me, you are stuck, musically, in the 60s, you cannot fail to be impressed with this series.
I have just obtained vol 5 and am equally impressed.They are a worth while addition to any cd collection, but, to all 60s addicts, they are a PRICELESS addition.
You will not be disappointed... "
(Absolutely agree,is said very faithfully)

The Mersey Sound & Other Mop Top Rarities (1962-1963) Vol.1


1. That's What I Said - The Dave Clark Five/Mike Smith 2. I Knew It All The Time - The Dave Clark Five/Mike Smith 3. Hully Gully Slip & Slide - The Roulettes 4. La Bamba - The Roulettes 5. My Pride, My Joy - Buddy Britten & The Regents 6. Here's Hopin' - Carter-Lewis 7. What's The Name Of The Game - Joe Brown 8. I Can't Get Enough Of You - Erkey Grant & The Eerwigs 9. I'm A Hog For You Baby - Erkey Grant & The Eerwigs 10. Let's Make A Habit Of This - The Guv'ners 11. Kissing Had To Stop, The - The Guv'ners 12. There's A Place - The Kestrels 13. Sweets For My Sweet - The Searchers 14. It's All Been A Dream - The Searchers 15. It's You - The Viscounts 16. I'll Never Get Over You - The Viscounts 17. Lies - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four 18. On The Horizon - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four 19. Take Me Or Leave Me - The Hi-Fi's 20. I'm Stuck - The Hi-Fi's 21. Mashed Potatoes, (Do The) - The Undertakers 22. Everybody Loves A Lover - The Undertakers 23. Summer Skies & Golden Sands - The Overlanders 24. Call Of The Wild - The Overlanders 25. Angie - Gregory Phillips 26. Please Believe Me - Gregory Phillips 27. Tip Of My Tongue - Tommy Quickly 28. Heaven Only Knows - Tommy Quickly 29. Sally Ann - Joe Brown & The Bruvvers 30. There's Only One Of You - Joe Brown & The Bruvvers


1. Everybody's Talking - The Puppets 2. Poison Ivy - The Puppets 3. I Don't Care - The Chants 4. Come Go With Me - The Chants 5. Yes - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four 6. Magic Potion - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four 7. My Colour Is Blue - Nicky James 8. What About Us - The Undertakers 9. Money (That's What I Want) - The Undertakers 10. Baby, Baby - The Sundowners 11. House Of The Rising Sun, The - The Sundowners 12. Say You Do - Danny Storm & The Strollers 13. Let The Sun Shine In - Danny Storm & The Strollers 14. Hippy, Hippy Shake - Pat Harris & The Blackjacks 15. You Gotta See Your Mama Every Night - Pat Harris & The Blackjacks 16. Movin' - The Overlanders 17. Rainbow - The Overlanders 18. Maybe - The Mugil 4 19. Can't I? - The Mugil 4 20. Sugar & Spice - The Searchers 21. Saints & Searchers - The Searchers 22. Don't Lie To Me - Jeannie & The Big Guys 23. Boys - Jeannie & The Big Guys 24. Kiss Me Now - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 25. No Other Love (Could Ever Be The Same) - Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four 26. I Could Write A Book - The Chants 27. Thousand Stars, A - The Chants 28. Boys - Dickie Rock & Miami Showband 29. Needles & Pins - The Searchers 30. Saturday Night Out - The Searchers

The Nightcaps – Wine, Wine, Wine (1960)

Mp3\79Mb (vinyl rip)
The Nightcaps :
The Nightcaps were one of those great overlooked bands of the late '50s and early '60s. By rights, they deserved the kind of recognition accorded outfits like their Texas compatriots the Bobby Fuller Four, or even Buddy Holly, but somehow they never made it to a national following. Lead singer Billy Joe Shine, rhythm guitarist Gene Haufler, lead guitarist David Swartz, bassist Mario Daboub, and drummer Jack Allday were all high school students in Dallas who started playing record hops and school dances in 1958, and also began writing songs as well. It turned out that they were good in both departments and got a lot of gigs locally. They were also noticed by a local entrepreneur named Tom Brown, who tried and failed to get them signed to RCA Victor and then put the Nightcaps out on his own local Vandan label. The Nightcaps' debut single, "Wine Wine Wine" b/w "Nightcap Rock", became a hit in Dallas and was heard enough in other parts of the country to get the band offers from locales they'd never played or even visited. When their second single, "Thunderbird" b/w "Ole Jose," released in 1960, was also a hit in Dallas, the group was prevailed upon to record a complete LP, Wine, Wine, Wine.
1. Wine, Wine, Wine 2. Nightcap Rock 3. 24 Hours 4. Momo Hand 5. Tough That's All 6. Thunderbird 7. Old Josй 8. Sweet Little Angel 9. No Parking 10. I Got My Mojo Working
The Wine, Wine, Wine album was one of the best rock & roll LPs of its era, a solid mix of rockabilly, blues ("I Got My Mojo Working," "Sweet Little Angel," "Mojo Man"), and instrumental rock that still sounds good more than 40 years later. Apart from the excellence of Shine's singing and the band's musicianship -- David Swartz was a first-rate blues player, his virtuosity and feeling for the music showcased on the instrumental "Tough That's All" -- was the one major addition to their lineup, jazz saxman John Hardee, who had returned to his native Texas by then and was teaching at around the time that the Nightcaps needed a reed man. Their album never got anywhere near charting, but it was good enough to be pirated around the country and was a sufficiently impressive showcase for the Nightcaps that they were soon getting bookings across the south. The British Invasion should have doomed them, but it proved little more than a slight interruption of momentum and broke their string of steady local radio play for a short time -- the Nightcaps proved enough of a going enterprise to last right through the 1960s, past the British Invasion and through numerous lineup changes. At one point, Gary Mears of the Dallas-based Original Casuals passed through the ranks of the group
(old uplouding on UploadJockey !!! )

Fever Tree - For Sale Creation


Fever Tree:

Dennis Keller (vocals)
Rob Landes (keyboards)
E.E. Wolfe (bass)
Michael Knust (guitar)
John Tuttle (drums)

A minor, if reasonably interesting, late-'60s psychedelic group, Houston's Fever Tree is most famous for their single "San Francisco Girls," with its dramatic melody, utopian lyrics, and searing fuzz guitar. Most of their best material, ironically, was written by their over-30 husband-wife production team, Scott and Vivian Holtzman, who had previously written material for Tex Ritter and the Mary Poppins soundtrack. These odd bedfellows produced some fairly distinctive material with more classical/Baroque influences and orchestral string arrangements than were usually found in psychedelic groups. Their pretty, wistful ballads (enhanced on their first album by arranger David Angel, who had also worked on Love's classic Forever Changes) endure better than their dirge-like fuzz grinders, which epitomize some of the more generic aspects of heavy psychedelia. Releasing four albums (the third of which, Creation, included guest guitar by future ZZ Top axeman Billy Gibbons), their records grew weaker and more meandering with time, and the group disbanded in 1970.



01-I Put a Spell on You02-You're Not the Same Baby03-She Comes in Colors04-Hey Mister05-Come on In06-Girl Oh Girl Don't Push Me07-Hey Joe
08-Woman, Woman09-Love Make the Sunrise10-Catcher in the Rye11-Wild Woman Ways12-Fever Glue13-Run Past My Window14-Imitation Situation15-Time is Now16-The God Game

For Sale:Though credited as a Fever Tree release, 1970's ironically-titled "For Sale" was little more than a collection of the earlier Mainstream sides (which may have been rerecorded) and leftover Uni-era odds and ends. A quick glance at the liner notes indicated the band had basically collapsed with keyboardist Rob Landis and drummer John Tuttle credited as 'formerly of Fever Tree'. Their places were taken by former Byrds drummer Kevin Kelley, keyboardist Grant Johnson, and various members of the Wrecking Crew and The Blackberries on ill thought out backing vocals. In an online interview guitarist Michael Knust expressed few memories of working on the LP. In fact the only track he seemed to have any recollections of were putting lead guitar on the group's cover of Love's 'She Comes In Colors'. Most of the material was less than impressive with Keller sounding particularly uninspired (on a couple of tracks like You're Not the Same Baby'' he actually sounded like he was singing with marbles in his mouth). As for the side long 'Hey Joe' cover - well ... it was long. For his part lead guitarist Michael Knust was all but absent from the proceedings. That left the two Mainstream songs ('Hey Mister' and 'Girl Don't Push Me') and the Love cover as the album highlights.
Creation:After a year long separation, Uni management convinced the band to regroup and relocate to California. Again produced by husband and wife team of Scott and Vivian Holzman, 1969's "Creation" was actually far better than circumstances should have allowed. Reuniting in the wake of earlier and ongoing personality issues, the fact they were actually able to complete an album was quite an accomplishment. The fact that so much of the LP was worthwhile was even more impressive. With the Holzmans again responsible for the majority of the nine tracks, musically the set was far more diverse and commercial than the sophomore set. That was particularly true for three songs penned by Jancy Lee Tyler (anyone know who she was?). Complete with female backing vocalists, the opener 'Woman, Woman' spotlighted Keller doing his most commercial Jim Morrison vamp, while 'Wild Woman Ways' and 'Run Past My Window' would have sounded fine on top-40 radio. Sporting a pretty melody and a string arrangement, the Holzmans' 'Love Makes the Sun Rise' was even more radio-friendly. In case anyone was under the impression the group had completely sold out '' and '' were more conventional rockers, while 'Fever Glue' provided the mandatory blues number. Uni apparently did little in the realm of promotional support, though they tapped the album for a pair of singles in the form of: The Doorsy 'Catcher In the Rye' b/w 'What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City' (Uni catalog number 55202) and 'Love Makes the Sun Rise' b/w 'Filigree and Shadow'


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The Allusions and The Raiders - Two Great Beat LP

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The Merry Go-Round - Listen, Listen: The Definitive Collection

The Merry-Go-Round were formed in Los Angeles during the summer of 1966 when Palace Guard drummer Emitt Rhodes left that band and began rehearsing in the Rhodes family garage with his high-school buddy Gary Kato. After a couple weeks with friends Mike Rice and Doug Harwood on bass and drums, respectively, the duo hooked up with a couple of L.A. movers: bassist Bill Rinehat had played in the Leaves and drummer Joel Larson with the Grass Roots, and both had been in the short-lived Gene Clark Group in 1966 and later played on Clark's classic 1967 album, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers. Rhodes, Kato, ... Read More...
1. Live 2. Time Will Show the Wiser 3. On Your Way Out 4. Gonna Fight the War 5. Had to Run Around 6. We're in Love 7. You're a Very Lovely Woman 8. Where Have You Been All My Life 9. Early in the Morning 10. Low Down - The Merry-Go-Round, Kato, Gary 11. A Clown's No Good 12. Gonna Leave You Alone 13. Mother Earth 14. Pardon Me 15. Textile Factory 16. Someone Died 17. Come Ride, Come Ride 18. Let's All Sing 19. Holly Park 20. Mary Will You Take My Hand 21. The Man He Was 22. In Days of Old 23. 'Til the Day After 24. Saturday Night 25. She Laughed Loud 26. Listen, Listen 27. Missing You - The Merry-Go-Round, Marks, Larry 28. Highway - The Merry-Go-Round, Larson, Joel 29. Time Will Show the Wiser 30 - California Girls
The Merry-Go-Round's self-titled 1967 album is a breathtaking blend of chiming folk-rock guitars, British Invasion harmony vocals, baroque pop arrangements, and pure pop songcraft that sounds daisy fresh in 2005. The Beatles are a huge influence, and there is plenty of McCartney in Emitt Rhodes' sweet vocals and their vocal harmonies. You can hear the Byrds a bit, some Left Banke (especially on the sweeping orchestral pop gem "You're a Very Lovely Woman"), some L.A. garage on rockers like "Where Have You Been All My Life" and "Lowdown"; the group definitely didn't exist in a vacuum. But there are some songs that are quite unique and original like "Time Will Show the Wiser" with its otherworldly sped up and backward guitars and enchanting melody, the bouncy and warm hit single "Live," and "Had to Run Around," an exquisite ballad whose tender beauty foreshadows Rhodes' classic 1970 Emitt Rhodes album. These songs, and the overall quality of the songs and the group's loose and earthy playing, help lift the album above the pack and should lead to it being mentioned in the same breath as Love's first album or Buffalo Springfield's first when talking about classic American debut albums of the '60s.
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Hava Nagila - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Nevada – Theo Schumann-Combo / Scharfe Sache - Theo Schumann-Combo / Exodus – Olympic-Big Beat / Quartermasters Stores – Gruppe Butlers / Eskimo - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Beim Hully-Gully bin ich Konig - Sputniks / Troika – Gruppe Butlers / Yakety Sax - Olympic-Big Beat / Tromsoe- Theo Schumann-Combo / Peters Twist - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Herbstlaub - Gruppe Butlers / Fur so viel Liebe - Sputniks / Wikinger-Twist - Theo Schumann-Combo / Seschlo? – Franke-Echo-Quartett / Butlers Boogie - Gruppe Butlers

THE IVY LEAGUE 1964-67 (British Beat: vol 21)

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This Is Ivy League

1. Almost Grown 2. That's Why I'm Crying 3. Floral Dance 4. What More Do You Want 5. Lulu's Back In Town 6. We're Having A Party 7. Don't Worry Baby 8. Make Love 9. Don't Think Twice It's Alright 10. Funny How Love Can Be 11. My Old Dutch 12. Dance To The Locomotion13.Lonely Room 14. Girl Like You 15. Tossing And Turning 16. Graduation Day 17. Our Love Is Slipping Away 18. Running Round In Circles 19. Willow Tree 20. My World Fell Down 21. Four And Twenty Hours 22. Suddenly Things ++++