Friday, August 01, 2008

Eric and the Norsemen - Eric and the Norsemen (1966)

Eric & The Norsemen: From the mid-60s to the early 70s, few bands in Kansas worked the crowds as hard as Eric & The Norsemen. Led by Roger Johnson, they epitomized the garage bands of the era, covering the latest hits with a few original songs thrown into the mix. Entertaining at weekend dances and high school proms, they built a loyal following across the plains

in the beginning
In the Fall of 1964, the original members of Eric and the Norsemen - Roger, Mike, Kenny and Jimmy - were students at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. Roger and Mike were college roommates at the Lambda Chi fraternity. Roger played guitar. Mike was learning. In the spirit of the times, they decided to form a band. Another fraternity member, Ken Kramer, heard them practicing and offered to play bass guitar. Not only was he a really good bass player, but he even hand-built his custom electric bass. They decided to call the band "Eric and the Norsemen" and starting looking for a drummer. A girl that Roger knew suggested Jim Kocher, a very talented drummer who had started KU that fall. Roger and Mike talked "Jimmy" into joining the band, and the three of them would stay together for all of the Norsemen years... Read more..
1.Norsemen theme song2.medley3.she dont care4.little red riding hood5.before6.unchain my heart7.chance8.double shot9.i know why10.hitch hike (alternate)11.scotch and soda12.gloria

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