Saturday, December 13, 2008

V.A. - Rare 60's Beat Treasures vol.3

01-The Eagle Flies On Friday-Exceptions.02-A Little Bit Hurt-Julien Covay & The Machines03-Walk Walk Walk-Tony Jackson04-Can't Chance A Breakup-John Bull Breed05-Hurt Me If You Will-Mark Fou06-A Man With Money-A Wild Uncertainty07-Daytime-Darwin's Theory08-The People Away-Loose Ends09-Dr. Feelgood-Gerry Levene & The Avengers10-The Spider And The Fly-Dakotas11-How-Jynx12-It's A Crime-Kirkbys13-Piece By Piece-Nerve14-Forget It-Mal Rydel & The Spirits15-Follow Me-Tony Jackson16-I Wanna Be Free-V.I.P.'s17-Poor Boy-Nashville Teens18-Big Bad Wolf-Brian Diamond & The Cutters19-For Your Love-Ace Kefford Stand20-Move It Baby-Simon Scot21-I Still Want You-Mickey Finn22-All The Time Clementine-Darwin's Theor23-Shake Shake Shake-Tony Rivers & The Castaways24-Feelin' And26-Need Your Loving-Muleskinners25- Rockin'-Mickey Finn
"...damage song 25 don't work ..."
Yes. To my great regret....Sorry...

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