Monday, December 08, 2008

V.A. - Beat Beat Beat Vol.3 :Mop Top Pop



1. Don't Throw Your Love Away - The Searchers2. I Pretend I'm With You - The Searchers3. Talk To Me - Rod & Carolyn4. Show You Mean It Too - Me & Them5. Everything I Do Is Wrong - Me & Them6. Don't Bother Me - Gregory Phillips7. Make Sure That You're Mine - Gregory Phillips8. Baby Don't Cry - The Puppets9. Will You Or Won't You - The Hi-Fi's10. She's The One - The Hi-Fi's11. You Still Want Me - The Kinks12. You Do Something To Me - The Kinks13. It's Great - The Monotones14. Anymore - The Monotones15. Never Again - Brett Young & The Ghost Squad16. You Can't Fool Me - Brett Young & The Ghost Squad17. Doin' The Mod - Vandyke & The Bambis18. All I Want Is You - Vandyke & The Bambis19. I Missed You - Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband20. You Might As Well Forget Him - Tommy Quickly21. It's As Simple As That - Tommy Quickly22. September In The Rain - The Wedgewoods23. Gone, Gone Away - The Wedgewoods24. Then I'll Be Home - The Chants25. She's Mine - The Chants26. You're A Beautiful One - The Trends27. Way You Do The Things You Do, The - The Trends28. Near You - The Mugil 529. Don't Wanna Go On Shaking - The Mugil 530. He's Telling You Lies - Lance Harvey & The Kingpins

1. How Do You Fix A Broken Heart? - Lance Harvey & The Kingpins2. Please Don't Tell - The Greenbeats3. Just You Wait And See - The Greenbeats4. Write Me A Letter - The Eagles5. Wishin' And Hopin' - The Eagles6. I Only Care About You - Julie Grant7. Blue Star - Donna Douglas8. When She Comes To You - Daryl Quist9. You Can't Sit Down - The Beatmen10. Come On Pretty Baby - The Beatmen11. Sally Go Round The Roses - The Beatmen12. I Know A Girl - The Remo Four13. I Just Wanna Make Love To You - The Soul Agents14. Mean Woman Blues - The Soul Agents15. Whistle Stop - Shane & The Shane Gang16. Who Wrote This Song? - Shane & The Shane Gang17. That's Allright - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions18. I'm Looking For A Woman - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions19. Donna Means Heartbreak - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four20. Some Kinda Wonderful - Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four21. Husky - Jimmy Nicol22. Don't Come Back - Jimmy Nicol23. Someday We're Gonna Love Again - The Searchers24. No One Else Could Love You - The Searchers25. Land Of Love - The Blue Aces26. Nobody Knows - Jason Ford & The Bulldogs27. Am I The One - Jason Ford & The Bulldogs28. Don't - Joe Brown & The Bruvvers29. You Really Got Me - The Kinks30. It's Alright - The Kinks

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