Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arrows-First Hit (1976)

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The Arrows were a mixed group of American and British musicians that made their biggest impact in Britain during the mid-'70s. The band worked with producer Phil Coulter on their one and only album, 1976's First Hit, which didn't really catch on in America but gave them a modicum of success in Europe. They also had several singles produced by Mickie Most during this era, the most important being "I Love Rock 'N Roll," which would go on to be a smash hit for Joan Jett a few years later. The band was made up of bassist/vocalist Alan Merrill, guitarist Jake Hooker, and drummer Paul Varley. The three also scored a television deal, leading to a regular series that played from 1976 to 1977. The group broke up in 1978, leading Merrill to pursue a solo career and record with artists as varied as Meat Loaf and Rick Derringer.

01. Once upon a Time
02. First Hit
03. Thanks
04. What's Come Between Us
05. Boogiest Band in Town
06. Don't Worry 'Bout Love
07. Let Me Love You
08. Feelin' This Way
09. Love Child
10. Love Is Easy
11. Gotta Be Near You

bonus tracks
12. Touch Too Much
13. We Can Make It Together
14. Toughen Up
15. Diesel Locomotive Dancer
16. My Last Night With You
17. Movin' Next Door With You
18. I Love Rock and Roll
19. Broken Down Heart
20. Hard Hearted
21. My World Is Turning on Love


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