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Petula Clark - En Francais Et En Stereo

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  The most commercially successful female singer in British chart history, Petula Clark was born November 15, 1932 in Epsom, England. Trained to sing by her soprano mother, Clark embarked on a stage career at the age of seven; soon she was a fixture on British radio programs, and began hosting her own regular show, Pet's Parlour -- a series spotlighting patriotic songs designed to boost the morale of wartime audiences -- at the tender age of 11.

After entertaining British troops alongside fellow child stars Julie Andrews and Anthony Newley, Clark made her film debut with A Medal for the General in 1944. By the dawn of the '50s she was a superstar throughout the U.K., with a résumé of close to two-dozen films; 1954's "The Little Shoemaker" was her first Top 20 single, while 1960's "Sailor" was her first chart-topper. Still, Clark struggled with her inability to shed her adolescent image. After selling over a million copies of 1961's "Romeo," she married and relocated to France, establishing a strong fan base there on the strength of hits including "Ya-Ya Twist," "Chariot," and "Monsieur," which spotlighted a new, more sophisticated pop sound anchored by her crystalline vocals.

Riding the wave of the British Invasion, Clark was finally able to penetrate the U.S. market in 1964 with the Grammy-winning "Downtown," the first single by a British woman ever to reach number one on the American pop charts. It was also the first in a series of American Top Ten hits (most written and arranged by Tony Hatch) that also included 1965's "I Know a Place" and 1966's "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love," and the number one smash "My Love." At the same time, she remained a huge star throughout Europe, topping the British charts in 1967 with "This Is My Song," taken from the film A Countess from Hong Kong. In addition to hosting her own BBC series, she also starred in the 1968 NBC television special Petula, which triggered controversy when sponsors requested that a segment with guest Harry Belafonte be cut in deference to Southern affiliates; ultimately, the show aired in its intended form.

As the '60s drew to a close, Clark's commercial stature slipped, although singles like "Don't Sleep on the Subway," "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener," and "Kiss Me Goodbye" still charted on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1968, she revived her film career by starring in Finian's Rainbow, followed a year later by Goodbye, Mr. Chips. In later years, Clark focused primarily on international touring, headlining the 1981 London revival of Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Music; after starring in the 1990 musical Someone Like You, which she also co-wrote, she made her Broadway debut in Blood Brothers in 1993. Additionally, in 1988, an acid house remix of "Downtown" reached the U.K. Top Ten, another honor for the female singer awarded the most gold records in British pop history.

Lost in You
Throughout the 2000s Clark toured fairly steadily across the globe. Her 2002 shows in France at the Olympia were recorded and released on CD and DVD, but no new studio recordings were forthcoming until she teamed with Irish band the Saw Doctors for a new version of "Downtown" in 2011. Soon after, she began working with producer John Williams on an album. Made up of newly written songs and covers, as well as a new take on "Downtown," Lost in You was issued in early 2013.

1. Petula Clark - 01  Petula Clark - Moi Je Préfère L'amour À Tout Ça (Stereo)
2. Petula Clark - 02  Petula Clark - Garde La Dernière Danse Pour Moi (Stereo)
3. Petula Clark - 03  Petula Clark - Les Gens Diront (Stereo)
4. Petula Clark - 04  Petula Clark - Romeo (Stereo)
5. Petula Clark - 05  Petula Clark - Calendar Girl (Stereo)
6. Petula Clark - 06  Petula Clark - Ya Ya Twist (Stereo)
7. Petula Clark - 07  Petula Clark - Je Chante Doucement (Stereo)
8. Petula Clark - 08  Petula Clark - Il Est À Toi Mon Coeur (Stereo)
9. Petula Clark - 09  Petula Clark - Si C'est Oui C'est Oui (Stereo)
10. Petula Clark - 10  Petula Clark - Chariot (Stereo)
11. Petula Clark - 11  Petula Clark - Claquez Vos Doigts (Stereo)
12. Petula Clark - 12  Petula Clark - Coeur Blessé (Stereo)
13. Petula Clark - 13  Petula Clark - L'amour Que Tu M'as Donné (Stereo)
14. Petula Clark - 14  Petula Clark - Je Me Sens Bien (Stereo)
15. Petula Clark - 15  Petula Clark - Elle Est Finie (Stereo)
16. Petula Clark - 16  Petula Clark - Que Ton Coeur Me Soit Fidèle (Stereo)
17. Petula Clark - 17  Petula Clark - Tu Perds Ton Temps (Stereo)
18. Petula Clark - 18  Petula Clark - Mon Bonheur Danse (Stereo)
19. Petula Clark - 19  Petula Clark - Entre Nous Il Est Fou (Stereo)
20. Petula Clark - 20  Petula Clark - Est-Ce L'amour Qui Veut Ça (Stereo)
21. Petula Clark - 21  Petula Clark - La Nuit N'en Finit Plus (Stereo)
22. Petula Clark - 22  Petula Clark - Ceux Qui Ont Un Coeur (Stereo)
23. Petula Clark - 23  Petula Clark - Prends Garde À Toi (Stereo)
24. Petula Clark - 24  Petula Clark - Partir Il Nous Faut (Stereo)
25. Petula Clark - 25  Petula Clark - Viens Avec Moi (Stereo)
26. Petula Clark - 26  Petula Clark - Il Faut Revenir (Stereo)
27. Petula Clark - 27  Petula Clark - Un Jeune Homme Bien (Stereo)
28. Petula Clark - 28  Petula Clark - L'agent Secret (Stereo)

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