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Soul Inc. ‎– Volume 2

Gear Fab Records continues its Souls Inc. story with the release of Volume 2. Originally a singles band from Kentucky, Soul Inc. was formed in 1965 when guitarist Wayne Young and drummer Marvin Maxwell secured a place on Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars tour prior to even forming a band. The two hired some musicians and backed up the likes of Lou Christi, Reparata & the Delrons, and others. On the second Dick Clark tour, Soul Inc. opened as a stand-alone band and quickly became a favorite of many of the top acts of the day, including Paul Revere & the Raiders. Over the following months, Soul Inc. built a reputation for themselves and began recording singles. The band recorded songs for the Rondo, Star Records, Boss and Counterpart labels, and became one of the most popular acts in Kentucky. Volume 1 of the Soul Inc. story collected 20 of the band's singles recorded between 1965 and 1969. Volume 2 now continues that story with an additional 16 tracks that were not on Volume 1, and features one song from the next incarnation of the band (known as the Elysian Field, not to be confused with the dream-pop band or the black-metal band named Elysian Fields). The music ranged from Beatles-influenced pop, garage rock, and surf-styled instrumentals to Motown soul and psychedelic rock. Throughout their entire career the band was constantly experimenting and progressing as the times changed. Soul Inc. split in 1969, with three members forming the Elysian Field while Wayne Young kept the Soul Inc. moniker and continued the band for a short time with various lineups. Sadly, by the end of 1969, Soul Inc. was no more. In 1999, Young reunited with the original band members and recorded a new Soul Inc. album. The sound quality on this CD is for the most part excellent, and is taken from master tapes where possible. With the release of this second compilation of Soul Inc.'s singles, the band's musical history has finally been completely documented

2.Nothing But a Dream
3.Midnight Hour
4.Hanging Out My Tears
6.Don't You Go
7.Love Me When I'm Down
8.When I Stopped Dreaming
10.Soul Jam
11.Hanging Out My Tears - (alternate version)
12.Stronger Than Dirt - (original 45 version)
13.Midnight Hour - (alternate version)
15.Ready, Willing and Able
16.Get Right With Your Man - (original 45 version)
17.Mother Hate - (with Elysian Fields)

 SOUL INC were one of the biggest bands in Louisville during the 60's and released 7 singles between '65-'69. They recorded much more that was recently discovered in the studio archives. Great PSYCHEDELIC music that shows the band transition from mid- to late 60's when they became 'Elysian Field'. Includes 3 tracks under the name ELYSIAN FIELD.

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