Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Falcons ( Sokol) - TapeRecords (1965) Russia (USSR)

The Falcon" - from this groups is accepted count out the history of the russian fate, since exactly "SOKOL" corepaired the first rocksong in russian language. This was a song "Where that edge?" First performance on public is dated 1965.
**Formed in 1964, Sokol (The Falcons) belonged to the earliest generation of rock music in the Soviet Union. Only one other band came before them, Estonia's Revengers, formed in Riga in 1961. With the possible exception of the Polish student band Tarakani (The Roaches), also from 1964, or their own earlier incarnation as The Brothers, Sokol was the very first rock group in Moscow. They most definitely were the first to play original compositions and the first to write a popular rock hit in Russian, "Solnce Nad Nami" ("The Sun Above Us"). The band took their name from the Sokol station of the Moscow Metro, which was their home turf. They were a true underground legend, an uncompromising rock group at a time of total censorship and oppression. Renowned for the virtuosity of their lead guitarist, Yuri Ermakov, Sokol pioneered the big beat sound and were tremendously popular in their day. Their original songs inspired many Russian musicians to start writing rock music in their native tongue, while their spirited covers of Western hits by The Yardbirds, The Animals, The Rolling Stones and The Shadows were a breath of fresh air at a time when these recordings were banned and could not be bought in the USSR. MORE :
1.Gde tot kray ? (Where that country ?)
2.Solntse nad nami (The Sun Above Us)
3. Film,Film,Film...(song from cartoon Film, Film, Film" )

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