Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gunesh - First minion compilation \ Turkmenistan (USSR)

It`s real most rarest records on two first soviets minion ,one of great,best,original groups in style JazzRock ... But ,quality of old vinyl ...
"...Lets start with Gunesh from Turkmenistan. They blend some folk with a nice way of fusion. I wondered this vinyl in time a lot. Well this is split with Abba, so there is only 4 songs in the album, and opposingly to their late albums this is psych folk/jazzrock album. If you never listened gunesh before, downloading that album may make you think they are a psych folk band. well they are not. Gunesh is my one of favorite band from Asia. ..."
Thanks a lot Prog Not Frog
01. Nevestki 02. Devushka 03. Devushka (variant) 04. Obman

And storied drummer of the group Gunesh - Rishad Shafi and album
Ришад Шафи и группа Гунеш - 45 градусов в тени
Rishad Shafi & Gunesh - 45 gradusov v teni
45 degrees in shade
01. Introduktsiya (2:04)02. Moim druz'yam (3:46)03. V'etnamskie freski (7:03)04. 45 v teni (3:32)05. Ritmy drevney zemli (10:34)06. Volshebnyj halat (4:10)07. Lyana (4:03)08. Kechpeleg (3:16)09. Moim druz'yam 2 (3:34)10. V put' (4:49)11. Final (0:43)

Download in .mp3/320:
Part 1 (91 Mb)
Part 2 (19 Mb)
Download in lossless (.ape+.cue+covers):
Part 1 (91 Mb)
Part 2 (91 Mb)
Part 3 (91 Mb)
Part 4 (20 Mb)
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