Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yalla - Tri kolodza \ Uzbekistan (USSR)

Founded in 1970 .

YAlla so uzbek folk names the canto, which performance is accompanied the dance. YAlla so is identified the group, which on length thirty two years does not lose to popularity, attracting listeners by brightness song and original national tradition.
Tri kolodza - First LP

1.Tri kolodtsa (F. Zakirov - Yu. Entin)2.Solntse (E. Salihov - Yu. Entin)3.Net krasivey (F. Zakirov - Mahtumkuli , russkiy tekst O. Shengeli)4.Eto lyubov' (A. Rybnikov - R. Tagor , russkiy tekst A. Adalisa)5.Pesenka Nasreddina (Muzyka narodnaya - S. Tilla)6.Yalla (F. Zakirov - A. Pulat)7.Bespechnaya krasavitsa (F. Zakirov - A. Aripov , russkiy tekst O. Dmitrieva , Yu.Entina)8.Pozvola menya doroga (F. Zakirov - A. Aripov , russkiy tekst A. Prelovskogo)

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