Friday, December 03, 2010

Please - Seeing Stars (1969)

Please were a late-period UK psych outfit, better-known for the bands their members went on to join, notably Peter Dunton, who was playing in T2 within a year of this material's recording. The difference between the two bands is startling; Please have a sound that really predates their era, being more early than late psych, with much Farfisa, whereas T2 were definitely proto-prog, although both bands actually sound rather dated these days. I don't believe Please actually released anything much (at all?) at the time, so I presume Seeing Stars is your typical demos and outtakes collection. It seems to be quite highly rated by some psych fans, but to my ears, it falls between too many stools to really cut it all these years later.

1.Seeing Stars 2.Words to Say 3.Before 4.Time Goes By 5.The Road 6.Rise and Shine 7.Still Dreaming 8.Secrets 9.Who You Know 10.But 11.Steal Your Dreams

Completely different track listing than their other release, "1968 / 69". Please was a UK psych band that, well I think they had a lot going them, musically. The eleven cuts on Seeing Stars had never even seen the light of day until this CD was put out by Acme. Members of Please were apparently later in a couple of other bands, Bulldog Breed and T2. Some of these tracks remind me of early Pink Floyd, pretty much because of the keyboard arrangements, like "Words To Say", "Before", the wailing "Still Dreaming" (possibly the disc's best tune), "Secrets", "Who You Know" and "But". I thought "Time Goes By" had the characteristics of perhaps an early unreleased King Crimson B-side. Seeing Stars has nicely-done vocals, soaring mellotron, fluid guitar work and cleverly constructed songs to offer it's listeners. It's so good that on the first listen you'll fully understand as to why ' true psychedelia' has never really died, if you don't already.Truly great early British psych that gets better with each play. Line-up: Peter Dunton - keyboards, lead vocals & drums, Bernie Jinks - bass & backing vocals and Nick Spenser - drums. Should appeal to fans of early Floyd, Tomorrow, The Move, Yes, solo Syd Barrett and The Doors.


  1. At last, you are offering more download options with mediafire and megaupload! Thank you SOOOO much for this!

  2. Well. When else I have could get of gratitude from you ?
    Therefore, NOT AT ALL ! I'm glad that you will enjoy this !

  3. Hey Dmitrich,

    let me start to say that i love your blog! i couldn't imagine a internet without your blog actually... i am a great lover of 60's psych/beat.folk etc. so i do have a quatian, a request. i am enhoying the song 'She Done Moved' by 'The Spats' for some time. you probably know it. i recently found out that this band released a solo album in 1965. so i went looking on the web for this album, unfortunately i couldn't find anything about this abum, even not on ebay.
    that's why i'm doing thisrequest, don't know if i'm allowed but its worth trying... i thought maybe you have this album and would like to share it with me/us. that would be soo nice!!

    i hope you will let me know :)
    joris from amsterdam holland

  4. oooh oops.... my mistak
    the album is called 'COOKIN' WITH THE SPATS'

  5. Thanks Dmitrich for this great jewel.Great CD edition with very nice artwork.

  6. Thanks so much for all of the great music! Just wanted you to know that it's really appreciated.

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