Sunday, November 24, 2013

Soup Greens - That's Too Bad (1965)

A very '65 Garage group hailing from New York City. Farfisa Organ driven sounds abound. Eight songs in all of their known recordings. Think The Castaways' 'Liar, Liar' mixed with some Frat-Rock for a good idea. 'Shed a tear' being a good example. Your typical 60's teenage ups & downs Boy/Girl song themes. The moody ballad, 'Please Don't Go' is pretty good and alternates its' slow/fast tempos back & forth well. The title track appears twice here, first as the band's only A-Side released single and secondly, as a similar sounding abet, a slightly slower early first version. Both are very typical but, very likeable 1965 Garage. It's B-side, Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' (and featured on Pebbles Volume 1) is given the Farfisa driven treatment with upbeat harmony vocals working very well as a Garage tune. 'Satellite' is a pleasant sounding 'Telstar' like instrumental which, reminded me of music you would've heard played in a 60's roller rink. 'You can't have my woman' their first demo from late 1964 is an atypical mid-tempo Garage rocker yet, features more guitar than their later Farfisa lead stuff.

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