Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Black arrows - Solid Sound In Guitars

 In the early sixties – as all over the world – The Netherlands had many instrumental guitar groups. Almost every town had its own favorite band(s). But although many of this early guitar heroes were dreaming of big record sales, this was only reserved for a small number of groups, and even fewer reach some national fame. Usually the cause was a lack of technique and creativity, but often also a lack of technical capabilities of their amplifiers, echo units or electric guitars. The three brothers Anthonio plus drummer Laurens Müller however did not disconcert those handicaps. All born in Indonesia, and came to the Netherlands in 1949, they were accustomed to persevere in a country where the culture and the moral climate was much differently than in their homeland. Making music was, from their cultural background, therefore in the center of their attention.

Father Anthonio played violin, guitar, piano and drums and mother played piano. It soon became clear that this musical sensation, supplemented with good equipment, could form the basis of three outstanding musicians. In 1960 they decided to form a band with their good friend Lauren. From that moment it was practicing, and to spent every earned penny in new instruments. In the first month a significant repertoire was built and soon they had a good reputation. Besides the many performances at community centres, The Black Arrows had their own 'base' in Amsterdam, where a very active fan club organized dance parties every Saturday and Sunday night. There they also drawn the attention of some record companies, which resulted in their first record (January 1962). Eddy Denver – their vocalist at the time – and The Black Arrows with “Forty Days” b/w “Tough Enough”.

More records followed, instrumental and vocal, with different vocalists. More and more The Black Arrows developed themselves as one of the leading Dutch guitar groups. It was during this period that the LP “Solid Sound In Guitars” found its release. With this record they wanted to prove that they had managed to rise above the mediocrity of many local groups. And I think (like the writer of the original liner notes) they succeeded. “Solid Sound In Guitars” is one of a few LP's of Dutch guitar groups from the early sixties, and as an original it’s an absolute collector's item.

1.        Rococo
2.        Tulip Fields
3.        Little Lonely Train
4.        World Of Fire
5.        Wonderland By Night
6.        Johnny Guitar
7.        Midnight Blues
8.        Hernando's Hideaway
9.        Jumbo
10.        Slave Girl
11.        September Song
12.        Lady Of Spain

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