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The Renegades - Complete

The Renegades was formed in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s. In the beginning the group's primary influence was The Shadows, but they were soon to change their style into straightforward rock & roll and rhythm & blues. Around 1963, besides hardening their music, they also embraced themselves a harder look, when they started wearing cavalry uniforms of the time of American civil war as their stage outfit.

In February 1964, The Renegades' version of Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody' appeared on a compilation titled 'Brum Beat', which introduced Birmingham's rock groups. Excepting that and an acetate single for Morden-based Oak Records and a budget priced album for Fidelio/Summit Records (produced by Delta Record Company of London), The Renegades did most of their 1964-66 recordings for the Finnish Scandia Records and after that for the Italian Ariston and Columbia Records (which leased the material forward to English, American and Middle-European labels). In Holland it was Artone records that released the records. They changed the track listing of 'Cadillac' a little to make it more attractive for the Dutch market.

Kim Brown, Denys Gibson, Ian Mallet and Graham Johnson conquered Finland in October 1964, when they did a one-off gig at a model show in Helsinki, and then started a constant seven weeks' tour, playing at multifarious dance floors around the Finnish country side (the originally planned three-week stint was extended because of a massive success and demand). The first visit also included two tv-appearances ('Nuorten Tanssihetki' & 'Uudet Tuulet' shows), and signing the record deal with Scandia Records. Since 1967, The Renegades had visited in Finland altogether seven times. Besides them, they also appeared in late 1965 in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, where they returned in 1966 to took part in song contest with 'Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai' at the San Remo music festival.

Although they were treated here as the '2nd Beatles', The Renegades wasn't actually a beat group in the literal sense of the word. Of course they sounded rougher than fifties or early sixties groups, but a notable part of their repertoire was still straight rock & roll, and they were obviously affected by black blues music as well. These influences were heard also in their own compositions, but ironically, their biggest Scandinavian hit 'Cadillac', which was credited to be written by themselves, was actually a simplified remake of rock & roll classic 'Brand New Cadillac', penned and recorded by Vince Taylor. In Sweden, The Renegades version was covered by The Hep Stars, while in Finland, Eero ja Jussi & The Boys remade it as a humorous Finnish translation 'Mosse' (which is a synonym for the popular Russian automobile brand, although the lyrics are talking about a horse of the same name).

This collektion from Jancy


Renegades part 1

1 - Cadillac
2 - Do The Shake
3 - Seven Daffodils
4 - Hold Me Close
5 - What'd I Say
6 - I'm A Hog For You
7 - Lucille
8 - Bad Bad Baby
9 - If I Had Someone To Dream Of
10 - Talahassie Lassie
11 - More Than Peggy Sue
12 - Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me
13 - Look At Me
14 - Iv'e Been Unkind
15 - Everybody
16 - One Day
17 - Casting My Spell
18 - My Heart Must Do The Crying
19 - Walk Out On You
20 - Unchain My Heart
21 - You Love Me Too
22 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
23 - White, Brown And Black
24 - Matelot
25 - Comin' Home Baby
26 - The World Is My Home

Renegades part 2

1 - Thirteen Woman
2 - Hey Look Over Here
3 - That Kind Of Girl
4 - Blue Eyes
5 - Take A Heart
6 - Rockin Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu
7 - Love Love Love
8 - Nobody's Child
9 - Every Minute Of The Day
10 - The Girl Can't Help It
11 - I Was There
12 - Far From It
13 - Don't Run To Me
14 - The Alamo
15 - Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai
16 - Stai Con Noi
17 - I Discorsi Che Mi Fai
18 - You're Gonna Lose Her Loving
19 - This Little Girl
20 - Big Star
21 - That Song Really Knocks Me
22 - Toys
23 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
24 - Il Piu' Grande Amico
25 - Se Sarai La Ragazza Del Cuore
26 - Il Momento Giusto

Renegades part 3

1 - And I Need You
2 - Things Will Turn Out Right
3 - Brocken Heart Collector
4 - If It Get's Lonesome
5 - Walking Down The Street
6 - When I Dream
7 - Right Now
8 - Take A Message
9 - Can't You See
10 - Sun Arise
11 - Cadillac (ital)
12 - Lola (ital)
13 - Se Morisse Il Sole
14 - Uomo Solo
15 - Era Settembre
16 - Hungarian Mod

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