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Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band - Session Beat Group From The Hamburg Scene

Aliases: ( ? )
Die Tony Taylor-Band, King Size Taylor & The Dominoes, The Dominos , The Shakers

Boots Wellington & His Rubber Band


Rikki Barnes (Saxophon)
Roy Mills (Schlagzeug)
Iain Hines (Keyboards)
plus ??

He also recorded in Hamburg, albeit in ever-so-slightly-dodgy circumstances:
“…a geezer came up to me in the club one night and said he wanted to record me. I told him I was already signed to Pye, in England, and he said ‘that’s no problem, we’ll use a different name.’ We did around 15 or 16 tracks, all in one day…they all came out in Germany on different LP’s.”

Jackie in fact cut 16 tracks in Hamburg that day in ’64, backed by a session band which included Rikki Barnes (sax), Roy mills (drums) and Emmerdale Farm actor Fraser Hines’ brother on keyboards. And sure enough, these sides did all eventually turn up on various kraut Beat Group compilations, credited to the unlikely pseudonym “Boots Wellington & His Rubber Band”.
The sessions included a rousing version of Ray Charles’ “What’d I say”, from an LP colourfully entitled 16 Beat Groups from the Hamburg Scene.

(we found only 5 tracks on diffrent Polydor records)

Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band

01 - Feel So Bad - Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band
02 - Summertime - Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band
03 - Baby Face - Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band
04 - What'd I Say - Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band
05 - Unchain My Heart - Boots Wellington And His Rubber Band

Thanks a Lot Jancy !


  1. thx fopr this very rare LP

  2. I believe this is incorrect.
    Boots & Co. were reportedly a pseudonym Kingsize Tayor And The Dominoes with singer Steve Aldo used. From what I remember, the singer definitely sounded like Steve, plus I remember seeing an interview with Kingsize and he mentioned it


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