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The Matadors - The Matadors (Czech) - 1968

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One of the finest R&B bands ever to emerge from Eastern Europe, The Matadors initially were a brainchild of Otto Bezloja, a bass player and veteran of one of the first East European rock’n’roll combos - The Comets. He shared last days of The Comets (1964) with Radim Hladik, a young talented classically trained musician and a future national guitar hero. Together they founded a new venture – The Fontanas. Next one to join was bassist Jan ‘Farmer’ Obermajer, formerly an accountant in ‘Artia’, The Matadors’ future record label. Tony Black, a self-taught drummer and veteran of another early 60s Czech rock’n’roll outfit The Hell’s Devils, completed the line-up in autumn 1965. Shortly before that, the band, still known as The Fontanas, embarked on East German tour. Apart from some radio sessions, the result of the tour was a new set of equipment supplied by ‘Matador’. The band quickly changed it’s name after the trademark - The Matadors.
In December 1966 in came Viktor Sodoma, not only a good singer, but a frontman in full sense of a word, a model for youngsters to follow. He and Hladik (at the time often playing with his teeth!) gave The Matadors a stunning stage act and won residency at the Prague premier venue - ‘Olympic Club’. Tours of Belgium and Switzerland followed.

However, by 1968 days of the band were numbered, as Hladik decided to move on to more complicated music and founded The Blue Effect
1. Farmer John 1:502. Sing A Song Of Sixpence 1:533. Locomotion With You 1:264. Pay, Pay Twist 2:125. Snad jednou ti dam 2:306. Malej zvon, co mam 3:517. Don't Bother Me 2:328. Old Mother Hubbard 2:079. Hate Everything Except Of Hatter 3:2810. Get Down From The Tree 3:2811. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:0912. Indolence 3:5213. Get Down From The Tree 3:2814. I Want To See You 2:2115. My Girl 3:0016. Bad, Bad Bird 2:2917. I'm So Lonesome (Out Of Reach) 4:1518. Extraction 5:5019. Shotgun 2:5520. Hate Everything Except Of Hattered 3: 3021. I Feel So Lonely 4:0322. I Must Hope 3:3223. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:2724. You'll Be Mine 2:26
One of my favorite. Recommend.

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