Friday, May 09, 2008

The Rebels - Komplet (1968)

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Legendary Czech rock band. Started shining brightly in 1967 with the west-coast repertoir almost completely taken from the Mamas & Papas. Two years later a total change in style, playing R&B influenced by The Cream. Ended in early 70's, Jiri Korn moved to Olympic for a while, then definitively changed to an amorphous pop together with Helena Vondrackova and other "artists of merit" of the communist era. Trying to comeback in the late 1990's.
Jiri Korn voc,gt,bg;
Josef Pliva voc,gt;
Svatopluk Cech bg,voc;
Kasa Jahn dr(i), Zdenek Juracka gt(i)
1. Sipkova Ruzenka / Sleeping Beauty (Supraphon 1968, reissue Bonton 1996 w.8 bonuses as "The Rebels komplet")
i. Definitivni konec/Pet havranu (Supraphon 1968)
ii. A zazvonil zvonec/Hrnecku var! (Supraphon 1968)
iii. Mel v kapse diru/Zakopanej pes (Panton 1970)
01.Creeque Alley 02.Words 03.Pмt havranщ 04.Definitivnн konec 05.Љнpkovб Rщћenka 06.Snмhurka 07.Pernнkovб chaloupka 08.Hrneиku vaш 09.Hloupej Honza 10.A zazvonil konec 11.Creeque Alley 12.Dedicated To The One I Love 13.String Man 14.Free Advice 15.Twist Ane Shout 16.California Dreaming 17.Zakopanej pes

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