Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Olympic - Pták Rosomák (1969)

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Olympic-Czechoslovakia. Remarkable psychodelic fate. 68-th. Behind a window tanks, the Soviet armies have entered Prague, and they write down a surprising, light album " Ptak Rosomak "...
The story of Olympic is long so I'll tell it some other time. In short, they were likely the most important Czech group of the 1960s. Initially they played rock'n'roll and they worked as a backing combo for various pop singers. Two years later, in 1965 they were possibly the first rock band that began to compose, play and record exclusively their own material sung in Czech language instead of the ubiquitous English covers. And of course they were also the first rock group to have a full blown long play album, the legendary Želva (The Tortoise), released by Supraphon in 1968. Well, Želva was okay, but their second album from 1969 was even better: Pták Rosomák (The Wolverine Bird). Fuzz guitars, psychedelic soundscapes, sitars, freakbeats and a couple of timeless songs - an album that still sounds fresh 38 years later. The classic line-up consisted of Pacák on drums, the lyricist Pavel Chrastina on bass, Miroslav Berka on keyboards, the rhythm guitarist Ladislav Klein as well as the band leader, composer and lead singer Petr Janda.... read more...
1. Krasna neznama 2. Ikarus blues 3. Bajeene misto 4. Everybody 5. O pulnoci 6. Ptak Rosomak 7. Tve neklidne svidomi 8. Eekam na zazrak 9. Z bile eernou 10. Pohoeb sve vlastni duse 11. Kamenozrout zeleny 12. Svatojansky happening

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