Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Devil's Anvil- Hard Rock from the Middle East

Devil's Anvil were a New York-based psychedelic group of the mid 1960s that released only one album, Hard Rock From the Middle East (1967 - Collectables, 2001), reissued with a Freak Scene album (no relationship between the two bands, though). Their middle-eastern acid-rock was unique and bizarrely modern (it predates the British transglobal-dance bands by about 30 years). The fuzzed-out guitar mingled with oud, bouzouki, tamboura, durbeki. This record is very unusual! It has middle eastern vocal melodies and instramentation mixed with 60's heavy blues/psychedelia. The band features Felix Pappalardi on bass (of Cream & Mountain fame). One thing to note: The lyrics are evidently sung in arabic and sometimes in greek, but this fact does not have an effect to detract from the music's compelling sounds in the least bit. One noteworthy track is the interesting cover of "Miserlou", featuring lead vocals (in english) by Felix Pappalardi
1. Wala Dai2. Nahna U Diab 3. Karkadon4. Selim Alai 5. Isme6. Besaha7. Shisheler8. Kley9. Hala Laya10. Treea Pethya11. Misirlou12. Teyul Leili

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