Sunday, January 09, 2011

Emy Jackson&The Smashmen - Compilation

First version...
In the wake of the Beatles’ visit to Tokyo, Japanese bands began to imitate the group vocal routine; hence, the term Group Sounds (GS) was coined by the Japanese Press. Emy Jackson, born in Japan but raised in England, released the very successful SP 涙の太陽 Crying in a storm in 1966. The backing was done by The Smashmen playing a surf-styled guitar and heavy drumming which clearly showed the influence of The Ventures in J-pop.

and Second ...
Emy Jackson (?????????) was born in Essex, England as Emy Eaton. As a teenager in Yokohama she still couldn't read Japanese well, but her ability to speak both English and Japanese fluently landed her a job as a youth DJ for the Good Hit Parade on Radio Kanto.
In her notes to the excellent compilatio

01. namida no taiyo (2:48)
02. angel fish (2:38)
 03. blue christmas (2:18)
04. crying in the chapel (2:18)
05. don't break my heart (2:26)
06. don't say good bye (2:44)
07. frankie (2:02)
08. heart full of tears (3:02)
09. i gave all my love to you (3:30)
10. i saw mommy kissing santa claus (1:54)
11. i went to your wedding (2:01)
12. if i gave my heart to you (2:23)
13. little white clouds that cryed (2:48)
14. love is crazy sports car (2:49)
15. one way kiss (2:07)
16. pretend (2:54)
17. say yes my boy (2:28)
18. suddenly i'm alone (2:52)
19.tears a go go (2:44)
20. you don't know my baby (2:49


  1. thanks a lot for Emy, much appreciated

    best greetings from Italy


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