Friday, January 14, 2011

V.A. - Heimatliche Klaenge vol.48

Heimatliche Klдnge - Deutsche Schallplatten-Kleinlabels 
Native Sounds - Small German Record-Labels
vol.48  Bellaphon World Beat Hits Vol.3

The Rebbels
01 - Hang On Sloopy
02 - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
03 - Girl
04 - Juanita Banana
05 - Flamenco
06 - Somebody Help me
07 - Norwegian Wood

The Jaguars
08 - Sweet Nothing
09 - Wild Thing
10 - Unchained Melody
11 - I Go Grazy
12 - With A Girl Like You
13 - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag


  1. ..........................................................................

  2. Superb beat album,thank you!

  3. .. ohhh... die Heimatklänge gehen also weiter..... und wie!!.... vielen Dank und beste Grüße!


  4. They sick him here /
    they sick him there /
    it‘s close you‘re now /
    cause never swell/
    it would make a breakin‘ /
    so he‘s got to lie the best/
    'cos he‘s a dedicated follower of fashion

    and when he does /
    these little rounds /
    well lookin‘ seats /
    of London town/
    he believe the surin’/
    all the latest bell to trust /
    'cos he‘s a dedicated follower of fashion

    …he thinks he is a flower to be looked at /
    when he post his pretty night of pranty break of teack /
    he is a dedicated follower of fashion

    .. one thing that he love’s fantastic battery /
    one threek at in poker dots /
    the next week he feels right /
    'cos he’s a dedicated follower of fashion

    (Ernst Jandl wird blaß vor Neid)!

  5. yep, quite dadaistic, but nothing beats the Baccarola LP "At The Hop" by The Lonely's (sic) from Wuppertal in that "lost in transfusion"-field.

  6. .. you can enjoy more dadistic language-experiments on my Hippy Hippy Shakes-set (30 pieces!) at

    (... The 4 Renders stand out with "come on, let's midnight"!)


  7. Hey Jancy,
    here's some very nice pics of the winners of the dada-contest:

    btw. I've just seen that I missed At the Hop, could you tell me on with Vol. of Heimatklänge I can find it...?



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