Thursday, January 13, 2011

V.A. - Freakbeat Freakout

1.- Feels Like A Woman- The Troggs
2.- Baby I Go For You- The Blue Rondos*
3.- Let Me In- The Sorrows
4.- Nothin' Yet: (We Ain't Got)- The Spectres
5.- Leave My Kitten Alone- The First Gear
6.- I'm A Lover Than A Fighter- The Brand*
7.- Hungry- The 5 A.M Event
8.- Fortune Teller- Tony Jackson & The Vibrations
9.- I Wonder If She Remembers Me- Simon Raven
10.- It Must Be Love- The Sheffields
11.- We Didn't Kiss, We Didn't Love, But Now We Do- The Clique*
12.- You Said- The Primitives*
13.- That's Alright- Jimmy Powell & The 5 Dimensions
14.- It's All For You- The Meddyevils
15. Scratch My Back- Jan Panter
16.- Got The Blame- The Worrying Kynde
17.- That's When Happiness Began- The Montanas
18.- Jump And Dance- The Carnaby
19.- You've Got What I Want- The Sowworws
20.- Roses- Don Craine New Downliners Sect
21.- Baby You've Got It- The Truth
22.-Tell Her- The Movement
23.- Help Me- The Primitives*
24.- Ma's Place- The Meddyevils
25.- She Ain't No Good- The Clique
26.- Plenty Of Love- The Sheffields
27.- She's Too Way Out- Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills
28.- Walk Baby Walk- Johnny Neal & The Starliners*

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