Thursday, February 07, 2019

Sylvie Vartan - Sylvie a Nashville (1964)

"Sylvie a Nashville" was Vartan's third RCA Victor album -- and her strongest up to that point in her career. (It was, by way of comparison, her equivalent of Rick Nelson's third LP, "Ricky Sings Again," in that here she, like her equally underrated American contemporary, seemed to have arrived at the top of her early pop form.) The original 12-track LP included Sylvie's wonderful signature song, "La plus belle pour aller dancer," as well as her great country cover "Si je chante"/"My Whole World is Falling Down." This Culture Factory restoration adds 16 additional tracks, with such treats as "Sha la la," "L'homme en noir" (a different perspective on Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman"), and other recordings that fill out the program. What makes this particular edition so much fun is the care that was taken to capture the look of the 1960s album itself, from the faithfully reproduced gatefold-sleeve cover art to the grooved surface of the CD itself.  The other four Sylvie Vartan LP replications in the Culture Factory's "Les Annees RCA, Vol. 1" series are also worth exploring and owning, but, if it comes down to a choice, "Sylvie a Nashville" is truly the must-have." 

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