Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Ringers - Let Them Be Known

A garage band originating from Los Angeles California. They released a number of singles and eventually one album in 1970, including some re-recorded versions of older material, on Peruvian label El Vierrey.


- Rex Paris - bass (01-15), vocals (01-09, 11-15)
- Bill Lynn - drums, vocals (02, 16, 17, 22)
- Keith Johnson - guitar (01-17), vocals (04, 05, 16, 17), bass (16, 17)
- Tom Crockett - guitar (01-08), backing vocals

The Ringers were more than just another typical '60s L.A. garage band among the myriad 
in that city to be infected with Beatlemania. The fact that they have remained unknown to 
even some of the most ardent devotees of mid-'60s rock is an injustice that is at last being 
corrected all these decades down the track. The Ringers' originally released output consisted 
of just three 45s that were issued between the years of 1964 and 1966, and a Peru-only LP 
in 1970. The Vinyl LP presents the band?s most significant beat 'n' garage recordings. 
including four single sides from the mid-'60s and six previously unreleased recordings from 
the same period

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