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The Shanes (Sweden)


Lennart Grahn (vocals), Tommy Wahlberg (guitar,vocals), Kit Sundqvist (keyboards,guitar,vocals), Svante Elfgren (bass), Tor-Erik Rautio (drums).

The Shanes had about a dozen Top Ten hits in their native Sweden between 1964 and 1967, but were absolutely unknown to listeners who spoke English as their first language. Not that the group deserved any better. In the manner of some other Swedish bands of the time, they valued versatility, adaptability, and mimicry far more than individuality or expression. Thus they were able to competently ape an astonishing variety of foreign trends, including Shadows-styled instrumentals with a country twinge,'50s rock oldies, Merseybeat, British R&B, Europop, bloated American pop/rock, and more. They did write much of their own material, but this was often blatantly derivative. Even their best song, "Chris-Craft No. 9" (a number-two hit in Sweden in 1967), lifted a lot of its parts from Herman's Hermits "A Must to Avoid."

The Shanes were in addition to the Hep Stars, the day and Ola & the Janglers one of the four dominant in Sweden in the 1960s pop groups. They were justified by Tor -Erik Rautio, Tommy Wåhlberg, Staffan Berggren and Svante Elfgren. In the fall of 1964 came Lennart Grahn of the Marshalls in Luleå this. The name was - according to legend - of a film role name of John Wayne ( Shane, 1953) accepted. The Shanes were located in the far north of the country in Kiruna.

The first plate was in the spring of 1963, the instrumental single Gunfight Saloon (B-side: The Ripper ), which made ​​it after a short time in both national radio hit lists ( " Tio i Topp ", " Kvällstoppen " ), but only for just one week. With the Singel Let Me Show You Who I Am The Shanes 1964 came the first time at number one of Tio i Topp. In the same year they released their first LP ( Let Us Show You ).

The real breakthrough came in 1965 with the change from the record company Odeon to Columbia and the appearance of an EP together with the Stockholm band Moonlighters. 1966 published six singles, including blues feeling and Hi- Lili, Hi -Lo, which could be placed in both the Tio i Topp and in Kvällstoppen. Other successes joined in the following years, partly recorded in the EMI studio on Abbey Road in London ( including Chris-craft no 9 ).

Staffan Berggren, who until then had written most of the music, had to - because thought it was the other as too dominant - 1966 left the group. In its place came Kit Sundqvist, who also took over the role as songwriter. It met the group that four of its members were drafted into military service in 1967, and succeeded in the further course not, adapt to new musical tendencies, so they ended towards the end of the 1960s their activities.

 Strictly Instrumental 63-64

Ten instrumental tracks from The Shanes early days: It pictures the band's beginnings by re-releasing their earliest recordings from when they were a instrumental guitar group - the 1963 singles "Gunfight Saloon"/"The Ripper", "Gun Rider"/"Banzai" and the "Pistolero" A-side - together with earlier unissued recordings from back in those days. So it's the first full discography from their earliest non-vocal period.

A1&B1 orig released as single A-B-side Odeon SD5939 (1963)
A4 orig released as B-side Odeon SD5950 (1963)
A5&B3 orig released as single A&B-side Odeon SD5961 (1964)
A2,A3,B2,B4,B5: previously unreleased

Triola – TLP-6011


Let Us Show You! 1964


The Shanegang 1965


Shanes Again! 1966


Shanes VI 1967


SSSS Shanes! 1967


The Shanes-1963-68!


Singles A & B 1963-1966 Plus  Rock in Bear relased

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