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V.A. - Heimatliche Klaenge vol.49 Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.1

Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.1

1 Novak's Kapelle - Doing That Rhythm Thing
2 The Prophets - You Missed By A Mile
3 The Improved Sound LTD. - Leave ThisLesbian World
4 The Dragons - Heart Transplantation
5 The Inner Space - Agilok And Blubbo
6 Mercy - Fireball
7 Malepartus II - Ich Glaub' Die Hole Mich Ab
8 Kaplan Flury - Jimi Hendrix
9 The Petards - Tartarex   
10 The Blackbirds - Space   
11 Rene & The Ten Less Five - Ever   
12 The Shaggys - Only An Hour   
13 Ric & The Skyliners - Convicted   
14 Dakotas - Don't Know The Reason  
15 Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys - Call Me   
16 101 Strings - Karma Sitar   
17 Meta & The Bowling Boys - Und Ich 

Teutonic Beats of another kind (1 Beat per 2 minutes) have always been a special addiction to special lunatics. Incredibly rare but comparatively unexplored, you still may stumble over an unexpected jewel and buy it for peanuts. We've been digging our potatoes for the archieves of the Anti-Oblivion-League quite a while. Some of these goodies reappeared in recent years on various compilations. Pebbles did what they could, even Rubbles had The Sub, Orange Peel and Wonderland, cream of the crop however on two volumes of Visions From The Past (highly recommended).

Although some of the weirdest stuff is available again, (or , at least, was), there still must be some hundreds of scratchy 45's out there which we've never heard. We thought that it is about time to put out some rare music from the German Beat Era that can't be found elsewhere. But be aware, this is German music. From brilliant to embarrassing, from charming naivity to full blown freak-out, it's got a typical German claim for seriosness and gravity in common. But then, that's why we like it. What you hold in your hand is a document of time rather than German Nuggets, and some of these ancient epics have their crackling more than in tact. Last warning: This record is absolutely useless except for the very stupid and the very intelligent!

Novaks Kapelle: Comes from Austria, we have to admit. But Vienna's wild men are too weird to be left out, so we stretch the border a bit. Best known for the scandal, the pornographic cover of their '78 album 'Naked' provoked, they were: Helge Thor, Erwin Novak, Peter Travnicek and Walla Mauritz. How they managed to get away with "Hypodermic Needle" in '68 remains a mystery. (Label Amadeo)

The Prophets - created one of the most loveable slices of Mersey Sound this side of The Rutles on Kerston Records about 1966. They wore trousers you wouldn't touch with a bargepole and must have missed their date with Leggy Mountbatten by a mile or two. From the outskirts of Duesseldorf, they reincarnated as The Toten Hosen (Rotting Rabbits) after a decade of serious experimenting with mind expanding substances (i.e. peas). Unable to read properly, they still play the not very famous Rotzkeller in Duesseldorf, try to find the rails of the Reeperbahn and are banned from Cologne. You doubt? Take a look at the sleeve of Vol.1.

Improved Sound Ltd.: "Leave This Lesbian World" is not another lecture of the Kaplan, as you might suspect.It's the soundtrack of "Hoppe Hoppe Reiter", an ill-bred attempt to cash-in on the success of the "Wilde Reiter G.m.b.H."-movie. Underground placebo.
Improved Sound Ltd. were: Axel Linstaedt, Johnny Fickert, Uli Ruppert, Rolf Groeschner and Bernd Linstaedt. Playing together since 1961, they came from Modern Jazz to Beat/Pop, at that time as "The Blizzards". In 1965 they worked as backing-band for Roy Black and in 1966 they were No.1 in the "Meet the Beat"-contest of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. Later they made a lot of soundtracks ("Bettelstudent", "O.K.", "Wer im Glashaus liebt") and released 3 records between '69 and'73. They were good musicians and had their moments, but most of the material sounds like "Rent-a-Band".

The Dragons: were K. Krus, B. & R. Lohmann and K. Timmermann from Bonn or Cologne. Their remarkable mini-opera was released in 1969 on Opp, and this one carries a message, friends and neighbours! That's what ambition can do for you. Wonder what ever else they might have chosen to write about. No other records known, so far. A real pity. We'd love to hear their great lost double album.

Inner Space: The existence of this record has been widely denied. According to the official "CAN-Book", the band changed it's name from Inner Space to Can in December 1968. One month earlier, they had recorded the music for a movie called "kama Sutra". The Single "Kama Sutra, parts 1 & 2" saw the light of the day in January '69 on Metronome, credited to Irmin Schmidt alone, and Inner Space was used as the name for the Can studio fro now on. What we have here is an Inner Space Single from '68 on Vogue, writers credits go to Irmin, Mischa and K. Lea (whoever Mr. Lea may be...). It's a soundtrack again, although we've never met someone who recalls the movie "Agilok & Blubbo". The flip is the wonderfull "Kamera Song", where Inner Space join forces with Rosy-Rosy, infamous Munich actress, blessed (or cursed) with a set of bells to even scare Russ Meyer. We'd kill for a copy of the movie...

Mercy: This odd single on Vogue is all we've got. Boring A-side (not the same Band, I'd say) with a tremendous psychedelic-surf Intro (if such is possible) on the back. A one-off in the studio, not surely German, but a winner anyway and no foreign release known.

Malepartus II: Big Label, no hit. He was our very own Napoleon XIV and they came to take him away after this two-sided proof of insanity. If you speak German, you know where he came from, if not, don't bother learning, his rap comes in Hessian.

Kaplan Flury's odd ode to Mr. Hendrix is one of the most tasteless records ever made. Not just horrible, it's absolutely discusting and we've complementing him by calling it a record. The Kaplan was a real Reverend and he gives us hell. A sermon in the crusade against sex and drugs and you know what. Yet we wonder how the guys at "Twisted Village" could shut their eyes to this document of time. It would have been the climax on the indigestible "Stars that play with Dead Jim's Dice"-compilation.

The Petards: The Petards are a German Rock legend, their 4 (maybe 5) albums were rereleased on bear Family and their story can be found elsewhere. One of their best tracks remained undiscovered to this day on a flipside. "Tartarex" is a good example for desperate efforts to turn from Beat to "Underground".

The Blackbirds - from the Saarland (buy a map!) learned to fly in 65 and had a couple of singles (Opp again) till 69. Usually inclined for the softer sides of noise, brothers Koop, W. Breinig and H. Vigneron went over the top a bit on the flip of this one from 68. Prophetically entitled "Space", they gave the world a taste of what was to come. But, obviously, the world didn't listen.

The Shaggys: came from, well, out of nowhere and went back home after this monumental epic on the R & B label. (R & B stands for whatever you like, definitely not for Rhythm and Blues). If you're looking for a male counterpart to the divine Shaggs (not to be mixed up), you've found it. Breathtaking.

Ric And The Skyliners ('65, Merco Frankfurt) or Rene And The Ten Less Five ('65, Royal Splendid) Hopelessly obscure again (though the Skyliners had 3 more singles), but just as irresistably charming. Hard to say who makes No.1 in our little Kindergarten.

The Dakotas / The Rags / Dave Gordon - sorry, nothing. A group from Stade, called the Rags, fought about 20 other obscure outfits in a Battle of the Bands '65 at the Star Club, but that's it. The 3 tracks are the originals on a sampler of German Bands playing cover versions. (SR-Records)

101 Strings: A studio orchestra project on the Europa label, trying to make a fast Deutsch-Mark on Flower-Power and Ravi Shankar. Cheap and cheesy with one glorious exception: "Karma Sitar".

Meta & The Bowling Boys - A swabian hick town band (here with the local Hip-goddace meta Eberspдcher). They released this as a benefiz-flexi for the Winterhilfswerk on their own "Rosenrot-Schallplatten"-label in early '67. Unbelievable.

Errors and Corrections:
Vol. 1: Mercy is a US-band. 101 Strings are a US-studio group. Meta & The Bowling Boys are a German band, but the song was recorded in the 80's.


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