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V.A. - Heimatliche Klaenge vol.52 Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.4

Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.4

1 Novak's Kapelle - Smile Please
2 The Guards - Hullabaloo
3 Antoine - Der Krieg
4 Cherry Stones - The Things She Says
5 Lord Knud - I'm Your Guy
6 Les Copains - Give Your Love To Me
7 The Newcomers - Have You Seen My Baby Coming
8 The Blizzards - I'm Your Guy
9 Die Meatles - Praeschdlingsaegger Fuer Emmer
10 The Dukes - The Dentist   
11 Charles Ryders Corporation - White Flames   
12 The Sorcerers - With You   
13 The Details - What Shall I Do   
14 The Sonics - Hitch Hike   
15 Ronald Patrick Guttridge - Schlagendes Herz   
16 The Slaves - Panic   
17 John Hamilton Band - Light-Winged Smoke   
18 The Ringleaders - This World Could Be A Beauty   

You're probably wondering why we're here again so soon. Well, we do too, but the reaction to Vol.1 & 2 was too overwhelming to stop now. Just a few copies left, and the reviews are yet to come. We're not alone in space! (Special thanks for support and encouragement to Hr: G:; Hr.V. & Hr. K., true comrades against the jive)
Proud owners of the first volumes will know, but here's to all you newcomers: Hands off if you're expecting a certain sound. This is not a psychedelic- not a garage- not a novelty- not a beat band- collection. It's all of that and more. Purism is not our thing and you'll need an open mind, a strange kind of humour and a strong stomach now and then. Digital brains be warned: We're rather flying low-fi than stand-by. The sound quality of the sources varies from brilliant to audible. So if you can't stand a little pot-rattling, get out of the kitchen and wait for the new Phil Collins CD-rom. Ready Krauts?

Novak's Kapelle
Their story can be found on Vol.1 & 2. "Smile Please" is the third (and probably last) guest appearance of our favourite lunatics. Another violent statement from Vienna's rude boys. "If You See A Policeman, Strike Him Down As Fast As You Can"! Get the picture? (Amadeo Rec.)


The Guards and The Sorcerers
were discovered on a compilation called "Yeah Yeah Beat" available on tape reel only on the Saba Label. We're still trying to find out who plays what, because they didn't coordinate the band names with the tracks. These are the two songs that were released on 45 as well on the label from the Black Forest. The Sorcerers' "With You" should have been a hit in the days of Beatlemania. The Guards' "Hullabaloo" is one of the weirdest case of troglodyte music we've ever heard, and it's a pitty there's not more of it. We'll keep searching.
(The Guards: seemingly a British band with a German-only release. "Hullabaloo" was a 7" on the Saba label)
(The Sorcerers were a British band with a German-only 7". Ace Kefford was a member.)

First of all, please don't judge him by this little ditty. In his native tongue, he was a master of the word, singing songs about his father who thinks he's Fred Astaire, Beethoven's birthday and the un-probable existence of God. His three longplayers are among the best to come out of the continent yet. He was called the french answer to Bob Dylan. Actually he had more in common with the provo-movement from Amsterdam or the less political Gammler scene in Germany. His big hit was "Les Elucubrations d'Antoine". These illuminations of Antoine surprisingly made the charts here soon as the translation appeared in the teenie-mag "Bravo". He was stepping on everybody's toe, defending long hair and called Johnny Hallyday an asshole or something. Johnny, the tough greaser of Paris, broke Antoine's nose (he probably just announced to do so, but the press, you know...) and a hit with a song called "Long Hair, Short sense".
Anyway, for a while Antoine was popular enough to do what Johnny did years before, record some songs in german. "Der Krieg" (The War, dummy) is, alas, nothing to laugh your balls off for our out-lando friends, but what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding anyway, anyhow, anywhere these days!

The Cherry Stones
Their story is a short one. All we know is that their stone-fruit monolith on Jo May Productions is one of the most wanted among collectors of the Kraut. Cancel your summer holiday for a copy. The rancorous Garage Punk on the A-side needs no recommendation. The flip is a case of love it or leave it, and in fact not all of the members of the Anti-Oblivion-League had their thumbs up at first. A little ridiculous, but a daring attempt. What are they trying to do? Interbreeding Dylan with Caruso? Had a sleepless night 'till I found out where I've heard this one before. It's the flip of the very first Small Faces Single. Marriott & Co. took it from "Timi Yuro's Greatest Hits". What a long strange trip...

Lord Knud
Knud Kuntze was the bassplayer of a band famous for insisting on calling themselves "die The Lords". He played on "Poor Boy" and all the other early hits. Then he lost a leg in an accident (car crash, I guess). When they found out that he couldn't hold on to his crutches and his bass simultan-eously, he was fired. He did stumble, but didn't fall. Made this marvellous single, combining Mozart and McCartney. Sounds like a hit today, but wasn't then. He survived as a DJ. Scandal is too weak a word. Knud, we love you, whereever you are. Praise the Lord and Long John Silver.

Les Copains
Ashes on my head. In 1966 you could have picked this jewel out of every bargain bin at Woolworth's for Pfennigs. We didn't cause we thought they're french. (Rock'n Roll, kдs-koe-zдh?)
Not only are they not. "The Buddies" will pin you to the wall with the weirdest stuff ever released in this country. Try to record a song like "I'm So Lonely" in '94 and you'll end straight in the asylum. The Monks were ahead of their time. Their labelmates are still ignored. I've seen fire and brimstone coming down on my head. I did expect the Spanish Inquisition, but I didn't expect Les Copains.

The Newcomers
It's 27 years ago, Sergeant Pepper was their drill instructor, but they must have been at the Who's sell-out as well. Although on a majorlabel (sold to the island of the rising sun meanwhile), their brilliant singles didn't get the deserved support cread: airplay, and sank without a trace. The world would be a better place, if we had newcomers like this in the boring nineties.

The Blizzards
are another reason to go back to school. Their fate is probably the most tragic and undeserved of all those cases documented in this series. Like The Eyes or The Prophets in GB, they tried hard and went nowhere. But how great they were! They recorded in English and German. 7 singles and an LP. The first has been re-released on Star Club Complete Vol. 3 recently. (Not their strongest moment, but there you'll find a very detailed band history of Stade's finest). They were not Roy Black's backing band of the same name, but they did the job for another of the Schlager-Fuzzies. That's the reason why we're still searching for a single called "Lebenslдnglich" by Howard Carpendale. The Blizzards really let it all hang out when allowed. "Hab keine Lust heut' aufzustehen" means "You won't get me out of bed today" and is a perfect ode to idleness.

Die Meatles
from Metzingen! had a strong following among suebian youngsters and even a minor hit with a song that could be translated as "Ich wuensch mir zum Geburtstag einen Meatle". They began as The Three Magooses (Three MacGee after a little debate with their latin teacher) playing rough edged instrumentals like "Surfing Down The Achalm". Changed their name after recruiting a talented young busker right from the streets of Tьbingen. Wulle Dinkelacker was specialised in transforming Beatle-songs to his native tongue, a dialect that's hard to bear outside the incestuous backwoods they call home. They recorded a whole LP, "Beat The Meatles",intending to release it on their own "Sдppl-Records". On a couple of tracks, they made it a bit too easy on themselves, overdubbing Beatles instrumental tracks with their own voices in a kind of early Karaoke. When Odeon Records, the german Beatles-label, found out and -that probably did it- had the lyrics translated, they threatened to sue the Meatles who disbanded in anger. We have found the mastertapes and wait 'till you hear "I mechd de schneggsla uff d'r Gass", their 20 minutes version of "Why Don't We Do It In The Road".
(Die Meatles: An obvious fake. The story is crap! The song probably was recorded in the 80's.)

The Dukes
are responsible for three of the most deranged examples of german poetry. Their last effort, "Vera Petruschka" sucks a bit musically and might offend our russian friends. Noblesse oblige. "The Dentist" is a sincere support to the national health campaign in the best Dragons tradition (remember "Heart Transplantation"?). "I'm An Unskilled Worker" should be the international anthem of all us workshy freaks of the world. Unite and stay in bed! Keep smoking, grow gills. If only they had avoided adding Adolf Hitler to their gallery of famous unskilled workers. A doubtful joke even 30 years ago...(Alcora Rec.)

Charles Ryders Corporation
No, they definitely are not from Switzerland, but we're stretching the border a bit again nevertheless. Karli Ratzer is better known as the wizzard of the gipsy guitar now. He started as the 15 year old wunderkind of The Vienna Beatles in '65. He was a member of The (Vienna) Slaves and the axeman of the brilliant but short-lived C.R. Corporation. One of Austria's most respected Jazz musicians today.

The Details
File not found, no details known. What shall I do? Tell you, that this is the only single? (on that risky label again) That they're mixing Seeds and Zombies? Strange Brew. They don't need no hype, they're simply great.

The Sonics
Ha, lucky old me! I know some facts about The Sonics. They are not Mr. Roslie's monsters and their "Hitch-Hike" is not the marvin Gaye via Glimmer Twins number. And, here comes the twist, they're stampeding through this original just as wild and ruthless as their name-mates from Seattle, who (perfect confusion!) did indeed cover the Motown song. (Paletten)
(The Sonics: Another British band that recorded and released only in Germany.)

Ronald Patrick Guttridge
was a traveling salesman from England, bold enough to send a tape to the Ninth International Contest of soundhunters 1960 in Amsterdam. He won a prize for "Schlagendes Herz" (Beating Heart), on which he overdubbed drums and guitar with a Telefunken reel-to-reel 4-track tape machine. A german label released this wonderful Instrumental on an EP together with a couple of other amazing sound experiments. 34 years later, we're proud to give it back to the world. And, man, I'm glad we're able to present the cover of "Tцene gejagt und eingefangen" (Sounds hounted and captured).
Beat'n Heart. Was hier dem Englдnder Ronald Patrick Guttridge - er ist Vertreter von Beruf! - gelang, haette eine reelle Chance, ein Bestseller zu werden. Das technische Raffinement, mit dem er eine an sich simple Melodie auf der elektrischen Gitarre mit dem Schlagzeug und dem treibenden Rhytmus eines menschlichen Herzens versehen hat, erinnert schon sehr an die perfekte Aufnahmetechnik amerikanischer Hits. Der Amateur erreicht qualitativ die Professionellen.

The Slaves
Mixed up confusion. some say they came from Austria and, right, there was a band from Vienna with the same name (Karl Ratzer was a member). Some say Switzerland and, yes, most of them were slaves to the cheese. They had at least one german member (although he never was a "Rattle", Mr. Shaw...)
Slave drivers never mind where they recruit their victims. The Slaves were the hardest working band in the region of the Bodensee, a lake big enough to offer a shore to all the three countries in question. Quite likely they all can claim a fair share in the history of slavery. What a wonderful multicultural world.

The John Hamilton Band
Like The Spots, The Ravers, Automatic Blues Inc., Hell Preachers Inc. and a dozen more, The J.H.B. was a pseudonym for a couple of guys from the Hamburg area that could be hired by cheapo labels like Europa, Somerset, Tip or Sonic to record versions of the current Top 20. Most of these monikers are a disguise for the ever-present Tonics. Not in this case, because the non-existent John Hamilton seems to be ex-Rattle Herbert Hildebrandt. Among covers of CCR and T.Rex we've found "Light-Winged smoke" and by reading the title alone, we knew we'd like this one.

The Ringleaders
We had this corny little piece of crap on every track list from Vol. 1 to Vol.3 and skipped it. We're not willing to risk our mental health any longer. It's been haunting us since we put it on the short list.
Right, it's too silly to be true. As long as we only couldn't get that cheesy organ out of our heads... well, we're brave men. But soon as you catch yourself singing these demented "Lyrics!" like a mantra, it's time to get the monkey off your back. Your turn now.
The Ringleaders came from somewhere in Baden and we hope their name is inspired by the reading of Tolkien. If not, they'd be "Die Kreisleiter"

Dank an: Thomas G., Nini S., Pauki und Michael E.


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