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V.A. - Heimatliche Klaenge vol.51 Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.3

Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.3

1 The Rebbels - Round The World
2 Fifth Dead - Devil King
3 The King-Beats - Hear What I Say
4 The Rocking Stars - Flames Of Love
5 The Magic Herbs - Still Hoping You Might Come Back Home
6 Daisy Clan - Glory Be
7 Cherry Stones - What's The Matter Baby
8 The Gents Inc. - Gettin' The Blues
9 unknown - Mystery Track
10 Les Copains - I'm So Lonely  
11 Chosen Few - One Day Before  
12 The Blizzards - Hab' Keine Lust Heut Aufzustehn   
13 The Loosers - Understand  
14 The Wild Cats - All Right  
15 The Kentuckys - Old Hangman Is Dead  
16 The Sevens - Love Of A Bird  
17 The Dukes - I'm An Unskilled Worker   
18 The J.P.'s - The War   

You're probably wondering why we're here again so soon. Well, we do too, but the reaction to Vol.1 & 2 was too overwhelming to stop now. Just a few copies left, and the reviews are yet to come. We're not alone in space! (Special thanks for support and encouragement to Hr: G:; Hr.V. & Hr. K., true comrades against the jive)
Proud owners of the first volumes will know, but here's to all you newcomers: Hands off if you're expecting a certain sound. This is not a psychedelic- not a garage- not a novelty- not a beat band- collection. It's all of that and more. Purism is not our thing and you'll need an open mind, a strange kind of humour and a strong stomach now and then. Digital brains be warned: We're rather flying low-fi than stand-by. The sound quality of the sources varies from brilliant to audible. So if you can't stand a little pot-rattling, get out of the kitchen and wait for the new Phil Collins CD-rom. Ready Krauts?

The Blizzards
are another reason to go back to school. Their fate is probably the most tragic and undeserved of all those cases documented in this series. Like The Eyes or The Prophets in GB, they tried hard and went nowhere. But how great they were! They recorded in english and german. 7 singles and an LP. The first has been re-released on Star Club Complete Vol. 3 recently. (Not their strongest moment, but there you'll find a very detailed band history of Stade's finest). They were not Roy Black's backing band of the same name, but they did the job for another of the Schlager-Fuzzies. That's the reason why we're still searching for a single called "Lebenslдnglich" by Howard Carpendale. The Blizzards really let it all hang out when allowed. "Hab keine Lust heut' aufzustehen" means "You won't get me out of bed today" and is a perfect ode to idleness.

Chosen Few
What about compiling a sampler containing all those Chosen Fews of the world. Even Germany can offer more than one of them, because this doesn't seem to be the group that recorded "Blackbird Face" on CCA. "One Day Before" (GM Rec.) is a real Krautpleaser, something to play to your music teacher and earn a patronizing "well, interesting indeed". Incredible violin solo some years ahead of "The Flock" and another flirt with Amadeus.

The Loosers
I'm a Looser, baby, so why don't you correct me? Like The Rebbels, they must have had a dictionary of questionable quality. Who cares, they had the nerve to put their money in this privately pressed 45. The Yardbirds' "Still I'm Sad" was a remarkable source of inspiration in this country. The Loosers are winners with their variation of the theme.

Fith Dead
(Fьnfter Toter?) Yeah, grat! Full! Death walks behind you! Satan never sleeps. This one comes right out of the magic washroom. Too good to be true. Every self-attested detective of the "Too-obviously-a-fake-departement" will try to prove that this is a Metabolismustrack, recorded last week. Hold your peace, nose-white-hoax-snifflers! Germany '69, CCA records.
A sinister soundtrack for your private doomsday party in two parts. The invention of Death Metal. Better run from the devil's gun Morbid Angel...
(Fith Dead: A German band, but the single was released in 1975.)

The Kingbeats
The Methusalems among us might remamber this band from the outskirts of Frankfurt and their effort to break the charts in late '65 with "Archibald II", an awkward attempt to excel the nonsense of Herman's Hermits' "Henry VIII". Anyway, "Hear What I Say" is of quite a different calibre. Take "Walking In The Sand", "Still I'm Sad" and "Eve Of Destruction", rip'em to shreds and puzzle a monster. Don't forget a tablespoon of "Play With Fire". No kidding, it really is that good. And, yes we're going to reveal some day. 

The Sevens
Yeah, they are from Switzerland. All of them. Not even a german grandma in sight. But we're not playing ice-hockey here. Listen to "Love Of A Bird" and you'll know why we couldn't resist. They don't need to mention the bees and the flowers and the trees to tell you what diddy wah diddy means.

The J.P.'s
are from Hannover and were the nucleus of what was to become one of the most successsful German bands, Jane! They declare war to "The War" in a slightly more agressive way than Antoine did. We couldn't find out what they did between '66 and '72 and what the abbreviation stands for. (Justice of the Peace? Judas Pimp? Jane's Parents?) Wolfgang Krantz & Klaus Hess reappeared in Effendi's Garden in '79. One of the best and rarest german records.

The Gents Inc.
Sorry, nothing. They shared an LP with The Capras on the Falcon label. "Gettin' The Blues" is their masterpiece. And don't you fret, you'll get a lot, but not the Blues. (Second pressing of the same LP was given away free by "Chips-frisch").

Magic Herbs
Beautiful song. Sounds like an outtake from The Stones' outtake LP "Metamorphosis". And a nice name for a bunch of blind kids. They met at the "School for the Blind", Marburg/Lahn. Won a band contest in '65 (The Golden Guitar) which led to a contract with Kerston Records. They couldn't see, but had the perfect ear and, moreover, a tremendous sense of humour. Their second single is called "Look At Her"... (Happy being able to prove the facts. We've been accused of too much fantasy last time).

The Rebbels
Ah, that's the good thing about misspelling a name. These are not The Rebels who caused a scandal by letting their trousers down during a 30 minutes version of "Gloria" on a Radio Show broadcasted from Helgoland.
They give us the original version of "Space Oddity" instad. Sound and vision! Out at Cape Adenauer in half an hour, eating Sauerkraut in space. Major Tom's got nothing on this one...

Les Copains
Ashes on my head. In 1966 you could have picked this jewel out of every bargain bin at Woolworth's for Pfennigs. We didn't cause we thought they're french. (Rock'n Roll, kдs-koe-zдh?)
Not only are they not. "The Buddies" will pin you to the wall with the weirdest stuff ever released in this country. Try to record a song like "I'm So Lonely" in '94 and you'll end straight in the asylum. The Monks were ahead of their time. Their labelmates are still ignored. I've seen fire and brimstone coming down on my head. I did expect the Spanish Inquisition, but I didn't expect Les Copains.

Daisy Clan
Quite a familiar name in the late sixties. They released a whole lotta vinyl in a whole lotta styles, aiming at the charts. Michael "Mendocino" Holm had a finger in the pye, though obviously not on this single from 1970 "Glory Be" owes more than a warm hand-shake to the Zombies' "She's not There", but wait, Caesar, don't turn your thumb down too soon. The sound of the guitar solo might split a weaker man's spine. (Golden 12)

The Cherry Stones
Their story is a short one. All we know is that their stone-fruit monolith on Jo May Productions is one of the most wanted among collectors of the Kraut. Cancel your summer holiday for a copy. The rancorous Garage Punk on the A-side needs no recommendation. The flip is a case of love it or leave it, and in fact not all of the members of the Anti-Oblivion-League had their thumbs up at first. A little ridiculous, but a daring attempt. What are they trying to do? Interbreeding Dylan with Caruso? Had a sleepless night 'till I found out where I've heard this one before. It's the flip of the very first Small Faces Single. Marriott & Co. took it from "Timi Yuro's Greatest Hits". What a long strange trip...
(The Cherry Stones: A swedish band, but this single was only released in Germany)

The Kentuckys
from Wuppertal had two singles on a label we'd rather not mention any more. This one is straight Kentucky Bourbon 86% proof (at least). Heavy fuzz guitar, Sam The Sham organ and a sad story about drug abuse.

The Rocking Stars
were among the first bands to record for a real big company. Their "Susie Darling" sold well enough to justify an LP of similar Rock'n Roll inspired material. Not bad at all, but nothing you couldn't live without. On "Flames Of Love" they prove what a hot little band they could have been without the chains of the industry and the stranglehold of a staff producer.

The Wild Cats
came from Goslar and recorded for Storz. Good singer and an unusual organ dominated sound in these days. Contenders in the Star Club Battle Of The Bans January '65, but not wild enough to win. Some 30 years later we should be prepared for their clever jingle jangling. 

The Dukes
are responsible for three of the most deranged examples of german poetry. Their last effort, "Vera Petruschka" sucks a bit musically and might offend our russian friends. Noblesse oblige. "The Dentist" is a sincere support to the national health campaign in the best Dragons tradition (remember "Heart Transplantation"?). "I'm An Unskilled Worker" should be the international anthem of all us workshy freaks of the world. Unite and stay in bed! Keep smoking, grow gills. If only they had avoided adding Adolf Hitler to their gallery of famous unskilled workers. A doubtful joke even 30 years ago...(Alcora Rec.)

Dank an: Thomas G., Nini S., Pauki und Michael E.


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