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V.A. - Heimatliche Klaenge vol.50 Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.2

Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.2

1 The Inner Space & Rosy Rosy - KameraSong
2 Rainy Daze - What Do You Think
3 Nyrvana Pancake - Open Your Eyes
4 Malepartus II - Lisbeth
5 Casey Jones & The Governors - Bumble Bee
6 The Bats - Got A Girl
7 Novak's Kapelle - Hypodermic Needle
8 The Beats - With A Girl Like You
9 Andy Nevison & His Rhythm-Masters - Indiano   
10 The Improved Sound LTD - Hit 'Em In The Face   
11 The Shaggys - I Need You So   
12 Ric & The Skyliners - She's Gone  
13 The Riats - One More Parade   
14 The Rags - I Cry For Love   
15 The Renegades - Can't You See   
16 The Beatigheimers - Warum? 

Inner Space: The existence of this record has been widely denied. According to the official "CAN-Book", the band changed it's name from Inner Space to Can in December 1968. One month earlier, they had recorded the music for a movie called "kama Sutra". The Single "Kama Sutra, parts 1 & 2" saw the light of the day in January '69 on Metronome, credited to Irmin Schmidt alone, and Inner Space was used as the name for the Can studio fro now on. What we have here is an Inner Space Single from '68 on Vogue, writers credits go to Irmin, Mischa and K. Lea (whoever Mr. Lea may be...). It's a soundtrack again, although we've never met someone who recalls the movie "Agilok & Blubbo". The flip is the wonderfull "Kamera Song", where Inner Space join forces with Rosy-Rosy, infamous Munich actress, blessed (or cursed) with a set of bells to even scare Russ Meyer. We'd kill for a copy of the movie...

Rainy Daze: One of those groups to be found on cheapo albums like "Beat Raketen International" covering a Tremeloes hit or backing an eratz-Engelbert. When their company gave them the one chance to record original material, they had to hide this gem on the back.

Nyrvana Pancake: this 69 private pressing (no label) is the closest we'll get to touching the real Kraut Rock. They've been seen a lot in and around Stuttgart, if my memory serves me well...

Malepartus II: Big Label, no hit. He was our very own Napoleon XIV and they came to take him away after this two-sided proof of insanity. If you speak German, you know where he came from, if not, don't bother learning, his rap comes in Hessian.

Another immigrant combo (Liverpool this time) are Casey Jones and The Governors - As German as the Kaiser, believe me! Half the size of the others, Casey was dropped from Cass And The Cassanovas when they changed their name to The Big Three. Casey Jones And The Engineers recorded in England as well as in Germany, but nothing happened. Changing name to the Governors and label from Bellaphon to Golden 12, they released "Don't Ha Ha" and made The Beatles cliff-hanging No.2 for some weeks in Germany. Among an impressive string of hits, they had this one flop "Bumble Bee". The Searchers went nowhere with the same song, although they avoided singing that one in German. (Strange enough, because they often executed their best songs this way) Well, Casey did it. At least he tried. You don't understand the lyrics? Don't worry, neither do we. Kisuaheli or something.

The Bats - from Hamburg. Appeared first on an Ariola Star Club Sampler, doing covers of R & B standards. Various singles and 6 LP's on their (probably) own Summer label followed, the last one from (hold on to your hats!) 1989, called "Timeless". Countless line-up changes, the treue believer being one Waldemar Kropp, who sang "Nicht zu alt fuer Rock n'Roll in 1988. Too young to die, indeed.

Novaks Kapelle: Comes from Austria, we have to admit. But Vienna's wild men are too weird to be left out, so we stretch the border a bit. Best known for the scandal, the pornographic cover of their '78 album 'Naked' provoked, they were: Helge Thor, Erwin Novak, Peter Travnicek and Walla Mauritz. How they managed to get away with "Hypodermic Needle" in '68 remains a mystery. (Label Amadeo)

The Beats - well never trust a crew with a wicked name like that. Listen and you'll know why we had to include this cover of a rather tame Troggs song. Look at the picture of these blokes. Yes Sir, that's what the sixties were like in Germany. (And by the way, doesn't the big one show a suspicious similarity to our much beloved Mr. Bundeskanzler?) A flexi in an expensive picture sleeve. That sounds a lot like Helmut...

Andi Nevison (and his Rhythm Masters) is a mystery. Doesn't sound very German. Big Hit on a big label (UH-huh!); "Indiano" ruled the airwaves and the dancefloors in this part of the country for a wek or two. This little monster still sends shivers down my spine. Watch out, Lord Sutch!

Improved Sound Ltd.: "Leave This Lesbian World" is not another lecture of the Kaplan, as you might suspect.It's the soundtrack of "Hoppe Hoppe Reiter", an ill-bred attempt to cash-in on the success of the "Wilde Reiter G.m.b.H."-movie. Underground placebo.
Improved Sound Ltd. were: Axel Linstaedt, Johnny Fickert, Uli Ruppert, Rolf Groeschner and Bernd Linstaedt. Playing together since 1961, they came from Modern Jazz to Beat/Pop, at that time as "The Blizzards". In 1965 they worked as backing-band for Roy Black and in 1966 they were No.1 in the "Meet the Beat"-contest of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. Later they made a lot of soundtracks ("Bettelstudent", "O.K.", "Wer im Glashaus liebt") and released 3 records between '69 and'73. They were good musicians and had their moments, but most of the material sounds like "Rent-a-Band".

The Shaggys: came from, well, out of nowhere and went back home after this monumental epic on the R & B label. (R & B stands for whatever you like, definitely not for Rhythm and Blues). If you're looking for a male counterpart to the divine Shaggs (not to be mixed up), you've found it. Breathtaking.

Ric And The Skyliners ('65, Merco Frankfurt) or Rene And The Ten Less Five ('65, Royal Splendid) Hopelessly obscure again (though the Skyliners had 3 more singles), but just as irresistably charming. Hard to say who makes No.1 in our little Kindergarten.

The Riats: his one is a sleeper, growing year to year. The way they sing, The Riats sound rather Dutch than German, but anyway, "One More Parade" is a marvelous piece of Folk Rock, treating Phil Ochs' classic with deserved respect. It's credited to one Philip Ox on the label. Mouth to mouth, those were the days, my friends...

The Dakotas / The Rags / Dave Gordon - sorry, nothing. A group from Stade, called the Rags, fought about 20 other obscure outfits in a Battle of the Bands '65 at the Star Club, but that's it. The 3 tracks are the originals on a sampler of German Bands playing cover versions. (SR-Records)

The Renegades: were exactly that, renegades from their Birmingham play grounds, driven to continental exile by lack of success and to much competition. In 1965 they were Finnlands No. 1 attraction, they rivaled The Sorrows and The Primitives in Italy at the end of the Beatboom, and in between, they rolled up Germany. Not only did they chart with damn fine versions of "Cadillac" and "Take a heart" like they'd just invented acceleration, they even had a minor hit with one of the most explosions of Freak Beat, "13 Women". Like The Monks, The Smoke or The Creation, 
The Renegades were more German than James Last for a while. But be aware, unlike the above mentioned, they were kind of a Jekyll and Hyde-band, totally embarrassing now and then. "Can't You See" was declared B-side to a ridiculous New Vaudeville Band rip-off on the Scandia label.

The Beatigheimers aus Bietigheim natьrlich. Durch private Kontakte gelangten wir an Proberaumaufnahmen dieser Amateurtanzband, die so privat fuer sich anscheinend schon mal die Sau rausliessen. Von ihnen sind keine Vinylveroeffentlichungen bekannt, sie beschraenkten sich auf Auftritte bei Hochzeiten und Firmenfeiern. Wie sie ausgerechnet auf die Idee kamen,Why don't you smile now" (ein Reed/Cale Stueck aus der prae-Velvet Aera) zu covern wird wohl fuer immer ein kleines Mysterium der Beatgeschichte bleiben. Bietigheim-New York, 1966 war die Welt noch klein. Der schwaebische Akzent ist in der deutschen Sprache wohl besonders geeignet, den rotzig arroganten Ton des Beat/R & B-Gesangs an den Mann zu bringen. Hoert selbst!

Errors and Corrections:
Vol. 2: Rainy Daze probably are a British band. The record had a German and a UK-release. But these Rainy Daze definitely are not the better known US-band of the same name. The Riats are a Dutch band. The Beatigheimers are German, but this isn't a record from the 60's


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