Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Archies - Jingle Jangle (1969)

Jingle Jangle, released in 1969, was The Archies third album. Most fans will agree... this is some of their best work. The style of songs on this album are varied and timeless; as fresh today as they were when released over 30 years ago.
It's safe to say that this was The Archies last album featuring their "original" style of upbeat and fun music. Starting with their next album, Sunshine, The Archies took on a more "mature" approach and sound. But for this album, it was pure fun and frolic.

Although the album produced a Top 10 single, the album itself did not fare as well on the charts, reaching #125 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.

For the Australian release, the title was changed to Get On The Line, which was the first track of Side 2 of the album in the US.

 Jingle Jangle was the lone hit single released from this album, backed by Justine. It hit #10 on the Billboard charts, stayed in the Top 40 for 10 weeks and in the Hot 100 for 13 weeks. It became The Archies' second gold single.
Two other songs from this album were "B" sides to other singles. Senorita Rita was the back to Who's Your Baby?, which was released shortly after the release of this album; and Everything's Alright was the back to Together We Two. Other songs, such as Get On The Line and Nursery Rhyme, would have been great Top 40 contenders if released.

Songs on this album included Jingle Jangle, Everything's Alright, She's Putting Me Thru Changes, Justine, Whoopee Tie Ai A, Nursery Rhyme, Get On The Line, You Know I Love You, Senorita Rita, Look Before You Leap, Sugar And Spice and Archie's Party.

All songs from this album were featured on "The Archie Comedy Hour" with the exception of Justine. I don't remember that one being performed.



  1. Wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing. I have always loved this song!

  2. Thanks for the 2 albums from The Archies!

  3. would you please re-upload this?


    Jim W

  4. Would you please re-upload this.


    Jim W


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