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The Sonics - 45'

The Sonics -  REBUS
Who is this Sonics ?

45' rarities - The Sonics (1962 or 1963)

Studio T 74330
Tonstudio und Ela-Technik Trier

01 - Peanut Butter
02 - Chop-Twist


??! Sensation - first Sonics record !??
recorded 1962 or 1963 
at Tonstudio und Ela-Technik Trier / Germany

Who has more info 
about this recording  ?


  1. I think this is "The Sonics" (aka The Sonic) (UK) with Germany pressing releases - look at discogs:

    A-ha-ha: Discogs in search give 14 (!) bands with name "Sonics"...

    Wanted this LP !!! :
    The Sonics – Sonic (Sonic Original English Beat Company) (LP 1969)
    Label: Center – 17059 ST
    Country: Germany; Released: 1969

    Tracklist:[ Everlasting Love \ Mr. Bus Driver \ I See The Light \
    Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I Go Mine \ Born To Be Wild \ Kentucky Woman
    She's Looking Good \ Get Back \ My World \ Elevator \ Reservations \ Hush

    In Notes on Discogs we read:
    The Sonic: Mike - Brian - Ray - Joe - Original English Beat Company.
    The band's name is given variably as The Sonics or The Sonic.

    Wanted !!! - Singles The Sonics:

    Hey Baby / Heartbreak City [Ariola]
    Hitch Hike / Gypsy [Paletten Records]

    1. It's easy, Lora.))) I thought so too.
      But Jancy not agree.His argument is - the date on the label and voice sounds like usa (american accent , in no case britsh accent)...Maybe....I'm in some confusion ...

  2. And now (!) Big info about:

    Originally known as The Sonics, the band featured four anonymous English expatriates (actually two of the members were Scottish). Only identified in the German line notes as Mike, Brian, Ray, and Joe, I'm guessing their career path followed that of hundreds of bands that tried, but couldn't make it in England. Relocating to the continent, The Sonics ended up in West Germany where their English identities apparently helped them score a couple of recording contracts, resulting in the release of a pair of obscure and highly collectable singles:

    - 1966's 'Hitch Hike' b/w 'Gypsy' (Paletten Records catalog number SCH 2)
    - 1967's 'Hey Baby' b/w 'Heartbreak City' (Ariola catalog number 19 958 AT)

    Though the singles didn't set the charts on fire, the band somehow managed to score a deal that saw the release a "quickie" LP for the German Center label. Released with a credit to The Sonic, given the packaging, it was hard to tell what the album's real title was so I'm opting for "Sonic Original English Beat Company". Showcasing a mixture of American and English pop and rock covers, the album was pretty strange. Even though it was released in 1969, the overall sound was very mid-'60s beat band - lots of fuzz guitar, organ, and slightly acid-tinged production effects. (In fact many of the cover tunes dated back to the 1966-67 timeframe). To be honest, the results weren't half bad; in fact much better than most bargain label album products. The fact the band members were English/Scottish certainly didn't hurt the results. Assuming the played their own instruments, drummer Joe was quite good. That said, there were some unintentionally funny moments scattered across the ten tracks (check out the hysterical Dylan impersonation on 'Most Likely You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine' and the painfully flat vocal on 'Mr. Bus Driver').

    I love the internet for the way it can connect people. Got this note from Margaret McGhee, the daughter of band keyboardist Joe McGhee. She was kind enough to have her dad provided a brief band overview and was kind enough to share it with me (and everyone else).

    My father Joe was part of the music scene in Glasgow (Joe McGhee and The West Nile Jazz Band) and this is how he met drummer Brian Wilson. Ray King at that point was already in Germany. Each one of them playing in different bands. The Sonics was their name till they were asked to change it hence the change for the album to The Sonic. They were together for around 6/7 years, playing in places like Staat Theatre Kassel. They also appeared in a documentary about their music. They also wrote a piece of music for a ballet, but my father is not sure what happened to that! They recorded the album, which as I mentioned they were very disappointed in the changes made without their knowledge, after this they realized things weren't going their way and decided to split. Brian Wilson still teaches, you can Google him...Brian Scotty Wilson. Ray King is still living in Germany, Mike Brunning is still living in Kassel as far as my father recalls. Joe returned to Scotland. Dad is still in touch occasionally with Brian and Ray. My dad has no recollection of any singles being released! Brian may be able to help more. I did check and sure enough Wilson is still active on the music scene. In fact, he has a couple of interesting YouTube videos out there:

    Talking about this has given my father a lovely boost so thank you.

    Kind Regards, Joe McGhee and Margaret (September, 2014)

    Dixi. Lora.


    1. And that we know and have considered .... does not fit....

      But there is another confusion - Wild Rockin' with Vocal Backing Vol.1 ( ..Try clicking on the Sonic and you get ..... The Sonics....from Tacoma ????



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