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The Transatlantics - Run For Your Life (Singles 1965- 1966)

" Essex pop group The Nightriders with John Edmonds, Pete Brewer, and Ian Scott.
The Nightriders, still going strong, re-equipped with an all Sonic Blue Fender line-up – 2 Strats and a Jazz Bass. Later recruited lead vocalist Peter Wright and became Peter Night and The Nightriders.

Peter Night and The Nightriders, were now managed by  Dick D’Auray from Canada. The band, now renamed The Atlantics, was to start on a 2-year stint of regular broadcasting on the BBC Light Programme which later became Radio 1. Shows included Easy Beat (with The Johnny Howard Band). This was our first BBC show, and the top of the bill was a newcomer with a chart-climbing song called “It’s Not Unusual.” That artist was, of course, Tom Jones!

Later on, because of a clash of names with an American band, we changed the name to The Transatlantics. We continued broadcasting on shows like The Joe Loss Pop Show, Monday Monday (with Ray McVay’s band), Saturday Club with Brian Matthew, The Jimmy Young Show, Swing into Summer (5 days a week), The Pete Murray Show, This Must Be The Place with Paul Hollingdale, and two Beatles Bank Holiday Specials.
The Transatlantics also appeared with Chris Andrews and The Kinks on ITV’s 5 o’clock Club

Group recorded several singles and became a “nearly made it but not quite” 60’s band mentioned in books about the 60’s pop scene.  Our Vinyl singles are still available at Discogs and 45Cat.

In 1967 Transatlantics split up, and John, Ian, and I formed The Glass Opening blues band and continued broadcasting on the BBC. At this point I was determined that eventually, I would turn professional, having previously cultivated an interest in music arranging while working alongside the big bands on Radio 2. Already having a good ear, I set about teaching myself to read and write music." ~


There is also (in my opinion...) a mystification to YouTube ...

 The originality of some songs (like Help, etc. ...) makes me doubt. 
Why did it have to be done and why with so much song material didn't a single disc come out as a caverband ? In addition, you will not find text material about the group,that sang so much on the BBC .Strange and what for ...? On the other hand, the authenticity of singles is not beyond doubt

 and the quality of musical performance and vocals are really at the height .
Your opinion....


  1. Need for complete "The Transatlantics - Find Yourself Another Guy" ['66 B-side].
    And video on YouTube really look like strange - from another musicians...
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Judging by Discogs it turns out a full complete singles ... Or not ?

    2. Sorry, my friend! It's my mistake. Song "Find Yourself Another Guy" I also find on your great compilation... :)
      Thank you for all!

  2. The BBC performances are by this group. Audio comparison is quite easy to make. They had a short-lived BBC program, and they had to fill up time on every week's show, so they likely did numbers they were doing live. Most bands had a lot of numbers on their live setlist that they would never consider for recording material.

    1. Thanks Frank.
      Yes of courseYou're right. But the material presented on YouTube sounds strange ... But, I repeat, this is my personal opinion ...


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