Monday, October 25, 2010

Five Day Rain - Five Day Rain (1969)

South African Sharon Tandy had already paid her dues with Fleur De Lys that included future King Crimson bassist Gordon Haskell. Five Day Rain's first drizzle started with In Crowd keyboardist Graham Maitland who originated from Scots Of St. James, headed by ex Vikings Allen Gorrie. Graham's initial plan was to form a keyboard Prog band front lined by the sultry Sharon after watching her exhilarating live performances. Around 1966 Scots Of St. James evolved into Hopscotch and put out' two singles "Look At The Lights" and "Long Black Veil" resulting in a name change to Forever More.

Graham Maitland - keyboards
Rick Sharp - guitars
Clive Burges - bass
Kim - drums
Sharon Tandy – vocals

Five Day Rain - Five Day Rain (1969)

Only album, previously unreleased, by the obscure British group Five Day Rain, led by guitarist / singer Rick Sharpe and including keyboardist Graham Maitland. The short-lived group managed to record quite an excellent album, which unfortunately was never released, seeing the light of the day only 36 years later. Their music was a great mixture of Psychedelic Rock and Prog, somewhat similar to the early Deep Purple albums. Great tunes, splendid vocal harmonies and one 11+ minutes long instrumental track, which alone is worth the price of the album.  Definitely a lost gem, worth reviving and listening to after all these years.

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