Sunday, June 24, 2018

VA - Underground '60s British Invasion

1.What You Got - the Eccentrics
2.See You Later, Alligator - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds
3.Pins In My Heart - The Beat Buddies
4.Baby, Baby, Baby Pity Me - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds
5.Time, Time, Time - The Knack
6.You Don't Know What Love Is - The Dennisons
7.Just A Little Bit - The Laurie Jay Combo
8.Make Her Mine - Hipster Image
9.Louie Go Home - The Transatlantics
10.Keep A Knocking - The Outlaws
11.I've Got Everything You Need, Babe - The Fenmen
12.Got the Flame - The Worrying Kynde
13.Don't Come Any Closer - Just Four Men
14.Shake With Me - The Outlaws
15.Sweet Little Baby - The Zephyrs
16.Don't Lie To Me - The Four + 1
17.Midnight Hour - The Deejays's
18.Just Like Me - Scorpions
19.Louie Louie - The Athenians
20.Hosanna - The Darwin's Theory
21.You Came Along - Moquettes
22.Say Alright - The Rattles
23.Tossin' & Turnin' - Dave Duvani
24.Bull Moose - Firing Squad
25.Baby Don't Look Down - The Blues Council
26.Bald Headed Woman - Jay-Jays
27.Baby Not Like You - Whirlwind
28.Dig A Little Deeper - The Cherokees
29.The Train Kept A-Rollin' - Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
30.You Better Make Up Your Mind - The Koobas
31.Get Out Of My Way - Bo Street Runners
32.At The Station - The Bunch Of Fives
33.Don't Treat Me Bad - Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men
34.Ma's Place - The Meddyevils
35.She Thinks - Haydock's Rockhouse
36.I'm Looking For A Woman - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions
37.Me - A Band Of Angels
38.She Ain't No Good - The Knack
39.It's Love Baby - The Knack
40.That's the Way It's Got to Be - The Poets
41.I'm Not A Bad Guy - Heinz
42.Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo - Moquettes
43.Doin' the Ton - Mel Turner & The Mohicans
44.I Can Tell - The Casual Four
45.Keep On Doing It - The Outsiders
46.Just For Me - Midkinghts
47.Your Friend - Mal Ryder & The Spirits
48.I Don't Wanna Know - Mike Cotton Sound
49.How Do You Feel - The Primitives
50.What's Your Name - Valkyries
51.Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore - Loose Ends
52.Things She Says - The In Crowd
53.I'm Leaving You - Jimmy Royal & The Hawks
54.Work Song - James Royal
55.I'm Ready - The Quakers
56.Bony Maroine at The Hop - The Manchester Mob
57.Peace in My Mind - The Slade Brothers
58.Just In Case - Tony Howard & The Dictators
59.I Feel So Blue - Tony Knight & The Live Wires
60.Think It Over - The Hellions
61.Shake, Shout and Go - Brian Diamond & The Cutters
62.I Got A Woman - The Banshees
63.Come On Home - The Shevells
64.Oo Poo Pa Doo - Mal Ryder & The Spirits
65.Bye Bye Johnny - The Regents
66.Alley Oop - Boston Crabs
67.Think I'll Sit Down & Cry - Phase 4
68.She Makes Me Feel Better - Gary Walker
69.Yes I Do - Tony's Defenders
70.Seventh Son - The Soul Agents



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