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Michael Holm - Die Singles (1961 - 1965)

Michael Holm (born Lothar Walter, 29 July 1943, Stettin, today Szczecin) is a German singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. He is primarily known as a singer of Schlager music. Although his first appearance in the hit parade was in 1962 ("Lauter Schöne Worte"), he had his first big hit in 1969. "Mendocino", the German adaptation of a song by the Sir Douglas Quintet, was the biggest selling single that year in Germany. The record was released in September 1969, reached number three for five weeks, selling over a million copies.Ariola presented him with a gold record in October 1970.
Further hits such as "Barfuß im Regen" (1970), "Tränen lügen nicht" (literally, "Tears Don't Lie", recorded in English as "When A Child Is Born") (1974) and "Musst Du jetzt gerade gehen, Lucille" (1977) followed. He also composed the music for the popular international horror movie, Mark of the Devil (1970). Outside of Germany, he is best known for his work as a member of the new age band, Cusco, along with Kristian Schultze.

A year-long artistic collaboration and private friendship connects him with the musician and producer Giorgio Moroder , he even dedicated a song with Giorgio and me. As a duo, they released several singles Spinach and Spinach LP 1.

Michael Holm & Bert Berger ( Die Missouris ) Die Singles 61 bis 64

Michael Holm Die Singles 61 bis 65

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