Monday, March 05, 2018

Mod And The Rockers - Now (1967)

- Steve Dorman -- vocals, keyboards
- Gary McIntyre -- vocals, drums
- Ricky Oates -- lead guitar
- Edwin Boo Snyder -- vocals, bass 
"...The Winston-Salem, North Carolina based Justice was best known for it's work as a vanity label.  For roughly $1,000 folks could record an album and have several hundred copies pressed for families and friends.  That apparently seemed like a great deal to high school buddies Steve Dorman, Gary McIntyre, Ricky Oates and Edwin Boo Snyder. 
As to be expected, the majority 1967's "Mod and the Rockers ... Now" is taken up by top-40 covers.  Musically the covers are all over the map ranging from decent frat rock (the blue-eyed soulish "Love Is a Beautiful Thing" and an enthusiastic, double timed "Gloria") to extremely cheesy (c'mon guys, Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" !!!).  Falling in the latter category be sure to check out the hysterical lounge act-styled "Goin' Out of My Head".  We always break into a smile when vocalist Dorman starts to choke on the lyrics at the end of the song.   While the nine covers were all enjoyable, the album's highlights came in the form of a pair of original selections.  Penned by bassist Snyder, the leadoff track "Gonna Love You Every Day" offered up a wonderful fuzz guitar and organ propelled rocker.  The ballad "Always By My Side" was equally impressive.  Too bad they never got a chance to record more original material.  ...."

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